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 of Breathitt Co., KY 1900-1909

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Index to Breathitt Co., KY Records

Editor's NOTE: All Breathitt Co., KY Death Certificates are now in chronlogic order along with all other records.
1900 Breathitt County Ky Census (Extracted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from William O'Connor's transcription of the 1900 Breathitt Co., Ky Census online)

Crawford Precinct

15. Elizabeth GROSS 1/74
Clinton 5/89 son
Mary 9/92
L. May 5/94
Susan 6/97
Robert 5/98
John 6/99
Minnie COMBS5/78 sis

Note: Elizabeth was the daughter of Clinton and America HERALD Combs Clinton, listed as "Clate" on the 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census, had a daughter Gemima age 3. The use of Minnie or Min is a common nickname for Jemima/Gemimain Breathitt County.

19. Dan DAVIDSON 9/27
Mahala 1/34
Nancy 1/70
Elizabeth 5/78
Hop DAVIDSON 1/86 gson
John DAVIDSON 2/89 gson
Liza DAVIDSON 5/94 gdau

Note: William O'Connor lists Dan DAVIDSON as the son of Robert DAVIDSON & Nancy COMBS. Combs Researcher Carol Haas shows that Nancy COMBS (daughter of  Jeremiah & Syntha SUMNER Combs), born ca 1808, died 1894, married Robert DAVIDSON, born ca 1804, died 1885 (son of Robert and Florence DAVIDSON). Source?

26. James MILLER 4/56
Jane 8/63 2wf '83
Vina 6/83
Ida 5/85
Shelby 4/88
Elvira 8/90
Jerry 3/92
George 4/94
Lilly 5/99
Thomas 5/80
John 1/82
Richard COMBS3/80 nep

Notes: Richard appears to be the son of of Clinton and America HERALD Combs who was listed as being born in March 1880 on the 1880 Breathitt County Census. O'Connor list Jane MILLER'S maiden name as ANGEL. Clinton COMBS' mother, Sylvania HERALD Combs remarried (after her husband Edwin COMBS' death) to Joseph ANGEL and they had a daughter Jane born ca 1863. This would make Jane ANGEL Miller the aunt of Richard COMBS.

27. Floyd FLETCHER 4/75
Manerva 3/60 wf
Ken COMBS 5/80 sson
Delora COMBS11/92 sdau
Anna COMBS 5/85 sdau
Wes COMBS 6/88 sson
Robert COMBS4/91 sson
Sarah COMBS11/93 sdau
Lucy FLETCHER 10/97 dau
Joana FLETCHER 1/1900 dau

Note: Manerva GABBARD is the widow of Elhannon COMBS (listed on the 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census) per son, Robert COMBS' 18 Dec 1911 LeeCo., Ky Death Certificate. Manerva is probably the same as the daughter of William & Lucinda ROBINSON Gabbard.

30. Richard COMBS 9/74
Celia 1/74
Jeff 5/98
Layton 1/1900
Alex 3/73 bro

Note: Richard and Alex COMBS were sons of William B. and Sarah HERALD Combs listed on the 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census. Celia was a WADKINS [sic] per their son Jeff/Jepp's 1921 death certificate.

32. Jeff WATKINS 3/76
Mary 4/78
Seldon 3/98
Ida 11/99
Anna WATKINS 11/96 sis
Nannie ADAMS 3/80 sis

Note: William O'Connor list Jeff 's parents as Moses and Millie COMBS Watkins.  Source? If so, who were Millie's parents? Jeff's wife, Mary was an ADAMS.

69. Syra COMBS 6/70
Mary 8/80
Mike 8/99

Note: Syra COMBS b 26 June 1869 Breathitt Co., son of Talton & Martha COMBS

75. Wick CRAWFORD 2/41 - unm
Abner BOWMAN 4/36 cous
Elvira COMBS2/78 dau
Vina BEGLEY 2/88 dau

76. Dick McINTOSH 1/56
Delila 5/46
Patsy COMBS2/36 Mom
Talton COMBS2/26 Fil

Note: Talton COMBS, son of Preston and Nancy STACY Combs, married 1st Jemima SPICER; married 2nd ca 1865 to Martha UNKNOWN, apparently the widow of a McINTOSH, and mother of the above Dick.

121. Woodson BACK 5/79
Etta 1875
Collins 9/98 bro

Note: Etta's maiden name was COMBS according to Mr. O'Connor. Source?

122. Wm COMBS 1/54
Phoebe 12/63
Cleve 12/80
Molly 3/82
Josephine 5/89
John 7/92
Goodloe 5/95
Otto 6/97
Fanny 4/1900

Note: William COMBS was the son of James E. & Margaret FRENCH Combs and is listed on the 1880 Powell Co., Ky Census with his wife Pheoba A.  Seethe 1920 Wolfe Co., Ky Census for William's possible widow.

123. Alonzo COMBS 3/56
Elizabeth 10/74
Maggie C 4/87
Delta 3/93
James 10/98

126. Wm GABBARD 1838
Lucinda 1844
Thomas 2/78
Arch 7/81
Delora COMBS5/83 gdau

Note: Delora COMBS is probably the same Delora listed as the step-daughter of Floyd FLETCHER & Minerva GABBARD Combs (see above). William and Lucinda ROBINSON Gabbard had a daughter Manvera GABBARD on the 1870 Breathitt Co., Ky Census.

127. Kern COMBS 1/80
Lela 2/84

Note: Kern may be adouble listing of Keen COMBS, son of Elhannon & Minerva GABBARD Combs.

129. Lee GABBARD 2/76,
Orlena 7/79
Melvina 1/96
Elsie 4/1900
Jeff COMBS 5/84 bil

Note: Leander "Lee" was the son of William and Lucinda ROBINSON Gabbard listed HH# 126 above. Clinton and America NOBLE Combs had a daughter Orleana age 2, listed on the 1880 Breathitt County Census. Is Orlena their daughter?

140. Dan GABBARD 3/77,
Laura 6/83
Fred 5/99
Angeline COMBS4/85 Sil

149. Breck HERALD 9/60
Mary 12/60
Bell 4/81
Richard 3/86
Emma 8/87
Maggie 4/90
Addie 10/92
Mandy 2/95
Mort 12/93
Thomas 3/1900

Note: Breck HERALD, son of Richard and Emily COMBS(?) Herald.

159. Mack COMBS 2/75
America 7/89
John 5/98
Leslie COMBS 2/78 bro
George MARKHAM 10/74 bo
James MARKHAM 2/80 bo

Note: Is Mack COMBS the same as Mason COMBS listed on the 1880 Breathitt, son of Tarlton and Martha COMBS? They also had a son Leslie born ca 1877 listed with them.

191. George COMBS 7/74
America 5/78
John DEATON 2/76 bo

194. Richard HERALD12/36
Emily 5/36

Note: Emily COMBS?

207. Lafayette COMBS 9/54
Serilda 4/58
Mary 9/92
Wise 10/96 gson

Note: Lafayette was the son of Sebron/Seaborn & Margaret COMBS Combs.

