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 of Barren Co., KY 1870-

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Barren Co., KY was established on 20 Dec 1798 from Warren & Green Counties. Descendant counties include Allen Co., KY, established in 1815 from Barren & Warren Counties. In 1819, Hart Co. was established from Barren and Hardin, and in 1820 Monroe Co., organized primarily from Barren, but including some Cumberland County. In 1860 Metcalfe Co KY was organized from Adair, Barren, Cumberland, Green and Monroe.

Some Barren Co KY Combs have been identified as having come from Loudoun Co VA, but numerous more have not yet been identified although there appear to be some possible Middle Tennessee connections (See Combs-Hash below). See also the William Franklin Coombs Manuscript.

Index To Barren Co., KY Combs Records

Biographies and Reports

1870 Barren Co., Ky Census (Extracted and transcribed by Deb Coombs)

Glasgow Pct 570
HH 52/50
Samuel WALKER, 29, M, pauper, KY
David RICHARDSON, 110, M, pauper, VA
Benjamin COMBS,60, M, pauper, VA
Geroge W. FRY, 67, M, pauper, VA
James GATES, 50, M, pauper, KY

Note: Unidentifed.

Hiseville Pct 653
HH 240/231
Julia A. LAIN, 52, F, Keeping House, $1680, $1000, KY
C.C., 19, F, KY
Joseph E., 11, M, Farm Hand, KY, attended school
B. W., 9, M, KY
Henry COMBS, 22 Farmer, KY
Mary A. COMBS, 25, F, KY

Note: See court case involving Henry and wife (Mary) A(gnes) below dated Nov 1871. Henry appears to be the son of Benjamin Combs and Ann Goodin of Barren Co., KY.

Tracy Pct 726
HH 158/157
Burr COMBS, 64, M, Farmer, $1800, $800, TN
Louisa A., 49, F, KY, cannot write

Notes: This is Zurr COMBS. He is probably the son of Thomas COMBS of Allen Co., KY. In 1843, Zurr married to Susannah PECK (Marriage Return shows "Louisiana" PECK). Son Samuel Combs fought in Civil War. See Record 9 Nov 1880 below.

Tracy Pct p. 730
HH 210/208
James COMBS, 38, M, Farmer, $2500, $850, KY
Nancy, 39, F, House Keeping, KY, cannot read or write
Elizabeth, 12, F, KY, attended school
Thomas J., 9, M, KY
Samuel, 7, M, KY
Amanda J., 5, F, KY
Louvila, 5/12, F, KY(b. Dec.)

Note: James COMBS married in 1857 to Nancy KINSLOW, daughter of Adam and Julia PICKETT Kinslow. It is unclear exactly which James this is. He is either the son of Zurr COMBS & his 1st wife Sarah PECK or Benjamin & Ann GOODIN Combs.

Nov 1871 Court Case of Julia LANE, Frances MORTON 7 husband Whitfield MORTON, Agnes COMBS & husband Henry COMBS; Dallas C. LAIN, Joseph E. LAIN & Ben W. LAIN Last two named who sue by their guardian Juliann LAIN vs John W. LAIN & Charles J. LAIN Extracted by Birdie McNutt from Barren County Kentucky Circuit Court Cases Volumne 16. Transcribed from the files of Gladys Benedict Wilson Sandra K. Gorin - Gorin Genealogical Publishing 205 Clements Avenue - Glasgow, KY 42141-3409 copyright April 2010 Page 100

Plaintiff, Julia Ann LAIN states she is the widow of Samuel LAIN, deceased who departed this life on the ____ day of ___18)). At the time of his death he left as his heirs at law the plaintiff Julia Ann LAIN his widow and the following children: Frances MORTON who is intermarried with W. G. MORTON, Agnes who intermarried with Henry COMBS, Dallas C. LAIN, Joseph E. LAIN and Ben W. LAIN - last two infants etc.

