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Henry County established in 1825 from unorganized Fulton. The county seat is Cambridge.

Thanks to Carol Combs for the Henry Co, IL Combs' Records.

SE Note: There are multiple groups of Combs families in Henry Co., IL records. Several children of the Joseph N (Napoleon) and Nancy BRABHAM Combs family of Morgan Co., OH migrated to Henry Co., IL., and then further west to Taylor Co., IA. Joseph was the son of Robert Combs (1779-1851) and Nancy SEARS of Loudoun Co, VA. who migrated from Loudoun Co, Virginia to Ohio. Another Combs group came from Ross County, Ohio, and there are representatives from a New Hampshire Combs line.

1860 Henry Co, IL Census

Roll: M653_182;


Page: 0; Image: 385. 16 July 1860

69/62 Henry Corl 33 m Farmer $4000 $1000 VA
Susan Corl 28 f Wife PA
Sophia Combs 18 f Servant OH

Note: Marriage of Henry Corl and Susan Combs 29 Aug 1850 in Ross Co, OH. Substantiating the information from Andrew's obituary stating they moved to Ross Co, OH. when Andrew was 11 years old - about 1848.


Page: 0; Image: 148 27 Jun 1860

1110/1076 Maggy Combs 17 f w Servant PA

Note: Maggy is living with the William HIXON family as a servant. It is possible that she is another sister of Andrew's because we learned through Susan's obit. that there were several sisters and only one son.

Carol Combs

1870 Henry Co, IL Census


Galva PO

p. 47/418; June 18, 1870

391/400 Comb Joel, 33, M, W, Domestic servant, PP=$200, b IL
Amanda, 31, F, W, Keeping House, b OH
Franklin 7, M, W, At Home, b IL
Mary 4, F, W, At Home, b IL

(Source: Heritage Quest original census images)

Roll: M593_229;


Woodhull PO

Page: 343; Image: 213 13 Jun 1870

148/162 Combs, Francis 22 m w Farmer $0 $490 OH Attended school Male over 21
Nancy J. 55 f w Keeps house VA
Margaret 18 f w At school OH Attended school
Sydna L. 9 m w At school OH Attended school

Notes: Francis Marion aka Frank Combs, s/o of Joseph N Combs and wife Nancy J BRABHAM of Morgan Co., OH. Nancy was apparently a widow. Morgan Co, OH history states Joseph died in Illinois. This family next found in Taylor Co., IA. Pat Combs O'Dell's family group sheet states Francis was born 8 May 1848 Morgan Co, Oh, married Flora Belle HIXSON on 14 Nov 1875 Taylor Co, IA, and died 28 Apr 1919 Spencer, McCook Co, SD He is named in obituaries of his siblings in Taylor Co., IA. His mother Nancy died April 17, 1884, age 69 years and 9 days, and is buried in the Guss cemetery in Taylor Co., with her sons Burr H and Joseph Thomas.

Page: 349; Image: 226. 16 Jun 1870

245/265 Combs, Joseph 34 m w Farmer $3000 $450 VA
Kizzie 34 f w Keeps house OH
Sarah J. 11 f w At school OH Attended school
Joseph 8 m w OH Attended school
Ellen 5 f w IL Attended school

Notes: Joseph Combs aka Joseph T “Thomas” Combs, s/o Robert Combs and Nancy SEARS of Loudoun Co., Va., and Morgan Co. Pat Combs O'Dell's family group sheet states Joseph Thomas was born 07 Sep 1835 Loudoun Co, Va, married Keziah McDONALD on 22 Jan 1858 Morgan Co, OH, and died in Taylor Co., IA, on 02 Nov 1923 where he is buried in the Guss Cem, Nodaway Twp, Taylor Co, IA. This couple previously found in the 1860 Morgan Co., OH census, and next found in the 1880 Taylor Co., IA census. See Taylor Co , IA for his obituary and more information about his family and siblings.


Page: 434; Image: 397. 25 July 1870

9/10 Combs, John 26 m w Farmer $1500 $300 NH Male over 21
Marina 33 f w Keeps house NH
Geo C. 3 m w NH
Fred 1 m w IL.

