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Format: Patentee Name State County Issue Date Land Office Doc. Nr. Accession/Serial Nr.

Note: See Also Master Index to Combs BLM Land, including Tips on how to best utilize BLM records genealogically.

Cass County

McCOMB, Robert ND Cass 10/20/1882 Montana State Office 2638 NDMTAA 095378

Dunn County

COOMBS, Eugene ND Dunn 1/13/1914 Dickinson 011140 376786

COOMBS, John W ND Dunn 10/23/1914 Dickinson 06529 437427

COOMBS, Walter ND Dunn 1/24/1914 Dickinson 07236 379981

Grand Forks County

COOMBS, James C ND Grand Forks 2/13/1884 Montana State Office 5915 NDMTAA 103426

McCOMB, Edwin Lincoln ND Grand Forks 5/15/1883 Montana State Office 2599 NDMTAA 097850

McCOMB, Ephraim ND Grand Forks 3/1/1883 Montana State Office 1899 NDMTAA 103266

Lamoure County

Combs, John ND Lamoure 6/27/1889 Montana State Office 3877 NDMTAA 127721

Combs, John ND Lamoure 10/12/1886 Montana State Office 6162 NDMTAA 127695

McHenry County

McCOMB, Ellsworth ND McHenry 8/27/1889 Montana State Office 1431 NDMTAA 029340

McCOMB, Joseph H ND McHenry 9/13/1886 Montana State Office 1074 NDMTAA 029277

McCOMB, Robert ND McHenry 8/27/1889 Montana State Office 1432 NDMTAA 029343

McCOMB, Robert ND McHenry 8/27/1889 Montana State Office 2762 NDMTAA 029348

McCOMBS, Cora May ND McHenry 10/11/1909 Devils Lake 0954 83719

McCOMBS, Hattie Evelyn ND McHenry 3/31/1910 Devils Lake 02427 122222

McCOMBS, James H ND McHenry 6/11/1900 Montana State Office 3463 NDMTAA 032435

McLean County

Combs, Sarah ND McLean 3/15/1916 Minot 08642 519086

McCOMB, Ramsey R ND McLean 5/27/1909 Bismarck 01442 64711

Mountrail County

Combs, Earle X ND Mountrail 9/24/1907 Montana State Office 437 NDMTAA 067519

Combs, Earle X ND Mountrail 9/24/1907 Williston 437 0659-236

Nelson County

COOMBS, Frank E ND Nelson 10/2/1890 Montana State Office 7519 NDMTAA 119059

COOMBS, Stephen H ND Nelson 10/2/1890 Montana State Office 7520 NDMTAA 119061

McCOMB, Edwin L ND Nelson 10/25/1884 Montana State Office 7469 NDMTAA 118546

McCOMB, Ephraim ND Nelson 10/25/1884 Montana State Office 7470 NDMTAA 118547

McCOMB, Joseph H ND Nelson 10/22/1889 Montana State Office 7468 NDMTAA 122497

McCOMB, Robert H ND Nelson 2/5/1884 Montana State Office 5319 NDMTAA 110509

Pembina County

McCOMB, George ND Pembina 6/20/1894 Montana State Office 332 NDMTAA 112544

McCOMB, George ND Pembina 11/5/1895 Montana State Office 4083 NDMTAA 112638

McCOMB, George ND Pembina 7/23/1887 Montana State Office 9592 NDMTAA 112325

Pierce County

Combs, Henry E ND Pierce 1/30/1899 Montana State Office 1348 NDMTAA 016955

Combs, Henry E ND Pierce 11/23/1891 Montana State Office 4010 NDMTAA 016924

Combs, Seth W ND Pierce 10/24/1891 Montana State Office 3733 NDMTAA 019785

Ramsey County

COMBE, Louis G ND Ramsey 11/13/1901 Montana State Office 16042 NDMTAA 132699

Renville County

Combs, Ben ND Renville 5/1/1906 Montana State Office 10163 NDMTAA 054815

Combs, Birdett W ND Renville 8/3/1904 Montana State Office 4632 NDMTAA 048494

Combs, Edward W ND Renville 7/14/1908 Minot 4833 2847

Combs, Elber A ND Renville 3/26/1908 Montana State Office 4241 NDMTAA 057000

Combs, Frank ND Renville 5/1/1906 Montana State Office 10162 NDMTAA 054811

Sheridan County

COOMBS, Frank ND Sheridan 10/24/1910 Bismarck 05526 158921

COOMBS, Frank ND Sheridan 4/19/1909 Bismarck 0845 56840

Slope County

McCOMBS, Wilbur L ND Slope 10/21/1909 Dickinson 02316 85042

Steele County

Combs, Caroline ND Steele 11/3/1890 Montana State Office 5440 NDMTAA 098907

Combs, Richard F ND Steele 2/25/1885 Montana State Office 6666 NDMTAA 098881

Combs, Thomas H ND Steele 9/20/1884 Montana State Office 6910 NDMTAA 103120

Stutsman County

COMBER, John ND Stutsman 12/20/1887 Montana State Office 3028 NDMTAA 131064

COMBER, Joseph ND Stutsman 3/25/1891 Montana State Office 5911 NDMTAA 131095

COMBER, Joseph H ND Stutsman 12/20/1887 Montana State Office 3027 NDMTAA 131062

Towner County

McCOMB, Amelia ND Towner 3/28/1906 Montana State Office 11190 NDMTAA 138902

McCOMB, Joseph ND Towner 5/15/1903 Montana State Office 5240 NDMTAA 136010

Walsh County

McCOMBS, John A ND Walsh 11/1/1886 Montana State Office 10246 NDMTAA 104709

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