208. Claib Wayne SPENCER 3/79
Amanda 10/74
Lula Spencer 10/90
Maggie Spencer 1/92
Lizzie Spencer 10/94
Sally Spencer 3/97
Lucinda CHADWICK sil
sis CHADWICK 1/95 sil

Note: Claiborn W. SPENCER was the son of Allen & Farinda COMBS Spencer. Amanda was the daughter of James and Lucinda COMBS Chadwick per her 1942 Ky Death Certificate.

210. Farinda SPENCER 10/1829

Note: Farinda was a COMBS per Breahitt Co., KY Death certificate of son Alfred SPENCER (1859-1924) and was married to Allen SPENCER. The Combes Genealogy and William O'Connor list Farinda as the daughter of Preston COMBS. Source?

211. Ezekiel SPENCER 9/45
Mary Ann 2/47
Wm Spencer 8/85
Orlena Spencer 7/87
Dora Spencer 8/90 gdau
Mandy Robinson 4/92 gdau
Gran Robinson 9/94 gson

Note: Ezekiel/Hezekiel SPENCER was the son of Allen & Farinda COMBS Spencer.

215. Pearl COMBS 3/61
Margaret 2/68
Eliza 8/85
Price 9/87
Sam 9/90
Rader 2/92
Vian 1/95
George 2/99

Note: Granville "Pearl" COMBS was the son of Mason "Moses" and Vienna ANGEL Combs. Margaret CHADWICK was the daighter of James and Lucinda COMBS Chadwick.

216. Simon GROSS 3/50,
Nan 5/64
Julia 2/83
James 10/85
Harold 3/87
Wm 4/95

Note: O'Connor lists Nan GROSS as the daughter of James & Lucinda COMBS Chadwick. Source?

218. Sam COMBS 3/56
Emily 5/66
Woodie 2/86 dau
Maggie 8/89
Callie 4/94
Bryan 5/96

Note: Is this Samuel, son of Sebron/Seaborn and Margaret COMBS Combs?

219. Luther COMBS 1/39
Fanny 10/73
John 8/91
Walker 6/94
Anthony 10/96
Oakley 5/98

Note: Luther was the son of Sebron/Seaborn & Margaret COMBS Combs. His first wife was Jemima THOMAS.

221. Logan COMBS 8/65
Jane 8/65
Mary 4/85
Eliza 10/90
Jenny 1/92

Note: Logan is the son of Luther and Jemima THOMAS Combs per his 1937 Breathitt Co., KY death certificate. Jenny is actually Jerry COMBS. (See Jerry's 1940 Ky Death Certificate)

222. John HENSLEY 9/49
Mary Ellen 4/63
Jay 7/79
Goodloe 9/81
Miles 6/84
Manerva 12/87
Breck 7/99

Note: O'Connor has Mary Ellen listed as the daughter of Seburn/Seaborn & Margaret COMBS Combs. Source?

223. Cooke HENSLEY 1/69
Sarah 2/82
Brandon 9/99

Note: Cooke HENSLEY was the son of John HENSLEY & Mary E. (COMBS?).

226. John CHADWICK 1/66
Angeline 5/73
Linville 10/84
Agga 12/93
Lula 8/95
Bertha 3/98
Baby 5/99 son

Note: O'Connor lists Angeline as the daughter of Ezekiel SPENCER. Source? Could John CHADWICK be the son of James and Lucinda COMBS CHADWICK? They had a son John born ca 1863.

227. Preston SPENCER 5/79
Elizabeth 10/80
Ola Spencer 8/98

Note: Preston SPENCER was the son of Ezekiel & Mary SPENCER .

259. John COMBS 7/50
Katherine 1/53
James MARCUM 10/77 bo

268. Manerva JOHNSON 11/39
Thomas 3/71 son
Lulu 10/70 dil
Sally 5/96 gdau
Dewey 12/98 gson
Mary 3/1900 gdau

Note: Manerva [sic] (Maranda) COMBS, daughter of Benjamin & Patsy JOHNSON Combs, married Thomas JOHNSON.

300. Henry CAUDILL 5/25
Elizabeth Jane 1/45
Levi COMBS 2/92 nep

Note: Henry CAUDILL was the brother of Polly CAUDILL who had children by Syra COMBS. Polly would have been too old to be the mother of Levi. Could Levi have been Polly's grandchild?

344. Rachel COMBS 1/42
Arch 7/78
Breck 5/80
Lee 2/82 son
Lydia 1/82 dil
Gray 1/1900 gson

Note: Rachel BOWMAN married Woodson COMBS son of Hardin & Dicy COMBS Combs.

346. Wm TERRY 1/50
Dicey 10/64
Albert 1/84
Mary 5/88
Nancy 10/99
Meredith HOLLAND 11/87 sv
James HOLLAND 5/89 sv

Note: William O'Connor has Dicey listed as the daughter of Woodson and Rachel BOWMAN Combs but this is disproved by Dicey COMBS Griffith's 1922 Breathitt Co., KY Death Certificate dated 29 Dec 1922 listing her as the daughter of Woodson, and her 1900 Breathitt Co., KY Census record (married Thomas GRIFFITH ca 1884). If Dicey TERRY was a COMBS before marriage, she could have been the daughter of Hardin and Dicey COMBS Combs.

348. Frank CAUDILL 9/48
Jane 11/52 wf
Miles 7/76
Manerva 2/79
Cliff 2/81
John 11/84
Andy 2/86
Lucinda 7/88
Malvery 2/91
Mary 7/93
Elizabeth 3/96
Wm 10/98

Notes: Benjamin Franklin CAUDILL was the son of Syra COMBS and Polly CAUDILL per his 1928 Ky Death Certificate on which he is listed as COMBS not CAUDILL.


16. *James COMBS 4/56 GA
Eliza Rose 4/69 bo

Note: It is believed that William O'Connor's use of the * is designating this person is black.

65. Hardin COMBS 1865
Emily 1867 wf
John 1894 son

82. Pryce BACK
Elenor wf

Note: According to Stephen D. Bowling, Elenor (1886-1971) was the daughter of William H. Breckinridge & Susan STRONG Combs. After Edward Pryce BACK'S (1876-1919) death, Elenor married John Wise COMBS.

86. Thomas COMBS 5/1865 35 md 13 yrs KyKyKy
Ellen wife 4/1873 275-5 KyKyKy
Mandy dau 7/1890 KyKyKy
Goodlow son 4/1893 7 KyKyKy
Samuel son 4/1895 5 KyKyKy
Maggie dau 5/1897 3KyKyKy
Jesse son 4/1899 1 KyKyKy

Note: Who i this? Could this be Preston and Sarah COMBS' son Thomas listed born ca 1862 on the 1870 Breathitt Census?

158. Jane BARNETT 2/61
Nancy 9/79 dau
John 6/82
Alex 12/86
Marinda 2/90
Linda 4/92

Note: O'Connor list Jane COMBS Barnett as the widow of Henry BARNETT. Source?

