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1911 Census of Monaghan, Ireland

Extracted by Myra Britt from The National Archives of Ireland.

Note: Explainations of some of the abbreviations used; Cong. = Congregationalist; Chr/Bre = Christian Brethern; Ch./Ire. = Church of Ireland; R. Catholic = R Catholic; Ch/Sc. = Christian Scientist; Presb. = Presbyterian; Epis. = Episcopalian; Chr./Ch. = A Christian Belongs to Church; R-W = Can Read and Write; R = Read only; W = Can Write; Can't R-W = Cannot Read or Write; Can't R = Cannot Read; Can't W = Cannot Write; BU = Belfast Urban; N-Law = in Law; Dau. N-Law = Daughter in Law; G- = Grand (i.e. G-Son = Grand Son). Other abbreviations and additional information noted by [*] are explained in pop-up text when cursor is place over the table cell.

The following census entries are organized alphabetically by (1) SURNAME GROUPS, then(2) by LOCATION. Please note that “given names” are within family groups.

District Electoral Division
CoombsIsabellaThe HillMonaghan Urban66FDownCh./Ire.R-WHeadWidow4275
CoombsWilliamThe HillMonaghan Urban40MTyroneCollector *Ch./Ire.R-W[blank[SonSingle
CoombsAbigailThe HillMonaghan Urban30FMonaghanCh./Ire.R-WDaughterSingle
CoombsAnnabellaKilnacloy, part of UrbanMonaghan Urban32FMonaghanCh./Ire.R-WCompanionSingle
CombieEdwardLiseenanMullyash46MMonaghanAgricultural LabourerR. CatholicRHeadMarried
CombieAnnieLiseenanMullyash30FMonaghanDomestic *Presb.R-WWifeMarried6
CoomeyMaryOnomy, *Castleblayney Urban57FMonaghanRestaurant ProprietorR. CatholicR-WHeadSingle
McCombDavidInishkeen GlebeInishkeen36MArmaghNight SignalmanR. CatholicR-WHeadMarried
McCombMary AnneInishkeen GlebeInishkeen34FMonaghanR. CatholicR-WWifeMarried1044
McCombSarah HannaInishkeen GlebeInishkeen8FMonaghanScholarR. CatholicR-WDaughterSingle
McCombMary AnneInishkeen GlebeInishkeen6FMonaghanScholarR. CatholicCan't RDaughterSingle
McCombMargaret JaneInishkeen GlebeInishkeen4FMonaghanR. CatholicCan't RDaughterSingle
McCombJamesInishkeen GlebeInishkeen1MMonaghanR. CatholicCan't RSonSingle
Mc CombMaryGlennyhornClontibret71FMonaghanFarmerPresb. Ch.R-WWifeWidow65
Mc CombRachelGlennyhornClontibret34FMonaghanFarmers DaughterPresb. Ch.R-WDaughterSingle
Mc CombWilliamGlennyhornClontibret30MMonaghanFarmers SonPresb. Ch.R-WSonSingle
Mc CombsJosephCarrickaveiltyCreeve44MMonaghanFarmerCh./Ire.R-WEnglishHeadMarried
Mc CombsMargaretCarrickaveiltyCreeve39FMonaghanCh./Ire.R-WEnglishWifeMarried1033
Mc CombsMary ElizabethCarrickaveiltyCreeve9FMonaghanScholarCh./Ire.R-WEnglishDaughterSingle
Mc CombsMargaret JaneCarrickaveiltyCreeve6FMonaghanScholarCh./Ire.REnglishDaughterSingle
Mc CombsRachel SusannaCarrickaveiltyCreeve2FMonaghanCh./Ire.EnglishDaughterSingle

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