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More than 22 million passengers and members of ships' crews entered the United States through Ellis Island and the Port of New York between 1892 and 1924. Information about each person was written down in ships' passenger lists, known as “manifests”. Manifests were used to examine immigrants upon arrival in the United States.

Thanks to Barabra Rivas for extracting these Combs &c. Passenger Arrival Records from the Ellis Island database.

Run cursor over each name for additional information.

Name of PassengerResidenceArrivedAge on
1 Abram CombeDunmury Co., Antum28 May 190451(mechanical engineer, from Dunmary? County Antrim?, here to visit)
2 Abram Combe14 Aug 189542
3 Agnes CombeDumfries, Scotland13 Sep 191330(housewife, from Dunfries, Scotland, Scotch, nearest relative from place came from: Mathew Glendenning, 71 Glasgow St., Dumfries, going to Chicago IL, husband's home 2044 Monroe St., Chicago IL. 5'3" fresh complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, born in Dumfries, Scotland)
4 Albert Combe09 Nov 189620(seems to be an accent over final "e" in name. butcher from Germany going to Bloomington, IN)
5 Alf Combe03 May 192435(crew - bedroom steward, 5'5" 145lbs.)
6 Almira CombeS. Africa29 Mar 190230(Canadian, last lived in South Africa, in transit to Halifax)
7 Alphonse CombeSan Francisco, Ca.,
11 Oct 190811(with father, Fidele age 38 and brother Henri, age 4 French, going to San Francisco to father's {grandfather}house, 5'7" clear complexion, chestnut hair & eyes)
8 Alphonsine CombeBridgeport,
15 Aug 191344(born in France, going to his family in Bridgeport, Ohio, in the US in 1893 in Bridgeport, at husband's family home in Bridgeport, 5'4" natural complexion, chestnut hair and eyes, from France.)
9 Alphonsine CombeChozes31 Mar 19017(with father Fidele age 33 mother Angeline age 28 brother Henri age 11 French, last residence Chozes, going to house of friend Mr. Pelisson, Pacific St., San Francisco, Cal.)
10 Alphonsine Combe08 May 189328
11 Amelie CombeParis, France19 Oct 190727(with husband Lucien 34 banker, from Paris France, nearest relative Mr. Combe, 6 Rue Nueve Papincourt, Paris, Mme Vallier, 234 Foubourg, St Antoine, Paris, France, going to Bombay, India. In the US before? Yes, 1896 in New Orleans, LA. 5'4" clear complexion, light hair brown eyes, born in Paris, France.)
12 Angeline CombeChozes31 Mar 190128(wife of Fidele age 33 mother of Alphonse age 7 and Henri age 11 housekeeper last residence Chozes, going to house of friend Mr. Pelisson, Pacific St., San Francisco, Cal.)
13 Anna CombeGi Combes14 Sep 190330(with daughters Louise age 10 and Denise age 10/12 Coming from Ga? Combes, and going to McDonalds, PA., joins husband Denis Combs living at McDonald, PA.)
14 Anthony B CombeLondon,
18 Dec 192324(occupation, secretary. born in London, England. Relative in England: mother, Mrs. Bogie Combe, Great Holt, Docksfield, Surrey, England, passage paid by Duke of Sutherland, staying at Ritz-Carleton Hotel, NYC, 5'10" fresh complexion, dark hair hazel eyes, tattoo on right forearm)
15 Auga CombeLa Motte26 Jan 190729(wife of Elise? age 32 she is housekeeper, left La Monte going to LaSalle IL, cousin Morris ___? in LaSalle IL - can't read the writing)
16 Benjamin Combe08 May 18932
17 Charles CombeLondon,
13 Sep 191237(M.M.Actor, British, last lived in London, England, was in NY in 1906 going to stay at Hotel Newbury, Chicago. 5'9" dark complexion, dark hair, blue eyes. place of birth Calcuta, India)
18 Charles CombeParis10 Apr 190427(Accent over final "e" in Combe, upholsterer, French, going from Paris to Chicago, non-merchant at Chicago French Section, St. Louis Exposition,
19 Charles E CombeBoston Lanes,
17 Oct 191526y 1m(with brother Robert Combe age 33 occupation priest, last at Boston Lanes, England, relative in England: R. Combe, North Bridge, Millas, Ripon. going to Quesnel, B.C.(British Columbia), passage paid by Rev. Canon Deedes, in transit going to Rev. W. Elliott, Quesnel, B.C., 5'9 3/4" brown complexion, black hair, grey eyes, born in Crossgate, England.)
