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21. Eliza JOHNSON was born about 1824 in Warren Co, Tennessee. She died after 1870 in Madison Co, Arkansas. Eliza "Betsy" Johnson married Isaac (or James or James Isaac?) MITCHELL, who was born about 1814 in Tennessee, and died between 1857 and 1860. (Note: Considerable confusion exists in regard to this couple due to a surfeit of Mitchell men marrying Eliza/Elizabeth Johnsons. It is possible that Eliza "Betsy" has been confused with either or both her (possible) sister, Elizabeth, born 1797, Hawkins Co, Tennessee, who married John MITCHELL; or her niece, Elizabeth, daughter of William M. and Mary LOGUE Johnson, who was born in 1836 in Warren Co, Tennessee and who married a James MITCHELL (Note: The genealogy of the latter has not yet been entered herein). We have not yet learned the original source (family tradition?) for Eliza being included as a daughter of Martin and Sarah Combs Johnson; and the information we have is limited as well as confusing. As a result, we have begun posting the various records accrued thus far under a special Johnson/Mitchell Report.

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