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Last updated 06 Nov 2008
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Format: Patentee Name State County Issue Date Land Office Doc. Nr. Accession/Serial Nr.

Note: See Also Master Index to Combs BLM Land, including Tips on how to best utilize BLM records genealogically.

Adams County

Combs, Audy ID Adams 4/18/1912 Boise City 04078 259814

Bannock County

Combs, Thomas J ID Bannock 4/10/1923 Blackfoot 024563 902721

Combs, Thomas J ID Bannock 8/16/1926 Blackfoot 031059 983897

Bonner County

McCOMB, Arthur R ID Bonner 3/20/1919 Coeur D Alene 09054 670828

Butte County

COMBE, Bartholomew ID Butte 4/11/1918 Hailey 010426 624485

COMBE, Josephine ID Butte 7/18/1905 Idaho 482 Ididaa 046794

Cassia County

McCOMBS, A Albert ID Cassia 4/5/1915 Hailey 010446 466824

McCOMBS, Andrew E ID Cassia 12/4/1915 Hailey 010448 502204

McCOMBS, Ezra F ID Cassia 9/27/1915 Hailey 010463 491612

Clearwater County

McCOMB, Joseph O ID Clearwater 9/13/1907 Idaho 6238 Ididaa 037094

McCOMB, Joseph O ID Clearwater,Latah 9/13/1907 Lewiston 6238 0653-489

Elmore County

Combs, Pearl M ID Elmore 9/10/1919 Boise City 015069 705969

Idaho County

Combs, Donald R ID Idaho 4/12/1926 Boise City 026110 977569

Combs, George O ID Idaho 11/25/1919 Boise City 018051 720818

Combs, William M ID Idaho 3/26/1892 Idaho 2514 Ididaa 033851

Combs, William M ID Idaho 2/7/1891 Idaho 978 Ididaa 033837

McCOMB, Belle ID Idaho 12/19/1907 Idaho 6356 Ididaa 043716

Minidoka County

McCOMB, Charles E ID Minidoka 8/31/1907 Idaho 5 Ididaa 002340

McCOMB, Charles E ID Minidoka 8/31/1907 Hailey 5 0647-191

McCOMB, William O ID Minidoka 1/30/1908 Idaho 92 Ididaa 002446

McCOMB, William O ID Minidoka 1/30/1908 Idaho 93 Ididaa 002447

McCOMBS, Alton ID Minidoka 9/12/1945 Blackfoot 053764 1120080

McCOMBS, Don J ID Minidoka 4/22/1959 Idaho 07569 1195171

McCOMBS, Duella ID Minidoka 9/16/1940 Blackfoot 053668 1109272

Payette County

COOMBS, Dean C ID Payette 5/20/1957 Idaho 01620 1171568

COOMBS, Dean C ID Payette 2/21/1962 Boise City 09913 1225464

COOMBS, Shirley M ID Payette 2/21/1962 Boise City 09913 1225464

Valley County

Combs, Roy ID Valley 6/20/1910 Boise City 0719 139111

Washington County

Combs, Francis M ID Washington 11/26/1904 Idaho 2066 Ididaa 016057

Combs, Minnie S ID Washington 5/28/1930 Blackfoot 042032 1037689

McCOMBER, John N ID Washington 7/10/1919 Boise City 017286 697075

Franklin County

COOMBS, David ID Franklin 1/27/1917 Blackfoot 020117 564209

COOMBS, Ephriam H ID Franklin 7/1/1920 Blackfoot 022267 760514

Latah County

McCOMB, George ID Latah 6/29/1894 Idaho 1276 Ididaa 020381

McCOMB, George ID Latah 11/9/1889 Idaho 1812 Ididaa 020312

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