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Menard County was established in 1839 from Sangamon. Mason was est. in 1841 from Menard and Tazewell (Tazewell from Sangamon in 1827).

See also Combs Land of Cass, Menard and Sangamon Co, IL

2-16-1840 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-7- Elizabeth Ann Combs & Jacob L. HODGEN

1840 Menard Co, IL Census Index

(Transcription of Records Needed!)

P. 303
Thomas Combs
Samuel Combs

P. 304
Jonah Combs
John Combs
Jesse Combs

Notes: Thomas is supposed to be [sic] h/o Rachael ELMORE (see below) and he and Samuel may be same who were earlier in Green Co, KY (records needed). See also Cass Co, IL.

1-01-1844 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-30- Jane Combs & Amos VICK

Note: Amos was actually a DICK, not a VICK. Jane's full name was Barith Jane Combs according to the 1882 DeWitt Co, IL biography of her husband, Amos DICK. They are found on the 1850 Cass Co, IL census.

10-10-1844 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-35. return blank Alice Jane COMBS & Benjamin IRWIN

1-01-1845 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-37 Elizabeth J. Combs & Edward L. BINGLEY

2-11-1847 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-53 Samuel Combs & Margaret H. WILSON

Notes: This may have been the Samuel & Margaret COMBS on the 1860 Cass Co, IL Census. Samuel is "said" to have been s/o Samuel & Jane HASH Combs of Green Co, KY.

9-06-1849 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-74 Hannah M. Combs & Amory P. JOHNSON

3-21-1850 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-81 Jonah Combs & Sarah SHEPHARD

1850 Menard Co, IL Census Index

P. 337 Jonah COMBS

7-21-1850 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-83 Hanah A. Combs & George SNAPE

9-13-1856 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-162 Susan L. Combs & James T. ARMSTRONG

11-06-1856 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-96 Milton G. Combs & Nancy KIRBY

11-29-1857 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-180 Mary E. Combs & George E. HESTINGS

6-06-1865 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-274 Mary A. Z. Combs & Zephanah ICKE

Notes: According to her 1930 Kay Co, OK death certificate, Mary Ann Combs Icke was the d/o Thomas & Rachel ELMORE Combs (m 23 Sep 1830, Sangamon Co, IL), and b 28 Sep 1847, Cass Co, IL (Thomas was on 1850 Cass census). According to death cert of her son, however, she was b in Lawrence Co, MO.

9-29-1867 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-327 Ruth A. Combs & Joseph E. GORDON

3-03-1868 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-337 Sarah J. Combs & Lafayette SIMPSON

6-18-1868 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-341 Amos Combs & Virginia FRIMM

5-05-1869 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-359 Nancy Combs & James MASTON

7-02-1876 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-22 Mary E. Combs & Chandler B. GATES

8-30-1876 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-23 Samuel Combs & Emma REVIS

11-06-1879 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-33 Mary J/I Combs & William W. OSBOURN

1-15-1882 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-39 Laura E. Combs & Peter W. ELLMORE

9-30-1886 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-54 Dorcas A. Combs & Edward H. COGDAL

2-15-1888 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-60 Etta L. Combs & Daniel W. BURTON

8-28-1889 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-69 Celia A. Combs & Harvey M. LEVERING

3-28-1895 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-107 E. Harvey Combs & Mollie CALLOWAY

1-27-1897 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-119 John B. Combs & Olive E. SHORT

9-27-1897 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. A-165 Milton F. Combs & Dora Mrs. SMITH

4-03-1898 Menard Co, IL Marriage Records. B-127 George T. Combs & Jennie RIEL

Notes: Possibly the George T. Combs buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Cass Co, IL?

1930 Menard Co Census

Athens Precinct City of Athens - Third Ward

Pg. 162B Enumerated: April 2-11, 1930

Combs Eliza M. Head-H F W 63 KY

Athens Precinct

Pg. 170B Enumerated: April 12-30, 1930

Combs Robert H. Head M W 23 IL
Helen M. Wife-H F W 17 IL
Robert J. Son M W 1/12 IL

Fancy Prairie Precinct

Pg. 179A Enumerated: May 2-10, 1930

BARR John W. Head M W 60 OH
Florence Wife-H F W 59 IL
Combs James H. Lodger M W 64 K

Indian Creek Precinct

Pg. 198B Enumerated: April 17-29, 1930

Combs Virgil H. Head M W 31 IL
Berneice Wife-H F W 28 IL
Virgil Jr. Son M W 8 IL
Samuel M. Son M W 6 IL
Shirley A. Daughter F W 5 IL
Wiseman Benjamin F. Lodger M W 56 IL

Oakford Precinct

Pg. 210B Enumerated: April 12-23, 1930

HOOVER Jesse Head M W 56 IL
Lelia Wife-H F W 40 IL
Jeanelle Daughter F W 11/12 IL
Comer Hilda Step Daughter F W 17 IL
Comer Clara Step Daughter F W 15 IL
Comer Thomas Step Son M W 9 IL

Petersburg Precinct

Pg. 219A Enumerated: April 2-28, 1930

Combs Lutie Head F W 51 IL
Beula Sister-H F W 45 IL
HAIRRAUFF Helen M. Boarder F W 20 WS
STRUBELL Sera E. Servant F W *2 OH *Unreadable

Tallula Precinct Tallula Village

Pg. 260A Enumerated: April 15-21, 1930

EPPERLY Thomas E. Head M W 63 VA
Kate Wife-H F W 62 IL
Combs Mollie Sister in Law F W 60 IL

Tallula Precinct outside village

Pg. 268B Enumerated: April 2-11, 1930

HINDS Curtis E. Head M W 58 IL
Annie Wife-H F W 41 KY
Coomer Amy Step Daughter F W 9 KY

Source: USGenWeb Census Project(

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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