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Newfoundland, the oldest of Britain's colonies, had originally been established because of the presence of the rich fisheries of the Grand Banks. The colony of Newfoundland was granted responsible government in 1855, it decided, in 1867, to remain outside of Confederation and to protect its status. The colony of Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949, and became its tenth province.

See NEWFOUNDLAND'S GRAND BANKS GENEALOGY SITE for more Newfoundland records.

1836 Newfoundland Census

FOGO (Twillingate District)
From Shoe Cove to Fortune Harbour

Round Harbour

4 M < 14, 1 M 14-60
2 F < 14, 1 F 14-60, 1 M Servant, Religion: Anglican

(Extracted by C. Ham mett from, transcription of Peter Oliver, Project 21. The original Project 21 Website is no longer available, however these records can be found on Newfoundland's Grand Banks)

1864-1865 Hutchinson's Directory

St. John's
COOMBS, Thomas, servant

(Extracted by C. Ham met from Project 21, contributed by Barb McGrath to Project 21. The original Project 21 Website is no longer available, however these records can be found on Newfoundland's Grand Banks Website.)

St. Mary's
COOMBS, Edward, fisherman (Muscle Pond)

(ibid., Newfoundland's Grand Banks, Michael Cooper)

1871 Lovell's Directory

"Burin - A town of considerable trade on the west side of Placentia Bay, district of Burin... Mail fortnightly. Population 1850."
COOMBS, David, fisherman

(ibid., Newfoundland's Grand Banks)

"Coomb's Cove - A small fishing settlement in the district of Fortune Bay. Distant from Belleoram by road 13 miles. Mail fortnightly. Population 90."
No Coombs, Combs, etc.

(ibid., Newfoundland's Grand Banks.)

Coppett Cupids "Cupids - A large fishing settlement on the north side of Conception Bay, in Port de Grave Bay, district of Brigus. Both farming and salmon fishing are prosecuted to some extent in conjunction with the cod fishery. Distant from Brigus by road 2 miles. Mail weekly. Population 1200."
COOMBS, George [no occupation given]

(ibid., Researcher Judy Barker; Newfoundland's Grand Banks.)

"Island Cove (Harbor Grace) - A large fishing settlement in the district of Harbor Grace. Distant from Harbor Grace 9 miles by road. Mail weekly. Population 970."
COOMBS, Alexander, fisherman
COOMBS, James, fisherman
COOMBS, James, fisherman
COOMBS, John, fisherman
COOMBS, William, fisherman

(ibid., Newfoundland's Grand Banks.)

"Pickaree - A small fishing settlement on Long Island, in the district of Fortune Bay. Distant from Gaultois by boat 3 miles. Mail fortnightly. Population 33."
COOMBS, Charles, fisherman
COOMBS, Edward, planter

(ibid., contributed to Project 21 by Researcher Rick Power, Newfoundland's Grand Banks.)

"Round Harbor (Fogo) - A fishing settlement, district of Twillingate and Fogo, with a good harbor. Indications of copper are largely exhibited. Distant from Tilt Cove by road 3 miles. Mail fortnightly. Population 70."
COOMBS, John, planter

(ibid., Newfoundland's Grand Banks.)

"St. Johns - The capital, commercial emporium and seat of government of Newfoundland. Of the origin of the town of St. John's, little can be said with precision. Its settlement was the natural result of its position, rather than of any direct plan of colonization. Almost immediately after its discovery by Cabot, vessels in great numbers frequented the island for the purpose of prosecuting the cod fishery, which was found to rival the mines of Mexico and Peru as a means of accumulating wealth. The greater advantages which would accrue in the prosecution of the fisheries from an actual residence upon the island, prompted the early settlement of those positions most favorable for the work, such as the headlands of the principal bays, and thus it was that Bay de Verds (sic), Portugal Cove, Trinity, Catalina, Bonavista, Twillingate and other places, came to be permanently inhabited. Among them St. John's would seem from the first to have occupied a foremost position. Its safety as a harbor and capability of defense made it the port of greatest resort, and it was here that Sir Humphrey Gilbert landed as early as 1583 when taking possession of the island by virtue of a patent from Queen Elizabeth. Even at that time there seems to have been no inconsiderable number of quasi-residents both British and Foreign. Sir Humphrey had brought out a large number of emigrants for the settlement of his Government, but his scheme ended most disastrously, and St. John's, left to the chances of a gradual settlement, increased but slowly. Its commanding position, however, made it a point of great interest to nations prosecuting the fisheries, and it was successively occupied by the English and French for a long series of years, and only permanently came into English possession in 1762; since then the English possession has been unbroken... The population has not increased any during the past twelve years, owing to continued unsuccessful fishing and consequent emigration. In 1802 the population numbered 3420, and in 1869, 22,553..."

