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Combs &c. Arizona Counties of Record


Cochise Co, AZ


3 Jul 1892 (Cochise Co. Marriages) Comas Michael O. Duron Maria 3 Jul 1892

9 Jan 1911 (Cochise Co. Marriages) Williams, Alfred Commer, Annie January 9, 1911

7 May 1917 (Cochise Co. Marriages) Burrows, William B. Combs, Madalene E. May 7, 1917

9 Aug 1919 (Cochise Co. Marriages) Comer, Readic Harvey, Laura August 9, 1919

AZGenWeb Archives

20 May 1909 Fred COMBE, Eva WALN, Peace Cochise, AZ, ID #206911 V6 P183

Western States Historical Marriage Index, Extract #18

14 Sep 1909 Martin COMBE Margaret E. SPAULDING Bisbee Cochise, AZ ID #208925 V6 P322

Western States Historical Marriage Index, Extract #18

1911 Alfred WILLIAMS Annie COOMER Cochise, AZ ID #210017 V7 P258, Marriage license dated 10 Jan 1911 only.

Western States Historical Marriage Index, Extract #18


Calvary Cemetery aka City of Douglas Cemetery

Combs, John W. 6/7/83

Coombs, Steven P. 2/23/52

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Cochise Memory Gardens at Sierra Vista

LANGSTON, Fay Coombs Mar 16 1916 -

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Excerpts from ARIZONA DEATH RECORDS; Bicentennial Project of the Ariz. State Genealogical Society, Margaret Louise Coon Engle, Committee Chairwoman; Tucson AZ; 1976.

COMBS, Haskal 6Y 20 March 1910, Bisbee City Cemetary, Cochise County, near Rte 80, north of Bisbee.

Submitted by thom mont.

Gila Co, AZ

Gila County was formed from parts of Maricopa and Pinal counties on February 8, 1881, and was extended eastward to the San Carlos River by petition in 1889.


Globe Cemetery

COOMBS, Lorenzo Gilkey (Nov 30, 1831 - Oct 13, 1910) [notes]

COOMBS, Max Milton (May 24, 1919 - Jan 7, 197)


27 Apr 1899 S. A. PARNALL Lauriette COOMBS Globe, Gila, Arizona; ID #98912 V1 P222

Western States Historical Marriage Index, Extract #18

Graham Co, AZ

Graham County was established in 1881.


BIGLER, Joseph - COMBS, Ida E.N. Aug 29, 1893

COMBS, George H. - CLUFF, Jennie June Feb 21, 1895

29 Aug 1893 Joseph BIGLER Ida E. N. COMBS Central Graham, AZ ID #134130 VA P155

Western States Historical Marriage Index, Extract #18

21 Feb 1895 George H. COMBS Jennie June CLUFF Central Graham, AZ ID #134861 V:A P:223

Western States Historical Marriage Index, Extract #18


Hubbard Cemetery

26 Felton Combs Brother of Milton and Mattie COMBS
Born and died between abt 1900 and 1904

Hubbard is a small [no longer in existence] town north of the Gila River near Safford, Graham, Arizona. The cemetery is still used by those early residents and their descendants that remain in the general area.

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Pima Cemetery

Combs, Fay Elmo Jun 2, 1917 Aug 27,1943

Combs, Kenneth Fay Jul 19, 1935 Sep 13,1936
[Son of F. E. & Wanda M. Combs]

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Thatcher Cemetery

Combs, Alleen Aug 29 1940 - Aug 29 1940
Child of Lyle & Alleen Combs

Combs, Darleen Apr 23 1948 - Apr 23 1948
Child of Lyle & Alleen Combs

Combs, Delbert Carl Apr 16 1930 - Aug 12 1933
Son of Carl R. & Mirl D. Combs

Combs, Lyle Jan 2 1936 - Jan 2 1936
Child of Lyle & Alleen Combs

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Excerpts from ARIZONA DEATH RECORDS; Bicentennial Project of the Ariz. State Genealogical Society, Margaret Louise Coon Engle, Committee Chairwoman; Tucson AZ; 1976.

COMBS, Carolina Frances JENKINS 16 Sept. 1848 - 28 February 1925, New Central Cemetary, Graham County (settled 1882 by Mormon families); Born at Howard's Lick, VA (W. Va?), daughter of William Wallace JENKINS and Virginia SHERMAN, wife of Isaac Combs.

COMBS, Charles William, Sr., 75 Y 10M 18D, 28 April 1875, 16 March 1949, Old Central Cemetary, Graham County, Son of Isaac Combs and Caroline Frances JENKINS; husband of Martha Jane Coombs (sic).

COMBS, Delbert Carl, 3Y 16 April 1930 12 April 1933, New Central Cemetary, Graham County, son of Carl Combs and Merle DAMRON.

COMBS, Isaac, 29 May 1850, 31 March 1927, New Central Cemetary, Graham County, born at Howard's Lick, W. Va. (VA?), son of Charles Combs and Priscilla CLAYPOLE, husband of Caroline Frances JENKINS.

COMBS, Kennth 2Y, 13 September 1910, 19 June 1912, Old Central Cemetary, Graham County. Born at Central Arizona, son of Charles William Combs, Sr., and Martha Jane Coombs (sic).