162. Willie COMBS 11/51
Sarah 2/63
Henry 3/82
Thos. 5/83
Sam 5/88
John 12/91
Minnie 12/93
Robt. 12/95
Pearlie 2/98
Arch 3/1900

Note: William B. COMBS, son of Nicholas and Mandagreen ANGEL Combs, was married to Sarah MILLER per The Combs Genealogy by J.H. Combs.

180. Frank COMBS 4/56 44 md 22yrs VAKYKY
Isabel 5/61 397-5 KYKYKY
Armina 6/77 22 dau
Louella 5/80 20 dau
Gourley 4/84 16 son
Sarah B. 6/85 14 dau
Sarah Jane 7/98 1 dau

Note: Frank was married to Isabel CARPENTER and can be found living in Magoffin Co., KY in 1880. Frank may be the son of Bluford & Winnie Combs/Stacy Combs.

246.*David COMBS 9/74
Rachel 4/79

Note: Again, it is believed that the * designated the person was black.

256. Absolum MCINTOSH 11/61
Lucy 4/60
Maude McIntosh 4/85
Dan McIntosh 4/95
Nannie McIntosh 4/99

Note: Lucy COMBS McIntosh was the daughter of Syra COMBS & Polly CAUDILL per Lucy's 17 May 1933 Breathitt Co., Ky death certificate. Syra was married to Polly ROBERTS and apparently was having children with Polly CAUDILL.

286. Mort HOUNSHELL 1/65
Pop 4/72 wf
Eliz. COMBS11/93 bo

321. Thos. STRONG 2/32
Lucinda 2/35
Margaret COMBS12/65 dau
Luly COMBS 5/95 gdau
Courtney COMBS8/93 gson
Sam BANKS 4/95 bo

Note: According to Stephen D. Bowling, Margaret STRONG was married to James Goodlow COMBS, son of William M. & S. Jane COMBS Combs.

361. Elvira LITTLE 4/54
Charley LITTLE 3/78 son
Sarah LITTLE 3/85

Note: Jeremiah LITTLE was married to Elvira COMBS daughter of William M. & Jane COMBS Combs.

408. Ed HENSLEY 4/56
Armina 6/58 wf
John 8/76
Sidney 5/79
Sam 1/80
Wm 7/84
Floyd 3/93
Geo. 3/93
Esther 3/94
Albert 4/97

Note: O'Connor list Armina as a COMBS. She could possibly the be the daughter of Seborn & Margaret COMBS.

409. Hardy COMBS 4/70
Esther 4/95 dau
Lizzie 4/97

Note: Hardin "Hardy" COMBS was the son of Woodson and Rachel BOWMAN Combs. Who was Hardy's wife?

410. Wm MAY 4/70
Louisa 12/72 wf
Sarah 6/96
Joseph 12/97

Note: Louisa's maiden name is listed as COMBS.

442. James L. CHADWICK 3/77
Dora (Little) 4/83 wf
Ethel 3/99

Note: James CHADWICK was the son of James CHADWICK & Lucinda COMBS.

445. Wm H./BreckCOMBS 10/56
Susan 3/55 wf
Sam 1/76
John T. 10/77
Shelton 12/80
Wilgus 3/88

Note: William Henry Breckinridge "Breck" COMBS married Susan STRONG. Breck was the son of William Mason & Jane COMBS COMBS.

Crockettsville Precinct

12. Mack HENSLEY 2/57
Cassander 9/55md 24 10/9
Margaret 5/77
Samuel 7/82
Stewart 2/85
Robt. 1/87
Thurman 4/89
Dema 4/91
Benj. 10/93
Chessie 6/96
Dessie 7/99 gdau

Note: Mack HENSLEY married Cassandra COMBS daughter of Seborn & Margaret COMBS according to William O'Connor.

37. Edward TURNER 3/71
Lizzie 7 3/3 12/72
Edward 9/93
Jemima 2/94
John 2/97

Note: Lizzie is listed as the daughter of George & Sarah COMBS Deaton. Source?

132. Wm Breck COMBS 12/48
Sally 2/49 (md) 319-9
Lizzie 3/70
Alex 9/71
John L. 2/73
Wm 5/79
Polly 5/79
Sylvania 9/82
John 5/84
Emily 3/88 Niece

Note: William Breck COMBS was the son of Edwin & Sylvania HERALD Combs. See 22 Mar 1944 Breathitt Co., KY Death Certificate of Polly COMBS Herald re possibility that his wife, Sally, was also a HERALD.

139. James Raleigh 12/79
Haley 2/77 md 0 yrs0-0

Note: Haley is listed as William Breck & Sarah HERALD Combs daughter. Source?

154. Nicholas COMBS 3/79
Armina 5/76 md 7 yr4-2
Letcher 6/97
Baby 3/1900 dau

Note: Nicholas COMBS was the son of Woodson and Rachel BOWMAN Combs. Armina was the daughter of Luther and Jemima THOMAS Combs according to William O'Connor. Source?

155. Rachel COMBS 5/41 10-9
Charlie COMBS 4/82 son
Arch COMBS 2/72 son

Note: This appears to be a double listing of Rachel BOWMAN Combs. See Crawford Prect. HH 344. Notice birth dates are different.

156. Lee COMBS 6/79
Lilly 11/83
Nancy 9/98

Note: Is the above Lee COMBS the same listed with Rachel BOWMAN COMBS in Crawford Prect. HH 344? Again different dates are listed.

161. Solomon BAKER 3/66 Carpenter
Sylvania 10/73 md 8 8-1
Wm COMBS 10/93

Note: Sylvania was the daughter of Alexander & Mahala HERALD Combs. She and her parents are living with her son William BAKER on the 1910 Breathitt Co., Ky Census.

169. John COMBS 8/73
Sally 5/74 md 4 yr 2-2
Dovey 7/96
Eliza 5/98

Note: John L. COMBS was the son of Richard C. & Orlena DEATON Combs. John's wife was Sarah "Sally" DEATON per the obituary of their son Gowley COMBS 1907-1999.

171. Wm John DEATON 4/56
Sally 5/55 md 15 yrs 9-7
Charley 2/87
Irvine 7/89
James 2/93
Lizzie 2/95

Note: William J. DEATON is listed as the son of George DEATON and Sarah COMBS. O'Connor's source?

193. Jane COMBS 10/70 wid
Mandy DEATON 6/92 dau
Leslie DEATON 7/98

Note: William O'Connor has Jane listed as the daughter of Joseph & Ruth WOOTEN Deaton and the widow of Alfred COMBS. The question is, were Mandy and Leslie actually DEATONS as listed online or were they actually COMBS?

196. Alex COMBS 5/59
Mahala 2/50 (md) 25 7-7
Polly 4/76
Edwin 9/79
Alfred 9/81
Lizzie 4/83

Note: Alexander COMBS was the son of Edwin COMBS & Sylvania HERALD. According to the 21 Aug 1940 Breathitt Co., KY Death Certificate of Alexander, his wife Mahala's maiden name was HEARLD [sic]

204. John GRIFFITH 3/67
Serena 6/67 md 11 yrs 4-4
Stephen 7/90
Arch 1/93
Laura 5/95
Wm 5/99

Note: Serena COMBS Griffith (1869-1917) was the daughter of Woodson and Rachel BOWMAN Combs per Serena's 1917 Breathitt Co., KYdeath certificate.