COOMBS, Thomas, hatter, Kings Bridge Road

(ibid., Newfoundland's Grand Banks.)

1894-1897 McAlpine's Directory

Old Perlican
COOMBS, John Blacksmith

(ibid., Newfoundland's Grand Banks.)

Chalker's Cove
COOMB'S Adam fisherman
COOMB'S William fisherman
COOMB'S Henry fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks, transcribed by Judy Barker.

Fortune Bay
COOMBS Chas fisherman Picarre
COOMBS Thos fisherman Picarre
COOMBS Edw'd fisherman Picarre
COOMBS Abram fisherman Picarre
COOMBS Wm fisherman Picarre

Newfoundland's Grand Banks, transcribed by Bill Crant in Nova Scotia and Don Tate in Sunny Florida.

1904 McAlpine's Directory

Bay de Verde District

Old Perlican
Coombs John blacksmith
Coombs Joseph fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Fortune Bay District

Head Fortune Bay
COOMBS William fisherman
COOMBS Thomas fisherman
COOMBS Luke fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

COOMBS Charles fisherman
COOMBS Edward fisherman
COOMBS Abraham fisherman
COOMBS William fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Head of Bay D'Espoir
COOMBS, Thomas Fisherman

(ibid., Newfoundland's Grand Banks.)

Harbour Grace District

Harbour Grace Proper
COOMBS Richd, of Jn laborer
COOMBS Eli, of Richd laborer

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Island Cove
COOMBS Jn, of Jn fisherman
COOMBS Jn, of Richard fisherman
COOMBS Richd, of John fisherman
COOMBS Thos, of John fisherman
COOMBS Alex, of John fisherman
COOMBS Arch, of Alex fisherman
COOMBS Geo, of Arch fisherman
COOMBS John, of Jas fisherman
COOMBS Joshua, of Wm fisherman
COOMBS Richd, of Joshua fisherman
COOMBS Geo, of Albert fisherman
COOMBS Wm, of Wm fisherman
COOMBS Josiah, of Wm fisherman
COOMBS Cyril, of Wm fisherman
COOMBS David, of Wm fisherman
COOMBS Josiah sr, of W fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Harbour Main District

Topsail Road
COOMBS Wm fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Placentia and St. Mary's District

Portugal Cove
COOMBS Robert fisherman
COOMBS Patrick sr fisherman
COOMBS James fisherman
COOMBS John fisherman
COOMBS Joseph fisherman
COOMBS Patrick jr fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Port de Grave District

Cupids Section
COOMBS George blacksmith
COOMBS Arthur blacksmith

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

St. Barbes District

Curzon Village
COOMBS Thomas fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Gooseberry Island
COOMBS John fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Long Point
COOMBS Samuel fisherman
COOMBS George fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

New Ferolle
COOMBS Henry fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Pond Cove
COOMBS William fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Woody Point
COOMBS Nathaniel fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Trinity Bay District

Heart's Desire
COOMBS Matthew fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Twillingate District

Middle Arm And South West Arm
COOMBS William South-West Arm fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

Round Harbor
COOMBS Charles Round Harbor fisherman
COOMBS John Round Harbor fisherman
COOMBS Robert Round Harbor fisherman
COOMBS Henry Round Harbor fisherman

Newfoundland's Grand Banks.

1921 Newfoundland Census

Legend: Name Sex Relationship Birth Year/Mo Age Birth Place

Carbonear District

Burnt Head

p. 38

29/30 EVELY George E. M Head Married 1877 July 44 Flat rock
Mary F Wife Married 1886 Aug. 34 Grand Bank
COOMBS Stephen M Step Son Single 1909 Oct 11 Carbonear
Hedley M Son Single 1899 Dec 21 Flat rock
John F. M Son Single 1900 Dec 20 Flat rock
Julia E. F Daughter Single 1904 Mar 17 Flat rock
Cecil M Son Single 1907 Feb 14 Flat rock
Sarah A. F Daughter Single 1909 Nov 11 Flat rock
Tryphena M. F Daughter Single 1911 Sept 9 Flat rock
Eleazer M Son Single 1913 June 8 Flat rock

Fortune Bay District

Dawson's Cove

1/1 WELLS; Esau M Head Single 1896 Jan 24 Dawson's Cove
Walter M Brot Single 1905 Apr 16 Dawson's Cove
Minnie F Sist Single 1890 Mar 31 Dawson's Cove
Alice F Smot Widow 1877 Oct 44 Bay D'Espoir
COOMBS, Walter M Son Single 1908 Nov 13 Bay D'Espoir