Roll: M593_230;


Cambridge PO

Page: 96; Image: 194. 20 July 1870

71/71 Combs, Andrew J. 32 m w Farmer $4000 $1500 OH
Louisa 22 f w Keep house PA
Henry A. 1 m w IL

Carol Combs

Notes: A J Combs married Louisa RINGLE May 23, 1867. On 22 Jan 1847 (Ross Co OH Marriage Records) Rebecca Combs married a John BERKLINE (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natoli's from Ross County Ohio Marriage Records)

1880 Henry Co, IL Census

Film Number T9-0212


p. 202C

W. A. COMBS Self M Male W 29 RR Station Agent NY NY NY
Linda A. Wife M Female W 27 Keeping House NY NY NY
Nannie L. Sister S Female W 2 IL NY NY
Nellie JOHNSON Other S Female W 20 SWE Servant SWE SWE

p. 203B

E. F. COMBS Self M Male W 33 Engineer In Grain Elevator NY MA NY
Julia Wife M Female W 27 Keeping House NY NY ENG
Frankie Dau S Female W 5 IL NY NY
Annie Dau S Female W 3 IL NY NY

Film Number T9-0213


p. 292B

Jno. L. COMBS Self M Male W 35 Farmer NH NH NH
Marinda B. Wife M Female W 43 House Keeper NH NH NH
Geo. C. Son S Male W 13 NH NH NH
Fred B. Son S Male W 11 IL NH NH
Arthur L. Son S Male W 9 IL NH NH
Chas. A. Son S Male W 8 IL NH NH
Ella M. Dau S Female W 3 IL NH NH
Jas. F. Son S Male W 6M IL NH NH


p. 432B

Andrew J. COMBS Self M Male W 42 OH Farmer PA PA
Louisa Wife M Female W 34 PA Keeping House PA PA
Henry A. Son S Male W 11 IL OH PA
Eddie Son S Male W 8 IL OH PA
Joseph T. Son S Male W 3 IL OH PA

20 Feb 1897 Andrew J. Combs died at his home in Osco, February 20, 1897, of consumption. Mr. Combs was born in McArthur, Athens County, Ohio, October 22, 1837, and was the only son of Thomas and Anna Fraley Combs. At the age of 11 he moved to Chillecothe, [Ross Co] Ohio, where he lived until 1852, when he removed to Bureau County, Illinois. He came to Osco, Henry County, in 1865, where he has since lived an honored citizen. He leaves a wife, Laura (RINGLE) Combs, and three sons to mourn his loss. * R. H. HINMAN, of Cambridge, and Mrs. Leah NOLIND, of Conesville, Iowa, survive him. The funeral services were held at Grace Church, Osco, February 22, Rev. Purce, assisted by Rev. Thornton, of Geneseo, officiating. The remains were interred in Grace Church Cemetery.

CC Note *: Survivors should read Mrs. R. H. HINMAN of Cambridge. Mrs. R. H. Hinman is Andrew's sister Susan Combs HINMAN. Also note that I believe it should have read Grundy County instead of Bureau County.

1900 Henry Co, IL Census

*Note there are 29 names - the index for Henry County lists 33 but 4 names are repeated

Roll: T623 305


p. 12A; ED: 6 - 11 Jun 1900

286/293 Combs, L. A. Head W F Oct 1845 54 Widow IL PA PA

Note: L. A. stands for Louisa A. RINGLE Combs the widow of Andrew J. Combs who died in 1897 (three sons in Osco, below)


p. 1B; ED: 11 - 3 June 1900

19/19 Combs, Fred Head W M Oct 1868 31 Married 5 yrs. IL NH NH Farmer #17
Celia Wife W F Mar 1875 25 Md. 5 yrs. 1 child 1 living IL GER GER
Lawrence Son W M Oct 1898 1 IL IL IL

Roll: T623 306


p. 3A; ED: 20 - 4 June 1900

535 S. Fremont St. 55/55 Combs, Claud Roomer W. M Feb 1876 24 Single KS IL IL Coal Miner Foundry

Note: Claud lives with the Alexander Scott Family as a roomer.

p. 6A; ED: 16 - 12 Jun 1900

98/103 Combs, James W Head W M. Apr 1857 43 Md. 23 yrs. VA VA VA Coal Miner
Nancy Wife W F Oct 1857 42 Md 23 yrs. 6 ch. 6 living VA VA VA
Retta C. Dau W F Sep 1880 19 VA VA VA
William A Son W M Aug 1883 16 Coal Miner NE VA VA
Dora E. Dau W F Dec 1889 10 At school NE VA VA
Guy R. Son W M Apr 1892 8 WY VA VA
Ester C Dau W F Dec 1895 4 NE VA VA
Cuba Dau W F Feb 1898 2 IL VA VA


