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The earliest records of the Combes (and var. sp.) found in Somerset so far are from the mid 1200s:

4 May 1248 Detached seal fragment, boxed. 10/2/4 1) Reginald de MOUN; 2) Rob. PUNCHARDUN; Lease for 6 years of tenement and appurtenances in Manor of Cudecume; rent 1 mark; wit. Wm. de MOUN; Hamelin de DEAUDON; John BRETASCH; John de ARUNDEL; Roger de COTTHELEY; Philip de LUCUME; Geoffrey de KETENORE; Geoffrey le TORT; Roger POLLARD. (Somerset Record Office, Index to Archives, TREVELYAN PAPERS DD/WO, BOX LIST draft, BOX 10, Bundle 1)

n.d. [?late 13th Century] (in C19 wrapper) tagged seal - device worn S. ROBT. DE PUNCHARDU+ DD/WO 10/2/3. 1) Rob. de PUNCHARDOUN; 2) Henry de BILLAT; Grant of a meadow, between Quarmetoun mill, west and water to the north, and one other meadow south of Littlequarme in Bremelcomb. wit. Sir Rich. de HOLN'; Geoffrey de KETENOR; Rich. de CHIDESHAM; Rob. de WETEDON; Rich. de la HAMME; Hamelin de CUMBE; Rob. de TRUCTEKESCUMBE. (ibid.)

1273 Co. Somerset, Hundred Rolls. Henry de la CUMBE ("Dictionary of English & Welsh Surnames with Special American Instances," by Charles Wareing Bardsley, 1901)

n.d. [13th Century]. 62/10/1. 1) Christine of COTTEFFORD, widow of Robert of COTTEFFORD; 2) John of COTTEFFORD, her son. with the consent of Wm TWARRE, her husband, quitclaims lands and tenements in Cottefford which she held as dower. Cons. 40s. wit. Wm de CUMBE; Wm de la ROCHE; Philip de COTTEFFORD; Walter de la (?WYTHIE); Rob. coq' (Somerset Record Office, Index to Archives; DDWO; BUNDLE 10 Accession No. S/973)

13 Feb. 1280/1 Codesford (in C19 wrapper). 62/2/7. 1) John de CODEFORD; 2) Rich. STONTEFAST de Stokegomer, Mabel DOLCOK his wife and John their son. Lease for 3 lives of a messuage, curtilage and garden, called Lytele Orchard at Codesford between hall of Wm le SPYOUR in the north and garden of John de CODEFORD in the South, containing 12 daynes. rent 4d. wit. Adam le BRET; Wm de COMBE; Rich. de la ROCHE; Wm CARVYLE; Nich. CARVIL. (Somerset Records Office, Index to Archives, DDWO, BOX 62, Accession No. S/849)

n.d. [late 13th century] tagged version seal RADULPHE TO[ ]. 62/2/5 1) Ralph le TURNER; 2) John LAYN; Grant of 2a. of arable in Corundon which were the gift of Alice de FELGHE in a field called Maderknolle between land of Rich. le TURNER and land of Alice de FELGHE. rent 8d. for lives of Ralph and Alice, thereafter 1 rose to the chief lords for all services. wit. Simon le BRET; Wm de CHEDMERSE; Wm de CUMBA; Adam le BRET; Wm de MEUNNES; Jordan de WOLFERSTON; John SAFFYN; John de BYKENALRE. (ibid.)

8 Sep. 1304. Slade. 62/1/2. tagged seal - S.HENRICI D[ ]S[ ]DE. 1) Henry de la SLADE; 2) Rich. de la SLADE brother of Henry. Feoffment of 10s.6d. rent with reversion of tenement and 2 ferlings in la Slade which Richard and Matilda his wife hold of Henry for life, with common pasture in all the lands of Huish which were Maurice de GAUNT's, and multure of Corneforde mill. wit. Walter de CUMBE; Simon de CRAUCOMBE; Peter PEVERALE; Roger ARCHEBOLD; Thos de CLOUDESHAM. (ibid.)

