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Chapter XVIII, Joseph Combs and His Family (pp. 98-102)

Pages 98-99. The Stafford Co, VA land transaction whereby Joseph COMBS, Sr. deeded 1,000 acres to each of his sons, Joseph and John, also took place in 1756 (not 1750).

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Pages 99-100. Fortunately, unlike Stafford, the records of Loudoun are fairly complete. These reveal that, in fact, only two (and possibly only one) early Joseph COMBS have been found in early Loudoun Co, VA thus far. According to both land and tax records, however, he was clearly Joseph COMBS II, s/o Joseph COMBS I of Stafford Co, VA. That he was m to Elizabeth HARRISON is apparently documented by the (still missing?) bible record of her brother, Cuthbert HARRISON. Whether this was his only wife was unknown. Levin POWELL was thus his brother-in-law (married to Sarah HARRISON).

References to Mason COMBS, Sr. as the uncle of Joseph COMBS II are based on the assumption that Joseph COMBS I was a son of John COMBS of Richmond, which is not only undocumented, but appears unlikely as noted in earlier chapter footnotes.

Note that Berry's Ferry, Frederick Co, VA,  is where RW Robert COMBS (alias ASHAVY?) of Loudoun and Fauquier Cos, VA states that he was born. Robert is posited by the author as a "natural" son of Joseph COMBS II (research in progress).

Joseph COMBS II's first land survey in Loudoun Co, VA (on Goose Creek) was in 1764, the same year as the Frederick Co, VA court order. Although he appears to have removed to Loudoun shortly thereafter, he continued to maintain contacts (and land) in that county (as well as others).

Desperately seeking source for Joseph having d ca 1808. In Loudoun? Elsewhere? Estate and land records could help immensely in documenting the children of Joseph.

The author notes that even though he believed that Joseph COMBS, Jr. of Fauquier was the s/o Joseph and Elizabeth HARRISON Combs II, that other genealogists disagreed with him, as do Combs &c. Researchers. The records of Fauquier, Loudoun and Stafford Cos, VA clearly document that Joseph COMBS, Jr. was the s/o John & Seth BULLIT Combs, Sr., not the son of Joseph COMBS II (by now termed "Sr." At that time, the designations Senior and Junior did not necessarily indicate father and son, but was used to differentiate between to men with the same name; i.e., Elder and Younger.

Joseph COMBS, Jr. (Joseph III, s/o John and Seth BULLITT Combs) appears to have married Mary, daughter of Benjamin PRITCHETT (research in progress). It is not known why the author states that she was a ROUSSEAU (note that Joseph III's brother, Ennis, m 20 Feb 1779, Margaret ROUSSEAU).

Stephen COMBS, s/o Joseph, m 20 Apr 1775, Loudoun Co, VA, Barbara ALLEN. He later resided in Lincoln Co, KY, but appears to have been alive as late as 1811 when he signed a marriage bond in Franklin Co, KY for his daughter, Hetty. Claytor is not documented as a s/o Stephen, and may instead have been of the Middlesex Co, NJ Combs Families (See Tenius Bergen's 1876 The Bergen Family).

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Pages 101-102. 3. John COMBS, Sr., h/o Seth BULLITT (d/o Benjamin), appears to have been not the "last" child of Joseph COMBS I of Stafford, but his eldest son (based on land records, etc.). Seeking source for Seth's middle name of Harrison. There is no question that Seth and Elizabeth were not synonymous, and Seth is, in fact, a name found with great frequency among the descendants of Mason COMBS, Sr. - not as namesakes for Seth BULLITT, however, but as namesakes of Seth STACY, wife of William COMBS, Sr. (s/o Mason Sr.), and d/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy. As noted earlier, Stephen Combs married Barbara ALLEN, not Elizabeth BULLITT.

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