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Chapter VII, John Combs, Sire of the "Eight Brothers" (pp. 42-46)

Footnote 1. Pages 42-43. See the Combs Research Report for John COMBS, Sr., "father of the eight," and his wife, Nancy HARDING.

John COMBS (presumably the same?) is first found in the records of Surry County in 1780 - assuming that the John COMBS of Surry in 1780 was not John, s/o William & Seth STACY Combs, Sr. (research in progress due to confusion due to multiple John COMBS).

One North Carolina military grant has been located in reference to John COMBS, and may have been this John COMBS; however, it was also a rescinded land grant due to having been part of the Glasgow Land Fraud. We are seeking a copy of the record of a John COMBS who served in Capt. Casey's Company, Col. James Wood's Virginia Regiment, in October, 1776. (John Sr.'s presumed son, John (born 1761), deposed that he enlisted in 1777. We are also seeking a copy of the record of a John COMBS who served in the Colonial Forces of Northern Virginia following Braddock's defeat (Fall 1755). It should be noted, however, that John COMBS, Sr., s/o Joseph COMBS I of Stafford, may have been the John of record, since his brother, Joseph COMBS II, was also in the North Neck at the time (serving under Gen. George Washington), thus it may be impossible to identify that John Combs anyway.

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Footnote 2. Pages 43-44.

The Mason COMBS of Montgomery Co, VA in 1788 was Mason COMBS III, s/o John COMBS, Sr., not Mason COMBS, Jr. (who had left Montgomery shortly after 1782).

"Danger Nick" was not John, Sr.'s brother, but his son.

We are desperately seeking a copy of the manuscript/interview of Jesse COMBS, grandfather of Susan COMBS Eversole. Also note that there are conflicts in this manuscript in regard to both "Long Jerry" Combs, and Rev. War Veteran John COMBS, and that those will be addressed at a later time.

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Footnote 3. Page 45. Note that there are conflicts in this manuscript in regard to the two John COMBS who are termed on Page 45, "2. John, one of the eight brothers. Settled near mouth of Line Fork, now Letcher Co., on the Kentucky River. Died around 1840;" and "3. John, about the age of John (2), moved from Lincoln (now Boyle) Co. [KY] to Carr's Fork before 1817. Moved back to Boyle after a few years, died in Washington County [KY] in 1848. A cousin of the eight brothers. Said to have been in the Revolution. His daughter Elizabeth ("Betts") married "Bird­Eye Nick" Combs, old "Danger's" son."

"2. John, "one of the eight" and RW John COMBS are now known to have been one and the same. There appears, however, to have been a second John COMBS of East Kentucky who may have been a son of William COMBS, Sr.

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Footnote 4. Page 45.  In regard to "5. John, born in Tennessee, thirty­nine in Census of 1850. Appears in Perry records sometimes as John "Combs­Couch". Moved to Madison Co., Ark. some time after 1837. Alive in 1865," this is a case where two John COMBS of Madison Co, AR have been confused with each other. The John COMBS b ca 1811 in TN who was in Madison Co, AR from the 1830s through 1850 was not the same John COMBS who was of record in 1858. The John COMBS of Madison Co, AR in 1858 was born ca 1834 in KY, and is in the 1850 Perry Co, KY household of Polly COMBS, d/o Jeremiah L. "Long" COMBS, Sr., and widow of Elijah COMBS, Jr. (s/o Elijah and Sarah ROARK Combs, Sr); and in 1860 this same John COMBS is the head of household in Madison Co, AR with Polly COMBS Combs in the household also (See also Two Hiram Combs of Perry Co, KY and Madison Co, AR). On page 146 of the General Table, the author states that John Combs-Couch was probably a s/o Biram COMBS, Jr. (s/o Biram & Unknown RIDGE Combs, Sr., but it is not stated why, nor have we yet located the record(s) listing John COMBS as a COUCH.

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