n.d. [?ante 1304] 61/1/7. 1) Yngeram SKY; 2) Simon de RALEGH; Feoffment of a messuage and an acre of land which he had of the gift of Julian his sister in a field called Maderknyl between land which Isabella de CORENDONE and John ALAYN held. Cons. 1 mark of silver wit. Andrew LUTEREL; Ralph fitz URSY; Wm de WELLES; Laurence le BRET; Simon le BRET; Adam le BRET; Rich. de la PLESSE; Wm de la ROCHE; Wm de CUMBA. (Somerset Records Office, Index to Archives, DDWO, BOX NO 61; Accession S/126a, BUNDLE 1)

n.d. [?ante 1304]. 61/1/8 tagged seal - S'JONIS:DE CORN[ ]. 1) John de CORENDONE son and heir of Wm.; 2) Simon de RALEGH and Lady Joan his wife. Feoffment of all his lands in Corendone and Maderknolle cons. 10 marcs. wit. Sir Wm TRYVET, kt.; Sir Mathew de FURNEAUX, kt.; Andrew LUTEREL; Ralph fitz URSE; Simon de CRAWCOMBE; Simon le BRET; Adam le BRET; Wm de la ROCHE; Wm de CUMBE. (ibid.)

4 June 1307, at Stogumber. Ms.72. 1/119. 1) John de COTESFORDE; 2) Thos de SANCTO NEOCHO. Feoffment of 4a arable land between lands of Cottesford Waker, N & W, Prior of Goldclyve, S., and land of Donyford, E. rent. a rose for 12 years then 4s. p.a. wit. Ralph son of URSSY; Wm de COMBE; Rich de la ROCHE; Walter de la WYCHYE; John BROWN; Wm CAREVILE; Wm. clerk of Wechet. (Somerset Record Office, Index to Archives, Accession No: Group Code:DD/WO, TREVELYAN PAPERS - BOX LIST (draft) Archivist's notes indicate that "[MTD/II/20a] 1/10" is same as 19a except that the whole of Lange's tenement is conveyed. tagged seal ?eight-pointed star, JOH' DE CODDISFORDE"

15 June 1316 at Rowden. [MTD/II/19a], 1/9. 1) John de CODESFORD; 2) John de RALEGH. Exchange of lands. Tenements in Codesforde with rents and services of John de BARTON and his wife Eleanor, Richard STANTFAST and his wife Mabel and daughter Joan, and Thomas de SANCTO NEOTHO, vicar of Stogumber, and watercourse and pond of Yelesworthy to RALEGH. Moiety of all lands and tenements which were Richard de LANGE'S and Elena his wife's in Estcote (Stogumber) to John de CODESFORD and his wife Lucy, reversion to John de RALEGH. wit. Ralph son of URCI; Simon de CRAUCOMBE; Wm de COMBE; John de LUDEHYWYSSCH; Maurice le BRET; John ALAYN; John de ALFOXTON. tagged seal, octofoil. (ibid.)

24 October 1316 at Stogumber. [MTD/II/22a] 1/12 [MTD/II/21a]. 1) John de BARTON. 2) John de RALEGH, lord of Nettlecombe. Grant of lands and tenements in Stogumber which John de CODESFORDE. gave to John de BARTON and his wife Elena. wit. John de LODEHYWYSH; Wm de COMBE; John ALEYN junior; Richard de la ROCHE; Richard de CURLYNCH; John de la yeerd of Netelcomb; Wm Carvyle. (ibid.)

27 September 1325 at Rowden. , [MTD/II/25a] 1/13. 1) Dame Joan de RALEGH. 2) Roger BRETT. Agreement by Joan to pay Roger 20 marks in installments after which Roger will make null a 40 bond with Baldwin MALET and Simon de FURNEAUX. Wit. Sir Ralf de Fitz URS, kt.; John de LODEHIWISSH; Wm de COMBE; Simon de la ROCHE; Richard de CORLYNCH. endorsed `payment for land in Cotesford' tagged small seal with spray of flowers. (ibid.)