205. James COMBS 4/64
Mary Jane 3/68 md 14 yrs 6-6
Oscar 2/88
Pearl 2/90
Mason 4/92
Silas 2/93
Alex 11/92
Isaac 11/97

Note: James COMBS was the son of Mason "Moses" & Viana ANGEL Combs.

207. Isaac COMBS 4/74
Vina 10/35 8-6 mother wd
Emiline 12/75 sis

Note: Mason "Moses" COMBS was married to Viana ANGEL per son Granville "Pearl" COMBS' 11 May1933 Breathitt Co., KY death certificate. Moses died before 1880.

208. Thos. GRIFFITH 5/60
Dicey 4/65 md 16 yrs 6-5
George 9/84
Lewellen 2/90
Sally 12/93
Mary 10/95
Rachel 9/98
Henley McINTOSH 5/80 bo

Note: Thomas GRIFFITH was married to Dicey COMBS according to the Oct 1996 Obituary of son Anthony W. GRIFFTIH born 22 March 1900 died 12 Oct 1996, last surviving child. Dicey was the daughter of Woodson COMBS & Rachel BOWMAN per Dicey's 1922 Breathitt Co., KY death certificate.

216. George SHORT 5/58
Lizzie 5/77 md 5 yrs 6-5
James 4/80
Richard/Ritchie 9/92
Sally 4/95
Taylor 2/1900
Bruce McCLURE 3/88 sson
Ellen McCLURE 4/89 sdau

Note: George SHORT was the son of Ancil/Anderson SHORT and Elvira COMBS.

217. Roger COMBS 10/55
Nancy 1/57 (md) 23 4-3
Elbert 5/80
Talton 1/90
Pryce 12/96

Note: Roger COMBS married Nancy MURRELL. Roger was the son of Talton and Nancy BOWLING COMBS according to Breathitt Co., Vital Statistics 1855. Nancy MURRELL COMBS and son Elbert COMBS were listed on the 1880 Owsley Co., Ky Census while Roger appears to have been in Breathitt. Roger's 1934 Breathitt Co., KY death certificate list him as the son of Talt COMBS & Mimie SPICER.

218. Andrew SHORT 4/66
Sarah 4/67 md 15 yrs 7-6
Dora 3/88
Blanton 9/89
Chester 9/91
Nancy 2/93
Walter 4/96
Simon 4/99
Rutha NOBLE 3/88 bo

Note: Andrew was the son of Anderson and Elvira COMBS Short.

219. James SHORT 3/72
Ludima 2/73
Fanny 10/93
Charles 7/96
Harlan 5/98

Note: James was the son of Anderson & Elvira COMBS Short. James was married 1st to Louraney McINTOSH and 2nd to Ludima JOHNSON, according to William O'Connor.

221. Anderson SHORT1/40
Susan md 12 yrs 6/6
America 6/81
Manervy 6/83

Note: Anderson/Ancil was married 1st to Elvira COMBS (daughter of Benjamin & Martha JOHNSON Combs p. Elvira COMBS, daughter of Benjamin & Martha JOHNSON Combs per The Combes Genealogy.

222. John SHORT 9/61

Note: John was the son of Anderson and Elvira COMBS Short.

223. Mirandy TURNER 3/63 8-8
America 4/88
Alice 3/90
Wilson 9/93
Wm 3/96
Laura 1/98
Elvira 1/98
Benton 3/99
Holt 10/83 nep

Note: Mr. O'Connor has Miranda listed as the daughter of Anderson & Elvira COMBS Short and widow of Edward TURNER.

223. Isaac SHORT 4/75
Mary 5/77 6 3-2 5/77
Bradley 12/95
Emily 8/98

Note: Isaac Short was the son of Anderson and Elvira COMBS Short.

224. Alfred SPENCER 5/59
Elizabeth 10/58 md 23 yrs 11-11
Keenas 3/78
America 11/79
John 5/82
Martha 7/84
Allen 5/87
Adalene 7/88
Farindy 10/89
Sophia 8/91
Alfred 10/95
Leannah 9/98
Mary JOHNSON 2/99 gdau

Note: Alfred SPENCER (1859-1924) was the son of Allen SPENCER & Farinda COMBS per Alfred's 1924 Breathitt Co., KY death certificate. Alfred married Elizabeth "Bettie"McINTOSH per son James's death certificate.

225. Evan SHORT 2/71
Fanny 10/73 md 11 yrs 6-4
Tymanda 2/91
Lurania 6/93
Ida 10/97
Mary 1/1900

Note: Evan was the son of Anderson & Elvira COMBS Short.

226. Simon McINTOSH 5/56
Nancy 1860 27 yrs 13/8
George 1/83
Andrew 1/85
Abe 1/91
Mandy 3/95
Laura 4/99

Note: Nancy was the daughter of Anderson & Elvira COMBS Short per William O'Connor.

258. Richard Craig COMBS 10/52
Arlena 8/55 md 30 16-15
Richard 5/76
Alex 2/82
Jeff 3/84
Robin 1/86
Brack 10/87
Greenberry 11/89
Nathan 9/90
Lilly 6/93
Dora 3/97

Note: Richard COMBS was the son of Edwin & Sylvania HERALD Combs. Arlene/Orlena's [sic] maiden name was DEATON according to her sons' Clinton and Alexander's Breathitt o., KY death certifcates.

259. Lee COMBS 12/79
Matilda 5/80 md 0 0-0

Note: This is probably Leander COMBS, son of Richard C. & Orleana DEATON Combs.

267. Wm Buck COMBS 3/71
Mary 6/73 md 13 4-4
Lilly 9/89
Jason 6/91
Richard 7/93
Charley 11/97

Note: William B. was the son of Richard C. & Orleana DEATON Combs. His wife was Mary DEATON per the Ky Birth Index.

280. Ed COMBS 5/75
Lucinda 2 1/1 2/1875
Harlin 7/98
Jemima DEATON 6/393-1 grandmother

Note: Ed COMBS was the son of Richard C. COMBS & Orleana DEATON. Jemima DEATON, Orleana's mother is the widow of Edward DEATON.

Elliotsville (Quicksand) Precinct

30. Joseph CRAFT 2/72
Maranda 2/72 wf
Polly RISNER 6/30
Sarah CRAFT 11/33 mom

Note: O'Connor lists Sarah CRAFT as the widow of Preston CRAFT and daughter of David HAGINS & Susan COMBS. Seeking source.

53. John RISNER 7/65
Perlina 5/59 wf,
Lizzey 2/80
Wm 8/82
Pat 4/86
Cattie 3/88
Chester 2/90
Ashley 7/93
Matty 11/94

Note: Perlina McINTOSH was the daughter of Turner McINTOSH & Nancy COMBS per Perlina's 1921 Breathitt Co., KY death certificate.

