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A Chronology of Records

COMBES in the Virginia Colonial Militia (pre-Revolutionary)

W:m COMBS (a mulatto), age 39, 5'6", Virginia Planter, enlisted James City Capt. Thos. WAGGENER'S Co, Fort Holland, on ye South Branch, Aug 1757

W:m COMBS on Capt Thomas WAGGENER'S Co 14 Sep 1757

W:m COMBS, on roll of Capt. WAGGENER'S Co., 1757-1758

William COMBS, pvt. ray roll of Capt WAGGENER'S Co., Fort George 21 Jan 1758

Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774, Murtie June Clark, 1983, provided by Researcher Denise Mortorff

Note: The above William COMBS has not been identified - neither his ancestry nor descendants have been determined as yet - nor where he actually resided

VA - York Co. - Charles Parish Records

Charles Parish Records - Births of Mulattos:

Abraham COMBS B. Mar 8, 1782

Elizabeth COMBS b. Aug 15, 1781

George Pickett COMBS b. Dec 5, 1786

Hebe COMBS b. Mar 2, 1786

Jane COMBS b. May 2, 1784

(Provided by Researcher Barbara Stacy Matthews)

Note: A full listing of the Combs in the Charles Parish Records has been added below, in chronological order, as there appears to be some question as to status of these various individuals:

William COMBS, son of John by Sarah b. Nov. 13, 1706

John COMBS, son of John by Sarah b. "In the year 1707"

Sarah COMBS, dau of John by Sarah b. Jan. 10, 1712

William COMBS, son of Thomas by Frances b. Feb 17, bap. Mar 20, 1742

Thomas COMBS, son of Thomas by Frances, b. May 4, 1744

James COMBS, son of Thomas by Frances, b. Nov 19, bap Dec 18, 1745

Edmunds COMBS, son of Thomas by Frances, b. Jan 5, bap. Mar 10, 1747

John COMBS, son of Thomas and Frances, b. _____ bap Sep 16, 1750

Anne COMBS, dau of Thomas and Anne, b. Apr 22, bap. June 25, 1769

Martha COMBS, dau of Thomas and Anne b. Feb 17, bap. Mar 22, 1772

Willis COMBS, son of Thomas and Anne, b. May 4, bap. June 12, 1774

John COMBS, son of Edmund and Mary, b. Oct 17, bap Nov 20, 1774

William COMBS, son of Edmund and Mary b. Feb 14, bap. Apr, 14, 1776

John COMBS, son of William by Mary b. Dec 27, 1776 Bap. Feb 16, 1777

Frances COMBS, dau. of Thomas and Anne, b. Mar 17, bap. April 14, 1776

Frances COMBS, dau. of Edmund and Mary, b. Jul 25, 1777 bap. Mar 8, 1778

Anne COMBS, dau of William and Mary, b. Dec 14, 1778, Bap. Feb 14, 1779

William COMBS, son of Edmund and Mary, b. Feb 27, bap. April 16, 1780

Elizabeth COMBS, dau. of William and Mary, b. Aug. 15, bap. Nov. 4, 1781 (Mulatto written by her name)

Abraham COMBS, son of Edmund and Mary b. Mar 8, bap. April 28, 1782 (Abraham had "Mulatto" written by his name).

Mary COMBS, dau. of William and Mary, b. July 11, bap. Sep 14, 1783

Jane COMBS, dau of Edmund and Mary, b. Feb 6, bap. May 2 1784 (Mulatto by her name)

COMBS, Hebe dau. of Thomas and Mary, b. Mar 2, bap June 18, 1786 (Mulatto by her name)

George COMBS Pickett, son of Edmund and Mary, b. Dec 5, 1786, bap. Jun 10, 1787 (Mulatto by his name)

Provided by: Barbara Stacy Mathews

1800 Census - DE - Kent Co.

p. 123.
COMBS, Caesar
, Age ranges in household : 00000-0000040
Additional individual information : NEGRO, CROSSED OUT

(Provided by Researcher Patricia Osborn Orton)

1810 Fauquier Co, VA Census

David COMBS, Free Negroe

(Provided by Matt Combs, transcribed from microfilm of 1810 Census, 8 Feb 1997

Halifax Co, VA & White Co, TN

(White Co, TN Deed Abstracts, Volume F, p. 255) Bill of Sale 8 Sept 1818 Thomas YATES, Jesse DADSAN (?), and Polly HAMBLETT to Berry HAMLITT, $300 paid by HAMLITT, grant him the power to bring suit against James CHAMBERS to recover a Negro woman and her increase named Charity, who formerly belonged to Est of George COMBS of Halifax Co, VA, which woman was formerly owned by Phebe COMBS (widow of George COMBS), above named Grantors being heirs of sd. George. Wit: John CATRON, Henry LYDA, William CHISM, Archibald CONNOR.

Note: Jesse DODSON, son of Thomas of Halifax VA and Hawkins Co, TN m Judah COMBS, dau of George and Phoebe COMBS in 1793 in Halifax Co, VA. The estate file of George COMBS has not yet been read.

1860 Census - Bullitt Co., KY - Mortality Schedule

COMBS, Dennis Mulatto M KY 3 FEB BRAIN FEVR Slave

(Provided by Researcher Patricia Osborn Orton)

1880 Census - Buchanan Co., VA

Sand Lick Dist

p. 373, 4th day of June 1880

74/76 COMBS, Isaac, B, M 58 farmer
Olley B, W, 48
William L. B, M,18
Samuel B, M, 16
Elizabeth B, F, 13
Nelson, B, M, 6
Crockett S. B, M, 2
Winney B, F, 87 mother

(Provided by Researchers John & Doris Hamilton)

See Also the will of William COMBS, Jr. of Russell Co VA

1880 McLennan Co, TX Census

(transcribed by S. C. Hefner)


p. 026

8-8 COMBS, John B M 35 married Laborer AL blank blank
Henrieta B F wife Mo Mo Mo

p. 35

160-175 WEST, J.C. W M 46 married Lawyer SC NC SC
M.E. W F 44 wife SC SC SC
Stark W M 20 son Clerk TX SC SC
Mary W F 29 dau. TX SC SC
H?cca W F 13 dau. TX SC SC
COMBS, Robt. B M 13 Servant TX VA VA

p. 161

215-215 CARTER, Addison B. W M 41 farmer & wagoneer(?) VA VA VA
?amie B. W M 42 VA VA VA
Roberta ?. W F 14 TX VA VA
Albert A. W M 11 TX VA VA
Mary W. W F 10 TX VA VA
Judie A. W F 10 TX VA VA
Louisa G. W F 7(?) TX VA VA
Ida W. W F 4 TX VA VA
COMBS, Squire B M 39 married during census year Laborer KY KY KY

1880 Census - District of Columbia - Mortality Schedule

COMBS, M. Negro F DC 4 Oct Brain Cong.

(Provided by Researcher Patricia Osborn Orton)

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