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John Cuthbert COMBS, Betty COMBS Wilson, Lucy COMBS Wilfry,
Francis COMBS Wilfry, Rose COMBS Mead, Arkie Dile COMBS Turley
(Courtesy Combs &c. Researcher Barbara Rivas)

Marcus Alfred COMBS was born 22 Nov 1806, Stanton, Clark County, Kentucky; died 6 Mar 1894, Fulton, Calloway County, Missouri; married 17 Mar 1840, Clark County, Kentucky, Susan ADAMS (d/o Robert ADAMS). He was the son of Cuthbert and Sallie DANIELS Combs, Jr. and grandson of Cuthbert and Sarah "Sallie" EVANS Combs, Sr. of Stafford County, Virginia and Clark County, Kentucky.

See Also Barbara's excellent site, Combs Family Tree.

  1. John Cuthbert COMBS (1856-1938) and sisters, Betty WILSON, Lucy WILFRY, Francis WILFRY, Rose MEAD, Arkie Dile TURLEY, 11 Jan 1900; Fulton, MO (close up of 2.)
  2. John Cuthbert COMBS (1856-1938) and sisters, Betty WILSON, Lucy WILFRY, Francis WILFRY, Rose MEAD, Arkie TURELY, 11 Jan 1900; Fulton, MO - complete picture
  3. John Cuthbert COMBS (1856-1938) shortly before his death, Ponca City, Kay Co, OK.
  4. Sally Price HARDIN, wife of John Cuthbert COMBS, taken shortly bef death of JC COMBS, in Ponca City, Kay Co, OK.
  5. Family Photo taken Jan 1900 at John Cuthbert Comb's house near Prairie Chapel, Callaway Co., Missouri, Jan 11, 1900 (Fulton, MO)

BR Note: The only ones identified in this photo are:

BACK L-R - Arkie Turley?, man, woman, man, woman, man, Mrs STONEHOCKER, Mr. STONEHOCKER (beard-fur hat), man, man , lady , lady, John Cuthbert COMBS, man, Sallie Price HARDIN Combs, man, Rosa COMBS Mead?, Margaret SNYDER Gingerich. Stonehocker MILLARD?, Lewis MILLARD?, man, man, man

SEATED L-R - Hattie COMBS?, Rosabell COMBS?, young man, Lewis MILLARD (son), boy, Ednar COMBS, Ralph COMBS?, young lady, young lady, Allie May COMBS, young lady, Myrtle Ollie HILL, Aruthur R. GINGERICH (with fiddle)

Same photo as 5. above in 4 parts - left to right
5a 1900_1.jpg
5b 1900_2.jpg
5c 1900_3.jpg
5. d 1900_4.jpg
Barbara adds: There is no one left here now who can identify these people. My father didn't really know them. And he helped with some. But the others..??? Perhaps others of the family may know them.. I would be very interested in finding out. This picture is very old and brittle... hard to handle
  1. Arkie Dile COMBS Turley and Rosa COMBS Mead
  2. Sallie Price HARDIN Combs on May 11 1941 - Flowers given by Lou Wentz on Mother's Day at the Methodist Episcopal Church (120k), Ponca City, Kay Co, OK.
  3. Price HARDIN and John Cuthbert COMBS - Ponca City OK
  4. Marquis A. COMBS. Central Church Graveyard - Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri
  5. Susan COMBS. Central Church Graveyard - Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri
  6. Prairie Chapel Church, Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri.
  7. John Cuthbert COMBS (on left) and Tinsley HARDIN (on right, seated); third man unknown; not known if taken in Missouri or Oklahoma.
  8. John Cuthbert COMBS and others, building house. Under name on extreme right is written "Dad." (JCC), taken ca 1901.

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