56. Henderson HENSLEY 5/39
Christine 10/612 wf
George 12/81
Willpress 1/85
Thos. 12/86
Shell 1/88
Madia 3/91
Lick 2/93
Dora 2/96
Price 1/98

Note: Christine COMBS married Henderson HENSLEY 25 December 1879 Breathitt Co., KY. Christine was the daughter of Nicholas and Amanda HAYS COMBS per her 1918 Ky Death Certificate. Is Nicholas the same Nicholas listed as the father of William COMBS 1858-1942? Breathitt Co. Vital Stats lists Nicholas and Mandagreen ANGEL Combs as his parents.

182. John COMBS 3/72
Martha 11/72
Buck 9/93
Brack 8/97
Jane 10/99

189. Patty DAVIS 12/48
Rosanna COMBS 3/85 bo


127. Calvin COMBS 7/78
Caroline 10/76 wf
Wm 4/1900

Note: According to the 1944 Morgan Co., KY death certificate of Arthur COMBS (1902-1944), he was the son of Calvin & Caroline COMBS Combs. Calvin is not found on the 1880 Breathitt, Owsley or Perry census enumerations.

163. ?? COMBS
Liza NEACE 1/84 sdau
Ora NEACE 7/98 sson

172. Isaac COMBS age 48
Mary 1854
Wm 1877
John 1883
dau 13

Note: Possibly the son of Hardin & Dicey COMBS Combs.

204. L. COMBS 1861
wife 9/66
Andrew 1884
Son 1887
Ellen 12/87
Dan 4/92
Bertha 1893
Louise 1895
Dailia 5/99

239. Wm GRIFFITH 1862
Leeann 1863 wf
Frances (m) F 83
Sarah F 86
Dora 9/88
Son 2/91
Jim 6/92
Joseph 12/95
Baby K m H 6/99

Note: Leeann was a Combs per her and William's daughter Sarah COMBS Oliver 1933 death certificate. Leeann could possibly be the daughter of Mason "Moses" COMBS & Vianna ANGEL who had a daughter Leanna born ca 1865.

240. Littleton HOLLON 10/60
Sarah 8/63 wf
Merida (m) 10/81
Henry COMBS1/72 sv


61. Garlan THARP 4/72 md in '93
Margaret 8/74 wf 3/3
Bertha 12/95
Roscoe 12/97
Elisha 3/1900

Note: The T-Point Cemetery lists Thomas THARP (1894-1895) as the son of Garland and Margaret COMBS THARP. It's possible that Margaret was the daughter of Isaac B. & Mollie ALLEN COMBS. They have a daughter Margaret born ca 1875 listed with them on the 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census.

City of Jackson

23. A. B. COMBS 5/59 18
Lilly 5/75 2/2 wf
Wilgus 12/84
Alice 5/93
Alma 3/96
Sarah COLLIER 4/78 sv

Note: A. Bonaparte COMBS, son of Wiley H. & Eliza J. COMBS Combs, was married 1st to Ellen K.CARDWELL, 2nd to Lillie STRONG.

30. Wm M. COMBS 7/27 12
Armintha 1/51 0/0 wf
Bertha 5/93
Claretus BELCHER 5/77 gdau
Charlie COMBS12/95 son
Alex SPENCER 5/61 bro

Note: William M. COMBS was the son of Matthew COMBS & Francis BROWN. William was married 1st to Sarah Jane COMBS the daughter of Washington COMBS & Sallie WHITTAKER. Is Alex SPENCER Armintha's brother?

46. Henry COLLINS 9/57VA 31
Sarah 1/57 wf
Ida LITTLE 2/78 sv
Marion JONES 5/93 bo
Bradley JONES no age bo
C. W. JONES 7/78 bo
James COMBS3/63 bo
David HUGHES 4/64 bo

63. Daniel HADDIX 1/70
Rachel 3/70 2nd wf
John 4/90
James 3/92
Lilly 4/94
Cordelia 6/96
Breck 12/99

Note: Rachel was a COMBS per William O'Connor. Source?

88. John C. BACK 11/57
Mary Isabell 4/58 wf
Earalene 9/79
Wm 3/82
Mollie 9/92

Note: John was the son of Isaac & Rachel COMBS Back per Wm O'Connor.

104. Book THOMAS 2/73 3
Edna 11/76 1-1 wf
Alberta 10/98
Maude COMBS 5/94 se

116. Syria COMBS 12/21 58
Polly 1/25 8-8 wf

Note: Syra COMBS son of Preston and Nancy STACY COMBS. Based on their having been married 42 years, this is apparently Polly ROBERTS rather than the Polly CAUDILL by whom Sira also had children.

117. Syria COMBSJr 2/75 md 5 yrs
Bettie 4/82 2-2 wf
Rachel 5/97
John 7/98

Note: Syria COMBS, Jr was listed as the son of Syra COMBS on the 1880 Lee Co., Ky Census, in which Sira Sr. appears to have been with Polly CAUDILL.

143. S. S. TAULBEE 1/64 md 3 yrs
Mattie 1/7-2-1
May 6/92
Ruth 7/94
Emma 6/99
Tobitha FUGATE 4/86 sv
Noah SPENCER 1/46 sv
Price LANDRUM 5/75 bo
John BERRYMAN 1/60 bo
Charley HADDEN 3/75 bo
Benj. HARGIS 4/75 bo
Alex HARGIS 2/58 bo
A. C. BAKER 12/53 bo
Mildred BAKER 1/35bo

Note: Mattie TAULBEE is listed as a COMBS before marriage.

145. John REDWINE 3/63 md 7 yrs
Addie 4/75 3-3wf
Meredith 9/94 son
Bertha 3/96
Mary May 4/98
(Judge) David B. 12/55 bro

Note: Addie's maiden name is listed as COMBS. Wiley and Eliza COMBS Combs had a daughter Addie b ca 1874 on the 1880 Breathitt County census, and The Combes Genealogy states that she m John S. REDWINE. Seeking source

150.Wiley COMBS 4/26
Eliza 12/358-7
Nettie 8/82 gdau
Hacker 1/83 gson
Willie 2/85 gson
Wiley 8/71 gson
C. X. BOWLING 12/71 bo
Sam FLEEMAN 11/73 VA bo
Wm VAUGHN 5/69 bo
Jasper HOLLON 10/83 bo
Artrel JACKSON 6/65 bo
Viola JACKSON 4/69 IN wf
Winifred JACKSON 8/89 dau
Sarah JACKSON 5/91 IN
Mary JACKSON 4/95

Note: Wiley COMBS was the son of Samuel and Nancy CORNETT Combs. Eliza J. COMBS was the daughter of Napolean B. & Susan ISOM Combs. See also the 4 Aug 1940 Middletown, Butler, OH Death Certificate for Napoleon Bonaparte Combs


22. Wm NOBLE 4/74 md 1yr
Caldonie 2/82 wf

Note: William is listed as the son of George W. & Jemima COMBS? Noble on the 1880 Breathitt County Census.