20 Chas Harvey CombeEngland, Lobham03 Feb 191248(with Dorothy Combe age 29 last residence in England at Lobham, nearest relative in England: Chas. Combs (can't read the rest), touring)
21 Chas. CombeBridgeton03 Nov 190320
22 Christina CombeDysart, Scotland17 Oct 192227(wife daughter Isabella age 7 British born in Dysart, Scotland, nerest relative: father, Alexander Duncan, 17 Relief St. Dysart, Fife., going to Sydsset, L.I., NY, Husband David Combs, Sydsset, Long Island, 5 ft. fresh complexion, brown hair brown eyes.)
23 Clovis Combe19 Oct 191733(crew - assistant engineer, 5'7" 175lbs)
24 Clovis Combe26 Nov 191733(crew - assistant engineer, French, 5'6" 170lbs)
25 Clovis Combe26 Dec 191733(crew - assistant engineer, 5'7" 170lbs)
26 Constance CombeSpain05 Aug 1903(English, last lived in Spain, going to NY)
27 David CombeDysart, Scotland28 May 192228(miner, British from Dysart, Scotland, relative in originating country wife Mrs. Christina Combe 18 Relief St. Dysart Scotland, destination going to brother-in-law John Duncan at 513 W. 47th St. NYC, plans to stay 6 mos., 5'10" fresh complexion, fair hair, brown eyes, born in Dysart, Scotland)
28 David CombeLondon,
11 May 191634y 7m(with wife Helen Galt Combe age 34 manufacturer's agent, British of Scotch descent, address in England - Business firm H W Green Ld., 18 Chiswell St., London Eng., going to Kobe Japan, last in US in 1914 in Seattle, destination Tor? Hotel in Kobe, Japan, 5'11" fresh complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, born in Blairmore Scotland)
29 Denisa CombeGi Combes14 Sep 19032m(with mother Anna age 30 and sister Louise age 10 from Gi Combs going to McDonalds, PA., to join her husband Denis Combs at McDonalds, PA.)
30 Dorothy CombeEngland, Lobham03 Feb 191229(with husband Chas. Henry Combe age 48 British from Cobham, Eng., last residence: Chas. Combs, __? Hill, Cobham, Surrey, Eng.)
31 Edgar CombeSt. Dennis,
03 Oct 190722(British from St. Dennis, going to Michigan, Going to Geo. W. Griff, Baltic, Houghton, Michigan, 5'3" dark complexion, dark hair, grey eyes, born in St. Dennis, England) (NOTE: line drawn through this row)
32 Edgar CombeSt.Dennis,
01 Nov 190722(miner, English from St Dennis, England, last address father Mr. Combe, St. Denys, Cornwall, going to Houghton, Michigan. address going to: friend. Mr. John Laders?, Drumond, Michigan, 5'3" dark complexion, dark hair, grey eyes, born in St. Dennis, England)
33 Edward CombeParis04 Jun 189225
34 Eliser CombeLa Motte26 Jan 190732(owns a coffehouse?, left La Motte going to La Salle, IL., address of destination: cousin Morris Augon? bureau county ? La Salle, IL, 5'9" dark complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, born in La Motte, France)
35 Elizabeth Combe28 Aug 191227(born 1885 in Batavia, IL, address in US West Chicago, IL)
36 Emil CombeRochester, N. Y.29 Sep 191447(seems to show that he was naturalized in county court in 1896 in Rochester NY. Present residence 820 Portland Ave, Rochester, NY)
37 Emile Combe10 Jan 191144(Home 94 Clinton Ave So Rochester, NY)
38 Emilie Combe17 Jul 189320(with father Victor age 44 mother Marie age 44 sister Marie 18. Born in France going to Kansas)
39 Ernie CombeRochester, NY26 Jul 191346(naturalized 1889 in Rochester NY current address 821 Portland Ave, Rochester, NY)
40 Ernie Combe15 Feb 191043(says US Born)
41 Fidele CombeChozes31 Mar 190133(with wife Angeline age 28 son Alphonsine age 7 and son Henri age 11 French from Chozes going to his friend Mr. Pelisson at Pacific St in San Francisco CA.)