Exchequer Lay Subsidy, Somerset, 1327

Extracted by Combs &c. Researcher David Vidler from KIRBY'S QUEST FOR SOMERSET; NOMINA VILLARUM FOR SOMERSET [1315-16]; EXCHEQUER LAY SUBSIDIES [EDWARD 111]; COUNTY RATE OF 1742; HUNDREDS AND PARISHES,&C, OF SOMERSET, AS GIVEN IN THE CENSUS OF 1841, Somerset Record Society, 1889 - Trowbridge Library:

Hd de Bath, Forinsecum [HUNDRED OF BATH FORUM] Claverton [CLAVERTON] Johanne in le Coumbe v.s Langerigge [LANGRIDGE] Thoma in the Combe xx.d Hd de Haregyve [HUNDRED OF HARTCLIFFE WITH BEDMINSTER] Wynfryd de Feltone [WINFORD] Johanne in the cumbe viij.d Manerium de Bedminstre [MANOR OF BEDMINSTER] Leghe [ABBOTS LEIGH] Roberto in le Coumbe ij.s Hd de Brutone [HUNDRED OF BRUTON] Redlysch [REDLYNCH] Gilberto atte Combe vj.d Brytone [BRUTON] Willelmo atte Combe xl.d Willelmo atte Combe xij.d Hd de Chiwtone [HUNDRED OF CHEWTON] Chiwtone [CHEWTON MENDIP] Galfrido in the Coumbe iij.s Brokeleghe [BROCKLEY] Richardo in the combe x.d Hd de Whiteleghe [HUNDRED OF WHITLEY] Othey [OTHERY] Thoma atte Combe xviij.d Hd de Frome [HUNDRED OF FROME] Nony [NUNNEY] Johanne Combe vj.d Hd de Wells, Forinsecum [HUNDRED OF WELLS FORUM] Cranmere [CRANMORE] Henrico in le Combe viij.d Pridie [PRIDDY] Rogero in le Comb xij.d Hd de Tauntone, Forinsecum [HUNDRED OF TAUNTON] Leghe Episcopi [PYLEIGH] Waltero in the Combe xiiij.d Hd de Cruke [HUNDRED OF CREWKERNE] Combe [COMBE] Hugone de Combe xij.d Hd de Kynemersdone [HUNDRED OF KILMERSDON] Kynemerdone cum Asswyke [KILMERSDON] Johanne in the Combe xij.d Radestoke [RADSTOCK] Richardo in the Comb xviij.d Radulpho in the Comb xiiij.d Hd de Wylitone [HUNDRED OF WILLITON & FREEMANORS] Bykenalre [BICKNOLLER] Willelmo de Combe xviij.d Craucombe [CROWCOMBE] Rogero de Comb x.d Hd de Liberium Maneriorum [HUNDRED OF WILLITON & FREEMANORS] Bromptone Regis [BROMPTON REGIS] Johanne atte Combe vj.d Dulvertone [DULVERTON] Eva atte Combe viij.d Bromptone Rauf [BROMPTON RALPH] Bissep atte Combe xiij.d Ricardo atte Combe vj.d Henrico atte Combe xij.d Hd de Cattesasche [HUNDRED OF CATSASH] Northcadebure [NORTH CADBURY] Galfrido atte Cumbe vj.d Hd de Whytesaan [HUNDRED OF WHITESTONE] Villata de Doultynge [DOULTING] Roberto in the Cumbe iij.s Hd de Northpethertone [HUNDRED OF NORTH PETHERTON] Baudrip [BAWDRIP] Johanne atte Combe xij.d Manerium de Brente [EAST BRENT] Martino atte Combe iiij.s Insula de Muthelnye [MUCHELNEY] Roberto le Coumbe iij.s Hd de Kyngesbury [HUNDRED OF KINGSBURY] Lidierd [BISHOPS LYDEARD] Bart: de Combe xviij.d Hd de Wynstestok [HUNDRED OF WINTERSTOKE] Weston [WESTON SUPER MARE] Laurentio in the Combe [m/s torn] Burgus de Mulvertone cum Intrinceco [BOROUGH OF MILVERTON] Willelmo atte Cumbe xij.d

20 February 1332 at Rowden. [MTD/III/2a] 1/22. 1) Thomas de MONTESORREL, kt.; 2) Dame Joan de RALEGH; Lease for life of Wythlakynton Manor. wit. Sir Edward le STRADELYNG; Sir Baldwin MALET; Sir Alexander LOTEREL, Sir Ralf de FIZ URS; Wm de COMBE; Simon de la ROCHE. (ibid.)

