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Paignton (aka Paington), a parish in the hundred of Haytor, 5-3/4 miles east of Totness... The living is a vicarage, to which the perpetual curacy of Marldon is annexed, in the peculiar jurisdiction of the Bishop of Exeter, rated in the king's books... and in the patronage of the Rev. John TEMPLAR... Paington was anciently held in demesne by the Bishops of Exeter, who had here a palace, of which some fragments still remain...John KELLOND, in 1692, gave 100 for teaching, and Charles KELLOND, in 1690, 50 for apprenticing, poor children. In 1800, Allan BALFIELD bequeathed 1000 three per cents, for the education of twenty poor children...
1483-1485 "The distribution of ecclesiastical livings came under his (King Richard III) eye too: when he was informed of unfair dealing in the diocese of Exeter, he bluntly bade the Vicar-General, Master John COMBE, to Promote Master Rauf SCROPE to the vicarage of Paynton, "which the said Mr. John COMBE hath presented himself unto by crafty means." (Extracted by Coombe Researcher Patience Northern from "Richard the Third" by Paul Murray Kendall, P.346)

It is not yet known if John COMBE of Exeter was a resident of the area in which the vicarage of Paynton was located; however, it is thought probable that Paynton was aka Paington (as spelled in Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of England) and Paignton as above.

13 May 1566 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Married: John COOMB & Agnes STEPHENS (IGI, Ba: E051921, So: 917212, Pr: 1037053)

28 Jan 1569 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Christened: Elizabeth COME, d/o John (IGI, Ba: C051921, So: 917212, Pr: 0933430, film not read)

31 Jan 1579 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Married: Agnes COOME & Peter GILFORD (IGI, Ba: E051921, So: 917212, Pr: 1037053) SW: GUILFORD

14 Feb 1590 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Christened: William COMBE, s/o Christian COMBE (mother) (IGI, Ba: C051921, So: 917212, Pr: 0933430, film not read)

24 Jan 1630 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Married: William COOMBE& Jone NECKE (IGI, Ba: E051921, So: 917212, Pr: 1037053) Search Word: Joan

06 Sep 1635 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Christened: Agnes COMBE, d/o William (IGI, Ba: C051921, So: 917212, Pr: 0933430, film not read)

13 Jul 1638 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Christened: Margery COOME, d/o William (IGI, Ba: C051921, So: 917212, Pr: 0933430, film not read)

28 Oct 1641 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Christened: Joan COMBE, d/o William (IGI, Ba: C051921, So: 917212, Pr: 0933430, film not read)

12 Aug 1647 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Christened: Mary COOMBE, d/o William (IGI, Ba: C051921, So: 917212, Pr: 0933430, film not read)

22 Jan 1655 Paignton, Devonshire, EN. Married: Richard COOMBE & Ann BALL (IGI, Ba: E051921, So: 917212, Pr: 1037053)

Notes: See Combs-Ball of Old Rappa Co VA and Combs-Ball of Lancaster Co VA

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