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Last updated 06 November 2008
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Format: Surname, Given Name, Middle Initial, Patentee, Warrantee, State Doc No., Sig Present ?, Sig Date, Land Office, Nr, Aliquot Parts, Seck/Blk, Township, Twp Dir, Range, Range Dir, Fract Section, Meridian, Acres, [present-day] County, Comments, Accession No. Patentee - Warrantee is Y/Yes N/No, Fract Section is Y/Yes N/No, Sig Present ? is Y/Yes N/No Note: Each document can have several segments - listed number Nr.( parts 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.)

Note: See Also Master Index to Combs BLM Land, including Tips on how to best utilize BLM records genealogically

Reminder: The original patents did not include a county name. The BLM added present-day county designations (as versus the county of record in which the land was at the time of the patent).

Lands in Indiana

Coombs Edward (of Switzerland Co, IN) Y N Ohio 3627 Y August 14, 1834 Cincinnati 1 NWSW 36/ 2 N 4 W N 1st Principal 39.6 Lands In Indiana OH0310_.085

Combs Joseph (of Montgomery Co, OH) Y N Ohio 6949 Y August 1, 1838 Cincinnati 1 E½NE 17/ 20 N 15 E N 2nd Principal 80 Lands In Indiana OH1510_.388

Combs Micajah (of Montgomery Co, OH) Y N Ohio 6950 Y August 1, 1838 Cincinnati 1 E½SE 17/ 20 N 15 E N 2nd Principal 80 Lands In Indiana OH1510_.389

Note: The land of Joseph and Micajah Combs was located (then and now) in Randolph Co, IN.

Allen County

Combs Job (of Highland Co, OH) Y N Ohio 4730 Y March 15, 1837 Lima 1 NW 19/ 2 S 8 E N 1st Principal 156.56 Allen OH0690_.175

Combs Job (of Putnam Co, OH) Y N Ohio 5901 Y March 16, 1837 Lima 1 E½NE 30/ 2 S 8 E N 1st Principal 80 Allen OH0710_.340

Combs Job (of Putnam Co, OH) Y N Ohio 5902 Y March 16, 1837 Lima 1 W½NW 29/ 2 S 8 E N 1st Principal 80 Allen OH0719_.342

Note: This land was in Putnam Co, OH until 1848 when Allen County gained a substantial portion of southern Putnam County's area.

Crawford County

Combes Daniel H* (of Richland Co, OH) Y N Ohio 2744 Y August 6, 1834 Wooster 1 NWNE 29/ 21 N 20 W N Ohio River Survey 40 Crawford OH0570_.268

*Patent Certificate: Daniel Henry Iacot des Combes

Note: In 1845, Crawford gained land from Richland and it is possible (not checked) that this land was in Richland prior to that time.

Fayette County

Coombs John, John G Gray, and John Ronald OH Fayette 4/15/1822 Cincinnati 88 OH0240__.088; 79.12 acres; W½NW 19/ 13-N 12-E No Fract 2nd PM

Lawrence County

Combs Jonas (of Lawrence Co, OH) Y N Ohio 2398 Y July 10, 1834 Chillicothe 1 SESW 30/ 1 N 16 W N Ohio River Survey 42.22 Lawrence OH0190_.379

Morgan County

Combs Robert (of Morgan Co, OH) Y N Ohio 5671 Y September 23, 1835 Zanesville 1 W½NW 20/ 6 N 10 W N Ohio River Survey 78.88 Morgan OH0450_.150

Combs John (of Morgan Co, OH) Y N Ohio 8191 Y April 10, 1837 Zanesville 1 N½SW 18/ 7 N 10 W N Ohio River Survey 82.31 Morgan OH0500_.139

Paulding County

Combs John OH Paulding 10/20/1865 Chillicothe 48889 0101-243 E½SW 9/ 2-N 3-E No Fract 1st PM

Warrant No 48 889 for 80 acres, John Combs, Private, Captain Neely's Company Virginia Militia, War 1812. Warrant sold by the sheriff of Pike County Ohio by order of the court for the benefit of the heirs of John Combs Deceased to Peter Combs and by him assigned to Samuel W Hilvert. One Peter Combs resides in Camp Creek, Pike Co, Ohio in 1860.

Perry County

Combs Matthew (of Perry Co, OH) Y N Ohio 2944 Y April 2, 1832 Zanesville 1 E½SW 7/ 14 N 14 W N Ohio River Survey 84.02 Perry OH0390_.430

Vinton County

Established from Gallion (1803), Athens (1805), Ross (1798), Jackson (1816) and Hocking (1818) Cos in 1850.

Combs William (of Jackson Co, OH) Y N Ohio 2967 Y September 10, 1834 Chillicothe 1 SENW 8/ 11 N 17 W N Ohio River Survey 39.99 Vinton OH0200_.446

Combs Thomas (of Jackson Co, OH) Y N Ohio 3361 Y November 5, 1835 Chillicothe 1 NESW 10/ 9 N 18 W N Ohio River Survey 40 Vinton OH0210_.353

Combs Thomas (of Athens Co, Ohio) Y N Ohio 4194 Y March 10, 1836 Chillicothe 1 NWSW 4/ 11 N 17 W N Ohio River Survey 39.87 Vinton OH0230_.185

Combs William (of Athens Co, OH) Y N Ohio 5870 Y August 5, 1837 Chillicothe 1 SESE 5/ 11 N 17 W N Ohio River Survey 40.06 Vinton OH1190_.245

Note: A Thomas and William Combs are listed on the 1840 Athens Co, OH Census Index. They are not on the 1830 Athens Census Index, and no Combs have been located as yet on the 1830 Jackson Co, OH Census Index.

Wyandot County

Established from Crawford (1820 from Delaware), Hardin (1820 from Logan), Lorain (1822 from Cuyahoga, Huron and Medina) and Marion (1820 from Delaware) in 1845.

Combs William (of the State of Ohio) Y N Ohio 918 Y April 4, 1822 Delaware 1 W½SW 1/ 1 S 14 E N 1st Principal 62.26 Wyandot OH0730_.397

Note: The 1820 OH Census Index includes William Combs in the counties of: Highland, Licking and Perry. The 1830 OH Census Index includes William Combs in the counties of: Crawford, Licking, Perry and Pickaway.

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