20 July 1332, at Nettlecombe. 1/37 5a. 1) John de RALEGH, Ld. of Nettlecombe. 2) Geoffrey de WODEFORD and Christina his wife. Lease for 2 lives of lands in Haddon which Wm de SPIOUR held with 4s. p.a. and suit of court to Nettlecombe. wit. John de LODEHEWYSCH; Wm de COMB; Simon de la ROCHE; Rich. le KNYT; Geoffrey LOVET. (ibid.)

13 April [1333?]. Woodadvent tagged seal - chief ?sanguine, over a ?serpent (in C19 wrapper). 1) Jolenta, d. of John SONE. 2) Thos. le fITZURS DE WODE. Feoffment of rights to lands which were her brother Robert's in Wode, in reversion of death of Robert's wife Christina. Wit. Ralph le FITZURS; John de LODEHYWYSSH; Simon de la ROCHE; Geoffrey de HYWYSSH; Gilbert de HIWYSSH; Wm. de COMBE; Wm. de HIWYSSH. (Somerset Records Office, Index to Archives, DDWO, BOX 62, Accession No. S/849)

22 May 1333 Nettlecombe. 1) Jolenta, d. of John SONE. 2) John le CROS s. of Rob. of LIVEGERISCOTE and Joan his wife. Quitclaim of rights to a messuage, 21 a. land, 1 a. wood and common pasture in Avenauntis wode which her brother Robert SONE, held. wit. John de RALEGH; John de LODEHIWISCH; Simon ROCHE; Rob. PEVEREL; Thos. WARDE. (Somerset Record Office, Index to Archives, TREVELYAN PAPERS, DD/WO, BOX 11, Bundle 1; 11/1/2 and 11/1/3)

19 October 1338, at Nettlecombe. 1/41 10a. 1) John son of John de RALEGH of Nettlecombe; 2) John PYKET; Lease for life of all lands in Wode Avenaunt in Nettlecombe formerly held by John SONE. Rent 2s p.a. and suit of court wit. Geoffrey de HEWYSSCH; Simon de la ROCHE; Wm de COMBE; Richard atte RYXER; Wm FRAUNKELYN. (ibid.)

2 February 1333, at Nettlecombe. 1/56. 1) John de RALEGH, lord of Nettlecombe; 2) John de WODEFORDE; Lease for life of a ferling of land at Wodehouse. rent 4s. p.a. and suit of court to Nettlecombe. wit. John de LODHYWISSCHE; John de CRAUS; Wm de COMBE; Thos de FITZOURS; Thos wARDE. (ibid.)

4 Oct. 1350. Codesford 62/2/11. tagged seal- pike between 6 ?roundels, S.THOM[]. 1) Thos. fitz JAMES, Henry de REDMER and Adam CAREDEL; 2) Adam le VOLLE, Joan his wife and Edith their dau. Lease for lives of all lands at Codesforde in Stogumber which they had from John le BRET. rent 20s. (Somerset Records Office, Index to Archives, DDWO, BOX NO 61; Accession S/126a, BUNDLE 1)

7 January 1352/3 at Codesforde tagged seal - damaged ? figure holding a shield bearing 3 lions' heads erased. Ms. 62. 1/117. 1) John le BRET; 2) Adam le VOLLE, Joan his wife and Edith their daughter. Confirmation of a lease of a tenement at Codesforde [in Stogumber] made to Adam by Thos FITZ JAMES, Henry de REDMER and Adam CAUDEL rent 20s. to be paid to Bret for life and then to his heirs wit. John de RALEGH, kt.; Lawrence de COMBE; Thos atte POLE; David APRYS; John CAGGEWORTH. (Somerset Records Office, Index to Archives, DDWO, BOX NO 61; Accession S/126a, BUNDLE 1)