At the death of Samuel LAIN he was seized in fee of the following real property; one tract of land on the waters of Beaver Creek in Barren Co.. conveyed to him by Thos SMITH on (date blank) and of record in the County Clerk's office, copy filed. The other tract was conveyed to him by Selden ROBERTSON which adjoins the first named tract. Plaintiff W. G. MORTON states that he has fore-purchased of the defendants John W. LAIN & James C. LAIN their entire interest in and to all the real estate of their father, the said Samuel LAIN decd. Plaintiff prays that said Julia Ann LAIN may have dower allotted to her in hand and that the remainder may be partitioned by Commissioners of this Court among those entitled /s/ Julen LANE & Juliann LAIN GEE ?

DEED: Book H. p 353. Dated 7 Dec 1855 between Henry CRUTCHER & Mary his wife and Samuel LANE, both of Barren Co. $400 in hand paid......a tract of land lying in Barren Co. 374 acres more or less. Bounded by .....Lanes Spring oak in Deweese line...state in Jno. TWYMAN's line...with Tos Jones' line....Jones' corner....Robert H. Young's line. /s/ Hy and Mary CRUTCHER.

Page 101
DEED: Recorded Book V, page 194. 17 Sept 1852 between William E. MUNFORD, a commissioner appointed by the Barren Circuit Court and Samuel LANE of the 2nd part. At the June term 1850 on petition of Nathaniel S. ROBERSON, guardian of Laura Ann ROBESON, Court rendered a decree for the sale of the interest of Laura Ann ROBISON....Also the interest of N. S. ROBINSON of land devised to said Laura Ann by B. L. GRAVES, decd. on 17 Sept 1850 the Commissioner sold the land at the Courthouse door and Samuel W. BRENTS was the highest bidder. At the April Term 1852 Samuel W. BRENTS came into Court and directed that Lot No. 1 as described in the report of James G. HARDY, Deputy Surveyor, filed in said suit be conveyed to Samuel LANE which was ordered accordingly. Said lot No. 1 was sold at the price of $224.10.

Division: Commissioners: Wm TWYMAN, John LOVE and Thos. DAVIS, November Term 1871.

  1. Lot 1 - D. C. LANED

  2. Lot 2 - Agness COMBS

  3. Lot 3 - B. W. LANE

  4. Lot 4 - 93 acres which contains the shares of Fanny LANE, John LANE and James LANE, they having sold to W. G. MORTON.

  5. Lot 5 - J. E. LANE

  6. Lot 6 - Dower containing 36 acres.

13 Aug 1874 GLASGOW WEEKLY TIMES TIDBITS extracted by Birdie McNutt from the KYBARREN mailing list at submitted by Sandi Gorin

A man named COMBS, brother of Jake COMBS of this place was killed somewhere on the line of the C&O RR in Allen Co near the Barren Co & Allen Co line Wed. night of last week. Some time during the day of Wed Combs and two other men went to the house of a man near where the killing occurred. While there, one of Combs' companions behaved in a very disorderly manner, cursing the family of the man they were visiting; threatening to burn his house. After they left, the man was afraid that the threats would be carried out, went to a neighboring magistrate to procure a warrant for their arrest. He got the warrant and along with several neighbors went to arrest the group. About 8pm they met Combs and demanded his surrender. He told them he would not be arrested and started to walk off. One of the arresting party named Ben ROGERS drew his weapon and fired. It struck Combs in the back above the hips; he died in a short time. Rogers has not been arrested yet - editor said this might be rumor; the account had not been verified.
9 Nov 1880 NARA Civil War Pension File Index Card for Samuel Combs who fought in 9th Reg't, KY Inf, Co., K, Pvt. shows his father Zur Combs filing application #310359, certificate#(2?)12586. His mother Louisana filed 24 Sep 1881, Application #286274, Cert #212585. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sue Elfving who notes: Samuel Combs probably died in the Civil War.)
16 Oct 1883 - 12 Aug 1884 Portion of Civil War Pension Application (transcribed and submitted by Myra Britt): DECLARATION FOR ORIGINAL PENSION OF A FATHER State of Kentucky, County of Allen:
On this 16th day of October A.D. one thousand eight hundred and eighty three personally appeared before me a clerk of the county court the same being a court of record within and for the county and state aforesaid, Zur Combs aged Seventy-eight years, who, being duly sworn according to law, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension provided by Acts of Congress granting pensions to dependent fathers: That he is the father of Samuel Combs who enlisted under the name of Samuel Combs at Columbia Adair Co. KY, on the Eleventh day of November, A.D. 1861 in Company "K" of the 9th Rgt of KY Infty Vols In the war of 1861-1865, who while in action in the Battle of Mission Rige, Tennessee about 25 November 1863-received a severe & painful wound in his right leg ..his knee & below it-by the explosion of a Bum (?) shell under him which tore away the flesh from the bone of his leg for several inches & caused his death on the Fifth day of March, A.D. 1864, who bore at the time of his death the rank of Private or Corporal in Company "K" of the 9th Regt. KY Inf. Vols, that said son, Samuel Combs, left neither widow nor child under sixteen years of age surviving; that the declarant was married to the mother of said son at where he now lives in Barren County-KY., on the 10th day of March, A.D. 1843, by Rev. Kinch. (?) D. Dossey; that he was wholly dependent upon said son for support; that the mother of said son died at his home in Barren County, KY on the Third day of September, A.D. 1883; that there were surviving at date of said son's death, his brothers and sisters, who were under sixteen years of age, as follows: NONE
That he has not heretofore received nor formally applied for a pension (5) That his late wife Louisiana Combs o.. filed for Pension about 13th Sept 1881 Claim No.286,274; that he has not aided or abetted the rebellion; that he hereby appoints E. Scott Brown of Scottsville, Kentucky his attorney to prosecute the above claim; that his residence is at: Fountain Run, Kentucky, county of Barren, State of Kentucky, and that his post office address is Fountain Run-Monroe County-Kentucky
Zur Combs
(Claimant's signature)
Eldridge G. Walker
John D. Calvert

