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Generously extracted from the first 30 volumes of British World War I (1914-1918) Dead, 80 volumes, by Coomber Researcher Richard Coomber who adds: This source includes name; place born (b), place enlisted (e) (a place in brackets after this is place residence if different); number; rank; how killed; where killed; date killed; any medals or distinctions. According to the introduction around 635,000 died in the 1560 days of the war, averaging over 400 a day (Search Combs Research List Archives, List Name: COOMBER, for that surname, including variant spellings).

Note: See also Combs &c. Special Index to PRO Entries and Combs &c. of the Military for additional war records


F&F = France and Flanders, including Italy
dow = died of wounds
kia = killed in action

Volume 1: Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the Line (including Yeomanry and Imperial Camel Corps)

2nd Dragoon Guards (Queens Bays)

COOMBES, Harry; b Leatherhead, Surrey; e Epsom, Surrey; 14060; pte; kia F&F 25/3/18

5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte's Own)

COOMBS William; b Crewkern, Somerset; e Crewkern; 1318; pte; kia F&F 16/11/14

Special Cavalry Reserve 1st King Edward Horse

COOMBES, Valentine Henry; b Kensington, London; e London; 493; SSM; kia F&F; 22/3/17

1st County of London Yeomanry (Middlesex Duke of Cambridge's Hussars)

COOMBES, Bertie Christopher; b Buckland Newton; e Sherborne (Buckland Newton); 230218; pte; d Egypt 14/10/18

Worcester Yeomanry (Queens Own Worcestershire Hussars)

COOMS, Cyril Henry; b Saltley; e Worcester (Birmingham); 2209; cpl; kia Egypt 23/4/16

Volume 2: Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery, Regulars and Territorial Force (including Honourable Artillery Company Batteries)

Royal Regt of Artillery, Horse and Field

COMB Thomas John; e Camberwell, London (Peckham, London); 238099; gunner; kia F&F 11/10/18

COMBE George; b Edinburgh, Midlothian; e Edinburgh; 97014;driver; d Salonika 19/3/16

COOMBES, Alfred; e Camberwell (Peckkham); 236713; driver; kia F&F 25/10/18

COOMBES, Bedford; b Ilminster, Somerset; e Basingstoke, Hampshire; 71755; A/Bdv; kia F&F 10/4/17; DCM

COOMBES, Ernest Augustus; b London; e Dover, Kent; 38488; gunner; dow F&F 25/9/14

COOMBES, George; b Chilworth, Guildford, Surrey; e Gosport, Hampshire; 64383; driver; d home 15/7/18

COOMBES, Hubert; b Birmingham, Warwickshire; e Birmingham; 12938; BQMS; dow Mesopotamia 21/5/16

COOMBES Reginal; b Woolovington, Somerset; e Cardiff, Glamorgan; 39858; driver; d F&F 24/4/16

COOMBES, William Thomas; b Dublin; e St Thomas Mount; 8530; RSM; d Egypt 3/8/15

COOMBS, Edward Lyall; b Peckham, London; e London; 43910; sgt; dow F&F 1/12/17; DCM

COOMBS, Fred; e Hounslow, Middlesex; 166229; gunner; down F&F 8/4/17

COOMES, Charles; b Enfield Wash, Middlesex; e Enfield Town, Middlesex; 48929; gunner; d Mesopotamia 27/7/16

Territorial Force

COOMBE, Sidney John; b Highgate, Middlesex; e London; 935071; sgt; kia F&F 12/9/19

COOMS, Francis; e Reading (Bradfield, Berkshire); 656760; gunner; d F&F 5/11/18 [nb: Seems especially poignant, six days before armistice]

COOMBS, Eric Oliver; b Caerleon, Mon; e Newport Mon; 741081; funner; dow F&F 19/8/17

COOMBS, John Henry; b London; e Fulham, London; 960152; driver; d Egypt 22/5/18

COOMES, Joseph Stanley; b Ealing, Middlesex; e Leamington; 614129; funner; dow F&F 2/12/17

Volume 3: Royal Garrison Artillery

Royal Regt of Artillery (RFA) Corps

COOMBE, Wilfred; b Birmingham; e Birmingham; 121435; gunner; dow F&F; 11/7/17

COOMBES, James; b Bedminster, Bristol; e Bristol; 48372; gunner; kia F&F 30/11/17