p. 2A; ED: 25 - 5 June 1900

22/22 Combs, Eddie Head W M Oct 1871 28 Md. 4 yrs. IL OH IL Farmer #22
May Wife W F Sep 1871 28 Md 4 yrs. 2 ch. 2 living IL PA PA
Charlie A Son W M May 1896 4 IL IL IL
Josephine L. Dau W F Mar 1898 2 IL IL IL

p. 3A; ED: 25 - 8 June 1900

49/49 Combs, Henry Head W M Sep 1868 31 Md. 10 yrs. IL OH PA Farmer #47
Carrie L. Wife W F Oct 1870 29 Md. 10 yrs. 3 ch. 2 living IL OH PA
Irene L. Dau W. F. Sep 1890 9 At school IL IL IL
Margaret A. Dau W F Aug 1895 4 IL IL IL

51/51 Combs, Joe T. Head W M Oct 1876 23 Md. 2 yrs. IL OH PA Farmer Farm #49
Maud E. Wife W F Mar 1876 24 Md. 2 yrs. 1 ch. 1 living IL PA VA
Herbert P. Son W M Dec 1899 6/12 IL IL IL

Note: Previous three, all sons of Andrew J. and Louisa RINGLE Combs.


p. 9A; ED: 29 - 15 June 1900

171/175 Combs, Horace Head W M Nov 1856 43 Single IL VA OH Farmer #35
Serepta Sister W F Apr 1854 46 Single IL VA OH
Emma D. Sister W F Mar 1859 41 Single IL VA OH

Note: Next page same household

171/175 Combs, Sherman Boarder W M Jan 1865 35 Single IL VA OH School Teacher
Jay D. Boarder W M Mar 1884 16 Single NE PA IL At school

History of Henry County Illinois
by Henry L. Kiner, Volume I, 1910
page 890-891

Edward Arthur Combs

Edward Arthur Combs, one of the successful agriculurists (sic) of this county, who also devotes considerable attention to the raising, feeding and shipping of cattle, was born in the house in which he now lives, in Osco township, October 2, 1871. His father, Andrew Combs, was a native of Ohio and when he came to Illinois purchased the farm on section 23, Osco township, on which his son lives today. His wife was Miss Louise RINGLE before her marriage and nobly fulfilled the duties that fell to her share.

On the farm which was his birthplace Edward Arthur Combs has passed the greater part of his life and has tilled its soil from the time that he was able to handle the implements of agriculture. He attended the public schools of the district, and from them obtained substantial education. After leaving school he devoted himself to the work on his father's farm until he was about twenty-three years old, when he married and operated another farm in Osco township, though he continued to live at home. Upon his father's death he inherited one hundred and twenty acres of land and in 1903 purchased eighty additional acres, which brings his holdings up to two hundred acres, the extent of his present farm. At the time he bought the land the price was one hundred and twelve and a half dollars, but now it is worth fully one hundred and seventy-five or two hundred dollars an acre. It is all well improved and is rich, arable land, and also valuable as pasture.

In Gardner, Grundy county, Illinois, on the 6th of February, 1895, was celebrated the marriage of Mr. Combs and Miss May BUTTERFIELD, whose home was in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She was born in Gardner, September 6, 1871, and was a daughter of Oliver and Lydia (LEACH) BUTTERFIELD, but as her mother died when she was very young she was sent to an aunt in Scranton and there grew to maturity. In her young womanhood she came to Henry county to visit relatives, and here met Mr. Combs, who wooed and married her. They have become the parents of four children: Charles Andrew, born May 30, 1896; Josephine Susan, born May 13, 1898; Jessie May, born March 26, 1901; Edward Pierce, born June 26, 1903.

Mr. Combs is a firm believer in the principles enunciated in the platform of the republican party and ever since he cast his first presidential ballot for Harrison has given his support to its candidates. He has never sought any office, however, though there can be no doubt of the ready and substantial approval with which his aspiration to public distinction would be met by the citizens of his community, for by his success he has proved himself to be steadfast in purpose and honorable in the conduct of his business.

Submitted by Linda Berney

The following information comes from the book titled:



Post office box 346, Kewanee, Illinois 61443

Other Combs Cemetery Lots located in GRACE EPISCOPAL CEMETERY
NW NE 26, Osco Twp., Henry Co., IL.