Harbour Grace District

Island Cove

p. 130

3/3 COOMBS John M Head Married 1878 Nov 44 Upper Island Cove
Mary A. F Wife Married 1883 Sept 38 Upper Island Cove
Sarah E F Dau Single 1905 Sept 16 Upper Island Cove
David M Son Single 1913 May 08 Upper Island Cove
Eliza F Dau Single 1911 Sept 10 Upper Island Cove
John M Son Single 1918 Sept 3 Upper Island Cove
Mary F Dau Single Crossed Out Unreadable Upper Island Cove
Thomas M Son Single 1921 April 3m Upper Island Cove

4/4 COOMBS William M Head Married 1872 Oct 49 Upper Island Cove
Anastatia F Wife Married 1877 Aug 44 Upper Island Cove
Llevillyan M Son Single 1900 Dec 21 Upper Island Cove
Eliza F Dau Single 1904 Feb 17 Upper Island Cove
Ellen M F Dau Single 1913 Jan 08 Upper Island Cove
Joshua M Son Single 1917 Aug 04 Upper Island Cove

5/5 COOMBS Azeriah M Head Married 1880 Aug 41 Upper Island Cove
Flora F Wife Married 1888 Dec 33 Upper Island Cove
Thomas M Son Single 1912 April 09 Upper Island Cove
Delila F Dau Single 1916 Aug 05 Upper Island Cove
William M Son Single 1918 Dec 03 Upper Island Cove
Elsie M F Dau Single 1907 July 14 Upper Island Cove

6/6 COOMBS Nath M Head Married 1880 Aug 41 Upper Island Cove
Emily F Wife Married 1890 Nov 31 Port de Grave
Ada F Dau Single 1910 June 12 Upper Island Cove

p. 131

George M Son Single 1914 Feb 07 Upper Island Cove
Murial F Dau Single 1916 May 05 Upper Island Cove
William James M Son Single 1918 Aug 03 Upper Island Cove
Albert M Son Single 1920 July 01 Upper Island Cove

7/7 COOMBS Susannah F Head Widow 1877 Oct 44 Bishops Cove
William M Son Single 1906 Nov 16 Upper Island Cove
John M Son Single 1907 Sept 15 Upper Island Cove
Henry D M Son Single 1908 Jan 13 Upper Island Cove
Alick M Son Single 1910 Nov 11 Upper Island Cove
Cyrel M Son Single 1912 Dec 09 Upper Island Cove
Josiah M Son Single 1914 Oct 07 Upper Island Cove

8/8 COOMBS Henry M Head Married 1888 Aug 33 Upper Island Cove
Selena F Wife Married 1896 Jan 25 Upper Island Cove
Margret F Dau Single 1913 Nov 08 Upper Island Cove
Henry M Son Single 1915 Dec 06 Upper Island Cove
Richard M Son Single 1917 Jan 04 Upper Island Cove
Max W. R. M Son Single 1919 Oct 02 Upper Island Cove

9/9 COOMBS George M Head Married 1877 Nov 44 Island Cove
Carlien F Wife Married 1880 Oct 41 Island Cove
Annie J F Dau Single 1903 June 18 Island Cove
Llewellyen M Son Single 1907 Aug 14 Island Cove
Phoebe F Dau Single 1911 Aug 10 Island Cove
Nath M Son Single 1913 Sept 08 Island Cove
Gladys F Dau Single 1915 July 06 Island Cove

10/10 COOMBS Archibald M Head Married 1876 Nov 45 Island Cove
Sarah F Wife Married 1896 July 27 Island Cove
Hiram M Son Single 1921 Aug 3 Mo Island Cove

p. 132

12/12 COOMBS Norman M Head Married 1888 Sept 33 Upper Island Cove
Lewie ?? F Wife Married 1897 Nov 24 Upper Island Cove
Alfred C. M Son Single 1916 Sept 05 Upper Island Cove
Ettie D F Dau Single 1919 Sept 02 Upper Island Cove

13/13 MERCER Albert M Head Married 1861 Nov 60 Upper Island Cove
Sarah J. F Wife Married 1858 Oct 63 Upper Island Cove
COOMBS Harold M Son Single 1902 July 19 Upper Island Cove

15/15 COOMBS John M Head Married 1851 July 70 Island Cove
Jana F Wife Married 1856 July 65 Island Cove
George M Son Single 1892 Aug 29 Island Cove
Howard M Son Single 1897 Jan 24 Island Cove

16/16 COOMBS John M Head Married 1880 Dec 40 Island Cove
Mary A F Wife Married 1885 Aug 36 Island Cove
Madline F Dau Single 1913 April 09 Island Cove
Thomas M Son Single 1915 Oct 06 Island Cove
Lavinia M Son Single 1917 May 04 Island Cove

