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Format: Patentee Name State County Issue Date Land Office Doc. Nr. Accession/Serial Nr.

Note: See Also Master Index to Combs BLM Land, including Tips on how to best utilize BLM records genealogically.

Beadle County

Combs, John SD Beadle 7/11/1889 Montana State Office 14092 SDMTAA 132961

Combs, John SD Beadle 3/8/1895 Montana State Office 1458 SDMTAA 137320

COOMBS, James E SD Beadle 5/12/1888 Montana State Office 14484 SDMTAA 142392

COOMBS, James E SD Beadle 3/2/1887 Montana State Office 4720 SDMTAA 142371

McCOMB, Frank E SD Beadle 4/20/1882 Montana State Office 4642 SDMTAA 119672

Butte County

Combs, Tressie SD Butte 4/5/1917 Belle Fourche 04587 575268

Dewey County

COMB, Matilda H SD Dewey 7/18/1922 Timber Lake 07932 872893

Edmunds County

Combs, Amos D SD Edmunds 7/15/1899 Montana State Office 1937 SDMTAA 048630

Combs, Amos D SD Edmunds 11/15/1893 Montana State Office 2948 SDMTAA 048533

Combs, Amos D SD Edmunds 12/26/1889 Montana State Office 9116 SDMTAA 048503

Combs, William G SD Edmunds 6/9/1888 Montana State Office 3596 SDMTAA 153904

Combs, Willis SD Edmunds 12/26/1889 Montana State Office 9053 SDMTAA 048502

McCOMB, Edwin SD Edmunds 1/25/1894 Montana State Office 445 SDMTAA 153463

Fall River County

Combs, Alice SD Fall River 1/25/1892 Montana State Office 3375 SDMTAA 013692

Faulk County

McCOMB, Charles H SD Faulk 7/3/1902 Montana State Office 6570 SDMTAA 153344

McCOMB, Edwin SD Faulk 4/26/1893 Montana State Office 4907 SDMTAA 153318

McCOMB, John S SD Faulk 4/5/1890 Montana State Office 1753 SDMTAA 153291

McCOMB, Sarah S SD Faulk 3/26/1891 Montana State Office 4112 SDMTAA 153307

Gregory County

Combs, John M SD Gregory 6/18/1913 Gregory 0550 342098

McCOMB, Harvey A SD Gregory 2/27/1908 Montana State Office 1326 SDMTAA 049141

Hand County

COMBES, Hiram H SD Hand 12/30/1887 Montana State Office 9603 SDMTAA 040867

COMBES, Mathew George SD Hand 2/23/1887 Montana State Office 440 SDMTAA 037051

COMBES, Matthew George SD Hand 2/21/1889 Montana State Office 16120 SDMTAA 037131

Combs, Marcus E SD Hand 1/14/1888 Montana State Office 10003 SDMTAA 148726

Combs, Marcus E SD Hand 11/17/1884 Montana State Office 3459 SDMTAA 148645

Harding County

Combs, Samuel J SD Harding 12/11/1911 Lemmon 03644 237461

Combs, Samuel J SD Harding 2/10/1919 Lemmon 03644 665219

Jerauld County

Combs, William S SD Jerauld 3/10/1887 Montana State Office 11035 SDMTAA 031743

Combs, William S SD Jerauld 1/14/1888 Montana State Office 14975 SDMTAA 032088

Jones County

Combs, James Z SD Jones 11/1/1909 Chamberlain 0599 87051

Combs, James Z SD Jones 11/9/1907 Montana State Office 3834 SDMTAA 021184

Lincoln County

McCOMBS, Albert S SD Lincoln 7/20/1877 Montana State Office 2111 SDMTAA 082494

Lyman County

COOMBS, Myrtle E SD Lyman 8/10/1908 Chamberlain 5798 7278

Pennington County

Combs, Henry SD Pennington 9/19/1889 Montana State Office 1557 SDMTAA 006261

McCOMB, William J SD Pennington 9/22/1910 Rapid City 010708 153443

Combs, Henry SD Pennington 10/29/1888 Montana State Office 1944 SDMTAA 006247

Perkins County

COMBES, Bert E SD Perkins 11/23/1911 Lemmon 015688 235302

COMBES, Bert E SD Perkins 11/25/1918 Lemmon 015688 654565

COMBES, Henry SD Perkins 9/25/1912 Lemmon 023365 293558

COMBES, James W SD Perkins 11/26/1912 Lemmon 023364 302235

COMBES, Mattie C SD Perkins 3/11/1912 Lemmon 015689 SDLEM 0015689 01

COMBES, Mattie C SD Perkins 12/10/1918 Lemmon 015689 655755

COMBES, Mattie C SD Perkins 3/11/1912 Lemmon 015689 252756

COMBES, William H SD Perkins 8/1/1919 Lemmon 030993 701455

COMBES, William H SD Perkins 12/10/1918 Lemmon 03391 655723

COMBES, William H SD Perkins 2/20/1911 Lemmon 03391 178611

Combs, Frances G SD Perkins 5/22/1914 Lemmon 019813 407435

Combs, Frances G SD Perkins 1/29/1920 Lemmon 031578 730859

McCOMB, Sarah E V SD Perkins 6/26/1911 Lemmon 011044 211532

Sanborn County

COMB, John W SD Sanborn 6/13/1890 Montana State Office 9306 SDMTAA 128596

Stanley County

COOMBS, Jesse C SD Stanley 5/19/1910 Pierre 07759 131085

Turner County

McCOMBS, Albert S SD Turner 1/17/1890 Montana State Office 5466 SDMTAA 087338

Tripp County

Combs, Milo W SD Tripp 3/14/1914 Gregory 04407 392511

McCOMB, Minnie E SD Tripp 5/22/1911 Gregory 02207 200014

McCOMB, Walter H SD Tripp 4/13/1911 Gregory 02286 190345

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