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10. William M. JOHNSON was born about 1800 in Hawkins Co, Tennessee. By 1820, William had married, in Warren County, Tennessee,  Mary LOGUE, who was born in 1803/4 in Tennessee. According to Ruby Johnson Wiedeman's "The Johnson Family, 1743-1978," p. 37:

     "When Van Buren County, Tennessee was formed in 1840, William became its first Sheriff. He was also made Justice of Peace, performing the marriage of his son James and third wife, Elizabeth  [DAWSEY or DYER] in 1857.

     "William and Mary owned a large plantation in Warren County, Tennesee, being managed with slave labor. The mansion has been described as it was before the War between the states, as having one wing devoted entirely to being "the ball room" with windows so long and deep that the orchestra usually set in the windows. As a rule the musicians and entertainers were talented negroes. The neighbors and families would come from all around for the fun and festivities.

     "William stayed with his plantation and family during the Civil War, but when he had to go away he charged "ole" Henry, the house negro, with the care of the "women folk". When raiding parties began ravaging the country side, "ole" Henry buried the family silver in the garden and  swam the livestock to an island in the river. However, he was later shot in the back, in the yard of the mansion, before the eyes of the "women folk", and they mourned his death as one of their own. After the plantation was ravaged, William could not run it without help and after a futile attempt, and embittered, he and his second wife, Rosannah, moved to Madison County, Arkansas where his family had moved.

     "William was well educated for that day, and was a good businessman. It is thought that up until the death of his first wife, he was a good man and was a happy man, but Nancy Arminda was never in close relationship with her father because she thought he was too stern with the family and especially with all his daughters. He undoubtedly believed the Civil War to the source of all of his trouble, and it probably was true." ("The Johnson Family, 1743-1978, Ruby Johnson Wiedeman, page 37)

        William died on 28 Sep 1885 in Madison Co, Arkansas, which is also where he was buried.

        Question: Do we know with or near whom were William and RoseAnna (JONES? DRAKE?) Johnson living in Madison Co, Arkansas? Note: A number of additional records will be entered soon in regard to William and Mary LOGUE Johnson.

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