17/17 COOMBS Selena F Head Widow 1742 May 79 Island Cove

18/18 COOMBS Martha F Head Widow 1867 Aug 54 Island Cove

19/19 COOMBS John M Head Married 1852 ? Aug 50 Island Cove
Matilda F Wife Married 1877 Jan 45 Island Cove
Whitney M Son Single 1901 Mar 20 Island Cove
Violate F Dau Single 1904 Aug 17 Island Cove

p. 135

34/34 COOMBS John M Head Married 1877 Aug 45 Island Cove
Rebecca F Wife Married 1883 Oct 38 Island Cove
John W M Son Single 1912 Sept 09 Island Cove

p. 125

156/156 COOMBS Walter M Head Married 1896 Sep 25 Upper Isld Cove

p. 126

Ethal F Wife Married 1901 Jul 20 Spaniards Bay

157/157 COOMBS Eugean M Head Married 1891 Jul 30 Upper Isld Cove
Alfreda F Wife Married 1887 Oct 34 Spaniards Bay
John W. M Son Single 1913 Sep 8 Upper Isld Cove
Birtha F Dau Single 1915 Aug 6 Upper Isld Cove
Albert A. M Son Single 1920 Oct 1 Upper Isld Cove

158/158 COOMBS Cyrel M Head Married 1875 Feb 46 Upper Isld Cove
Julia F Wife Married 1877 Jun 44 Upper Isld Cove
Keneth M Son Single 1905 Nov 16 Upper Isld Cove
Martha F Dau Single 1908 Aug 13 Upper Isld Cove
Thomas M Son Single 1910 Sep 11 Upper Isld Cove
William M Son Single 1914 Sep 9 Upper Isld Cove
Edeth F Dau Single 1916 Apr 5 Upper Isld Cove
Estella F Dau Single 1920 Sep 1 Upper Isld Cove


2/2 SMITH Jacob M Head Married 1843 Nov 77 Bishop's Cove
Eliza F Wife Married 1852 Jan 69 Fox Trap
Josiah M Son Married 1894 Oct 26 Tilton
Ellen F Daughter in Law Married 1897 Mar 24 Tilton
Jacob M Grand Son Single 1914 Oct 6 Tilton
Joseph M Grand Son Single 1917 Mar 4 Tilton
Susanna F Grand Daughter Single 1916 Aug 3 Tilton
Rodie M Grand Son Single 1920 Sept 11m Tilton
COOMBS Sarah F Adopted Single 1909 July 12 Tilton

Harbour Main District

Bell Isle - Mines

GRAVES?, John M head married 1887 Apr. 34 Hr. Buffett
Elizabeth F wife married 1891 Nov. 29 Trimmy?Cove
Irene F daug. single 1912 Nov. 8 "
Edward M son single 1915 May 6 "
Lewis M son single 1915 May 6 "
Isaac W. M son single 1919 Apr. 2 Bell Island
Amelia F daug. single 1921 July 4mos. Bell Island
COOMBS, Henrietta F serv. single 1902 Aug. 19 Hr. Grace

Hermitage District


COOMBS, George M Head Married 1899 Sep 21 Picarre
Ethel F Wife Married 1900 Jul 21 Harbour Buffett
Myrtle F Dau Single 1921 Sep 4M Picarre

COOMBS, Benj. M Head Married 1881 Sep 40 Picarre
Susanna F Wife Married 1884 Oct 36 Pass Island
Bertha F Dau Single 1906 Dec 9 Picarre
Annie F Dau Single 1911 Sep 9 Picarre
Mary F Dau Single 1914 Oct 6 Picarre
Albert M Son Single 1920 Jan 1 Picarre
DOMINIE; Harola F Niec Single 1908 Oct 12 Picarre

COOMBS, Abram M Head Married 1891 Aug 30 Picarre
Lucy F Wife Married 1892 Oct 28 Muddy Hole
Mable F Dau Single 1914 Jan 7 Picarre
George H. M Son Single 1917 Jan 4 Picarre
James L. M Son Single 1918 Mar 2 Picarre

COOMBS, Abram M Head Married 1863 Sep 63 Picarre
Catherine F Wife Married 1889 Aug 42 Grole
John M Son Single 1901 Feb 20 Picarre
James M Son Single 1903 Feb 18 Picarre
William M Son Single 1907 Apr 16 Picarre
Samuel M SIL Single 1900 Aug 21 Furby's Cove
Edward M SIL Single 1907 Sep 12 Furby's Cove

Note: the two above are listed as son in laws, I think it should say Adpt

DOMINIE; Martha F Niec Single 1912 Sep 8 Picarre

COOMBS, Edward M Head Married 1854 Feb 67 Picarre
Sarah F Wife Married 1857 Jan 64 Sagona Island
SIMMS; Harriett F Gdau Single 1912 Jun 9 Picarre

COOMBS, Jonathon M Head Married 1885 Mar 37 Picarre
Annie F Wife Married 1889 Aug 31 Muddy Hole

Placentia and St. Mary's

Biscay Bay

Coombs, Margaret f head widow 1889 Nov 31 Biscay Bay
Ambrose m son single 1915 Dec 5 Portugal Cove S.
Bernard m son single 1918 Aug 3 Portugal Cove S.