Lists of property of Zur Combs

1863 1 Horse $50 $50.
1864 1 Horse $45 Cattle $25 75.
1865 Cattle $25 watches to $5 30.
1866 2 Horses $100. 100.
1867 2 Horses $100. Cattle $10 110.
1868 2 Horses $150. Cattle $50. Watches $5. 205.
1869 2 Horses $150. 150.
1870 3 Horses $150. 150.
1871 3 Horses $150. Cattle $25. Watches $10. 185.
1872 5 Horses $200. Cattle $50. 250.
1873 5 Horses $200 Cattle $50. 250.
1874 ----------------- 000.
1875 ----------------- 000.
1876 ----------------- 000.
1877 ----------------- 000.
1878 ----------------- 000.
1879 ----------------- 000.
1880 ----------------- 000.
1881 ----------------- 000.
1882 ----------------- 000.
1883 1 Horse $50. Cattle $15. $65.
1884 1 Horse $40. Cattle $10. 50.

State of Kentucky
County of Barren
J.C.C. Terry
Clerk of the Barren County Court as such and ...(unreadable) my oath of office, hereby certify that I have examined the tax assessor's books for said County and that the above and foregoing contains a true and correct list of the property of Zur Combs, from the year 1863 to 1884, inclusive, as appears of record from said Books in my said office.
Given under my hand and seal of office this 6th day of January 1885. C.C. Terry Clk. Barren Co. Crt.
***Additional evidence in Claim for Pension No. 310,359 of Zur Combs Father of Samuel Combs, died Late Corpl. Co. "K" KY. In. Vol. Assessment Record from Barren Co., KY
Filed by: E. Scott Brown, Scottsville, Allen Co., Kentucky

Washington, Aug 12, 1884
Respectfully returned to the Hon. Commissioner of Pensions
In the case of Samuel Combs, late Corporal, Co. "K" 9 KY Vols, $100 Bounty, Act July 22, 1861 and arrears of pay to include Mar 5, 1864, were allowed Zeer Combs, father, by Cert. 209.138, Dec. 15, 1865.
In application executed June 17, 1865, claimant states that he is the father of said soldier and that his son died unmarried leaving no wife or child.
Claimant is identified by C.M. and Ealey Bishop, who swear to the relationship of claimant with soldier and to soldier's celibacy.
Zeer and Louisiana Combs, parents, were allowed $100. Bounty, Act July 28, 1866 by Cert. 548,569 Dec. 20, 1869.
In application executed Mar. 19, 1869, claimants state that they are the parents of said soldier and that their son died unmarried leaving no wife or child.
The records of this office describe Combs as follows: Age 21 years, 5 feet 8 inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and by profession a farmer; born in KY.