24. Geo. W. NOBLE 10/52 md 29 yrs
Jemima 3/507-7
Dulcenia 4/71
Emory 5/81
Alford 6/87
Rachel 2/91 gdau
Granville 1/96 gson
Sewell 4/98 gson
General 3/1900

Note: Jemima's maiden name is listed as COMBS. Seeking source.

25. Losson E. NOBLE 3/78 md 4 yrs
Meldona 2/82 2-2
McKinley 2/97
Esau 5/99
Ira 5/84 bro

Note: Losson NOBLE was the son of of George and Jemima COMBS? Noble on the 1880 Breathitt County Census.

26. Stephen CAMPBELL 5/65 md 18 yrs
Julyan 2/66 7-7 wf
Alex 7/82
Irvine l 4/85
Losson l 10/86
Elihu 1/89
Arrenia 5/91
Ida 9/93
Mary 1/98

Note: Stephen CAMPBELL was the son of Alex & Tempy F. COMBS Campbell.

27. Wilson CAMPBELL11/64 md 11 yrs
Lavina 5/75 6-6
Marion 3/90 son
John H. 12/91
Sylvania 8/93
Katie 11/95
Lucinda 11/97
Queen Sheba 11/97

Note: Wilson CAMPBELL was the son of Alex & Tempy F. COMBS Campbell.

28. Wilburn CAMPBELL 4/45 md 30 yrs
Jennie 3/49 8-7
Dulcenia 2/72 3-3
Alford 10/78
Sallyann 4/81
Hiram 12/83
Martha Ellen 3/88
Mary Magline 1/93 gdau
Jerry 5/94 gson
Geo. W. 3/84 nep

Note: Wilburn CAMPBELL was the son of Alex & Tempy F. COMBS Campbell.

29. Elihu CAMPBELL 2/52 md 21 yrs
Susan 3/52
James 4/79
Beaugard 12/83

Note: Elihu CAMPBELL was the son of Alex & Tempy F. COMBS Campbell.

33. Geo. W. CAMPBELL 8/47 31
Sally 11/49 9-7
America 5/78
Keziah 11/80
Julyann 11/83
Pearl 10/89
Ursey 12/92
Malvery 2/57
Tempy 6/30 10/9mom

Note: Tempy Francis COMBS was married to Alexander CAMPBELL.

34. Irvine CAMPBELL 10/64 md 10 yrs
Clarinda 3/71 5-5

Note: Irvin CAMPBELL was the son of Alexander & Tempy F. COMBS Campbell.

36. Thos. H. HUDSON 3/60 md 18 yrs
Lettie 4/60 3-2
Adam 4/88
Eva D. 2/94
Thos. B. COMBS1/70 sv md 3 yrs
Martha COMBS 4/80 wf

Note: Thomas may have been the son of of William B. and Susan CAMPBELL Combs.

42. Jerrimiah COMBS 2/54 md 18 yrs
Martha J. 3/64 8-5
Wm L. 7/82
Henry 4/85
Jackson 1/87
Mary Magline 3/89
Evoline 4/91
Cleveland 10/93
Miles 10/95
Hezikiah 6/98
Nancy Ann COMBS1/62 sis

Note: The 8 Oct 1941 Leslie Co., Ky Death Certificate of Jackson COMBS, b 1888, and the 1929 Perry Co., KY death certificates of Grover C. [Cleveland] COMBS, born 1892, list their parents as Jeremiah & Martha BARNETT Combs (Jackson's states both born in Breathitt). Mary COMBS Armstrong who died 21 Sept 1945 Breathitt Co., Ky is possibly the same Mary as above. Her mother was listed as Martha ARNETT. Could Jeremiah and Nancy Ann COMBS have been children of Henry G. and Evalina COMBS Combs?

43. Wm CAMPBELL 6/75
Alley 4/79

Note: William was the son of Caleb & Catherine CAMPBELL

44. Caleb CAMPBELL 9/37 md 34 yrs
Catherine 4/48 9-8
Sytha 2/82
Martha 3/84
Nancyann 6/89
Lida 8/92
Isaac COLLINSWORTH 5/58 sv

Note: Caleb CAMPBELL was the son of John CAMPBELL & Martha "Patsy" SMITH.

45. Wm COLLINSWORTH 4/64 md 1 yr
Jennie 5/72 3-3
Cora Belle COMBS 3/93 sdau
Delonia COMBS 9/96 sdau
Solomon COLLINSWORTH 4/1900 son

Note: O'Connor list Jennie as the daughter of Caleb & Catherine CAMPBELL. Apparently she was married to a COMBS before marrying COLLINSWORTH.

46. Wm Benton COMBS 2/35 46
Susan 7/35 13-12
Matison /76
Martha /63
Susie Jane 0/99 gdau
Green B. 10/87 gson

Note: William B. COMBS son of Stephen and Patsy FRANCIS Combs, married Susan CAMPBELL daughter of John & Martha SMITH CAMPBELL. Martha hasn't been listed on any previous census. She may be Madison's wife and not William and Susan's daughter.

47. Caleb COMBS 12/79 md 1yr
Rachel 5/82 wf

Note: Caleb was the son of William B. and Susan CAMPBELL Combs.

58. Samuel ALLEN 6/64 md 11 yrs
Sally Ann 11/70 3-32wf
Wm 3/90
Polly 8/83
Thurman 12/86

Note: Samuel was the son of Andy & Polly COMBS Allen.

67. Samson COLLINSWORTH 9/67 md 10 yrs
Diancy 3/548-7
Melda 5/92
Jackson 12/95 son
Isaac COMBS 5/82 sson
Thos. COMBS 11/88 sson

Note: Diancy COMBS daughter of William Benton & Susan CAMPBELL Combs.

68. Richard COMBS 2/60
Willie 1/82 son
Nancy FUGATE 3/71 sv
Juda FUGATE 1/80 sv
Thos. FUGATE 3/98 nep

Note: Richard was the son of William B. and Susan CAMPBELL Combs. His wife was Kate born ca 1859 and they were listed on the 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census with his cousin Zack & Sylvania CAMPBELL Ritchie. William O'Connor has Kate as a COLLINSWORTH. Seeking source.

69. Melda COMBS 1/64 6-2 wid
Richard COLLINSWORTH 12/83 son
Polly COLLINSWORTH 1/87 dau

Note: Melda COMBS daughter of William B. & Susan CAMPBELL Combs was married to Isaac COLLINSWORTH per William O'Connor. Source? Why is she listed here as a COMBS?

73. Bureguard COMBS 12/77 2
Nancy 5/67 2-2
Austin 5/86 sson
Lewis H. 2/88 son

Note: Is this Beauregard, born ca 1773, son of Delaney and Matilda DUFF Combs? Since Austin is listed as step-son, did his wife, Nancy, marry two COMBS?

