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Bitton, a parish in the upper division of the hundred of Langley and Swinehead, county of Gloucester, comprising the chapelries of Hanham and Oldland, the hamlet of Bitton… 6¼ miles east southeast of Bristol… in the archdeaconry and diocese of Gloucester… and in the patronage of the Prebendary of Bitton in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury…. (Lewis…, 1830)

Note: Although in Gloucester, Bitton Parish is less than two mi. from the Somerset border, its nearest parishes North Stoke and Saltford in that shire. Also note that a "modern" parish of Kingswood was formed from Bitton in 1821, which is not the same as Kingswood near Wooton under Edge, which used to be a detached portion of Wiltshire, and was transferred to Gloucestershire in 1844.

12 Aug 1590 GCC 38/1590 Proved ------1590 page 49. Will of Jasper BRITTEN. Jasper BRITTEN of Swinford in the parish of Bitton, husbandman. To be buried in the churchyard of Bitton as near my father as possible. Brother John BRITTEN'S three daughters. Richard OLIVER'S daughter. Son John BRITTON. Brother John COOMES' daughters. Residue to wife Joan, and John BRITTEN, my son, executors. Overseers: John BRITTEN, my brother (the elder), John COOMES of Burnell. Debts owed by the testator: - - To Walter BRITTEN; John WILKINS. Debts owed to the testator: - - From John COOMES the younger and Nicholas COOMES his brother; brother William BRITTEN. Witnesses: John BRITTEN, Thomas POWER, Peter BRITTEN, Lewis EVANS.

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Vince Griffin from "English Wills of Colonial Families, By Noel Currer-Briggs, (Polyanthos, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Cottonport, Louisiana c 1972), page 48, 49, #95)

Notes: No BRITTEN (or var. sp.) marriages have been located in the IGI, and it is not known if the above John (2) and Nicholas COOMES ever resided in Bitton Parish, and/or if they were kin to the other known (thus far) Combs of Bitton (see below). Nor is it known as yet how John COOMES was a brother to Jasper BRITTEN. No Burnell parish has been located, and this may have been a manor or tract rather than a parish; however, it may also indicate a relationship to the BURNELL Family of Upton based on the will of Jasper BRITTON'S father:

GCC 145/1574 Will dated 23 Apr 1573. Proved: 20 Apr 1574. Will of Thomas BRITTEN. Thomas BRITTEN of Bitton, Gloucestershire, husbandman. To be buried in Bitton churchyard. To Cathedral of Gloucester 1/ -. To Church of Bitton 2/ -. Wife Catherine. Son Jasper BRITTEN £5 and a cow which his grandfather William HOSSINGTON gave him in his will. Son, Peter BRITTEN two cows. Daughters Elenor, Joane and Agnes BRITTEN. Brother John BRITTIAN'S daughter Elizabeth. Residue to be divided equally between wife, Catherine, three daughters above named and sons Thomas BRITTEN, William BRITTEN and John BRITTEN. Executrors: Sons Thomas, William and John. Overseers: Mr. SEMER, Georger PERMAN of Bath. Witnesses: John OSBORNE, John WILLIAMS, Thomas TUCKER of Bitton. Debts owing by me: - To Jasper BRITTEN, my son; Henry BRITTEN, my son; Agnes BRITTEN, my first wife; Mr. LANGLEY of Bristol; Richard SILVESTER of Bitton; Thomas TUCKER, my servant; John EDWARDS, my servant; John DANY of Oldland; Mary SEVY, my servant; Robert HARDING of Upton Cheyney; John TYLER of Bath; John BRIGHTE of Bitton; John HAWKINS of Bitton; John BURNELL of Upton; Goodwife OFFILL of Bristol; Robert BURNELL of Upton. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from "English Wills of Colonial Families, By Noel Currer-Briggs, (Polyanthos, Inc. Corporate Headquarters, Cottonport, Louisiana c 1972), page 48, 49, #95)

Unfortunately, which Upton (of 7 English parishes named Upton, none in Gloucester) is not stated, nor has an Upton Cheyney been located as yet. It is possible that John COOMES the Elder m Elenor, Joane or Agnes BRITTEN. Conversely, Jasper BRITTEN may have m a sister of John COOMES (or Coomes could have been a step or half brother, etc. Research in progress).

4 Feb 1593 Bitton Gloucestershire. Married: Robert COOME & Katherin WOODHOWSE (IGI Entry, Ba: E016651, +, So: 942 B4PRS V.32, film not read) SW WOODHOUSE

20 Jun 1599 Bitton Gloucestershire. Married: Edmode COOME & Elisabethe COUPAR (IGI Entry, Ba: E016651, +, So: 942 B4PRS V.32, film not read) SW: COOPER Edmond Elizabeth

26 Jun 1609 Bitton Gloucestershire. Married: Robert COOME & Joan GEFFREIS (IGI Entry, Ba: E016651, +, So: 942 B4PRS V.32, film not read) SW: JEFFRIES

3 Jan 1614 Bitton Gloucestershire. Christened: Margarett COOME, d/o Edmnd COOME (IGI Entry, Ba: P016651, So: 823602, Pr: 1235412, film not read) SW: Edmond

27 Jun 1629 Bitton Gloucestershire. Married: Ann COUMB & John BINN (IGI Entry, Ba: E016651, +, So: 942 B4PRS V.32, film not read) SW BEAN, BAYNE?

10 Oct 1631 Bitton Gloucestershire. Married: Alice COOMBE & Robert BRISTOWE (IGI Entry, Ba: E016651, +, So: 942 B4PRS V.32, film not read)

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