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Old Regular Baptist Church

Louizilla Patrick, P.O. Box 8, Fisty, KY 41743 shares this nice old photo of a church group (with much information) taken in 1905 on Clear Creek near Fisty in Knott County.

In the photo, from left to right, sitting on the ground: Kizzie (Smith) Ritchie (1861-1949) wife of Edward; Mary (Cornet) Boggs, w/o Silas Boggs; Samuel “Fisty” COMBS (1855-1926); Livi Collins; and Silas Boggs.

Row 2 (sitting l-r): Armelda (COMBS) Owens (1857-1962) w/o Thomas Owens; Susan Hart (1833-1923); Mary (Fugate) Ritchie (1841-1911) w/o Alexander Jr.; Cynthia (Hall) Ritchie (1841-1911) w/o John Ritchie; Sarah (Allen) COMBS (1834-1918) w/o Samuel; Mary "Polly" COMBS w/o Joseph Hall; unknown; S. Engle; Malvery COMBS d/o Levi COMBS and Sylvia Grigsby; Susanna (Bailey) Ritchie (1851-1919) w/o Thomas Jr.; Artie (Stacy) COMBS w/o Felix COMBS; Nancy Stacy, mother of Artie; Catherine (Owens) Ritchie w/o William Ritchie; Nancy (Hall) Ritchire (1850-1921) w/o Joshua Ritchie; Catherine (Ritchie) Owens w/o James Owens, Jr.; Sally (Singleton) Ashley d/o Andrew and Elizabeth; Lucinda (Noble) Hurt (1868-1924) w/o George Hurt; ---Ashley; Elizabeth (Ritchie) Ritchie w/o Gabe Ritchie, Jr.; Surrilda (COMBS) Feltner (1860-1925) d/o Felix and Chloe; Mary (Creech) Patrick; and Cordelia (COMBS) Tignor Everage Ritchie w/o Samuel Ritchie.

Row 3 (standing l-r): Henry Conway; Jerry COMBS, Elizabeth (Ritchie) Singleton d/o William Ritchie; Susan (Hall) Ritchie d/o Joseph and Polly Hall; Ruthenia (COMBS) Ritchie w/o David K. Ritchie; Dulcenia (Ritchie) Ritchie (1870-1911) w/o Leander. Harve Owens s/o James Owens Sr.; Abby (Singleton) Workman d/o Andrew Singleton; Sally Patrick; and Samuel Grigsby Ritchie s/o Thomas.

Row 4 (second row standing): Oma Young d/o Reece and Oriah (Ritchie) Young; Amy Stewart; Elizabeth Boggs d/o Silas and Mary Boggs; Polly Ann Engle; Mary (Ritchie) Ritchie w/o Felix; Bill Workman h/o Abby Singleton (has mustache and beard); Henry Fugate (1872-1962); John Young s/o Reece and Oriah (Ritchie) Young.

Row 5 (third row standing): Jack Hurt s/o Susan Hurt; Rachel (Ritchie) Patrick d/o Alexander and Mary (Fugate) Ritchie; Cordelia (Smith) Ritchie (1884-1970) d/o Samuel Smith Jr.; Ellender (Smith) COMBS (1869-1967) d/o Daniel Smith; and Susan (Smith) Cornett d/o Daniel Smith. Row 6 (4th now standing): Florida (Ritchie) Fugate d/o Alexander and Mary Ritchie; Rachel Ritchie d/o William Ritchie; Oma (Ritchie) Miller d/o William Ritchie; Angeline (COMBS) Young w/o Reece Young; Martha (Hurt) Hollifield w/o Thomas; Catherine Martin; Matilda (Young) COMBS (1854-1937) w/o "Fisty" Sam; Wade COMBS s/o "Chunky" Jerry COMBS; Reece Young s/o Reece and Oriah (Ritchie) Young; Izaiah Creech (1855-1927); and Tallitha (COMBS) Creech (1859-1917) w/o Izaiah.

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