87. Nancy FUGATE 5/46
Elvira 3/77 dau
Margaret 7/79 2-2 single
Lydda 8/82
Julyann 5/85
Martha 2/1800 mom 9-13
Parrett 3/94 gdau
Joseph 12/96 gson
Albert 5/1900 gson
Margaret 5/25 mil
Parrett CARPENTER 5/85 niece

Note: Martha FRANCIS married Stephen COMBS. Their daughter, Nancy COMBS, married James FUGATE. How was Parrett CARPENTER the niece of Nancy COMBS Fugate?

88. John C. B. NOBLE 6/67 md 10 yrs
Margaret 3/755-5
Clara Belle 12/89
Ida 2/92
Nancy 12/93
Lizzie 7/95
Mollie May 5/99

Note: Margaret was a COMBS per William O'Connor. Could she possibly be the daughter of Isaac & Mollie ALLEN Combs? They had a daughter Margaret age 5 on the 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census. John and Margaret also have several children buried in the T-Point Cemetery.

101. Irvin FUGATE ?/48 md 14 yrs
Rhoda 1/69
Katie FUGATE 9/91 niece

Note: Rhoda was a COMBS per William O'Connor (Source?) and the daughter of William B. & Susan CAMPBELL Combs.

134. Green MILLER 12/66 md 7 yrs
Liza 5/65
Polly NOBLE2/1831 aunt
Mary NOBLE 1/79 sv
Roxieann NOBLE 6/99

Note: Polly COMBS daughter of Alfred COMBS & Margaret NOBLE, married 1st Andrew ALLEN who died before the 1880. Polly is suppose to have then married William NOBLE, per The Combs Genealogy. Eliza "Liza" MILLER was, according to William O'Connor, was the daughter of William MILLER, Jr. & Sally NOBLE. Was Sally NOBLE a sister of William NOBLE?

138. John Morgan ALLEN 7/63 md 13 yrs
Sarah 3/68 5-5
Mary Magalene ?/88
Armina 12/90
Cynthia Jane 9/92
Geo. W. 10/95
Delila 4/99
Delila 4/46 mom 2-2

Note: Delila COMBS daughter of Alfred COMBS & Margaret NOBLE. Delila was married to Ira ALLEN. John M. ALLEN died 7 March 1919 Breathitt Co., Ky, per his Death Certificate.

140. Jordan COMBS no age md 2 yrs
Haney 1882 1/1
Shadrack 11/99

Note: Jordan COMBS was the son of Diance/Diancy COMBS. Haney's maiden name was MILLER according to son French's obituary, and death certificates of sons George and Nathan who both died in 1936 in Breathitt.

142. Polly CAMPBELL 9/53 9-8
Easter COMBS2/76 dau 1-1
Palina/Plina COMBS ?/79 dau
Florence COMBS 4/99 gdau
Benj. CAMPBELL 1/81
James CAMPBELL 3/83
Caroline CAMPBELL 10/86
Floyd CAMPBELL 4/88

Note: Polly McINTOSH Campbell was the daughter of Turner McINTOSH & Nancy COMBS. Polly was married to John CAMPBELL son of Alex & Tempy F. COMBS Campbell. Why are her daughters Easter and Palina using the name COMBS? Whose child was Florence?

143. Delaney COMBS 3/47 md 29 yrs
Matilda 10/50 6-5
Martha 3/81
Berry T. 12/88
Stella 7/93
Bilva 1/79 gdau

Note: Delaney was the son of Alfred and Margaret NOBLE COMBS. Matilda was a DUFF per 1875 Breathitt Co., Ky Vital Birth Statistics.

149. Benj. CAMPBELL 1/62 md 20 yrs
Nancy 7/62 8-8
John 8/81
Milton 5/86
Tempy 1/89
Geo. W. 2/91
Ibby 8/94
James 11/97
Huey 11/99

Note: Alex CAMPBELL and Tempy F. COMBS were Benjamin's parents.

150. Lucinda COMBS 12/60 VA 6-6
Lizzie 3/83 dau
Matthew 5/86
French 2/89
Shade 7/91

Note: Lucinda "Cinda" DAY died 10 Oct 1914, Breathitt Co., KY, daughter of Marion and Louraney NEAL Day (per her death certificate), widow of Shadrick "Rebel Shade" COMBS.

151. Alfred A. COMBS 1/55 md 24 yrs
America 1/57 7-7
Leslie 3/83 son
Grover Cleveland 12/84
Asberry 7/88
Lucinda 3/93
Mollie 12/94
Mary Ann COMBS 6/77 dau div.
Delila NAPIER 1/79 dau
Sam NAPIER 3/80 sil
Lonzo NAPIER 11/98 gson

Note: Alfred A. "T" COMBS was the son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs. America wasthe daughter of Worton & Jennie WATTS Noble according to her 22 Jan 1945 Breathitt Co., Ky Death Certificate. The T Point Cemetery in Clayhole, Breathitt Co., Ky is named for Alfred A. COMBS. Whom did Mary Ann divorce?

172. Catherine COMBS 12/35
Polly SIZEMORE 2/76 dau

Note: Catherine (NOBLE?) is the widow of Elijah COMBS.

173. James COMBS 8/77 5
Easter 9/71 3/3
Roseann 6/89
Saul 3/98
Catherine 11/99

Note: James was the son of Elijah and Catherine COMBS. Easter [sic] was a TURNER according to daughter Catherine's 3 March 1993 obituary.

178. Jerry COMBS 11/71 md 2 yrs
Nancy Rachel 2/79
Geo. W. 12/89
Elvira 8/94
Sam 8/99

Note: Jerry is the son of Elijah and Catherine COMBS.

180. Jeremiah COMBS 3/40 38yrs
Sally Ann 1/40 8-8
Wm Alford 8/77
Greenberry 10/81

Note: Jeremiah COMBS was the son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs. Sally Ann was a NOBLE per son Greenberry's 1 Feb 1943 Breathitt Co., Ky Death Certificate.

181. James NEACE 11/71 md 5 yrs
Rachel 2/76 1-1
Rosa Belle 8/97

Note: O'Connor list Rachel as the daughter of Jeremiah and Sally NOBLE Combs. Seeking source.

182. John H. COMBS 9/67 md 10 yrs
Mariah 9/73 5-2
Jeremiah 7/90
Leslie 2/98
Josh FUGATE 6/87 sv

Note: John H. COMBS born 18 Sept 1868 died 4 May 1945 (per his Death Certificate) was the son of Jeremiah and Sally NOBLE Combs onthe 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census.

186. Shade COMBS 4/66 md 12yrs
Sally 8/72 6-4
Evolice 2/89
Malachi 5/92
Katie 5/94
Peter 3/98

Note: Shadrick "Shade" COMBS was the son of Jeremiah & Sally NOBLE Combs. Shade and Sally NEACE Combs were the parents of Sewell COMBS 1 Aug 1900-3 Jan 1995, and Hiram COMBS 16 Mar 1903-29 Mar 1991, according to Sewell's and Hiram'sobituaries.

