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Union Troops in Kansas

Abbreviations; 2Musn=2nd Class Musician; 2Pvt=2nd Class Private; Afc’r=Artificer; Art=Artillery; Asst Surg=Assistant Surgeon; Batt’n=Battalion; Bgl’r=Bugler; Brig=Brigade; Cav=Cavalry; Co=Company (unless used in context to a State County); Col’d=Colored; Conf=Confederate; Cons’d=Consolidated; Cpl=Corpral; Cpt=Captain; Div-Division; Drm’r=Drummer; Hosp Stw’d=Hospital Steward; Inf=Infantry; Inst=Instruction; Lt=Lieutenant; Mil=Militia; Mon’t=Mounted; Musn=Musician; NR=Not Recorded; PRA=Pension Record available; Prin Musn=Principle Musician; QM=Quarter Master; Rank I/O=Rank In/Out; Rc’t=Recruit; Reg’t=Regiment; Sdl’r=Saddler; Sgt=Sergeant; USCT=United States Colored Troops; USVR=United States Veterans Reserve; Wagn’r=Wagoner; */"=Same rank out as in;

Soldier NameRegiment & CompanyRank I/OAlternate NameComments
Combs, Alfred S.14th Reg’t, KS Cav Co BPvt/"Combs, Alford S.
Comar, Augustus8th Reg’t, KS Inf Co BPvt/"
Combs, Clem15th Reg’t, KS Cav Co HPvt/"See Bourbon Co, KS
Combs, ClemPost Batt, Ft Leavenworth, KS ArtPvt/"
Combs, George11th Reg’t, KS Cav Co BUnder Cook/"
Combs, James D.5th Reg’t, KS Cav Co CPvt/ComSgt
Combs, James6th Reg’t, KS Cav Co K,HPvt/Cpl
Cumbo, James1st Reg’t, KS Inf Co EPvt/"
Combs, Jesse B.6th Reg’t, KS Cav Co CPvt/"
Combs, Joel6th Reg’t, KS Cav Co K,HPvt/"Coombs, Joel
Cumbo, John G.15th Reg’t KS Cav Co B,APvt/Cpl
Combs, John1st Reg’t, KS Inf Co IPvt/"Coms, John
Combs, Michael10th Reg’t, KS Inf Co FPvt/Cpl
Combs, William J.15th Reg’t, KS Cav Co MPvt/Cpl
Comes, Wesley79th Reg’t, USCT Inf Co F
New Org (1st Reg’t, KS Col’d Inf)
Pvt/"Coombs, Wesleyaacwm
Comer, John10th Reg’t, KS Inf Co A,CPvt/"
Coms, John1st Reg’t, KS Inf Co IPvt/"
Coombs, James6th Reg’t, KS Cav Co K,HPvt/CplCombs, James
Coombs, Joel6th Reg’t, KS Cav Co K,HPvt/"
Macomber, Eqbert11th Reg’t, KS Cav Co DPvt/Sgt
Macomber, Henry D.15th Reg’t, KS Cav Co BPvt/"
Macomber, Henry D.5th Reg’t, KS Cav Co MPvt/"
McColm, George9th Reg’t, KS Cav Co H,CPvt/"
McComas, Asberry5th Reg’t, KS Cav Co G5Sgt/SgtMcComas, Asbury
McComas, Calvin10th Reg’t, KS InfPvt/-
McComas, David R.5th Reg’t, KS Cav Co APvt/"
McComas, John W.9th Reg’t, KS Cav Co HPvt/"McCombs, John W.
McComas, Joseph E.5th Reg’t, KS Cav Co G1Lt/"
McComber, Enoch T.12th Reg’t, KS Inf Co KPvt/"
McCombs, Francis M.6th Reg’t, KS Cav Co H,GPvt/Cpl
McCombs, George9th Reg’t, KS Cav Co I,DPvt/"
McCombs, John W.9th Reg’t, KS Cav Co HPvt/"

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