COOMBES, Joseph; b Helsby, Cheshire; e Stockport; 8569; gunner; dow F&F 6/10/16

COOMBS, Fred; b West Burgholt, Essex; e Peterborough; 74434; gunner; dow F&F 3/4/17

COOMBS George Henry; b Ilminster, Somerset; e Taunton (Ilminster); 47950; gunner; kia F&F 30/8/18

Volume 4: Corps of Royal Engineers

COOMBE, Arthur; b Greenwich, Kent; e Deptford, Kent; 43157; A/L/Cpl; dow F&F 28/5/18 (26th Field Coy RE)

COOMBES, George; b Taunton, Somerset; e Taunton; 14236; sapper; kia F&F 3/3/15 (23rd Field Coy RE)

COOMBES, James Albert; b Portslade, Sussex; e Greenwich, Kent; 46268 A/Cpl; dow F&F 22/3/18 (64th Field Coy RE)

COOMBES, Thomas David; b St Pancras, Middlesex; e Kensington, Middlesex; 276238; sapper; died at sea 31/12/17; Formerly 515003 London Regt (98th Lt Rly Train Crew RE)

COOMBES, William Henry; b Iron Bridge, Shropshire; e Iron Bridge (Coalbrookdale, Shropshire); 130308; pnr; kia F&F 25/6/16; formerley 19280 Shropshire Lt Infantry (No 1 bttn, Spec Bde, RE)

COOMBES, Wm James; b Folkestone, Kent; e London; 556040; A/L/Cpl; down F&F 23/3/18 formerly 61 RAMC (518th Field Coy RE)

Volume 5: Foot Guards (including Guards Machine Gun Regiment)

Grenadier Guards
1st battalion

COOMBES, Albert Edward; b Ilminster, Somerset; e Taunton, Somerset; 18595; l/cpl; dow F&F 13/9/16; SA medal 1902

2nd battalion

COOMBS, William; b Cardiff, Glamorgan; e Cardiff; 29049; guardsman; kia F&F 28/3/18

COMBE, Oscar; b St Stephens, Worcestershire; e Worcester; 16257; guardsman; kia F&F 31/10/14

Coldstream Guards

COOMBS, Charlie Reginald; b St thomas, Newport, IOW; e Harley Witney (Newport, IOW); 14458; pte; kia F&F 19/9/16

Scots Guards

COMBE, John; b Musselburgh; e Edinburgh (Musselburgh); 7146; L/sgt; kia F&F 26/9/16

Welsh Guards

1st battalion

COOMBES, Henry George; b Bristol, Somerset; e Newport, Mon; 2015; pte; kia F&F 9/12/16

Volume 6 Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment)
5/6th battalion
COMBE, William; b Edinburgh; e Edinburgh; 251006; pte; dow F&F 14/7/17

7th battalion
COME, Lister; e Armadale, West Lothian (Bathgate, W Lothian) 2405; pte; d home 22/5/15

15th battalion
COMBE, George H; b Dunbar, Haddington; e Dunbar; 43584; pte; kia F&F 28/4/17
Volume 7: Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)

7th battalion
, Francis; b High Wycombe, Bucks; e Cricklewood, Middlesex (Golders Green, Middlesex); G/8231; pte; kia F&F 28/9/16

COOMBES, Frederick Sidney; b Herne Hill, Brixton; e St Pauls, London (Herne Hill) G/24619; L/cpl; kia F&F 28/8/16. Formerly 10760 Royal Sussex Regt

9th battalion
COMBES, George Victor; b Marylebone, Middlesex; e Battersea, Surrey
(Marylebone); G/9600; pte; kia F&F 31/7/17

Volume 8 The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)
1st battalion
COOMBES, Thomas Joseph; b Hanover Square, London; e Canterbury, Kent (Ramsgate, Kent); G/14967; L/cpl; kia F&F 17/10/18. Formerly 88844 4th
Battalion East Surrey Regiment

COOMBS, Fred; b Staple, Kent; e Mill Hill, Middlesex (Hampstead, Middlesex); G/8989; L/cpl; kia F&F 15/9/16

COOMBS, Charles; b Sandwich, Kent; e Canterbury,, Kent (Wye, nr Ashford, Kent); L/7848; pte; kia F&F 20/10/14
Volume 9: King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)

2nd battalion
COOMBES, Harry; b Mile End, London; e Stratford, London; 3363; pte; d F&F 10/5/15

1/4th battalion
COOMBE, Joseph; b St Georges Millom, Cumberland; e Millom; 1576; pte dow F&F 4/8/16