COMBS, Andrew Lot 50 b 22 Oct 1837 d. Feb 1897

COMBS, Dorothy HARTLEY w/o Henry Lot 50 No stone, cemetery records Henry was s/o Andrew & Louise

COMBS, Edward A. s/o Andrew & Louise Ringle Lot 15 B. 1871 (2 October) d 1943 (9 Jul)

COMBS, Edward P. s/o E.A & M. B. (Edward Arthur Combs & Anna May BUTTERFIELD) Lot 15 b 1903 (26 Jun) d 1932 (25 May)

COMBS, Infant d/o H. & D. (Henry and Dorothy HARTLEY Combs) Lot 50 No stone, Cemetery Records

COMBS, Joseph Earl Lot 50 b 23 Oct 1904 d 05 Jun 1970 s/o J. & L. (son of Joseph and Laura HIGGINS Combs)

COMBS, Joseph T. Lot 50 b 1876 (October) d 1960 (20 October)

COMBS, Josephine S. w/o J. H. (John Holland Lough) Lot 15 b 16 Mar 1898 d 29 May 1988

COMBS, Laura Louise (Laura Louise HIGGINS wife of Joseph Thomas Combs) Lot 50 b 1881 (Sep) d 1937 (19 Nov)

COMBS, Louise Ringle Lot 50 b 1845 (October) d 1940 (18 Jan)

COMBS, May B. (Amy May BUTTERFIELD wife of Edward Arthur Combs) Lot 15 b 1871 (6 Sep) d 1950 (14 May)

HINMAN, Susan 2nd wife of R. H. (R. Heber Hinman) Susan is Susan Combs sister to Andrew Combs Lot 53 b 1832 (May) d 1919 (5 Oct)

**Note information after dates and names, in parantheses, is information I added and is not listed in the book.

Carol Combs

History of Henry County, Illinois, by Henry L. Kiner, Volume II, Chicago: The Pioneer Publishing Company, 1910.

Joseph RINGLE, the father of William RINGLE, was a farmer and dairyman and came to Illinois in 1857, settling in Munson Township, Henry County, where he purchased eighty acres of land to which he after ward added one hundred and sixty acres. Upon this he reared his family and greatly improved the property, making it a valuable farm. He died at the home of his son, William, in Osco Township, his wife surviving him for several years. Both were members of the Presbyterian Church. Their family numbered seven children who yet survive: James; Katharine, the wife of Harrison Moore; John (also bio in this book); Louisa, the wife of Andrew J. Combs; William; Mary, the wife of John SHERRARD and David W. of this family. John RINGLE served for three years as a soldier in the Civil War with the Ninth Illinois Cavalry.

Constance Combs

Birth Index Prior To 1916 Henry County, IL
A - G


The RECORD column lists book and page meaning the original book the birthdate was recorded. ?=to faded to read.

17 Oct 1871 Combs, Edward Arthur M Andrew Jackson Combs Louise RINGLE *Oct 17, 1871 B 1

02 Dec 1879 Combs, No name Listed F John Combs No mother's Listed. Dec. 2, 1879 1 13?

06 Sep 1890 Combs, Irene Louise F Henry A. Combs Carrie L. HARTLEY Sep 6, 1890 2 ?

24 Oct 1893 Combs, Lawrence M Fred B. Combs Celia ERDMAN Oct. 24, 1893 3 55

28 Feb 1898 Combs, Cuba F James William Combs Nancy Katherine JENNINGS Feb 28, 1898 B ?

26 Mar 1898 Combs, Josephine Susan F Edward Arthur Combs May BUTTERFIELD March 26, 1898 B 4

13 Mar 1901 Combs, Jessie May F Edward Arthur Combs May BUTTERFIELD March 13, 1901 B 4

17 Jun 1903 Combs, Edward Pierce M Edward A. Combs May BUTTERFIELD June 17, 1903 4 31

07 Apr 1904 Combs, Hartley William M Henry Combs Carrie HARTLEY Apr 07, 1904 4 4

13 Oct 1904 Combs, Joseph Earl M Joseph Combs Laura HIGGINS Oct. 13,1904 5 ?

10 Feb 1907 Combs, Roy Henry M Henry Andrew Combs Carrie L. HARTLEY Feb. 10, 1907 B 5

28 Jun 1909 Combs, Hazel M F Joseph Combs Laura HIGGINS June 28, 1909 6 ?

13 Mau 1910 COMER, William M William Comer Cora OLSON May 13, 1910 7 84

20 Jan 1911 Combs, Walter M Joseph Laura HIGGINS Jan. 20, 1911 7 233

*Note: Edward Arthur Combs is listed here with a birthdate of October 17, 1871 However, all other records that list his birth is October 2, 1871 and this date is the one he used.