COMBS, Lydia A.M., 36Y 6M 18D 4 April 1882-23 October 1918, Old Central Cemetary, Graham County. Born in West Virginia, daughter of Isaac Combs and Caroline Frances JENKINS, wife of J.A. Hildreth.

COOMBS, Martha Jane 63Y 2M 10D 10 January 1884-20 March 1947, Old Central Cemetary, Graham County. Daughter of George Coombs, Jr. and Paulina GULBRANSON, wife of Charles William Combs, Sr.

COMES, Infant (May be Comer): 12 November 1938, Bryant Mortuary Records, Albert Bryant Funeral Director, now in possession of Kennicott Consolidated Copper Company of Hayden AZ: Stillborn child of Francisco Comes, born at Ray AZ.

Submitted by thom mont.

Greenlee Co, AZ

Greenlee County was created in 1909 and named for Mason (Masin) Greenlee who was an early settler in the Clifton area. It was Arizona's 14th county and formed from part of Graham County, who opposed the formation because Graham County would lose considerable revenue.


Clifton Cemetery - Clifton

Combs, Harrison Van Meter 7/1/1876 - 1949

Combs, Jennie June. 11/5/1885 - 1963

AZGenWeb Archives

Franklin Cemetery

Coombs, Dean Feb 16, 1925 June 3, 1997

AZGenWeb Archives

Maricopa Co, AZ


28 Oct 1896 (Maricopa Co, AZ Marriages) BAKER R.C. COMB, Lillie Oct 28, 1896

AZGenWeb Archives

Mohave Co, AZ

Mohave County was formed 21 December 1864, one of the four original counties in the Arizona Territory. In 1870 the Northern section of the county was known as Pah-ute County. In 1871 Pah-ute was annexed to Mohave County ending it's short lived existence as a county.


Mountain View Cemetery, Kingman, AZ
(Including Pioneer Cemetery, Located Within Mountain View Cemetery)

Loran Dean Combs 1931-1953

Gilberta Combs 1890-1958

Frederick Combs 1881-1960

Clifton Carroll Combs 1913-1998

James M. Combs 1886-1966

AZGenWeb Archives

Navajo Co, AZ

Navajo County was formed on March 21, 1895, as the act of the Territorial Assembly before it adjourned at midnight. What is now Navajo County was first included in Yavapai County. In 1879, the area was made part of the newly formed Apache County.

Pima Co, AZ

Pima County, one of the four original counties in Arizona, was created in 1864 when land acquired by the Gadsden Purchase from Mexico in 1853 became Arizona Territory of the United States. The original Pima county included approximately all of southern Arizona from the western Colorado River to the Gila River in the north to the Mexican border in the south and east to the New Mexico border. Subsequently the counties of Cochise, Graham and Santa Cruz were carved from the original Pima County. The Arizona Territory became a state in 1912.

1870 Pima Co, AZ Census

REEL NO: M593-46

Camp Grant

p. 28A/3

USGenWeb Census Project

5/5 Combs, William 29 M W Soldier USArmy Ire

Note: With ~50 others; Company I 21st US Infantry written in margin

Pinal Co, Az

Pinal County was formed out of portions of Maricopa and Pima Counties on February 1, 1875.

Santa Cruz Co, AZ

Santa Cruz County, created in 1899 by Arizona's 20th Territorial Assembly.

Yavapai Co, Az

Yavapai Co created in ??

1870 Yavapai Co, AZ Census

USGenWeb Census Project

REEL NO: M593-46

Camp Toll Gate Walnut Creek

p. 84b/2

6/2 Combs E F 23 M W NY

Note: One of many. Military Camp?


p. 110b/2

22/3 FERRIS W K 50 M W Saloon Keeper NY
TAYLOR J 32 M W Laborer Ire
COMBS R W 24 M W Baker NY


Valley View Cemetery
Clarkdale, AZ

Combs, Carl R [Husband - Father] b 1907 d 1974

Combs, Marjorie R [Wife] b 1912 d 1985

Comer, James J b Galway, Eire April 16,1876 d May 28,1950, AZ

Comer, Stella b April 20, 1875 d Oct 6,1921

Coombs, Bonnie b 1926 d 2002

AZGenWeb Archives

Prescott National Cemetery
Prescott, AZ

Coombs, Arthur L 06 Jan 1887 - 07 Jul 1960, US ARMY PFC 2 I 19 07/12/1960

AZGenWeb Archives


20 Dec 1897 John M. COMER Effie BROOKS Prescott Yavapai, AZ ID #65200 V2 P280

Western States Historical Marriage Index, Extract #18

Yuma Co, Az

Yuma County was created by the First Territorial Legislature of 1864 as one of the four original counties. La Paz County was later carved from its northern section.

1870 Yuma Co, Census

USGenWeb Census Project

REEL NO: M593-46

Arizona City

p. 123a/17

205/200 DECKER Albert 29 M W Hotele Keeper 2,000 1,500 NY
CHILDS Thomas 32 M W Hotele Keeper 2,000 1,500 MS
Combs Henry 28 M W Hotele Cook Eng
ELDRED Rufus 29 M W Laborer IL
COTTON John 38 M W Laborer IL
DAVETEER Franklin 35 M W Laborer KY

La Paz

p. 134b/4

61/39 Combs, Robert M 24 M W Laborer NJ
GROSS, Carmel 12 F W at Home Sonora Mex.

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