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Lawrence County established in 1821 from Crawford and Edwards Counties.

1850 Lawrence Co, IL Census

USGenWeb Census Project

No Twp

p. 3b

42/42 Combs George W. 36 M Farmer 3,500 PA
Rebecca 27 F PA
Eliza 8 F PA
Betsey A. 4 F IL
Lafayette 1 M IL

p. 6a

78/78 Couchman Benjamin 57 M Farmer 4,000 KY
Mary Ann 52 F KY
Louisa 27 F IA
Andrew J. 20 M IL
Marion 18 M IL
Rebecca 15 F IL
Harriet 14 F IL
Martha 12 F IL

p. 6b (con't) Handwritten 12 on top of page

78/78 Comb Elias Clay 4 M IA
George 4 M IA

p. 10b

143 143 Combs Andrew 23 M Farmer 400 OH
Eunice 19 F OH
Rosella 2 F IL

p. 13a

176/176 Combs Murphy 26 M Farmer 500 PA
Susannah 24 F PA
Marian 5 M Il
Andrew 3 M Il
Harrison 1 M Il

p. 17b

241 241 Combs Samuel 30 M Farmer 400 OH
Ruth 25 F Md
Thomas J. 7 M OH
Eliza Ann 5 F IL
William H. 1 M IL

p. 51a

732/732 Fitch C. P. 24 M Farmer IA
Margaret 24 F IL
Barbara 7/12 F IA
Comb Adam Clay 22 M VA

1860 Lawrence Co, IL Census

REEL NO: M653-198

USGenWeb Census Project

Christy Township - Bridgeport PO

p. 99

684/662 Combs Wasington 46 M Farmer 800 300 VA
Amand 39 F TN
James 16 M TN
Anderson 14 M TN
John 13 M TN
Sarah 11 F TN
Mary 9 F TN
Martha 7 F IL
Thomas 2 M IL

p. 100

689/667 Combs Andrew 34 M Farmer 600 200 OH
Unice 50 F OH
Rose 10 F IL
Albert 8 M IL
Sarah 6 F IL
Max 1 M IL

Christy Township - Sumner P.O.

p. 188

232/229 Combs Murphy 38 M Farmer 3,000 1,000 OH
Susanah 37 F PA
Marion 15 M IL
Andrew 13 M IL
Harrison 11 M IL
Eliza 7 F IL
Hamilton 4 M IL

p. 197

292/289 Combs Samuel 39 M Farmer 1,600 900 OH
Ruth H 37 F Md
Thomas J 17 M Farm Laborer OH
Eliza A 14 F IL
Wm H 12 M IL
Thornton 7 M IL
Mary C 3 F IL
Josephus 1 M IL

p. 200

315/312 Comb George W 45 M Farmer 15,000 1,400 PA
Rebeca 37 F PA
Lizzie E 18 F Domestic IL
Elizabeth 13 F IL
Lafayette 11 M IL
Sarah A. 9 F IL
John W. 6 M IL
Lydia J. 4 F IL
Emma C. 1 F IL

Denison Township - Lawrenceville P.O.

p. 224

469/461 Gillespie Wm. 25 M Farmer 3,000 500 OH
Mary A 20 F OH
Comer Bridget 8 F OH

Denison Township - St. Francisville P.O.

p. 225

498/490 Highsmith J M 37 M Farmer 300 IL
Susanah 28 F OH
Hetta 10 F IL
Catherine 8 F IL
John H 5 M IL
Sarah T 3 F IL
Eliza E 1 F IL
Comes Temperance 40 F Domestic IL
Sophroia 15 F Domestic IL
Philander 10 M IL
Harmon A 6 M IL
Ellen F 5 F IL

p. 228

518/510 Comer Luke 50 M Farmer 300 75 Ire
Biget 40 F Ire
Bridget 3 F IL

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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