H.C. Harmon
Act'g Auditor


State of Kentucky, County of Allen, in the matter of The Claim No. 310,359 of Zur Combs Father of Samuel Combs - Corpl. Co. "k" 9 Ky. Infty - Vols on this 11th day of June A.D. 1884, personally appeared before me Joseph Eaton aged 60 years, a resident of near Fountain Run in the county of Monroe and State of Kentucky whose Post Office address is Fountain Run, Monroe Co., KY and John Britt aged 69 years, a resident of near Fountain Run in the County of Monroe and State of Kentucky whose Post Office address is Fountain Run, Monroe Co., KY well known to me to be reputable and entitled to credit, and who, being duly sworn, declared in relation to aforesaid case as follows:

(**the following is all hand-written and I have transcribed best I could. Copies are not the best but I used a magnifying glass and it works very well)

That they are each forever and each reside near to Zur Combs-the claimant in this case in Barren County, Ky and they each are & have been for & during the last 40 years well & intimately acquainted with said claimant. That affiant Britt lives within of a mile and affiant Eaton within mile of said claimant-the latter (Eaton) residing on and adjoining farm to claimant. That the farm on which claimant now resides & has resided ever since 1861 and before that-contains 100 acres or about that and is all of it poor land, and very poor at that, it belongs to his son James Combs who has permitted claimant to reside on it every since the beginning of the war & prior to his son's Samuel Combs death for some time. Since said son's the soldier Samuel Combs death-said land-the part of it that could be cultivated-has been worked by said Zur Combs-what he was able..for he is one industrious man, and by Samuel McIntire, who sometimes worked for wages and sometimes for part of the crop produced, being a neighbor & at the same time working & renting from others occasionally. That about of said 100 acres occupied by claimant is woods land, and the remainder has been cleared and much the greater part of it worn out by cultivation & the washing caused by the rain. The land being poor and part of it unlevel some of it very unlevel & almost worthless. That the said Zur Combs has occasionally during ......1864.... in the neighborhood and paid them out of the yield of the old farm mentioned & out of the proceeds of such cattle or livestock as he was enable to raise by the use of said farm, he not being physically able to make his own support during said period by reason of old age & his infirm(?) and his disability in his left hand. That said farm is furnished to claimant by his son James Combs who is under no legal obligation to support said claimant & has been so furnished ever since the death of the son Samuel Combs and by the use & produce (?) of said farm and what he could earn by his own exertions and industry under the disadvantages of being old & disabled he obtained his means of subsistence. His neighbors assisted him to live by helping him in harvest & at other times with his little patches & crops-without charging him therefore. But he sometimes hired help & paid them in produce or money. That the amount of stock & crops raised on said farm is not & has not been sufficient to afford claimant & his wife (now de'cd) a support_Except taken together with the contributions & assistance given them by their neighbors. That affiants each know the facts a have stated from being near neighbors & intimately acquainted with said Combs family & having personal knowledge of said facts from personal observation. Affiants further declare that they have no interest in said case and are not concerned in its prosecution & are not in any way related to said Combs family.
ATTEST Charles P Johnson Joseph (his X mark) Eaton
James Hatler John (his X mark) Britt

State of Kentucky County of Allen
Sworn to and subscribed before me this day by the above named affiant, and I certify that I read said affidavit to said affiant, including the words erased, and the words part of it added and acquainted them with its contents before they executed the same. I further certify that I am in nowise(?) interested in said case nor am I concerned in its prosecution; and that said affiants are personally known to me and that they are credible persons.
W.H. Reed - Clerk
(Official Signature)
Allen County Court
(Official Character)

Note: Louisiana Combs gave an affadavit to this pension from Monroe Co., KY 13 Sep 1883.
1886 (Barren Co., KY Biography) George W. YOUNG was born in Hart County, Ky., August 22, 1832. His father, John YOUNG, was born at Hiseville, in Barren County, in 1798. He was twice married; first, to a Miss WILSON, of Barren County, who at her death left three children, viz: Sallie, Keziah and a son who died in infancy. His second wife was Mrs. Mary W. (BOWLING) Combs, of Hart County …".

