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Franklin ANDERSON Pension File. 486.055, Jane Combs Anderson 469.584 (abstracted by Combs Researcher John Anderson)

Page 1. Pensioner Dropped (Jane Combs Anderson) July 29, 1920, Certificate Number 469.584. Paid at $25 to May 4, 1920. Dropped because of death on July 9, 1920. Jane ANDERSON, Mildred, [Jackson Co] Kentucky.

Page 2. Declaration for Widows Pension. August 23, 1898 appeared before A.J. CHANDLER, Justice of the Peace, Owsley County, Kentucky. Jane ANDERSON, age 66, resident of the vicinity of South Fork PO in Owsley County is the widow of Franklin ANDERSON who enlisted on November 1, 1861 in company A, 24th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry and was discharged at Covington, Kentucky January 31, 1865, and died in Owsley County August 14, 1898. Jane was married under the name of Jane Combs to Franklin ANDERSON on April 1, 1849 by M.M. AMBROSE at the House of Mr. AMBROSE in Owsley County. They had never been married before their marriage to each other and Jane has not married since. There are no children under 16 years of age. Franklin was pensioned under certificate number 486.055. Jane signed by mark and it was witnessed by George W. GABBARD and E. D. GABBARD.. Jane appoints W.B. BULLOCK of Boonville as her attorney.

Page 3 (continued from above) George W. GABBARD and E.D. GABBARD residing at Eversole PO who have known her for 50 years and 20 years witness that she is the correct person.

Page 4,5,6 Application for Reimbursement. On August 9, 1920 in Jackson County, Kentucky a William DUNNIGAN, resident of Mildred, Jackson County, Kentucky appeared to obtain reimbursement for expenses in the last sickness and burial of Jane ANDERSON. Jane died from Rheumatism and old age infirmities and required a constant nurse for the past 15 years. Jane ANDERSON was nursed by Emma WILLIAMS and Jane WILLIAMS and lived with Jane WILLIAMS, died at Mildred, Kentucky July 9, 1920 at 6:00 oclock. And is buried in the Sparkman Cemetary in Mildred, Kentucky. Expenses Jane and Emma WILLIAMS $52.50 for nursing and care, Sam DAVIDSON, $6 as undertaker, and William DUNNIGAN $12 for burial clothing. Also appeared Luther DUNNIGAN and Delbert WILLIAMS who say they know William DUNNIGAN are his neighbors.

Notary Public

Page 7, 8 Affidavit for Pension Application of Widow of Franklin ANDERSON On November 2, 1901 Granville Combs age 58 of Conkling [Owsley Co], Kentucky and Preston A. HILL age 59 of Conkling, Kentucky appeared before H.C. Combs, Clerk of Court to say they had known Franklin ANDERSON for 36 years and 36 years. They have known him and been neighbors since his return from the civil war except for about on year about 1868 when he moved to Laurel County. He returned to Owsley until his death. They say he suffered from piles and at times would bleed so freely they would notice and be concerned for him. The problem was continuous and got worse with age. Granville Combs and Preston A. HILL signed by mark and it was witnessed by W.B. BULLOCK and A.C. HYDEN.

Page 9,10 Affidavit of Squire Combs Jr.. In the matter of the Pension Claim of Jane ANDERSON. Squire Combs age 34 of South Fork was acquainted with Jane and Franklin before he died on August 14, 1898. He was present when Franklin died and aided in laying him away on the ridge at the head of Wolf Creek in Owsley county. Franklin was a pensioner under the Act of June 20, 1890. He made up a voucher for his last quarterly draw of $36 but before he could receive the check, he died. His check says: United States Pension Agency Interim # 343658; Louisville, Kentucky August 15, 1898; Assistant Treasurer of The United States, Cinncinnati, Ohio; Pay to the Order of Franklin ANDERSON $36 Dollars. Signed Leslie Combs, U.S. Pension Agent.
Squire lives about half a mile from Jane and knows she has know [no] means of support. When Franklin died he left 15 acres of land and one cow. Squire signed by mark and witnessed by Tom MINTON and Hugh NEEDHAM Certified by W.C. SEALE Clerk of Court, Owsley County.

Page 11 Certified Copy of Marriage Licence, certified by H.C. Combs on August 24, 1889, Owsley Clerk of Court.
State of Kentucky
Owsley County
This is to license and permit you to join together in the holy state of matrimony, Franklin ANDERSON and Jane Combs of Owsley County. The said ANDERSON having complied with the requisitions of the law Given under my hand this 31st day of March 1849. William WILLIAMS, Clerk.
To any person legally authorized to celebrate the rites of matrimony. Executed the within license April 1st 1849.


Page 12 List of Assets
State of Kentucky
County Of Owsley
I H.C. Combs, Clerk of The Owsley County Court do certify that the foregoing is a true and complete list of all and every piece of property both real and personal of and belonging to Franklin ANDERSON as appears of record on the Assessor books as returned into my office by the assessor of Owsley County for the year 1898.
16 acres of land valued at $30
1 cow valued at $15
1 Clock valued at $3
Household and Kitchen Furniture valued at $75 which is all every piece of property that belonged to or listed by said Anderson as appears of record on my office. Given under my hand and official seal this August the 24th 1898.

s/H.C. Combs,
Clerk. Owsley County Court

Page 13, Declaration for an original Invalid Pension. June 8, 1880 Franklin ANDERSON, age 53, resident of the Town of South Fork in Owsley County, Kentucky declares that he is the same Franklin ANDERSON that enrolled on November 30, 1861 in company A, 24th regiment of Kentucky Infantry Volunteers, command by Capt. H.H. SEAVILL and was discharged at Covington, Kentucky January 31, 1865. Franklin was age 35, height 5' 4", fair complexion, blue eyes and dark hair. H e contracted Kidney Disease at Columbia, Tennessee on or about May 24th 1862.

He was treated in the Convalescent camp at Nashville from May 18th to June 29th 1862 and in the Atlanta Hospital, Georgia in June of 1864 for about two weeks. He is a farmer and was a farmer before the war. Signed Franklin ANDERSON by mark. witnessed Henry REYNOLDS. Amrideth REYNOLDS

page 14 General Affidavit of Squire Combs. Squire Combs age 54 , resident of South Fork, Owsley County He has known Franklin since 1867 and Franklin has been suffering from the piles since then and Squire has brought medicine to him continuously since then. Signed by mark Squire Combs. witnessed W. M. MOORE. Samuel BAILEY.

page 15 General Affidavit of George W. GABBARD. George W. GABBARD age 61 of Gabbard, Owsley County. He has kown hime since discharge and he has suffered from piles which have gotten worse with age. Signed personally George W. GABBARD.

Page 16 and 17 a report from the war office concerning Franklin's service.-

Notes: Granville Combs and Squire Combs, Sr. were apparently brothers, and sons of John "Jack" and Elizabeth HUNT (Williams) Combs (See 1860 Owsley census notes). Squire Combs, Sr. m America ANDERSON, d/o Franklin and Jane Combs Anderson. Squire Combs, Jr. was the s/o Granville & Mary "Polly" CARMACK Combs.

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