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Comes Family Bible of Ebenezer Comes family of Litchfield, Herkimer Co., NY in the possession of James I. Coughlin and transcribed by James I. Coughlin on 4 March, 2001  Note from J Coughlin:  The Bible is "The English Version of the Polyglott Bible," Published by Fessenden & Co. of Brattleboro in 1836.  There are four bound pages that are part of the Bible and a number of separately bound or loose papers found in the Bible. Of the bound pages, found just before the New Testament, three are completed in the same handwriting. The data was entered with no regard to the headings of the pages.  

Page 1: "Marriage"

Names Births Deaths
Ebeneser Comes May 31, 1798
Martha Ball April 9, 1802
Married Dec. 16, 1823

Mary L Comes Feb'y 12 1825
Addison C Comes Jan.17 1827
Albert N Comes Oct. 4 1828
Marcus L Comes July 30 1830
Roxey A Comes April 21 1833

Page 2: "Children's Marriages"

Names Month DayYear
Mary L. Comes Married to Edward M. Lynch March161852
Addison C. Comes to Meranda Joslin Jan.17 1855
Albert N Comes to Maria Johnson Apr 6 1862
Marcus L Comes to Julia A Joslin Sept 241856
Roxy A Comes to Lauren F. Matteson Apr6 1853

Page 3: "Marriage"

Names Births Deaths
Ebenezer Comes Died Oct 5 1869 Aged 71
Marcus L Comes Died 47 May 14 1878
Martha Comes Died 81 June 6 1883
Roxey A Comes Died
Albert N Comes Died Oct 4 1896

Page 4:"Children's Marriages"

Names Month Day Year
Meranda Comes died February 16 1904
Julia Comes died Dec. 24 1917

JIC Notes: All of the records up to thedeath of Ebenezer Comes are in the same handwriting and appear to have been entered at two separate occasions (two different colored inks). The records after that are by different persons and at different occasions. Ebenezer is spelled Ebeneser on the first page, but Ebenezer on page 3, although both are written by the same person. Roxey is spelled "Roxey" on page 1, "Roxy" on page 2 and "Roxey" again on page 3, again by the same person.

Besides the pages that were part of the Comes Bible, there were a number of pages found loose in the Bible. Six of these were bound into a small notebook, held together by thread. There is no identification on the paper cover of this "notebook". Almost all of the records within this notebook are in the same handwriting which seems a bit shaky and may have been done by an elderly person. See below:

First page:

"Record of the Birth of Ebenezer Comes and Azubah Heart his Wife and family(.)
Ebenezer was born Nov the 2 1762
Azubah Comes his wife was born Feb the 12 1763
Levnoia Comes was bor July the 24 1784
Betsey Comes was born Jan the 17 1786
Polly Comes was born May the 6 1789
Clarisa Comes was born August the 3 1794
Ebenezer Comes Jr was born May the 31 1798
Elizabeth Comes was born January the 12 1801
Nancy Comes was born June the 15 1803
James R was born Sep 1 1805"

Second page:

"Mary Lucretia Comes Born February 12 1825
Addison Chester Comes Born January 17 1827
Albert Nathaniel Comes Born October 4 1828
Marcus Lafyett Comes Born July 30 1830
Roxey Ann Comes Born April 21 1833"

Third page: (This is a half page with the top half cut off)

"Nathaniel Ball Died Oct 24, 1872(.) Age 94 years 3 Month 6 Dayes
Lovina Ball Wife of Nathaniel Ball Died March27 1864 Age 82
Joseph Ball Died May 12 1873 age 93 years 9 Month 8 Dayes
Lucy Ball Died April 26 1872 Age 87 years 8 month 14 Dayes"

Fourth page: The back of the third page.