Portugal Cove South

Coombs, Joseph M Head married 1878 Mar 43 Portugal Cove S.
Catherine F Wife married 1884 Jun 37 Portugal Cove S.
Patrick M Son single 1909 Oct 11 Portugal Cove S.
Catherine F Dau single 1912 Jun 9 Portugal Cove S.
Laura F Dau single 1914 Jul 7 Portugal Cove S.
Denis M Son single 1918 Mar 3 Portugal Cove S.
Adrian M Son single 1921 Jan 7m Portugal Cove S.

Coombs, Patrick M Head widower 1885 Feb 36 Portugal Cove S.
Agnes F Sist single 1883 Jan 38 Portugal Cove S.

Coombs, Alfred M Head married 1882 Dec 32 Portugal Cove S.
Catherine F Wife married 1891 Nov 29 Biscay Bay
Mary F Dau single 1918 Jul 3 Portugal Cove S.
Leo M Son single 1920 Nov 9m Portugal Cove S.
Hannah F Moth widow 1851 Mar 70 Trepassey
Francis M Neph single 1907 Jan 14 Portugal Cove S.

Coombs, James M Head single 1885 May 36 Portugal Cove S.
Mary F Moth widow 1846 Feb 75 Trepassey

Coombs, Laurence M Head married 1883 Apr 38 Portugal Cove S.
Bridget F Wife married 1886 May 35 Biscay Bay

Coombs, Robert M Head married 1881 Jun 40 Portugal Cove S.
Bridget F Wife married 1897 Apr 24 Biscay Bay

Trepassey East

WALSH, Fredrick m head married 1860 Dec 60 Trepassey
Fredrick f wife married 1871 Jan 50 Brigus-C. Bay
William m neph single 1905 Sep 15 Trepassey

COOMBS, Vincent m orph single 1916 Aug 5 Portugal Cove S.

WALSH, Margaret f sist single 1865 Oct 55 Trepassey

St. John's East District

Powers Court

p. 143

COOMBS, John M head Marr 1882 Sept 39 UpperIslandCove
Alfreda F wife Marr 1883 Oct 38 LowerIslandCove
Irene F dau Sing 1909 Aug 13 Sydney,NS 1914
Herbert M son Sing 1910 Oct 11 "
Gladys F dau Sing 1913 June 8 "
Charles M son Sing 1915 Dec 5 St.John's
Joseph M son Sing 1918 June 3 "
Ada M F dau Sing 1920 Oct 1 "

Mullock Street

p. 317

25/30 George COOMBS M Head Married 1876 Dec 44 Old Pelican
Sarah F Wife Married __ Aug 43 Random TB
Blanche F Dhtr Single 1903 July 18 Boston USA
Donald M Son Single 1905 Oct 16 Boston USA
Herbert M Son Single 1912 Jan 9 Old Pelican
Leslie M Son Single 1919 Feb 2 Old Pelican

Nogle's Hill and St. John's

p. 360

23/27 Charles JEFFREY M Head M 1882 May 39 Bay St. George
Henry COOMBS M Orphan S 1909 Jan 12 Upper Island Cove
Alex COOMBS M Orphan S 1910 Nov 10 Upper Island Cove
Many other Orphans in this Household

St. Barbe District

Curzon Village

COOMBS, Wm. Thos. M Head Married 1878 Mar 43 Hearts Desire
Annie F Wife Married 1885 Sep 35 East St. Modeste, Lab
Florence F Dau Single 1903 Jun 18 Curzon Village
Wallace M Son Single 1905 May 16 Curzon Village
Landoa M Son Single 1909 Jan 12 Curzon Village
Myrtle F Dau Single 1911 Mar 10 Curzon Village
Mary F Dau Single 1915 Oct 5 Curzon Village
Loras F Dau Single 1918 Aug 3 Curzon Village
Georgina F Dau Single 1921 Apr 4M Curzon Village

