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Last updated 17 Feb 2010
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County Kilkenny (Cill Channaigh, St. Canice's church); Canice, the saint from whom the county gets its name, was a sixth-century missionary and contemporary of St. Columba. Born at Dungiven in Co. Derry, he founded many establishments both in Ireland and in Scotland; his sign of the cross is said to have paralysed the sword-hand of King Brude the pagan Pict when he threatened the Irish missionaries. St. Canice's cathedral in Kilkenny city is on the same site as one of the saint's churches. (Irish Times)

Excerpted from County Kilkenny: The New English Families, The Cromwellian Protestant Settlement (1650-1690):

"The arrival of Oliver Cromwell's army in Kilkenny by 1650, dealt a devastating blow to the Old English (Anglo-Norman Catholic) landed gentry. Following defeat, many families remained on as the tenantry of the county, while others transplanted themselves into Connacht… Just prior to 1641, the majority of landed proprietors in County Kilkenny were Catholics of Anglo-Norman descent… By the end of the seventeenth century this class had largely been replaced by New English Protestant landlords, many of whom were Cromwellian officers, soldiers and supporters whose pay had been satisfied by land grants. Still a large part of Kilkenny was controlled by the Duke of Ormond and other Butler lands. Among the more prominent New English landed gentry were Colonel John Ponsonby, Colonel William Warden, Captain James Stopford, Lord Arthur Ranelagh, Sir Algernon May, John Peck, Thomas Hewetson, Captain Joseph CUFFE, the Countess of Mountrath, Colonel Daniel Redmond, Thomas Lestrange, Sir Charles Meredith, Lt. Arthur St. George, Sir Christopher Wandesforde, Lord VAUX, Captain William Halsey, and the Duke of York.

Other Cromwellian landholders included Captain Charles GORE, Lt. Christopher Mathews, Sir George Askew, Sir Henry Pierce, Captain Thomas Tomlins, Theophilus Eaton, Colonel Oliver Wheeler, Sir Charles Wheeler, Sir John TEMPLE, Captain John Jones, Charles Hewetson, Sir Francis GORE, Captain Isaac Jackson, Oliver Tallent, Captain Anthony STAMPE, Allen Tench, John Jessop, Colonel Francis Willoughby, Captain Thomas Evans, Captain Henry Webb, Major Joseph Deane, Captain Bryan MANSERGH, John Hurd, Maudlin Fisher, Major Thomas Adams, Captain George Bishop, Robert Mihill, Nathaniel Cooper, Christopher Render, Sir George Hamilton, Christopher LOVETT, John Ashburnham, Sir William Petty, Captain William Shore, among others…

"The list of the Williamite base of the landed ascendancy in Kilkenny included James Agar (Gowran), Rev Arthur Anderson, James Anderson (Dublin), Arthur Bush (Dublin), Col. George Carpenter (Oxford), Dr. Marmaduke COGHILL, Sir Richard Cox, Thomas Crawford (Kilkenny), Griffith Drisdall (Kilkenny), Lewis Dubay (Dublin), John Eaton (Mt. Eaton), Capt. Ralph GORE (Kilkenny), John Hartstronge (Bishop of Ossory), Joseph Kelly (Kellymount), John Kent (Waterford), John Langrishe (Knocktopher), William Mainwaring (Dublin), Jeremiah Marsh (Dean of Killmore), Col. William Ponsonby (Bessborough), Abraham ROTH (Lower Grange), Richard St. George (Dublin), Philip SAVAGE (Court of Exchequer), Stephen Sweet (Kilkenny), Rev. Thomas Way, William Wilkinson (Tinture), Edward Worth (Rathfarnham), as well as close to 18,000 acres acquired by the Hollow Sword Blade Company of London…"

Notes: The above-noted “supporters” to whom Cromwell's Parliament granted land (1651) included London merchants who helped finance the invasion (See also The Levellers and Irish Freedom and John Lilburne and the Levellers). In 1688, upon the ascension of William of Orange, numerous of the 1651 landowners forfeited land, and his “Williamites” were then able to bid for it (1702 by Dr. Marmaduke COGHILL).

Re those named above, note: (1) Edward LOVETT (s/o Christopher and Frances O'MORE Lovett) is said to have married a CUFFE; (2) See Archdale COMBE and James COGHILL of Old Rappa County, Virginia (Ancestral Files state James was son of Marmaduke, but no documentation, and not this Marmaduke who was not born until 1673, son of John); (3) See marriage of Edward ARCHDALE (s/o John and Frances HONINGS Archdale) to Angel GORE, d/o Paul and Isabella WICKLIFFE Gore and see GORE (aka GOWER) and WICKLIFFE in Westmoreland County, Virginia; (4) Jonathon LOVETT (s/o Robert and Sarah ASHE Lovett of Tipperary, gs/o John and Susannah LOVETT Lovett and ggs/o Christopher and Frances O'MORE Lovett and Lawrence and Margaret LOVETT) married Eleanor MANSERGH (d/o Daniel MANSSERGH “of Cumberland and Cork” and Mary SOUTHCOTE of Devon); and (5) Could ROTH be aka WROTH? (see marriage of John LOVETT to Katherine WROTH);

Also note Christopher LOVETT'S ties to the Duke of Ormond at Chapel Izod, Dublin, and that Grandison Castle in Iverk, Kilkenny was the residence of Margaret FITZGERALD, Countess of Ormond. (Ref: Samuel Lewis' Topography of Ireland, County Kilkenny, electronic edition by Ireland GenWeb.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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