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Washington, D. C. was founded in 16 Jul 1790

1870 Washington, D. C. Census

Second Ward

p. 96; 15 Jun 1870 by J. Russel Barr

651/725 McCarty Serina, FW Fancy Store 3000 500 MD
Combs, Charles 32 MW Painter MD
—— Mary 31 FW Keeps House Ire **
—— Charles S. 11 MW at school DC * (sch)

p. 111; 17 Jun 1870

744/936 Combs, Michael R. 48 MW at home 65,600 25,000 DC f*
—— Catherine 44FW Keeps House Germany f*m*
—— Michael S. 18 MW Mercantile Clerk DC m*
—— Agatha 20 FW at home DC m*
—— Nettie 16 FW at home DC m*
—— Lenora 10 FW at school DC m* (sch)
—— Fielder 9 MW DC m* (sch)
—— William 8 MW DC m* (sch)
—— Emma 5 FW DC m* (sch)

p. 168; 28 Jun 1870

1110/1217 Combs, Ellen 37 FW Keeps House NY
BRUNSTEAD, Mary 38 FW at home MD
CARTER, Kate 21 FW at home PA
MARLON, Elizabeth 43 FW Dom Servant DC
GRANDISON, Richard 16 MB " " VA
BRUNSTEAD, Katy 10 FW at home DC

p. 307; 23 Jul 1870

2028/2159 Combs, Charles L. 24 MW Lawyer OH April
—— Jennie 24 FW At home VA April
SHORTER, David 23 MB Servant VA

Note: Second Family in dwelling; other family is BLANKMAN, Jane B. 46 with 4 other females 8-20 of age.

6th Ward Washington City

p. 74; 11th Jun 1870 by D. G. Mallory

535/544 Combs R. M. 55 MW Dry Goods Merchant 2000 2000 MD
" Catherine C. 48 FW H. K. DC
" Coty F 23 FW DC
" Harry M. 22 MW Grocer - 800 DC
" Elizabeth 17 FW at School DC (sch)
HOWARD, George 26 MW Clerk Store DC
CARRELL Julia 25 FB D Servt DC
Combs, George 20 MW Clerk D. G. Store MD

p.86; 15 Jun 1870

623/643 Combs Wm H. 28 MW Physician DC
" Catherine J. 28 FW H. K. DC
" Lela Marie 6 FW DC
" Lusy 4 FW DC
" Frank W. 2 MW DC
Robinson, Lizzie 19 FB D Servant MD
Roby, Mary 20 FB " "VA
Hollands. J. 15 MB Servt MD

Seventh Ward

p. 285

2143/2320 Burges, Sam'l 24 MW Carpenter DC
—— Sarah 22 FW at home VA
Polish, Mary 68 FW Home MD
Combs, Lydia 72 FW MD

Note: No date noted on page; previous and following pages not checked.


p. 30; 9 Jun 1870 by WS ONeal

219/232 JOHNSON, Henry 52 MW Beef Butcher 22000 1000 VA
" Kate 44 FW Keeping House MD
" John H. 15 MW Apprentice Butcher DC
" William 13 MW DC
Combs, Pollie 76 FW one of family MD rw

Sub District East of 7 St. Road

p. 128 16 Jul 1870 by Columbus G. Nealy

/828 Combs, Eliza A. 38 FW DC (ins)

Note: This page contains “Inmates oF Insane Asylum”. Appears to be semi-alphbetical with B's C's & D's (1 E) only on this page.

The West Part

Tenallytown DC to 36th line, thence to Georgetown DC

p. 78; 27 Jun 1870 by Benj Summy

545/547 Combs, Robert 56 MB Farm hand VA rw
" Susan 45 FB Keeping House VA rw
" Richard 24 MB Farm Hand VA

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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