Volume 10: Northumberland Fusiliers
11th battalion
COOMBES, Edward Albert; e Bristol; 21193; sgt; dow F&F 20/9/17. Formerly GS/4532 Lancers

12th battalion
COOMBES, George; b Nottingham; e Nottingham; 13580; pte; kia F&F 27/9/15

14th battalion
Combs, Wilfred; b Blyth, Northumberland; e Blyth; 18937; cpl; kia F&F 29/4/18

20th battalion (Tyneside Scottish)
COOMBE, James Henry; b Newcastle upon Tyne; e Crandington, Northumberland;
20/522; pte; kia F&F 1/7/16

26th battalion (Tyneside Irish)
COOMBES, Edward Albert; b Dulwich Kent; e Newmarket, Cambridgeshire; 59364; pte; kia F&F 12/11/17. Formerly se/3651 AVC
Volume 11: Royal Warwickshire Regiment

1st battalion
COOMBES, Arthur; b Shipston under Wytchwood, Oxon; e Rugby, Warwicks (New Bilton, Rugby); 1788; pte; dow F&F 30/6/15

1/6th battalion
COOMBES, Walter; b Coombe, Oxon; e Oxford (Coombe); 5367; pte; kia F&F 10/12/16

Volume 12 Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
4th battalion
COOMBE, Harold; e Chelsea (Worcester) G/62169; pte; dow F&F 2/10/17. Formerly 4588 1st Co of London Yeomanry

COOMBES, William Herbert; b Plumstead; e Uxbridge (London); G/3254; pte; kia F&F 28/815

COOMBS, Alfred Tom; b Bath; e Bath (Radstock); G/16585; dow F&F 1/4/16. Formerly 23289 9th Reserve Cavalry

10th battalion
COOMBS, Leslie Howard; b Dulwich; e London (Chiswick); stk/295; pte; dow F&F 12/7/16

12 battalion
COOMBES, Arthur; b New Cross, Surrey; e Deptford (New Cross); 5069; pte; kia F&F 28/9/15

19th battalion
COOMBES, Aubrey Cecil James; b Lincoln; e York (Harrogate); 6116; pte; kia F&F 28/12/15

22nd battalion
COOMBS, Walter; b Fulham; e Shepherds Bush (Fulham); 748; pte; dow F&F 29/11/15

24th batalion
COOMBES, Percy Harold; b Margate, Kent; e Margate; sp/2855; pte; dow F&F 25/8/18
Volume 13 The King's (Liverpool Regiment)
No entries

Volume 14 The Norfolk Regiment
No entries

Volume 15 Lincolnshire Regiment
No entries

Volume 16 Devonshire Regiment
1st battalion
COOMBES, Arthur James; b Exeter; e Exeter; 7379; pte; dow F&F 14/11/14

COOMBES, Fred; b Upexe, Devon; e Exeter; 24718; pte; kia F&F 9/5/17

COOMBES, William Theodore; b Ilchester, Somerset; e Yeovil, Somerset; 40858; Cpl; kia F&F 30/8/18

2nd battalion
COOME, Henry; b Exeter; e Bulford, Hampshire (Exeter); 9104; pte; dow home 12/12/14

8th (POW) battalion (Territorials)
COOMBES, Frederick Robert; b Buckfastleigh, Devon; e Plymouth (Buckfastleigh); 241174; kia F&F 20/7/18

COOMBES, Thomas Nichols; b Bere Ferris, Devon; e Plymouth (Bere Ferris); 315226; pte; kia F&F 14/9/18

9th (Service) battalion
COOMBE, Ernest Boucher; b Torquay, Devon; e Poplar, Middlesex; 11797; pte; dow F&F 11/11/15

COOMBES, Robert George; b Plymouth; e Devonport; 17128; pte; kia F&F 1/1/17
Volume 17: Suffolk Regiment
4th battalion
COOMS, Henry Herbert; b Maryleone, Middlesex; e Marylebone; 327300; pte; kia F&F 26/9/17. Formerly G/25459 Middlesex Regiment

12th battalion
COOMS, Cecil Moore; b Luton, Beds; e Luton; 45788; pte; kia F&F 6/1/18. Formerly 10613 23rd TR
Volume 18: Prince Albert's (Somerset Light Infantry)
1st battalion
COOMBS, Frederick John; b Glastonbury; e Taunton (Glastonbury); 9601; Cpl; kia F&F 9/5/15

