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Jonathan BasfordJan 30th 1773
Elizabeth MardenSept 15th 1775[1773, see account of her death, below]
Jesse BasfordMarch 4th 1793
Charlotte BasfordMay 4, 1795
Miles BasfordFeb 13 1797
Charlotte BasfordJan 11th 1799
Miles BasfordFeb 17 1801
Sabrina BasfordJune 30th 1802
Diana BasfordMay 30th 1805
Almira BasfordOct 25th 1808[older loose pages show Oct 22 1808]
Elizabeth Mardin EdwardsDec 28 1819
Jesse Basford EdwardsSep 11th 1821
Joseph EdwardsNov 5th 1823
Harriet Smith Edwards Jan 3rd 1825
Susan Bird Edwards
John Fredric EdwardsJan 4th 1830
George Knight EdwardsFeb 5th 1833
Julia EdwardsNov 1836
William Fredric EdwardsApr 17th 1845
Luther Coombs June 3, 1805
Luther Augustine Coombs May 7th 1829
Jacob Wesley Coombs Aug 18th 1831[older loose pages show Jacob Westley
Catherine Elizabeth Coombs Aug 6 1834
Helena Jane Coombs Aug 11th 1836
Harriet Elizabeth Coombs Feb 1, 1841
Helena Augusta Coombs Feb 25th 1843
Mary Jane Coombs May 1845
Annie Frances Coombs Nov 3rd 1846
Wilbur Fisk Coombs Sept 7th 1849
Carro Buckmore
Abby Buckmore
Charles Augustine CoombsDec 25 1859[assumed the name Charles Whitney
Coombs after his father died in 1872]
Caroline Augusta Coombs Nov 4th 1857
Wilbur Wesley Coombs July 2nd 1860
Frederick Augustine Coombs Jan 15 1873
Arthur Augustine BuckApr 6th 1870
Ralph Coombs BuckJuly 6th 1878
John Ralph Buck
Children of Wilbur Fisk Coombs
Annie Marilla Coombs Sept 24, 1874
Ralph Buck Coombs April 26, 1881
Wilbur Fisk Coombs 2ndOct 31, 1886
Maynard Thomas Coombs Sept 7, 1888
Children of Frederick A. Coombs
Whitney Coombs Jan 4, 1897
Winthrop CoombsOct 24, 1902
Frederick A. Coombs 2ndNov 3, 1904
Children of Wilbur Wesley Coombs
Griffith Coombs
Caro Coombs
Children of Ralph Buck Coombs
Ralph Buck CoombsMch 24, 1911
Children of John Ralph Buck
Edith BuckDec 18, 1902
Louise BuckJan 9, 1905
Child of Arthur A. Buck
Elizabeth BuckOct 28, 1906
Children of Caro Coombs Treat
Marion Treat
Evelyn Treat
Wesley Treat
Children of Whitney Coombs
Betty CoombsNov 1, 1925[Elizabeth Coombs]
Dorothy Whitney CoombsNov 1, 1930
Children of Frederick A. Coombs, Jr.
Frederick Augustine Coombs IIIJan 23, 1938
Whitney John CoombsOct 19, 1940
Children of Dorothy Coombs Dwyer
Kirk Bradley DwyerJuly 20, 1953
Blair Courtney DwyerAug 20, 1954
Thad Stacy DwyerAug 17, 1956
Dane Cammeron DwyerNov 12, 1957
Jonathan Basford
Elizabeth Marden1792
Sabrina Basford
John EdwardsApr 1st 1819
Diana Basford
Luther CoombsMay 18th 1828
Almira Basford
George BuckmoreApril 1827
Luther Augustine Coombs
Mary Caroline WhitneyMay 10th 1851
Jacob Wesley Coombs
Harriet Frances WhitneyDec 18th 1852
Helena Augusta Coombs
John BuckOct 1st 1864
Wilbur Fisk Coombs
Lucy Emma ThomasDec 25th 1876
Diana Basford Coombs
Reuben CarverNov 12 1858
Caro Augusta Coombs
Arthur Sidney TreatMay
Wilbur Wesley Coombs
Josephine Green
Frederick Augustine Coombs
Ethel ParsonsOct 9 1894
Wilbur Fisk Coombs
Edna ColeJune 19 1895
Ralph Buck Coombs
Ethel H. BouseSept 20 1909
John Ralph Buck
Jessie M. HarwoodAug 23 1900
Arthur Augustine Buck
Elizabeth Gould DavisApril 15, 1903
Marion Treat
Roy Bennett ShaferMarch 8, 1910
Evelyn Treat
Robert BarrettJune 1911
Whitney Coombs
Agnes Nearing
Frederick Augustine Coombs
Esther Roberta BullisJune 15, 1929
Dorothy Whitney Coombs
George Dwyer
Frederick Augustine Coombs III
Katherine Dunlap AdairJune 13, 1959
Jonathan BasfordMay 4th 1856
Elizabeth MardenFeb 28th 1828
Jesse BasfordJune 25, 1819
Charlotte BasfordOct 23, 1795
Miles BasfordOct 23, 1799
Miles BasfordSept 1, 1801
Luther CoombsMay 6th 1856
Catherine Elizabeth CoombsDec 3rd 1833[sic 10 Oct 1835]
Harriet Elizabeth CoombsMarch 1st 1843
Mary Jane CoombsAug 1845
Helena Jane Coombs
Luther Augustine CoombsDec 18th 1872
Caroline Whitney CoombsFeb 24, 1915
Diana Basford (Coombs) CarverApril 1, 1885
Reuben CarverJan 17, 1890
Lucy Emma Thomas CoombsJuly 31, 1892
Harriet Frances Whitney CoombsOct 1893
Jacob Wesley CoombsMay 24, 1897
Caro Augusta Coombs TreatMarch 2, 1910
Winthrop CoombsApril 13, 1904
Whitney CoombsNov 8, 1930
Betty CoombsNov 8, 1930[Elizabeth Coombs]
John BuckMay 30, 1889
Elizabeth BuckNov 27, 1906
Frederick Augustine CoombsJune 29, 1955
Ethel Parsons CoombsMay 21, 1960

The following account memorializing the death of Jonathan Basford’s wife, Elizabeth (Marden) Basford, was found on a separate paper in the Diana Basford/Luther Coombs Bible, presumably written by Jonathan Basford:

Elizabeth Marden wife of Jonathan Basford – Born September 15th 1773 in Chester – State of New Hampshire – Died February 24th at ½ past 6 o’clock P. M. with a pulmonary consumption with the greatest composure of mind after a lingering sickness of about three years – her confinement was about three months – And intered Wednesday the 27th of Said February in the burying ground near the Methodist Meeting-house in Belfast – Prayer by the Rev Mr Wells – Methodist Divine.

Jonah HallHearse Bearer
Col Jonathan WilsonPall Bearer
Liba Hall"
David Green"
James Douglas"
John WaterBearer
Otho Abbot"
Samuel Peck "
Ezra Ryan "
Manassah Sleeper, EsqMarshall
Lebulon Murch and his son William Murch
Grave Diggers and superintendants thereof -

Copied by Whitney J. Coombs, Feb 15, 2007, from the Luther Coombs – Diana Basford Bible in my possession.

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