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 of David and Rachel Combs

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David & Rachel Combs of Sumner Co., TN (primarily), and possibly Bertie Co., NC.

(1) Combs Bible Record. Re-typed by Combs Researcher Sherry SummersMarine from an earlier transcription by Dorotha Knox of Texas, 1997. Sherry adds: It is not known either who has the actual Bible, nor who originally transcribed it. Certain parts were difficult to decipher due to notes made on the transcription (as noted). The only change made was to capitalize surnames. All added notes and/or annotations are [bracketed]. See also the second bible record which follows.


William W. COMBES Son of David and Rachel COMBES was born the 27th day of June 1806
Elizabeth LUTON daughter of King and Caroline LUTON was born the firstday of Nov 1814
David COMBES son of William and Elizabeth COMBES was born the 12th day of May 1831. died July 18, 1902
[Transcriber: Unable to decipher first name of next entry, appears to be FIND-written like this ------ [SSM: transcriber attempted to duplicate original writing] COMBES born the 20th day of June 1833
Timothy COMBES born the 24th day of Aug 1835
William COMBES was born the 6th day of Dec 1837
Rachel Catherine COMBES born 11th day of June 1841
Caroline Sarah COMBES born the 14th day of July 1843
Virginia Providence COMBES born 7th of July 1846
Mary Isabelle COMBES born 30th of April 1850?
John King COMBES born 4th of April 1858
[SSM: From here on, the name is spelled Combs instead of COMBES]
James Talor Combs born the 13th Oct 1871
Sarah Elizabeth Combs born the 15 day of Jan 1874
William W. Combs was born the 5th day of October 1875 - diedAug4, 1902
Lesley Combs was born the 9th day of August 1877
Eva May Combs born the 4th June 1881
[DK Added Note: Children of Robert and Eva Mae (Combs) Summers]
Maisy Verilla 6 Nov 1900 [DK Note: died 1-15-97]
Nellie Florence 26 Jan 1904
Estelle Marie 15 June 1905
Ora Lee 15 April 1907
Robert Forest 30 April 1911
Myrtle May 25 Dec 1913

William W. COMBES and Elizabeth LUTON was married in the year1829 - 23rd day of April
Willie W. Combs and Fannie C. HALEY was married 1896 20th dayofDec
Joshua Lester SUMMERS and Sallie E. Combs married 1897 30thday ofMay
J. T. Combs and Rosie E. SUMMERS was married in 1899 23 dayof April
Robert E. SUMMERS and Eva May Combs married Jan 14, 1900
Leslie Combs and Nancy E. [SSM: could be a C] DUKE married 1899- 13th day of Aug
Isaac Combs and Mary E. BAR
Timothy Combs and Charity PATTON
Rachel C.* Combs and James HERRIN April 4, 1869 or 68
[SSM: Could be Rachel E. The capitol E's have the slighest of dents in the middle so it is difficult to tell exactly if it is a C or an E. I have noted only when there is a question].
David COMBES and Martha A. E. COMBES married Aug 3rd?
Mary Combs and Robert HERRIN Dec 18, 1871

David COMBES was born 27th of Sept 1773 died 8th June 1844
William W. Combs born June 27th 1806 died 5th of Feb 1871
Elizabeth Combs born Nov 1814 died Feb 1885
Martha A. E. Combs wife of David Combs died Dec 15, 1909
Eva May SUMMERS wife of Robert E. died Jan 16, 1914
Sarah F. ROSCOE born Sept 19, 1807 died Sept 16, 1861
William COMBES died Nov 1, 1855
Caroline Sarah Combs died Dec 9th 1866
Virginia Combs was born July 7, 1846 died 21 May 1869
(Combs Researcher Sherry Summers Marine)

(2) Bible Record. Extracted by Combs Researcher Sherry Summers Combs from "Sumner County, TN Bible Records" by Zoie Lynne Bowen, June 1997,Family History Call no. 976.847 V2B, pg 3, Bible belonging to Mrs. SusieG. Gambill, 1853, North Water Street, Gallatin, TN

SSM Notes: Although David Combs' birth month in the following record is three months off compared to the above, the birth date of hisson, William, is the same in both Bible records. According to the above Bible record, David was married to Rachel whereas the following shows that he married Christanna HASSELL - except that the dates are in conflict (Christanna is listed as having been born and married in the same year,1809). If it is the marriage year which is correct, then I assume Davidwas married at least two times as son William was born 27 Jun 1806 and David married Christanna 19 Sep 1809. Although the identities of all others listed here have not been determined yet, see also Sumner Co., TN re HASSELL Families, including the HASSELL cemetery where an unidentified Catherine Combs is buried. Who was Sally Combs, born 19 Sep 1807? Could she have been the sister of William W.? Could she have been the Sally who married in 18

William A. GRAY B. 6-20-1835, d. 2-19-1919
Sarah J HARRIS b. 7-31-1837, d. 2-29-1879
Catie Ann GRAY b. 6-26-1859. d 2-25-1930
Charles William GRAY b. 9-10-1861
Bright B. HARRIS b. 1-6-1791, d. 4-28-1867
Sally HARRIS b. 3-6-1794, d. 1-6-1863
Abram HASSELL b. 11-17-1762, d. 4-5-1807
Christian SPEEWELL b. 8-1-1768
Pricilla HASSELL b. 6-13-1788
Jennett HASSELL b. 11-16-1789
William KING b. 3-12-1783, d. 2-19-1814
Priscilla KING b. 10-20-1810
Robt. McKee KING b. 6-30-1812
William Jennett David KING b. 5-26-1814
Elizabeth HASSELL b. 8-30-1830
David Combs b. 12-27-1773, d. 6-8-1844
Christanna HASSELL b. 12-7-1809
William Combs b. 6-27-1806
Sally Combs b. 9-19-1807
Amelia JUDD b. 4-24-1810
Penny the Great original b. 6-13-1788
Fletcher b. 3-12-1830
Mary Ann b. 3-18-1840
Polly b. 3-15-1828
Araon (sic) b. 7-17-1827
Janus (sic) b. 7-7-1820
Noah b. 7-4-1816
Jack b. 6-27-1818
Mary HOWARD b. 9-9-1818.

William A. GRAY to Sarah J. HARRIS 5-23-1856
William KING to Priscilla HASSELL 12-3-1808
David Combs to Christanna HASSELL 9-19-1809
Robt. KING to Amelia JUDD 12-31-1840
Abram KING to Mary HOWARD 4-14-1836.

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