COOMBS, John William; b Glastonbury; e Bath (Chewton Mendip, Somerset); 9766; pte; kia F&F 1/7/16

6th battalion
COOMBS, Charles; b Wellow, Bath; e Bath; 17330; pte; kia F&F 16/9/16

7th battalion
COOMBES, Charles; b Crewkerne, Somerset; e Tonypandy, Glamorgan (Crewkerne); 12809; pte; kia F&F 16/9/16

COOMBS, Frederick William Nelson; e Castle Cary, Somerset; 22647; pte; kia F&F 30/11/17

8th battalion
COOMBES, Jocelyn; b Iver, Bucks; e London (Iver); 15190; pte; kia F&F 25/9/15. Formerly 13708 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

COOMBES, Thomas; b Aberdare, Glamorgan; e Aberdare; 16920; pte; dow F&F 22/11/16

11th battalion
COOMBS, Henry William; b Bath; e Bath; 265516; pte; dow F&F 19/11/18

1/4th battalion
COOMBS, William Howard; b Keynsham, Somerset; e Bath (Keynsham); 200568; pte; d Mesopotamia 7/8/16
Volume 19: Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
No entries

Volume 20 East Yorkshire Regiment
No entries

Volume 21: Bedfordshire Regiment
6th battalion
COOMBY, Louis; b Lugwardine, Herts; e Bedford (Abergavenny); 10510; L/sgt; kia F&F 2/8/16
Volume 22: Leicestershire Regiment
7th battalion
COOMBES, Abram; b Widnes, Lancashire; e Warrington (Widnes); 15983; pte; kia F&F 12/7/16
Volume 23 Royal Irish Regiment
No entries
Volume 24 Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment
11th battalion
COOMBS, Joseph Henry; b Walsall; e Lichfield (Walsall); TR/5/9604; pte; d home
Volume 25 Lancashire Fusiliers
10th battalion
COOMBS, Joseph Rothwell; b Bury, Lancashire; e Bury; 201405; L/sgt; dow F&F 7/11/17

19th battalion
COOMS, Edward Soloman (sic); b Wilton, Wiltshire; e Salisbury, Wilts; 46595; pte; kia F&F 13/10/18. Formerly T/4/42659 RASC
Volume 26: Royal Scots Fusiliers
no entries
Volume 27 Cheshire Regiment
9th battalion
COOMBE, George Francis; b Chepstow, Mon; e Cardiff (Chepstow); 53246; pte; kia F&F 10/4/18. Formerly 31972 S Wales Borderers

COOMBES Thomas; b St Marys Cheadle, Cheshire; e Stockport; 265659; cpl; dow
F&F 8/11/18

10th battalion
COOMBS, Alan; b Northwich, Cheshire; e Altrincham, Cheshire; 49385; pte; kia F&F 10/10/16

COOMBS, Samuel; b Northwich, Cheshire; e Northwich; 13567; L/cpl; kia F&F 14/7/16
Volume 28 Royal Welsh Fusiliers
8th battalion
COOMBS, Frederick James; b Ognore Vale, Glam; e Pentre, Glam; 12516; pte; kia Gallipoli; 7/8/85
Volume 29 south Wales Borderers
1st battalion
COOMBY, Robert; b Bringsty, Worcs; e Newport, Mon; 26078; pte; kia F&F 27/8/16

COOMBEY, William; b Whitbourne, Worcs; e Newport, Mon; 13893; pte; kia F&F 9/5/15

6th battalion
COOMBS, George; b Merthyr, Glam; e Pontypridd, Glam; 17548; pte; kia F&F

COOMBS, Thomas; b Mynyddislwyn, Mon; e Newport, Mon (Newbridge, Mon); 17288; pte; kia F&F 11/8/17

10th battalion
COOMBES, Frank; b High Bridge, Somerset; e Abertillery; 33104; pte; kia F&F

11th battalion
COOMBS, Edward Charles; b Bath, Somerset; e Ebbw Vale, Mon; 20579; pte; kia F&F 10/7/16

COOMBS, Frederick Barrack; b Gloucester; e Newport, Mon; 28475; pte; kia F&F 3/8/17

Brecknock battalion
COOMBE, Percy Alexander; b Exeter; e Brecon; 1781; pte; d India 4/7/15
Volume 30 King's Own Scottish Borderers
1/4th battalion
COMBE, Walter; b Hawick, Roxburgh; e Hawick; 629; pte; kia Dardanelles 12/7/15

Only 50 volumes to go. Richard Coomber
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