Carol Combs

submitted by Carol Combs

19 JAN 1863 BESTOR, H COMBS, SOPHIA 1863-01-19 00A/0107 01863005

23 May 1867 COMBS, A J RINGLE, Louisa 1867-05-23 00A/0180 01867120

07 Jun 1869 COMBS, Newton DELMAGE, Mary Ann 1869-06-07 00B/0010 01869146

10 Mar 1870 COMBS, Burr H PAINTER, Lou 1870-03-10 00B/0026 01870123

Note: Couple found in 1870 Taylor Co., IA census.

12 Sep 1872 BARMAN, SAMUEL COMBS, MARGARET 1872-09-12 00B/0067 01872220

Note: This Margaret, d/o of Joseph N Combs and Nancy BRABHAM.

22 Oct 1874 COMBS, Frederick L TEACHOUT, Lucy M 1874-10-22 00B/0104 01874229

14 Mar 1895 COMBS, Fred B ERDIMANN, Cecelia 1895-03-14 2 /101 4987

16 Dec 1897 COMBS, Joseph LIKIN, Maude 1897-12-16 2 /165 5821

28 Jan 1904 COMBS, Joseph T HIGGINS, Laura Louise 1904-01-28 3 /13 7987

21 Dec 1905 COMBS, William BECKER, Mary 1905-12-21 3 /70 8728

02 Feb 1916 COMBS, Charles WEIDLEIN, Vera C 1916-02-02 4 /16 12170

04 Apr 1918 COMBS, Vernon ZACHAN, Anna 1918-04-04 4 /74 12921

20 Aug 1918 ANDERSON, ARTHUR V COMBS, MARGARET 1918-08-20 4 /80 13005

27 Aug 1919 LOUGH, JOHN H COMBS, JOSEPHINE S 1919-08-27 4 /104 13307

Oakwood Cemetery

Geneseo Twp

Henry County Genealogical Society

This Cemetery book is printed by the: Henry County Genealogical Society
Post Office Box 356
Kewanee, Illinois 61443

Oakwood Burials
as of 10/13/1992

Page 49:

Last Name First Name Age Date of Death Block Lot Oakwood*

COMBS, Carrie -- 9-7-1948 B E 1/2 33 5670

COMBS, Cecelia 55 3-21-1929 R E 1/2 16 4061

COMBS, Fred B. 67 5-17-1936 R E 1/2 16 4639

COMBS, George -- 11-15-1892 R E 16 ----

COMBS, Helen A. 70 7-06-1979 B SE 1/2 7 10199

COMBS, Henry Andrew 94 10-11-1962 B E 1/2 33 8093

Page 50:

COMBS, John -- 09-10-1891 R 16 ---

COMBS, Marinda -- 05-14-1909 R E 1/2 16 ---

COMBS, Maude F. 76 01-09-1953 M 18 6047

COMBS, Mirda 72 05-14-1909 R E 1/2 16 2550
I believe this might be a duplicate for the listing above Combs, Marinda

Also buried in this cemetery is the son of Henry Andrew Combs, however, he is not listed in this book because he died and was buried after 10/13/1992

COMBS, Roy Henry 93 26-06-2000 B E 33

*the heading Oakwood - I'm not sure if the number is the death certificate number or if it is a number Oakwood Cemetery uses as a reference number.

Henry County, Illinois

Andover Twp

Rosedale Cemetery

Rosedale Cemetery was read in 1989 by members of the Henry County Genealogical Society, and updated in 2002.

Name Birth Death Additional

COMBS, Esther M. (Marie) 1921 (April 1) 2 May 2004 (Esther M. is the wife of William E.)

COMBS, Little Nellie 10 Nov 1871 18 Nov 1875 Adopted d/o W. A. (W. A. Combs is not listed)

COMBS, William E. (Edward) 1917 (Jun 24) 11 Aug 1976 (William is the husband of Esther M.)

COMBS listing from DEATH INDEX PRIOR TO 1916
Henry County, IL.
A through K

Henry County Genealogical Society

Copies of this book can be obtained by writing to:
Henry County Clerk's Office
Cambridge, Illinois 61238

COMBS, Jacob Residence: Wethersfield Death Date: Nov 14, 1878 Book 1, Page 19

Possible Alternate spellings

COMP, Charles Residence: Annawan Death Date: Mar 20, 1878 Book 1, Page 8

COMY Joseph Residence: Kewanee Death Date: Jun 10, 1910 Book 8, Page 609 (Stillborn)

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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