Notes: Mary W. "Polly" BOWLING married (1) Hayden Combs (no issue; son of Jesse or Asa Combs, grandson of Samuel & Mary WILKES Combs of Loudoun Co., VA and Nelson Co., KY (William Franklin Coombs Manuscript). See Also Combs-Bowlings of Perry Co KY.
20 Oct 1887 Isham COOMBS of near Uptonville in Hardin Co. [KY], died near Glasgow in Barren Co, Sat. the 8th, at the home of his son W. T. COOMBS (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from The LaRue Co. Herald (Ky) newspaper)

Notes: Isham Combs was the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Combs Combs, and grandson of Amos & Tacy DRAKE Combs and Adin and Pamelia WILLIAMS Combs, all of Hardin KY.
Saturday, May 31, 1890. Welcome Tidings (Elizabethtown, Hardin Co KY newspaper) "Mr. H.W. COOMBS of Glasgow [Barren Co., KY], spent a few days in town [Tullahoma, Coffee Co., TN] to visit his brother, Mr. A. L. COOMBS --Tullahoma, Tn Guardian. Mr. H. W. COOMBS is a cousin to Mr. A. H. COOMBS of that city and also to City Marshal, W. W. COOMBS of Elizabethtown and who are brothers, and Mr. A. L. COOMBS is one of Coffee County's prominent farmers and traders and a large real estate owner in Tn." (Extracted from newspaper microfilm copy by Carolyn Wimp)

CW Notes: H. W. is Horace Wintersmith Combs, son of William Frankin & Martha BROWN Coombs (author of the manuscript - and see next) of Hardin Co., KY; however, A. L. was not his brother, but his 1st cousin, Archibald Letcher Combs, son of Thomas Finley & Chloe A. WILLIAMS Combs, as was A. H. (Adin H.) COOMBS and W. W. (Walter W. "Wattie" Combs (See manuscript). The first part of this article came from the Tullahoma Guardian and was picked up by the Elizabethtown newspaper and then the Elizabethtown paper added the last part. I was confused when I first read this as to who was who (too many initals) so I got out my family sheets on this family to get them straight. Adin H. Combs/Coombs resided in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY in 1900 census.
16 Mar 1892 [Barren County, Kentucky Deed Book 33, page 435, transcribed by Myra Britt, and annotated by Birdie (Totty McNutt 2001]


THIS INDENTURE made on the 16th day of March 1892 between James COMBS and Nancy COMBS his wife of the first parties and Elizabeth AUSTIN of the second parties all of Barren and State of Kentucky for in consideration of the sum of Thirty One dollars in hand paid to the first parties theyhave this day sold & conveyed to Elizabeth AUSTIN a certain tract of land lying & beingin the County & State aforesaid on the waters of Trace Creek containing fifty five acres be it more or less bounded as follows: Beginning at a hickorythence South 3 West 16 poles to a stone in the mouth of the lane thence South 721/2 East 30 poles to a stone & 3 black oaks pointers thence South 3 3/4 East 103 poles to a stone on the South side of a branch thence North 82 East 9 poles to the spring thence North 87 3/4 East 52 poles to a poplar & red oak thence with EATONS line North 8 1/2 East 57 1/2 poles to a beech EATONS corner thence North 28 1/2 West 72 poles to a stone Thomas corner thence North 86 Est 75 poles to the beginning with all of the appentainence to have and to hold and the first parties binds themselves heirs and assigns & to ever warrant and defend the above granted premises free from all exception claims of homestead

.......... in common law and equity. In testimony whereof they have set their hands and seals this day above written.
Nancy (X her mark)COMBS

State of Kentucky
Barren County Sct
I, J. T. Wooten, Clerk of the Barren County Court, certify that the foregoing deed to Elizabeth AUSTIN was on the 16th day of August 1892 acknowledged by James COMBS and wife, Nancy COMBS, to be their act and deed before J. W. PAYNE, an acting deputy clerk for me as appears from his endorsement thereon as follows: "August 16, 1892 acknowledged by James COMBS and .......... (sorry-cutoff by copy machine)

