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  of Boone Co., KY

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Boone was established in 1798 from Campbell Co., KY.
1820 Boone Co., KY Census extracted by Sue Elfving

p. 26

20 Oct 1824 Samuel STOCKWELL of Boon Co., Ky., obtained a patent for 80 acres of land in Rush Co., IN., Township 14-N, Cert. 5195 (Source: BLM Land Patent Database) extracted by Sue Elfving.

SE Notes:Could this Joseph STOCKWELL be the same who, styled as being of Boon [sic] Co., Ky., patented land in 1838 in Ripley Co., IN? In 1825 in Ripley Co., IN., Job Combs (brother to Michael Combs) married Henrietta WILLIAMS.

Could this Samuel STOCKWELL be related to the Mary Ann STOCKWILL who married Job Combs (or Coons) in 1823? Is he the same who, still styled as being of Boone Co., Ky., obtained a second patent for land in Clay Co., IN., in the same township (12-N) in 1841 as did Samuel Combs who is believed to be the same as Samuel Stockwell Combs. (BLM record: Samuel STOCKWELL of Boon Co., Ky., 5/25/1841, 80 acres, Clay Co., IN., Township 12-N, Cert. 28767).
14 May 1823 Boone County, Kentucky Marriages 1799-1835 BOOK A transcribed by Carolyn

GROOM: Job Combs (alias Job Coons); BRIDE Stockwill, Mary Ann; DATE of BOND 5-14-1823 BOX 1823-1824; BONDSMEN Job Combs Wm. Masters; PERMISSION 5-14-1823; FATHER Joseph Stockwill Mr. Willis Graves; MOTHER; Teste: Sir, I hereby certify that I am willing for the marriage of Job Combs and my daughter, Mary Ann Stockwill. Kentucky, Boone County May 14th AD 1823
Joseph Stockwell

Note: A Joseph Stockwell of Boone Co., KY obtained a land patent in 1838 (see BLM land patents) in Ripley Co., IN where one Job Combs and wife Henrietta Williams were married in 1825.
1830 Boone Co., KY Census extracted by Sue Elfving

p. 242, No Township
Jos. STOCKWELL 000101001 0011

SE Note: Possibly the Joseph STOCKWELL that appears on the marriage record for one Mary Ann STOCKWILL that married Job Combs (or Coons) in 1823. It is not yet known (more research required) if this STOCKWELL family is related to a Samuel Stockwell Combs (b. Ky.) who married Mary PINKLEY, who patented land in 1841 in Clay Co., IN., who removed to Delaware Co., IA by 1860, and who had sons named Andrew J., James Wilson, and Job Combs. Samuel's ancestry is unknown at this time. Nor is it known whether this Samuel S. Combs is somehow related to the brothers Job and Michael Combs of Ripley, Montgomery, and Clay Cos., IN., reputedly the sons of an older Job Combs and his wife Abigail Coons. Of further interest is that the STOCKWELL family is found in the same Indiana counties where Job and Michael Combs and Samuel Combs are found. Joseph STOCKWELL of Boone Co., Ky. patented land in Ripley Co., IN where Job Combs married Henrietta WILLIAMS in 1825. Samuel STOCKWELL of Boone Co., Ky. patented land first in Rush Co., In., and then in Clay Co., IN. in 1841, the same year as did Samuel Combs. Michael STOCKWELL of Putnam Co., IN., patented land in 1829 in Montgomery Co., IN where brothers Job and Michael Combs lived before removing to Clay Co., IN where Samuel STOCKWELL and Samuel Combs patented land in 1841. Another interesting fact (possible coincidence?) is that the brother Job Combs and his wife Henrietta WILLIAMS were the heirs of one Nathan WILLIAMS (interest in land in Montgomery Co., Ky.) and there was a Nathan H. STOCKWELL who patented land in Carroll Co., IN.
15 Aug 1838 Joseph STOCKWELL of Boon Co., Ky., patented 40 acres, Ripley Co., IN., Township 8-N, Cert. 12675 (Source: BLM Patent Database extracted by Sue Elfving)
11 Sep 1838 Joseph STOCKWELL of Boon Co., KY., patented, 160 acres, Ripley Co., IN., Township 8-N, Cert. 8817 (Source: BLM Patent Database extracted by Sue Elfving)
Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet.

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