Gooseberry Island

COOMBS, John M Head Married 1866 Apr 55 Genevieve Bay
Matilda F Wife Married 1862 Dec 58 Genevieve Bay
Caroline F Dau Single 1893 Oct 27 Gooseberry Island
Walter M Son Single 1896 Oct 24 Gooseberry Island
Rachel F Dau Single 1900 Sep 20 GooseberryIsland
Maria F Niec Single 1913 Jun 8 Current Island
HUMBER, John M Serv Single 1900 20 Castor River

Old Ferrole

COOMBS, Henry W M Head Married 1863 Jul 58 Genevieve Bay
Eliza F Wife Married 1863 Feb 58 Seal Island
Benjamin M Son Single 1887 Feb 34 Pond Cove
James M Son Single 1891 Mar 30 Pond Cove
Susan F Dau Single 1896 Aug 24 Pond Cove
Charlotte F Dau Single 1898 Oct 22 Old Ferrole
George M Son Single 1902 Apr 19 Old Ferrole
SOULEY, Emma F Bdr Single 1901 Apr 20 St. Anthony

COOMBS, William M Head Married 1883 Sep 37 Flowers Cove
Susan F Wife Married 1883 Jul 38 Flowers Cove
Absalom M Son Single 1907 Oct 13 Old Ferrole
John M Son Single 1909 May 12 Old Ferrole
Elizabeth F Dau Single 1911 Feb 10 Old Ferrole
William Jr. M Son Single 1913 Sep 7 Old Ferrole
Una F Dau Single 1915 Jan 6 Old Ferrole
Hubert M Son Single 1917 Aug 3 Old Ferrole

(Extracted by C. Ham met from Old Ferrole, Newfoundland 1921 Census.

Pond Cove

COOMBS, William M Head Married 1869 Oct 51 Genevieve Bay
Elizabeth F Wife Married 1872 May 49 Current Island
Elizabeth Sr. F Moth Widow 1835 Mar 86 Brigus
TOOP, Maria F Adpt Single 1918 Mar 3 Pond Cove

COOMBS, Ida F Head Widow 1872 Feb 49 Gooseberry Islands
Oliver M Son Single 1898 Nov 22 Shoal Cove

Shoal Cove

COOMBS, Samuel Sr. M Head Married 1860 Dec 60 Black Duck Cove
Susan F Wife Married 1858 Dec 62 Current Island
TATCHELL; Jonas M Serv Single 1885 Oct 35 St Johns Island

COOMBS, George Jr. M Head Married 1885 Dec 35 Current Island
Bertha F Wife Married 1891 Jun 30 Anchor Point
Dorcas F Dau Single 1911 Dec 9 Shoal Cove
Roland M Son Single 1914 Oct 6 Shoal Cove
Susan F Dau Single 1917 Sep 3 Shoal Cove

COOMBS, Archibald M Head Married 1891 May 30 Ontario Canada
Gladys F Wife Married 1896 May 25 Current Island
Henry M Son Single 1917 Dec 3 Shoal Cove
Caroline F Dau Single 1919 May 2 Shoal Cove
Cecil M Son Single 1921 Jun 2M Shoal Cove

COOMBS, John M Head Married 1887 Dec 33 Ontario Canada
Elizabeth F Wife Married 1892 Mar 29 Deadmans Cove
Nellie F Dau Single 1912 Oct 8 Shoal Cove
Lambert M Son Single 1915 Mar 6 Shoal Cove
Israel M Son Single 1917 Jul 4 Shoal Cove
Leslie M Son Single 1920 Dec 7M Shoal Cove

COOMBS, Samuel Jr. M Head Married 1883 Sep 37 Current Island
Virginia F Wife Married 1886 Mar 35 Anchor Point
Bertha J. F Dau Single 1908 Jul 13 Shoal Cove
Noah M Son Single 1909 Dec 11 Shoal Cove
John M Son Single 1910 Jan 10 Shoal Cove
Alma F Dau Single 1912 Sep 8 Shoal Cove
Joyce F Dau Single 1914 Feb 7 Shoal Cove
Abram W. M Son Single 1915 May 6 Shoal Cove
Absalom M Son Single 1919 Oct 1 Shoal Cove

COOMBS, George Sr. M Head Married 1868 Jan 53 Current Island
Anna F Wife Married 1868 Mar 53 Current Island
Samuel M Neph Single 1906 Dec 14 Shoal Cove

Whale Island

COOMBS, William M Head Married 1870 Mar. 51 Heart's Desire, TB
Maria A. F Wife Married 1880 Oct. 40 West St. Modest, Lab. (imm. 1903)
Florence F Dau Single 1903 Jun. 18 Bonne Bay
Wallace M Son Single 1905 May 16 Bonne Bay
Charles M Son Single 1909 Jan. 12 Bonne Bay
Myrtle F Dau Single 1910 Nov. 10 Bonne Bay
Mary F Dau Single 1914 Oct. 6 Bonne Bay
Deloris F Dau Single 1917 Aug. 3 Bonne Bay
Georgina F Dau Single 1921 Apr. 3M Bonne Bay