BTM Notes: Elizabeth AUSTIN , is most likely Elizabeth COMBS the sister of James COMBS who married W. F. AUSTIN on June 23, 1858 in Barren Co.,KY. Elizabeth and James were the children of Zur and Sarah "Sallie" (Peck) COMBS, and grandson of Thomas COMBS of Allen Co., KY. This property on "trace creek" is connected to Zur COMBS, James COMBS the KELSAY's. Question: Was this Zur COMBS the same who was married to Jane KELSAY

14 Jan 1899 Birth of Ava GOODE, Barren Co., KY; mother' maiden name: Sarah COOMBS Vol: 252 Page: 50142 (extracted by Birdie McNutt from Sandra Gorin's Barren Co., KY Delayed Birth Certificates
18 Nov. -Dec. 23, 1902 [Barren Co., Kentucky Will Book 6, Page 19 11/18/1902, transcribed by Myra Britt, and annotated by Birdie (Totty McNutt 2001]

I James COMBS of the County of Barren and State of Kentucky being of sound mind and desposing memory do hereby make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following. hereby revoking all former wills by me made to wit:

1st After my decease I will and direct that my funeral expenses and all of my just debtsbe paid out of my estate by my executors

2nd After the payment of my funeral expenses and just debts. I will devise and beqreath unto my wife Nancy Combs all of the residue and remainder of my estate including lands and appentenances thereon cash. cashnotes cash accounts live stock farminig tools household and kitchen furniture and all other property of said estate of whatsoever notions (?) and kind to be used and enjoyed by her for and during her natural life

3rd After the deceaseof my wife Nancy COMBS I will devise and bequeth unto my six children to wit: L S COMBS, T Y COMBS, Elizabeth PECK wife of J W PECK, Amanda HAMILTON wife of H F HAMILTON, Lina(?) C JACKSON wife of W M JACKSON and Mary R COMBS all of the above mentioned property not used by my wife including cash cashnots cash accounts live stock farming tools household and kitchen furniture and lands to be equally divided amongst and between them and to be enjoyed by them. forever. and it is my will and desire and request that the lands of my estate be equally divided amongst my six above named children. without sale of said lands.

4th I hereby nominate and appoing my two sons L S COMBS and T Y COMBS the executors of this my last will and testament in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 18th day of November 1902


Signed by the said Testator James COMBS as and for his last will and Testament in presence of us who at ........ (sorry cut off again by copier)

Barren County Court
Dec. ... ... Dec. 23, 1902
The foregoing instrument of writing perporting to be the last will and testament of James COMBS, dec'd. was ....... ...... and filed in open Court on the above date and proven in free by the oaths of J. T. BRITT and
J. R. LAWRENCE, thesubscribing witnesses thereto, and ordered to be allowed and established as and for the true last will and testiment of said James COMBS and admitted to record as such. which is ....done.

Witness my hand this 23rd day of Dec 1902.
N. D.
T...... CB...

BTM: Notes: James COMBS was the son of Zur and Sarah "Sallie" (Peck) Combs, grandson of Thomas COMBS of Allen Co., KY. He was married to Nancy Kinslow, daughter of Adam and Julia (Picket) Kinslow, on Dec. 18, 1857 in Barren Co. Sons mentioned as L. S. COMBS was Louis Samuel COMBS, and T.Y. COMBS was Thomas Yetman COMBS. I show that J. W. (James William) PECKwas the son of Solomon Salisbury and Narsisa Jane (McGinnis) PECK. Solomon was the brother of Sarah PECK, they were the children of Jacob and Polly (Bush) PECK. J. T. BRITT may be an ancestor of the transcriber Myra Britt's husband since he was of the same area.