9 January 1352/3 Codesforde. 62/2/12. Confirmation of the above by John le BRET. Wit. Sir John de RALEGH, kt., Lawrence COMBE; Thos. atte POLE; David APRYS; John BAGGEWORTHE (Somerset Records Office, Index to Archives, DDWO, BOX NO 61; Accession S/126a, BUNDLE 1)

ca 1355 28 Edw III. Exchequer: Augmentation Office: Ancient Deeds, Series B. E 326/5006. Parties: Simon de MERYRT. William de COUMBE and Agnes his wife.Place or Subject: Cerney (Cernheye) (in Trull) in the Manor of Taunton and the hundred of Holliway (Holeweye). County. (Somerset) (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue - record not yet acquired)

1372 John COMBE or de COMBE, knight, of Baudrip, whose widow was Margaret and whose eldest son and heir was John.

26 August 1429. Gryndenham, [1429 23 1 doct.] Grant. Johane REYGNY widow, daughter and heiress of Thomas REYGNY to John WARRE, William PAULETT of Melcombe, John BLUET, lord of Gryndenham, and his wife Matilda. All lands etc., in Cothey formerly of William SNYFFEMORE. Witnessed: Thomas STAWELL, kt., Robert COKYR, William SPEKE, Robert SYDENHAM, John COTHEY, Stephen GORDE, Richard AYNEL. Dated: Seal: Crowned T , presumably a rebus for Thomas REYGNY. Red Wax. Good

5 May 1418 at Harewode tagged seal - RALEGH 5 fusils in a bend. 6a (2 documents in this section are numbered 6a). 1/89. 1) Simon RALEGH and Joan his wife; 2) John STERT junior and Isabella his wife. Lease for 2 lives in reversion of a moiety of a tenement in Harewoode which John STERT his father holds for life and which Magota Harewoode held, also Wodelande, after the death of John STERT the father. rent 10s. for the moiety, 2s. for Wodelande and suit of court. Free from duty to serve as reeve and they may live elsewhere without fine. wit. Wm CLOUTESHAM; Simon atte COMBE; Wm ALERECOTE; John VYCARY; John HAREWODE. (ibid.)

29 August 1429 [1429 24] Gryndenham. 1 doct. Power of attorney. Johane de REIGNY appoints Walter COMBE and John TREMLETT to deliver seizin in transaction in [23] above. Seal: As in [23] above. (Somerset Records Office, Index to Archives, Accession Nos: C/92, C/354 Catalogue Mark: DD/S/CK, COOK OF COTHAY MANUSCRIPTS)

1449 Crewkerne, Somerset. A "free grammar school was founded in 1449, by John de COMBE, Precentor of the cathedral of Exeter, who endowed it with lands now producing L300 per annum..." ("A Topographical Dictionary of England," Samuel Lewis, S. Lewis and Company, London, 1831)

22/04/1509-22/04/1547 Records of the Star Chamber. STAC 2/18/307. Plaintiff: Thomas MEPPELYNG and John ADAMS Defendant: John COMBE Place Or Subject: Gambling County: Somerset (Combs &c. of the Index to the PRO - Star Chamber Series)

From Combs &c. of the Index to the PRO - Series C 1 (records whose dates range from 1337-1558):

C 1/194/70
John COURTENAY, esquire, son and heir of Sir Philip COURTENAY, knight. v. Thomas COMBE and Johan, his wife, daughter of Thomas, brother of John HARTON.: A messuage and land in Dulverton, Somerset.

C 1/756/15; 14
Bartholomew COMBE of Kingsdon, co. Somerset v. Elizabeth PAGE, daughter and heir of William WHETELY and of Edith his wife, and William MAYER, draper.: Detention of deeds relating to messuages and land in Sherborne, late of Thomas DOUNTON of London, mercer

C 1/1172/53
. . . v. John COMBE of Taunton and Robert GALLANT.: Charge for medical treatment of the said COMBE.: Somerset.

From Combs &c. of the Index to the PRO - Series C:

A.D. 1558-1579 C 3/32/108.
CROSSE v. COMBE: Somerset.

A.D. 1558-1579 C 3/45/6
COMBE v. REDE: Somerset.

A.D. 1558-1579 C 3/63/47
FEMAL v. COMBE: Somerset.

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