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We will be happy to include your family story in our “Lineage Study”. Once posted, you can check your information on the “Oral History” page. If anything needs correcting or updating you should contact the Project Administrator. We appreciate your helping further what we can all learn about our COMBS-COOMBS &c. ancestry!

Lineage - Oral History

Tell us your story as it relates to the Lineage you are trying to prove.

What is the background of this story?
Remember our Combs Motto - TELL US HOW YOU KNOW. Who originated (started up) this story? When, where and how was it recorded and preserved over time? Who has passed it on? How did you learn about the story? Is the story recorded in our research project? If not, describe the source. If so, where is it located in the project?

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(If you are a COMBS-COOMBS &c. group member, your story and related information will go directly to the mailbox for posting to the Study. If you are not a group member, it will be screened and forwarded to the box and will take longer to be included in the Study. You can join our research group by going to Combs Mailing List.)


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