1910 Census Barren Co., KY transcribed by Renee Walker

Census Place: Magisterial District 1, Barren, Kentucky; Roll: T624_463; Page: 17A; Enumeration District: 16; Image: 773.
Horace COOMBS, Head, M, W, 31, M1, 8 years, KY, KY, KY, Commercial T (?), Wage, Can read/write, Owns, Free, House
Clara R, Wife, F, W, 39, M1, 8 years, 3 born/2 living, TN, TN, TN, English, No occupation, Can read/write
Helen, Daugh, F, W, 4, S, KY, KY, TN, No occupation
Henry, Son, M, W, 1 2/12, S, KY, KY, TN, No occupation
Marriannie LARDUDALE, Mother, F, W, 68 (88?), Wd, 2 born/2 living, TN, KY, TN, English, No occupation
Fannie Louise, Sister, F, W, 48, S, TN, KY, TN, English, Sales Lady, Dry Goods, Wage, Not at work, 0 weeks unemployed

NOTE: See death record 2 Aug 1918 below for identification of Horace.
10 Oct 1910 Birth of Frankln T COOMERBarren Co., KY; mother's maiden name: Nancy Bell Vol:256 Pg:50285 (extracted by Birdie McNutt from Sandra Gorin's Barren Co., KY Delayed Birth Certificates
2 Aug 1916 Kentucky Death Certificate #19824 of Horace Wintersmith COOMBS white male married age 69 yrs11 mos 17 ds occupation Physician born 15 Aug 1846 Louisville, [Jefferson Co], Ky died: 2 Aug 1916 Cave City, Barren Co., Ky of cancer of rectum buried: Goodnight [Barren Co], Ky 4 Aug 1916 Undertaker: J. W. OSTER of Cave City, Ky son of William F. COOMBS born Va & Martha BROWN born Ky informant: W. P. COOMBS of Glasgow, Ky filed: 5 Aug 1916 Erus? FARRIS? registrar (Debi Houser)

NOTE: William F. Coombs was the author of the WF Coombs manuscript
15 Sep 1928 Kentucky Death Certificate #21461 of Nancy Combs; white, female, widowed; age 97 yrs __mos 23 ds; occupation: at home; born: 22 Nov 1830 Ky; died: 15 Sept 1928 Barren Co., Ky senile debility without medical attention buried: Combs Cem 16 Sept 1928 by Crow & Jones of _____, Ky; daughter of Adam KINSLOW born Ky & Julia PICKET? born Ky; informant: L. S. Combs of Peter Creek; filed 17 Sept 1928 Hosa? FURGUSON? registar (Debi Houser)

Notes: Nancy KINSLOW m 16 Dec 1857, Barren Co, KY, James Combs.
18 Dec 1930 - 9 January 1931 [Barren County, Kentucky Will Book 8, Page 34, transcribed by Myra Britt, and annotated by Birdie (Totty McNutt 2001]

Louis Samuel COMBS of Residence in the County of Barren and State of Ky., Being of Sound mind and memory do make public and declare this to be my last will and testament in maner following Viz After my Death First I will and direct that all my just debts and Tome Stones, funeral expenses be paid in full and Give Thomas Y & Mollie COMBS and Amanda HAMILTON a Resonable price for waiting on me while I am Sickand Also Give Thomas Y. COMBS my Corn and Hay Second I give device and bequeath all my real Estate and personal property household and Kitching furnerture to be Equalied devided, between my Brother & Sisters Thomas Y COMBS & Mollie COMBS and Amanda HAMILTON and Elizabeth PECK and Lula C. KRUSE

I hereby appoint Thomas Y. COMBS and Mollie COMBS Executor or Executrix of Resedence of such person appointed Executor of this my last will and testement Lastly I hereby revoke all former Wills by me at any time made in witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this 18 day of Dec in the year of Our Lord 1930 on this 18 day of Dec A.D 1930

Louis Samuel COMBS Resedent in the Co of Barren and State of Ky. signed the foregoing instrumentin our presence and declared it to be his last will and testament and as witnesses thereof We do now at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other hereto Subscribed Our Name.
Louis Samuel COMBS
Witness W.S.DOSSEY
Barrent County Court,
January Term January 9, 1931
The foregoing instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Louis Samuel COMBS ,deceased was on the above date produced and filed in Court, and upon the sworn testimony of W.S.DOSSEY and T.B. MORRISON the two subscribing withnesses thereto, the same was fully established as and for the true last Will and Testament of said Louis Samuel COMBS, deceased, and as such was ordered to be recorded which is now done.

Witness my hand thisthe 9th day of Feby 1931.
Bess Howard C.B.C.C.

