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Preston Combs son of Benjamin Combs and Matilda Combs, with his wife Malfra.

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John C. Combs Arena, part of Perry County High School, Hazard, KY.

This is the first school at Happy, KY, most of the students in this picture are Combs, but I don't know who they are, the only one I know is my mother, Goldie Combs she is the girl in the white dress with her hair laying to the side on one shoulder. The man in front is a teacher, it looks like it maybe Black Bob. This picture was taken between 1933 and 1941.

This photo was taken at the old Happy school probably between 1933 and 1940. The man in the chair is one of the teachers Black Bob. Black Bob is RW Combs, the man the new Happy school, RW Combs Elementary School was named after, Black Bob is the son of Green Combs.

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Goldie Combs and Lula Combs, 2 of Taylor Combs and Ada BROWNING's daughters.

This is Goldie Combs and her parents, Taylor Combs and Ada BROWNING, with some of Goldie's siblings and cousins, this photo was taken when Goldie was 17 years old, Taylor is holding the family bible, when Ada became elderly and got dementia, she would sit and read the list of her children (in the bible) over and over, and even though she did not know who she was or where she was most of the time, she could always tell you the names and birth dates of her children.

Goldie Combs and Lula Combs, two daughters of Taylor Combs and Ada BROWNING. Photo taken on top of Pine Mountain in Perry County, KY in 1947.

Goldie Combs and her husband Walter WEST, 1948.

Goldie Combs with her grand mother, Virginia Wells and Goldie's two daughters, Connie and Patricia, 1951.

Goldie Combs and her husband Walter WEST, 1952.

Goldie Combs and Walter WEST 1959.

This is Goldie Combs on the Combs family farm in Bentown of Happy KY, around 1965.

Goldie Combs and her husband Walter WEST 1965.

Goldie Combs and her husband Walter WEST 1982.

Goldie Combs and her parents, Taylor Combs and Ada BROWNING, 1985.

Goldie, Roscoe and Burnett Combs 2000.

Goldie Combs and Burnett Combs, two of Taylor Combs and Ada BROWNING's children. Burnett is president of the Combs family reunion in Hazard, KY. Photo taken in 2003.

Downtown Hazard, KY, 1910.

Downtown Hazard, KY, during the flood of 1927.

Taylor Combs and Ada BROWNING's daughters, Cleta Mae and Matilda.

Burnett Combs, president of the Combs reunion in Hazard, KY, eating watermelon.

Tomb stones of Lester FARLER, Cleta Mae Combs, and Ginger Lovett. Cleta Mae was a daughter of Taylor Combs and Ada BROWNING.

Santa claus on the Combs family farm at Bentown of Happy KY. located on the Carr's Fork of the north fork of the Kentucky River.

This fire place grate, was in the second house built on the Combs family farm at Bentown, the house built by Ben and Malilda Combs, after Ben's old house was torn down this grate spent many years stored in the basement of Taylor Combs. In 1993 Goldie Combs took the grate and had a fire place built around it in her house in Louisville, KY. in 2003 Goldie sold her house in Louisville, and had the grate brought home, it is again in the house on the family farm, this photo was taken of the grate when it was in the house in Louisville. Barbara says; “The rifle belonged to my great grand father on my fathers side, I also have a cap and ball pistol, of his. I don't know much about guns I think the pistol is a 44.”

The tomb stone of Clinton “Grizzler” Combs, born 1802 and died 1899, he is buried in Jim Pete Combs cemetery, he was son of Mason one of the eight brothers. the story has been told that Clinton thought he was an English Lord, and he would not eat at the family table, he would eat at a small table off by himself, because a Lord would not eat with others.

Lula Combs daughter of Taylor Combs and Ada BROWNING, this photo was took on the family farm at Bentown.

Mother Goose restaurant Hazard, KY.

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