Trinity Bay District

Heart's Desire

p. 532

26/26 Matthew COOMBS M Head M 1873 Jan 48 Heart's Desire
Helen F Wife M 1870 Feb 51 Heart's Desire
Elizabeth F Daughter S 1897 Apr 24 Heart's Desire
Angela F Daughter S 1904 May 17 Heart's Desire
Clarence M Adopted Son S 1914 Aug 6 Heart's Desire

27/27 Jacob COOMBS M Head M 1895 July 26 Heart's Desire
Hannah F Wife M 1898 Aug 23 Grate's Cove
Mathius M Son S 1918 Oct 3 Heart's Desire
Mary F Daughter S 1920 Mar 1 Heart's Desire

28/28 Thomas COOMBS M Head M 1859 June 62 Heart's Desire

p. 533

Helen COOMBS F Wife M 1860 Oct 60 Heart's Desire
John M Son S 1893 Oct 28 Heart's Desire
Thomas M Head M 1896 June 26 Heart's Desire
Nora F Wife M 1900 July 21 Heart's Desire

30/30 Ambrose COOMBS M Head M 1870 Nov 51 Heart's Desire
Elizabeth F Daughter S 1904 June 17 Heart's Desire
Rebecca F Wife M 1876 Mar 45 Heart's Desire
John M Son S 1906 Dec 15 Heart's Desire
George M Son S 1910 Nov 11 Heart's Desire
Alice F Daughter S 1913 Jan 8 Heart's Desire
Aubrose M Son S 1914 May 7 Heart's Desire
Vincent M Son S 1920 Mar 1 Heart's Desire

p. 534

35/35 Olive COOMBS F Head W 1847 Nov 74 Heart's Content
Kate F DIL W 1891 Jan 30 Victoria
Charles M Grandson S 1909 Jan 12 Heart's Desire
Mary Jane F Granddaughter S 1920 Jan 1 Heart's Desire

Twillingate District


COOMBS, Wm BWD hd Apr 1858 Upper Is Cv CE Shoe Maker
Eliza BWD wife Aug 1856 New Perlican CE BWD

Grand Falls - Part 1

BURRY, Lewis GF hd Apr 1878 Greenspond
Maud GF wife Jun 1883 Greenspond GF
CAVE, Jennet GF serv Age 22 Pilley's Is GF
IVANY, Beatrice GF serv Age 29 Musgrave Twn GF
HARDING, Mattie GF serv Age 35 Greenspond GF
JACKSON, Agnes GF serv Age 29 Dildo Cv GF
COOMBS, Daisy GF serv Nov 1900 Pilley's Is GF

Also over a dozen Boarders in this household....

Little Bay

COOMBS, Stacey Little Bay hd Mar 1881 Round Hr, NDB CE fish
Martha Little Bay wife Oct 1887 Baie Verte Meth, Little Bay
Chesley Little Bay son Jun 1908 Round Hr CE sch, Little Bay
Lucy Little Bay dau May 1911 Tilt Cv CE sch, Little Bay
George Little Bay son Sep 1914 Baie Verte CE sch, Little Bay
Daisy Little Bay dau Dec 1916 Baie Verte CE, Little Bay

Round Harbor

COMBS, Robert Rnd Hr hd Feb 1869 Rnd Hr CE Agent
Janet Rnd Hr wife Dec 1880 T'gate CE Combs, Rnd Hr
Allen Rnd Hr son Nov 1903 Rnd Hr CE fish Rnd Hr
May Rnd Hr dau Feb 1906 Rnd Hr CE Rnd Hr
Mildred Rnd Hr dau Mar 1911 Rnd Hr CE Rnd Hr
Margaret Rnd Hr dau Oct 1915 Rnd Hr CE Rnd Hr

COMBS, ?iles Rnd Hr hd Apr 1842 Rnd Hr CE fish

COMBS, John Rnd Hr hd May 1865 Rnd Hr CE fish
Livinia Rnd Hr wife Jun 1864 Burrying Place CE Rnd Hr
Walter Rnd Hr son Dec 1892 Rnd Hr CE fish Rnd Hr
VATCHER Dorothy Rnd Hr g dau Oct 1909 La Scie CE Rnd Hr
VATCHER Rezworth (?) Rnd Hr g dau Oct 1911 Rnd Hr CE Rnd Hr

COOMBS, Morgan M Head Married 1892 Nov 28 Genevieve Bay
Rosanna F Wife Married 1885 Jan 36 Current Island