BTM Notes: Louis Samuel COMBS leaves part of his estate to his brother Thomas Yetman COMBS and sisters Mary "Mollie" Combs, Amanda Hamilton, Elizabeth Peck and Lulu (Combs) Jackson Kruse. Louis Samuel COMBS was the son of James and Nancy (Kinslow) COMBS, grandson of Zur and Sarah (Peck) COMBS, great grandson of Thomas COMBS of Allen Co., KY.
10 Jan 1931 Kentucky Death Certificate #3071 of Lewis Samuel Combs; white male single; age: 67 yrs 11 mos 12ds; occupation: farmer; born: 29 Jan 1863 Barren Co., Ky; died: 10 Jan 1931 Barren Co., Ky of organic heart disease; buried: Combs Cem 12 Jan 1931 by A. F. CROW Glasgow, Ky; son of James Combs born Barren Co. & Nancy KINSLOW? born Barren Co. Ky; informant: T. Y. Combs of Austin, Ky; filed 4 March 1931 Nora FERGUSON registar (Combs Researcher Debi Houser)
4 Mar 1935 Kentucky Death Certificate #5657 of Josuwa K. COOMBS: white, married, male Occupation: farmer; resides: Cave City, R. F. D. 1 for 31 yrs; Age: 76 yrs 2 mos 13 ds Spouse: Martha COOMBS; Born: Kentucky; Died: 4 March 1935 Cave City, Barren Co. Ky of angina; buried: Cave City, Ky by J. B. GARDNER of Cave City, Ky; son of Daniel COOMBS born Ky & Belinda POINDEXTER born Ky; informant: G. S. COOMBS of Cave City, Ky. (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Houser)

Note: Daniel H. COMBS and wife Belinda POINDEXTER are listed on the 1850 & 1860 Monroe Co. Ky Census.
8 Nov 1937 Kentucky Death Certificate #27298 of William Jacob Combs; white male married; age 63; spouse Lizzie Combs; born 2 April 1874 Ky; died 8 Nov 1937 Barren Co., Ky of coronary occlusion; son of Jacob N. Combs born Va & Sarah Ann COX born Tn; informant Vichel Combs of Glasgow, Ky; buried Glasgow, Ky (Debi Houser)
20 May 1939 Kentucky Death Certificate: #11638 of John Calvin Combs; white male married; age 72 yrs 2 mos 20 ds; wife Minnie C. Combs; born 29 Feb 1867 Ky;* died 20 May 1939 Barren Co., Ky of Chronic nephiatis with uremia; son of Jacob Combs born Va & Sarah Ann COX born Ky; informant Mrs. Minnie Combs of Glasgow, Ky; buried Glasgow Cem (Debi Houser)

Notes: See Combs &c. Bible Records for bible record of Jacob Newton and Sarah Ann COX Combs, parents of William Jacob and John Calvin Combs. *There was no 29th of Feb in 1867. John Calvin's bible record shows he was b 29 Feb 1866, and there was no 29th of Feb in 1866 either! Jacob Newton Combs may have been the son of William and Nancy CONKLIN Combs of Washington Co., TN.
13 Jun 1939 Kentucky Death Certificate #14144 of Mrs. Martha Steen Combs; female, white, widowed, housewife; age 81 yrs 7 mos 6 ds; Spouse: J.K. COMBS; born 7 Nov 1857 Ky; died 13 Jun 1939 Cave City, Barren Co., Ky of cardiac failure; daughter of Billie STEEN born Ky & Polly JACKSON born Ky; informant: Joe Lafferty, Cave City, Ky; Buried Cave City Cem. 14 jun 1939 by Mrs. J. B. GARDNER of Cave City, Ky. (Transcribed by Debi Houser)
5 Apr 1946 Kentucky Death Certificate #7849 of George Nelson COOMBS; white, single, male; resides Glasgow, Barren Co., KY; Age: 76 yrs 9 mos 15 ds; Born: 22 June 1869 Barren Co. KY; Died: 5 Apr 1946 Glasgow, Barren Co. KY of coronary occlusion; buried: Glasgow Cem. 7 Apr 1946 by A. F. CROW? of Glasgow, Ky; son of J. N. COOMBS born WV and Sarah COX b TN; informant: Mrs. Rosa OLIVER of Glasgow, Ky. (Transcribed by Debi Houser)
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