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Last updated 06 Nov 2008
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Format: Patentee Name State County Issue Date Land Office Doc. Nr. Accession/Serial Nr.

Note: See Also Master Index to Combs BLM Land, including Tips on how to best utilize BLM records genealogically.

Catron County

COMBEE, Samuel J NM Catron 7/9/1936 Las Cruces 040087 1084996

Chaves County

McCOMBS, Emmet B NM Chaves 5/29/1959 New Mexico 014973 1196027

McCOMBS, Emmet B NM Chaves 6/16/1970 New Mexico 30700054 30-70-0054

McCOMBS, Joann W NM Chaves 6/16/1970 New Mexico 30700054 30-70-0054

McCOMBS, Mae Kingsbury NM Chaves 9/14/1923 Roswell 048656 916748

McCOMBS, William B NM Chaves 7/10/1959 New Mexico 014929 1197035

Colfax County

COMBEST, Archie NM Colfax 1/15/1916 Clayton 014470 507993

COMBEST, John W NM Colfax 7/30/1915 Clayton 013864 484785

Curry County

COOMBES, William B NM Curry 9/28/1908 Clayton 2366 16567

McCOMB, Della NM Curry 12/1/1911 Fort Sumner 07523 236084

McCOMB, George C NM Curry 6/22/1911 Fort Sumner 07034 210982

Debaca County

COOMBS, Thomas E W NM Debaca 3/7/1910 Roswell 012148 116418

Eddy County

Combs, William M NM Eddy 5/8/1901 AFA 377 NMNMAA 017169

Guadalupe County

Combs, Andrew J NM Guadalupe 2/11/1910 Tucumcari 08918 110466

Harding County

Combs, Andrew J NM Harding 4/17/1911 Tucumcari 04263 190934

Combs, Francisca G NM Harding 3/11/1909 Clayton 074 51366

Lea County

COMBEST, John P NM Lea 7/30/1917 Roswell 031952 594780

COMBEST, John P NM Lea 8/26/1919 Roswell 038690 703600

COMBEST, Joseph L NM Lea 10/28/1913 Roswell 023403 362757

COMBEST, Sarah NM Lea 11/8/1926 Las Cruces 027205 988804

COMBEST, William H NM Lea 9/14/1927 Las Cruces 027962 1007406

COMBEST, William H NM Lea 9/14/1927 Las Cruces 027997 1007405

Otero County

Combs, Clarissa L NM Otero 3/4/1912 Roswell 02476 251200

Roosevelt County

Combs, Aca F NM Roosevelt 2/12/1929 Las Cruces 029222 1023631

McCOMBS, Charles A J NM Roosevelt 9/28/1909 Roswell 03316 81525

McCOMBS, William B NM Roosevelt 2/27/1917 Roswell 021271 570026

McCOMBS, William B NM Roosevelt 10/18/1923 Roswell 038144 921126

Torrance County

COMBES, Katherine S NM Torrance 2/1/1911 Santa Fe 09020 174827

McCOMB, Keith NM Torrance 1/5/1922 Santa Fe 026885 841129

McCOMBS, Rezin W NM Torrance 1/23/1914 Santa Fe 01074 379814

Union County

COMBES, Joseph F NM Union 6/5/1914 Clayton 07323 411583

Combs, Alma NM Union 10/25/1920 Clayton 024620 779039

Combs, Hyram V NM Union 10/25/1920 Clayton 024620 779039

COOMBS, Clinton C NM Union 7/22/1919 Clayton 016028 699470

COOMBS, Harry A NM Union 6/28/1919 Clayton 016473 693364

COOMBS, Robert V NM Union 11/29/1918 Clayton 016029 654916

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