42 Fidele CombeSan Francisco, Ca.,
11 Oct 190838(with sons Alphonse 11 and Henri 4 a miner from France. nearest relative in country he came from: father, Combe, going home 423 Gary? St, San Francisco, CA. 5'7" fair complexion, chestnut hair and eyes, born Barges?)
43 Filippo Combe06 May 191727(can't read crew occupation, from N. Italy 5'4" 135 lbs.)
44 Frank Combe29 Sep 192450(crew - waiter, Scotch from Britain, 5'6" 175 lbs)
45 Frederic CombeNanterre, France12 Jul 191330(occupation - patented? agent, French Swiss, last residence at friend's in Nanterre, France, going to Hotel Windsor, Jacksonville, FL, 5'10" light complexion, chestnut hair and eyes, born in Paris, France)
46 Frederick R. CombeLondon,
09 Dec 192126(British Army Officer-Engineer, English from England, last residence in London, closest relative father Capt. C. Combe, 46 Belgrave Sq., London, going to Hotel Vanderbilt, NYC, 6 1/2ft, fresh complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, broken nose, born in London, England)
47 Gaston Combe05 Jun 189335(journalist from France, transient)
48 Gaston Combe18 May 189640
49 Georg Combe03 May 189431y2m
50 George A. CombeAntrim30 Aug 190521(miner, going to Antrim PA,
51 Gordon CombeCapetown29 Mar 19022(with mother, Almira age 30 born in S. Africa, last residence in Capetown, in transit to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.)
52 Harvey Edward
London11 Apr 190431(occupation agent, born in England, last residence in London, in transit to Ottawa, Canada)
53 Helen Combe13 Sep 1913(with Julius Combe, both crossed out)
54 Helen ...alt CombeLondon,
11 May 191634y 4m(Helen Galt, with husband David age 34 Scotch born in England,going to Tor? Hotel, Kobe, Japan, 5'4" fresh complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes, born Liverpool, England)
55 Henrette Combe...28 May 190419(with sister? Guliette age 8?, father Dennis Combe)
56 Henri CombeChozes31 Mar 190111y 6m(with father Fidele age 33 mother Angeline age 28 brother Alphonsine 7 born Chozes, France, going to home of friend Mr. Pelisson, Pacific St., San Francisco, CA.)