1945 Newfoundland Census

Bell Island


p. 168

68/68 COOMBS Thomas __ M M 33
Mary M. Wife F M 36
Henry Son M S 12
Marjorie Daughter F S 5
Gerald Son M S 1

West Mines to The Green

p. 141

36 BYRNE Joseph Head M M 29
Phoebe Wife F M 23
Joyce Daughter F S __
COOMBS Joyce Sister in Law F S 15

The Green to Town Square

p. 37

5/6 COOMBS Josiah __ M M 30
Annie Wife F M 25
Donald Child M S 3
Alex V. Child M S 1
Josiah W. Child M S 1/12

Town Square to East End

p. 95

117 120 COOMBS Cyril A. __ M M 31
Emily Wife F M 27
Jean C. Child F S 4
Ronald A. Child M S 2
Cyril A Child M S 1

Placentia & St. Marys District


p. 152

14/17 COOMBS Edward Head M M 20
Magdalen Wife F M 19
Darrell Son M S 8/12
NUGENT Patricia D-In Law F S 17
Dolores S-In Law F S 13
Rose S-In Law F S 11
Desmond B-In Law M S 14
Vincent B-In Law M S 18

Trinity Bay South District

Heart's Desire

p. 150

8 2 COOMBS Clarence Head M M 29 Trinity South Trinity South
Agatha Wife F M 26 Trinity South Trinity South

9 8 COOMBS Thomas Head M M 48 Trinity South Trinity South
Norah Wife F M 45 Trinity South Trinity South
Melvin Son M S 20 Trinity South Trinity South
William J. Son M S 18 Trinity South Trinity South
Theresa M. Daughter F S 16 Trinity South Trinity South
Ronald Son M S 15 Trinity South Trinity South
Mary M. Daughter F S 13 Trinity South Trinity South
Gerald Son M S 7 Trinity South __
Terence Nephew M S 18 Trinity South Trinity South

10 5 COOMBS Charles Head M M 37 Trinity South Trinity South
Norma R. Wife F M 26 Trinity South Trinity South
Margaret Daughter F S 11 Trinity South Trinity South
Rosannah Daughter F S 8 Trinity South __
Kate Mother F W 78 Carbonear Trinity South

p. 151

12 4 COOMBS Vincent Head M M 25 Trinity South Trinity South
Rita wife F M 20 Trinity South Trinity South
James V. Son M S 1yr 6m Trinity South Trinity South
Rebecca Mother F W 71 Trinity South Trinity South

13 5 COOMBS George Head M M 35 Trinity South Trinity South
Violet M. wife F M 28 St.John's St.John's
Margaret M. Daughter F S 6 Trinity South __
Violet M. Daughter F S 2 Trinity South __
George D. Son M S 4 mo. Trinity South __

15 5 COOMBS John Head M M 28 Trinity South Trinity South
Mary L. Wife F M 23 Lab.Nfld. Trinity South
Michael J. Son M S 11 Trinity South Trinity South
Stella Daughter F S 3 Trinity South __
Ambrose Son M S 1 Trinity South __

p. 149

39 9 ST.GEORGE Thomas F. Head M M 46 Trinity South Trinity South
Margaret Wife F M 46 Trinity South Trinity South
Gertrude Daughter F S 17 Trinity South Trinity South
Elizabeth Daughter F S 14 Trinity South Trinity South
Marcella Daughter F S 11 Trinity South Trinity South
Theresa Daughter F S 8 Trinity South Trinity South
LEE Albert Head M W 21 Canada Trinity South
Mary Daughter F S 1 Trinity South Trinity South
COOMBS Arthur Boader M S 20 Trinity South Trinity South


p. 53

63/63 COOMBS Archibald Husband M M 60 Upper Island Cove Whitbourne
Sarah G. Wife F M 51 Upper Island Cove Whitbourne
W.Hiriam Son M S 25 Upper Island Cove Whitbourne
Ian W. Son M S 21 Upper Island Cove Whitbourne
Oscar G. Son M S 17 Upper Island Cove Whitbourne
Sidney C. Son M S 14 Upper Island Cove Whitbourne

66/66 COOMBS James F. Husband M M 45 Spaniards Bay Whitbourne
Agnes Wife F M 46 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Ursula M. Daughter F S 17 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Adrian J. Son M S 14 Whitbourne Whitbourne
Bernice C. Daughter F S 6 Whitbourne Whitbourne


p. 70

12/12 COOMBS Charles Head M M 35 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire
Nora Wife F M 27 South Dildo South Dildo
Maggie Daughter F S 11 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire
Rosanna Daughter F S 9 Heart's Desire Heart's Desire

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