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Nicknames in our list of unofficial equivalents and their abbreviations can help with assumptions of ancestor identity in records we search. Let us know if you come across any news ones.

Updated 31 Mar 2009
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Nicknamea.k.a. or Formal Name
Aley, AllieAlice
Alsey, Alsy, Elsey, Elsie, etc.Alice
Barm, BramBiram, Byrom, Abraham
Bertie, BirdieRoberta, Bertalina
Betsy/Bettie/BettsElizabeth (abbrev. Eliza.)
BiddyObedience, Bridget
BillWilliam (abbrev. Wm.)
Bob, RobinRobert (Robt.)
Bony, BoneyNapoleon Bonaparte
Buford (or Bluford)William Buford (or Bluford)
Cage, CagerMicajah
CarrieCaroline, Carolyn
Cintha, Cinthia/CithaSeth, Sitha, Synthy
CynthiaSeth, Sitha, Synthy
Dicey, DicyLeodocia/Laedicia/Laodicia, etc.
DickRichard (abbrev. Rd., Richd.)
EasterEsther, Hester
ElickAlex, Alexander
Elce/ElsyAlice, Elsa
Fanny, Frannie, FrankieFrances (female)
Feely, FieldonFielding (frequently)
FrankFrancis (male), Franklin, Benjamin Franklin (frequently, namesake of Benjamin FRANKLIN)
Ginger, GinnieVirginia
GreenGreenberry (frequently) or Thomas Green (frequently, namesake of RW General Thomas GREEN)
HarryHarrison or Henry
HettieHenrietta, Hester. Also possibly Esther or Easter, or Hetha, which is sometimes short for Beheathland
HughElihu, a.k.a. Eli Hugh, or Hugh Lawson White (namesake of Hugh Lawson WHITE of Frontier Tennessee)
JackJohn (abbrev. Jno.), Jackson
JacksonAndrew Jackson (frequently, namesake for Andrew JACKSON)
Jain/Jane/JanetJane, Jean, Joan
JeanJane (& vice versa), Joan
Jennie/JennyJane, Jean, Virginia
Jeremiah L.Jeremiah Lambert (frequently, namesake for Jeremiah LAMBERT, a Frontier Methodist Circuit Rider Preacher)
Jim or JimmyJames
Jimmie, JemmieJemima
JoeJoseph (Jos.)
JoshJoseph, Joshua, Josiah (abbrev. Jos. or Joh., although Joh. might also be Jonathan, Johnathan)
KittyCatherine, Katherine
L.D.Lorenzo Dow (frequently, namesake for Lorenzo DOW, a Frontier Methodist Circuit Rider Preacher)
LabonLaborn, Labourn
Letha, LettyLeatrice/Lettice/Leticia/Lutisha/ Letha, Lydia, Violet, Violetta (Viletta)
Levisa, Levicia, LouvisaLouisa
LiddyLydia, Letha, Lithe
Liza, LizzieEliza, Elizabeth
Lissy, LissieMalissa/Melissa
Lottie, LottaCharlotte, Charlotta
Marcus, MarkMarquis
MarionFrancis Marion (frequently, namesake of RW General Francis MARION)
Miami, MimaJemima
MinniePerminia, Minerva
NancyAnn, Anne
NathanJonathan (sometimes)
Ned, TedEdward (Edw.)
Nellie, NellyEleanor, Elinor
Nora, NorrieElinor
Pal, PallyPalestine
Pattie, PatsyMartha, Patricia
Pearl, Purl (male)(sometimes) Granville Pearl (namesake)
PhilPhillip, Philamon
Pleas, PlezPleasant (often namesake of Pleasant Miller of TN)
Rainy, RaneyLorraine, Lorena, Lourene, etc.
Sadie, Sally, Sallie, SareySarah
SamSamuel (Saml.), Sampson
Seburn, CebronSeaborn, Seabourn, etc.
Sintha, Sinthy/Sitha/SytheSeth (often also a.k.a. Cynthia)
Sukie, SukeySusan, Susannah
Ted, NedEdward
Tessa, Tessie, TreasyTeresa/Theresa
TolbertTalbot, Talbott
TomThomas (abbrev. Thos.)
ViceyLavicia or Levicia
VineyLavina or Lavinia
Wash or WashingtonGeorge Washington (frequently)
Will, WillieWilliam
Willie, WyleyWiley (when Wiley B., namesake for Governor Willie BLOUNT of TN)
WillieWilmouth, Wilmot (female)
Xtopher, ZopherChristopher
Zadock, ZedekZedekiah

Seth, a female given name found frequently among Southern Combs, is found early in Virginia Records (pre-1700). Considerable confusion has arisen over the years in regard to this name, whose variant spellings seem to be almost unlimited, including Sith, Sitha, Sythe, Sytha, Citha, Cyntha, Sintha (and may have “corrupted” eventually into Cynthia.). It is found earliest in connection with the Combs in Stafford Co, VA (1) when John Combs, Sr. (s/o Joseph Combs I) married bef 1745, Seth BULLITT; and (2) when William Combs, Sr. (s/o Mason Combs, Sr.), married bef 1763, Seth STACY (d/o Simon & Judith TOLSON Stacy (Pettit), Sr.).

Note: Although it is possible that Seth STACY was named after Seth BULLITT Combs, no evidence of that has been seen as yet. Further confusing this naming pattern is the later marriage of Seth Combs (d/o Joseph Combs III, s/o John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr.) to George H. TOLSON, nephew of Judith TOLSON Stacy.
*See also the given name Seth amongst the BETHEL, HARRISON, MILLION and UNDERWOOD Families of Virginia.

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