57 Henri CombeSan Francisco, Ca.,
11 Oct 19084(with father Fidele age 38 brother Alphonse age 11 going home to 423 Gary? St, San Francisco, CA., born in Barges? France)
58 Henri Combe30 Nov 192316(crew - cook steward, French, 5' 132 lbs)
59 Henri Combe31 Oct 192417(crew - asst. cook, French, 5' 132 lbs)
60 Hermann CombeM aulbronn, Germany15 Jul 192325(electrician, last residence with father, Hermann Combe, Maulbronn, Germany, going to friend, Jacob Goebhardt, 1568 Ave A, NYC NY, 5'10" fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, born St. Johan, Germany)
61 Hugh Traynor CombeEdinburgh, Scotland08 Aug 192318(British citizen from Edinburgh, Scotland, lived with father Mr. Combe, 56 Portsburgh Sq., Edinburgh, Scotland, passage paid by b-in-law, going to sister in Chestnut Ridge, PA., 4'11" fair complexion, fair hair blue eyes, scar on left side of neck, born Dunformline, Scotland. NOTE: whole line crossed out)
62 Irene CombeSt. Joseph, Mo.01 Apr 191420(with father John age 57 mother Leanora age 47 born 7 Oct 1894 in St. Joseph, MO., going to Los Angeles, CA)
63 Isabella CombeDysart, Scotland17 Oct 19227(with mother Christina age 27 British, last residence Dysart, Scotland, lived with grandfather Alexr. Duncan, 17 Relief St., Dysart, Fife, going to Sydsset, Long Island, NY., passage paid by mother, going to father, David Combe, Sydsset, L.I., NY, fresh complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, born in Dysart, Scotland)
64 Jean CombeHindHead,
03 Aug 191832(Canadian nationality, last residence Hindhend, England, closest friend/relative Mrs. Murdoch Huntley, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, going to Moosemin, Sask., Canada. passage paid by government, going to home of Mrs. J. G. Donald, Moosemin, Sask., Canada, 5'4" dark complexion, be hair, blue eyes, born in Moosemin, England)
65 Jessie CombeShotts, Scotland08 Aug 192329(with husband Peter age 32 and son Peter age 1yr 9mos, lived in Shotts, Scotland. Closest relative: father-in-law, Peter Combe, 3 William St., Shettleston, Glasgow, Scotland, going to Stonington, IL, going to aunt Mrs. Jessie Sim, Box 90 Stonington IL, 5'31/2" fair complexion, black hair, brown eyes, born in Bo'ness, Scotland. NOTE - Jessie and son, Peter, both crossed out)
66 John CombeMo.01 Apr 191457(with wife Leanora age 47 and daughter Irene age 20 born in St. Joseph, MO, address in US, Los Angeles, CA)
67 John Combe15 Jul 192421(crew - steward, British, 5'11" 144 lbs)
68 Jules Combe08 May 189331
69 Juliette Combe...28 May 19045(looks more like Guliette)(with sister Henriette, French, father Dennis Combs)
70 Julius Combe13 Sep 1913(with Helen Combe, both crossed out)
71 Leanora CombeSt. Joseph, Mo.01 Apr 191447(with husband John age 57 and daughter Irene age 20 born 3 Apr 1866 St. Joseph, MO., address in US, Los Angeles, CA)
72 Leon Combe16 Feb 192350(crew steward, American, 5'4" 114 lbs., one of crew of shipwreacked schooner "Dorin" picked up at sea 16 Feb 1923 outward bound from New York)
73 Leon Combe13 Jan 192058
74 Leon Combe26 Mar 192462(Consular passagener, 5'2" gray hair no scars)
75 Leon F. Combe16 Aug 191958
76 Leonard Combe30 Jan 192145(naturalized in Savannah, GA, 1901 residence Lamberts Point, Norfolk, VA) (Note - name crossed out)
77 Louis CombeAntwerp23 Feb 189732
78 Louis CombeGap., Fr.06 Aug 190523(baker, French, last residence, Gap, Fr., final destination his cousin, Fubil? Combe, Baker, Bernard St., 112 3/4 San Francisco, CA.)
79 Louis CombeMaulbroun, Germany27 Nov 192324(florist, lived in Maulbronn, Germany, closest relative in Germany, father, Hermann Combe, Maulbronn, Germany, going to brother, Hermann Combe, 327 E 88th St, NYC, 5'7" fair complexion, blonde hair, blue eyes, born in St. Johann, Germany)
80 Louise CombeGi Combes14 Sep 190310(with mother Anna age 30 and sister Denise age ?, from Gi Combes going to father Denis Combs in McDonalds, PA.,
81 Lucien CombeParis, France19 Oct 190734(with wife Amelie age 27 banker, French, last permanent residence in Paris, France, relative: Mr. Combe, 6 Rue Neuve, Popincourt, Paris, going to Bombay, India. was in New Orleans in 1896 5'8" dark complexion, black hair, black eyes, born Paris, France)
82 Lucien CombeParis, France12 Mar 192147(banker, French, closest relative in France wife Mrs Combe, 3 Avenue Colonel, Bormet et Paris, was in US in 1896 and 1907 in NYC, address in US: Guaranty Trust Co., 140 Broadway, NYC., 5'5" fair complexion, grey hair, dark eyes, born in Paris, France)
83 Lucien CombeParis, France03 Oct 192451(banker, French, Paris, France, home 88 bis Avenue Mozart at Paris, in NY in 1907 at Plaza Hotel in NYC, 5'6", bald, black eyes, born in Paris, France)
84 Lucien Combe16 Mar 189623
85 Lucien Combe21 Oct 191724(French Naval Seaman? Steward?, 5' 8 1/2" 135 lbs)
86 Mabel CombeAberdeen, Scotland19 Jul 191333(teacher, Scotch, British citizenship, Aberdeen, residence of relative: sister, Mrs. ?, 252? Gt? Western Rd., Aberdeen, going to Melville, Sask. Canada, going to brother Robt. Combe of Melville, Sask., Canada)