"Joseph Ball died May 12th 1873 aged 93 years, 9 months & 8 days
Lucy Ball died April 26 1872 Aged 87 years, 8months & 14 days"

Fifth page:

"Ebeneser Comes Died May the 4 1838 Age Seventy Five
Azuba Comes Died Sept the 4 1848 age Eighty FiveWife of Ebeneser Comes
Clarisa Comes Died April the 18 1826 Age thirtytwo
Lovina Ball Wife of Nathaniel Ball Died March the27 1864 age Eighty two
Ebeneser Comes Died October the 5 1869 Aged 71 four months and for Days
Charles E Lynch Died August the 21 1869 Age eleven years
Nathaniel Ball Died Oct. the 24 1872 Age 94 three months and 6 Days"

Sixth page:

Joseph Ball Died Oct the 2 Aged 77 1877
Marcus L Comes Died May the 14 1878 Aged 47 9months 14 Day
Martha Comes Died June 6 1883 Aged 81 years 1month 27 days

JIC Notes: Again note the spelling of Ebeneser and Ebenezer used interchangeably. Also note the spelling of Azubah and Azuba. Other misspellings were believed to be unintentional. It is not clear why the reiteration of the deaths of Joseph and Lucy Ballonthe third and fourth pages. Other pages found loose in the Bible will be transcribed and submitted at a later date.

Also found were seven other sheets, all in different handwriting and much of the data a reiteration of the material already submitted. Below are transcriptions of those pages, transcribed by James I.Coughlin on6 March 2001.

Page 1:
"Ebenezer Comes Born May 31 1795. Died October 5 1869. 71 years, 4 months 5 days.
Martha Comes Born April 9th 1802. Died June 6th1883 at 81 years, 1 month, 28 days.
Ruth Comes born July 28th 1863. Married May 7 1891.
Irving Comes born June 24th 1865. MarriedJanuary 16 1889."

Page 2:
Mary L. Comes Married to E. M. Lynch March 16, 1852. Died January 26 1908.
Addison C. Comes Married to Maranda Joslin, Jan.17, 1855.
Albert N. Comes Married to Maria Johnson April 6, 1862. Died November 2, 1896.
Marcus L. Comes Married to Julia A. Joslin Sept.24, 1856. Died May 14, 1878.
Roxey A. Comes Married to Lauren F. Matteson April 6, 1853. Died March 5, 1894.

Page 3:
Joseph Ball Born Oct. 18, 1800
Martha Ball Born April 9, 1802
John A. Ball Born Oct. 13, 1815
Orlo Ball Born Dec. 1, 1817
Wm. E. Ball Born Dec. 18, 1819
Mariet Ball Born May 20, 1824

JIC Note:
These first three pages appear to have been done at the same time by the same author. Page 4, 5 and 6 appears to be a draft in pencil of the records previously listed. The first part of page 7 also appears to be draft but the remainder is new:

"Betsey daughter of Ebenezer and Azuba Hart Died Feb. 19th 1797
Polly Comes Died April 22th 1805
Nancy Comes Died Dec. 17th 1805
Clarisa Comes Died April 18th 1826
Ebenezer Comes Died May 4th 1838
Azuba Comes Died Sept. 4th 1848
Lenora Comes Died Jan. 26th 1850
Ebenezer Comes jr Died Oct. 5th 1869
Chester Darby Died June 17th 1874, aged 77 years

JIC Note:
Page 8 is obviously more modern, having beenwritten on a lined paper with titles of Memorandum, Telephones and R.F.D.

Mary Lucretia Comes Born Feb. 12, 1825. Married to E.M. Lynch Mar. 16, 1852. Died January 26, 1908.
Addison Chester Comes Born Jan. 17, 1827. Married to Maranda Joslin Jan. 17, 1855.
Albert Nathaniel Comes Born Oct. 4, 1828. Married to Mariah Jonson April 6, 1862. Died November 2, 1896
Marcus Lafyett Comes Born July 30, 1830. Married to Julia Ann Joslin Sept. 24, 1856. Died May 14, 1878.
Roxey Ann Comes Born April 21, 1833. Married to Lauren F. Matteson April 6, 1853. Died March 5, 1894.

JIC Notes:
Maranda Joslin was spelled Meranda Joslin inprevious notes. Azubah Hart's name was spelled Heart in previous notes.

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