87 Marcel Combe21 Dec 192325(born in France, 5'5", sculleryman, next of kin: mo. Louise, 636 W. 63rd NYC.)
88 Marcel Combe21 Dec 192325(born in France, 5'5", sculleryman, next of kin: mo. Louise, 636 W. 63rd NYC.)
89 Marcel Combe19 May 192425 (crew - Scullman, French)
90 Marcel A. CombeMarseille, France02 Sep 192324(cook, French, closest relative in original country: father, Leopold Combe, 45 Rue Clotilde, Marseille, France, going to Jersey City, NJ)
91 Margaret CombeEngland,
Heaton Mersey
15 Jan 191042y 10m(British, Last place of residence Wentwich, closest relative mother: Mrs. Louisa Combs, 23 Sherbourne Place, Leamington, final destination Grimsby, ONT, Canada) (NOTE: transcriber seems to have picked up the wrong "last place of residence"- it is Wentwich not Heaton, Mersey)
92 Marie Combe17 Jul 189318(with father Victor age 44 mother Marie age 44 sister Evelie? age 20 born in France going to Kansas)
93 Marie Combe31 Mar 189329
94 Marie Combe17 Jul 189344(with husband Victor age 44 daughter Evelie? age 20 and daughter Marie 18 born in France going to Kansas)
95 Martha CombeArlington, N. J.12 Sep 192447(wife of Thomas age 44 naturalized 3 Sept 1918 Jersey City, NJ Court of Common Pleas, residence, 856 Kearney Ave., Arlington, NJ)
96 Marthe Combe14 Nov 189622(artist-singer, French, going to New Orleans as visitor,
97 Mary E. Combe29 Aug 189451
98 Matthew CombeEdenburge, Scotland28 Jul 190731(coachman, English born in Scotland, closest relative, aunt Mrs Patterson, 59 Marmont Rd., Edinburgh, Scotland, staying at YMCA, NYC., 5'11" Dark complexion, brown hair, brown eyes, born in Edinburgh, Scotland)
99 Milly CombeLondon,
25 May 191433(English from London, closest relative/friend: Miss Hay, Ponthminster Hotel, St Ives, Cornwall, going to Long Island, was previously in US in 1913 in New York, going to Miss? M___? Woodmore, Long Island, NY., 5'4" light complexion brown hair and eyes, born London, England)
100 Moned Combe10 Oct 192223(crew- steward - 5'3" 154 lbs., name crossed out - note at edge says missing in Algiers)
101 Peter CombeShotts, Scotland08 Aug 19231y 9m(with father Peter age 32 and mother Jessie age 29 British from Scotland, relative in Scotland: father Peter Combe, 3 William Street, Shettleston, Glasgow, Scotland, going to Stommington, IL, fare paid by father, Stommington, IL, born in Fauldhouse?, Scotland) (NOTE: child Peter and mother Jessie crossed off)
102 Peter CombeShotts, Scotland08 Aug 192332(coal miner, British born in Scotland, last residence Shotts, Scotland, relative in Scotland: father Peter Combe, 3 William Street, Shettleston, Glasgow, Scotland, going to aunt Mrs. Jessie Sim Box 90 Stommington, IL, 5' 6 1/2" fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, born in Broxburn, Scotland)
103 Pierre Combe31 Mar 189332
104 Polino CombeMexico City21 Apr 190618(French, last residence Mexico City, in transit to Paris)
105 Radegonde CombeParis, France23 Mar 192319
106 Robert CombeLiverpool20 Nov 190544(with brother? Thomas age 38 farmer born in Scotland, lived in Liverpool going to St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.)
107 Robert CombeLiverpool,
30 Apr 190927(Clergyman, English, last residence Liverpool, England, father Robert Combe, Parkurst College, Dacre, Leeds, England, going to Calgery, Alberta, Canada, brother Charles E Combe, Crasfield, Alberta, Canada, 5'10" fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, born in Londonderry, Ireland.)
108 Robert CombeLondon,
17 Oct 191533y 11m(with brother? Charles E. age 26 priest, English last lived in London, relative R. Combe, North Bridge Villas, Ripon, England, going to Quesnel, Brit. Colombia, Canada, fare paid by Rev. Canon Deeds, address of friend Rev Wellist, Quesnel, BC, 5'9 3/4" ruddy complexion, black hair, grey eyes, born in Londonderry, Ireland)
109 Samuel CombeSouthampton23 Jan 189725
110 Sarah CombeBridgeton03 Nov 190336
111 Thomas CombeArlington, N. J.12 Sep 192444(with wife Martha age 47 naturalized 3rd Sept 1918 Jersey City, NJ Court of Common Pleas, address in US 856 Kearney Ave, Arlington, NJ.)
112 Thomas CombeLiverpool20 Nov 190538(with brother Robert age 44 coachman, Scotch nationality, last address Liverpool, in transit to home in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada,
113 Thomas CombePatterson,
27 Aug 191131(mill worker, British born in Scotland, father Thomas Combe, 40 Baccleuch? Street, Glasgow, Scotland, going to friend James McWilliams, 19 Madison St., Patterson, NJ, 5'4" fair complexion, fair hair, grey eyes, born in Glasgow, Scotland)
114 Thomas Combe01 Oct 191716(crew, M.R. Steward, British, 5'9" 140 lbs)
115 Thos Combe23 May 189664
116 Thos. Combe22 Mar 189766
117 Victor Combe17 Jul 189344(with wife Marie age 47 daughters Evelie? age 20 and Marie age 18 miner, born in Belgium going to Kansas,
118 William CombeMA,
29 Jun 191919y 1m(plumber, English born in Scotland, going to Malden, Mass., prev. in US 5 1/2 yrs in Malden, Mass., father David Combe, 12 Prosper St., Malden, Mass, 5'4" dark complexion, brown hair and eyes, born in Glasgow, Scotland.)
119 William Combe19 Apr 189721
120 William Combe11 Jan 192229(crew 3rd Mate, English)
121 William Combe10 Feb 192229(crew 3rd Mate, English)
122 William Combe11 Mar 192229(crew 3rd Mate, English)
123 William A. CombeManchester,
03 Jul 190925(joiner - carpenter written over it - English born in Scotland, last address father Wm. Combe, 117 Loreburn St., Dumfries, Scotland, address in US friend Alex Andersen, 431 E. 46th St. Chicago, IL, 5'9" fair complexion, fair hair, blue eyes, born in Rumfries, Scotland)
124 William A. Combe03 Jul 191926(3rd Officer, 5'10" 180 lbs. born in Scotland)
125 Wm. CombeGlasgow, Scotland07 Feb 190438(machinist, born in Scotland, going to Colfax Ave., Buffalo, NY)
126 Wm. CombeUphall21 May 190641
127 Wm. Combe07 Apr 189434
128 Wm. Alex. CombeChicago,
04 Mar 191328(joiner, born in Scotland, wife Mrs.Agnes Combe, 71 Glesgow St., Maxmelltown?, Dumfries, Scotland, returning to 2044 Munis? St., Chicago, IL, 5'9" fair complexion, brown hair, blue eyes, born Dumfries, Scotland)
129 Combe03 Oct 189222(Mr Combe, laborer, born in France, going to Iowa)

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