190. Thos. WATTS 10/53 md 28 yrs
Rachel 11/50 5-5
Floyd 11/81
Taylor 11/83
Rachel COMBS5/91 gdau
Wm COMBS 7/92 gdau
Geo. W. WATTS 4/78 nep

200. Benj. COMBS 4/72 md 8 yrs
Mary Jane 8/75 3-3
Sally Ann 4/92
Haney 3/96
Martha Ellen 3/99

Note: Jeremiah and Sally Ann NOBLE Combs were Benjamin's parents.

201. Ned TURNER 8/73 md 9 yrs
Mary Ellen 4/72 8-2
Green B. 3/95

Note: Mary Ellen was the daughter of Jeremiah and Sally Ann NOBLE Combs per William O'Connor. Source? They did have a daughter Mary E. age 8 listed in 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census.

202. Peter NEACE 2/68 md 9 yrs
Visey Jane 8/715-2
Harmon 6/92
Lydia 4/99

Note: Visey Jane was the daughter of Jeremiah and Sally Ann NOBLE Combs per William O'Connor. Source? In 1880 Lavisa, age 10, is listed with Jeremiah and Sally.

209. Isaac COMBS 2/72
Mary 5/76 2-2 2nd wf
Dora 3/94
Wm 1/96
Goebel 2/98

Note: Isaac was the son of William Benton & Susan CAMPBELL Combs.

210. Emory COLLINSWORTH 5/72 md 12 yrs
Cynthia Ann6/64 4-4
Colia 1/89 son
Martha Ellen 3/96
Cordelia COMBS2/86 sdau
Arkanise COMBS5/88 sson

Note: Cynthia A. was the daughter of William Benton & Susan CAMPBELL Combs per William O'Connor. Source? Was Cynthia married to a COMBS prior to this marriage to Emory or were her two COMBS children out of wedlock?


19. Sam COMBS 1855
Jane 5/53
John 1/79
Lizia 12/83
Lee 12/83
Sarah 1/85
Sylvania 5/87
Wiley 10/90
Luley 7/91
Byrum 4/95

Note: Samuel and Jane are listed on the 1880 Breathitt Co., Ky Census. Samuel's brother Biram COMBS was living with them. Who were Samuel and Biram's parents? William O'Connor has Jane's maiden name as COPE. Source?

34. Ed GROSS 7/66
Deamy 5/67
Littleton 5/86
Gran 4/88
Archa 11/91 dau
Sally 3/94
Daley 7/96
Kelly 3/99
Ida HAYS 1/83 sv

Note: Deamy, according to William O'Connor, was the daughter of Seburn & Margaret NEAL Combs. Source? Source for Margaret having been a NEAL rather than a COMBS? Ed GROSS was the brother of Polly GROSS Spencer, Phoebe GROSS Combs and Lizey GROSS Combs per William O'Connor. Source?

35. Ceaborn COMBS 10/20
Mary 1836 2wf
Eli COMBS 5/83 gson
Mary BUSH 8/95 bo

Note: Seborn/Seburn/Seaborn COMBS was the son of Benjamin and Jane BROWN Combs.

39. James SPENCER 7/64
Polly 9/65
Isabelle 1/85
Willie 9/87
John 6/89
Phoebe 6/93
Bradley 5/96

Note: James was the son of Allen & Farinda COMBS Spencer. James wife, Polly GROSS was the sister of Ed GROSS, Phoebe GROSS COMBS & Lizey GROSS COMBS per William O'Connor. Source?

41. Robt. COMBS 9/62
Phoebe 1874

Note: Robert was the son of Luther and Jemima JAMES (THOMAS?) Combs. His wife Phoebe GROSS wasa sister of Ed GROSS, Polly GROSS Spencer, and Lizey GROSS Combs per William O'Connor. Source?

44. Hiram COMBS 5/75
Lizey 5/80
Silas 3/96
Dosha 3/98
Alpha 2/1900

Note: Who were Hiram's parents? Luther and Jemima THOMAS Combs had son Hiram but he was born ca 1869. Eliza "Lizey" was nee GROSS according to obituary of daughter Alpha COMBS Noble 17 Feb 1900-8 Sept 1991. Lizey was the sister of Ed GROSS, Phoebe GROSS Combs and Polly GROSS Spencer per William O'Connor. Source? See also the 20 Sep 1944 Wilmington, Clinton, OH Death Certificate for Silas Combs and the 7 May 1948 Akron Summit OH Death Certificate for their daughter Docie Combs

48. Gran SPICER 3/64
Sarah 5/66,
Ellen COMBS9/85
Juley COMBS7/87
Nancy COMBS9/89
Shade SPICER 9/92

Note: Sarah HADDIX, daughter of William Grey HADDIX & Julie Ann DAVIS, was married 1st to William COMBS according to William O'Connor. Source?

65. Lewis COMBS 1864
America 1/70 wf
Rosie 1890 dau
Manda 10/92
Josie 10/95
Bertha 4/99

Note: Is Lewis the same as Tarlton and Mary WILLIAMS Combs' son Lewis born ca 1862 and listed on the 1880 Lee Co., Ky Census?

75. Ed COMBS11/61
Armine 1/70
Chester 3/88
Aster 2/92
Ursula 3/93
Cordelia 3/96
Rae 12/97 dau

Note: Edward COMBS born 24 Nov 1861 died 23 Mar 1941, was the son of Henry & Polly GRIGSBY Combs per Edward's 1941 Breathitt County death certificate. Cordelia COMBS born 9 Mar 1895 died 27 Dec 1935, married T. W. HOWARD per her death certificate. Her mother Armine's maiden name is listed as BARNETTE.

82. Mize LANDRUM 5/77
Serena 11/77

Note: William O'Connor has Serena listed as the daughter of Rebel Shade COMBS and Lucinda DAY. Source?

83. Isaac COMBS 9/54
Armina 3/74 2 wf '93
Orlando 5/76
Shade 3/86
Mindy 3/92
Dalila 5/95
Caldonia 10/97
Rutherford 2/1900

Note: Isaac was the son of Alfred & Margaret NOBLE Combs. Isaac was married 1st to Mollie ALLEN. Armina nee HAYNES, according to obituary of son Sanford COMBS born 14 Dec 1907-4 Sept 1997.

85. Henderson COMBS 10/72
Matilda 12/71
Wm 10/97
Mack 12/99

Note: Henderson was the son of Isaac B. & Mollie ALLEN Combs.

99. John ROBERTS 1878
Luranie 12/70
Marie R. Roberts 6/99

Note: John was the son of Caleb ROBERTS & Delilah COMBS according to William O'Connor Source?

100. Sewell ROBERTS 6/75
Hannah 1/77
Elizabeth 6/94
Emanuel 3/98

Note: Sewell was the son of Caleb ROBERTS & Delilah COMBS according to William O'Connor Source?

101. Alford ROBERTS 12/49
Elvira 10/49
Delaney 11/79
Serena 8/81
Margaret 3/83
Elizabeth 1/85
Laura 1/89

Note: Alford was the son of Caleb ROBERTS & Delilah COMBS according to William O'Connor Source?

116. Saul COMBS 3/80
Armina 11/78 daughter of 117
Lee 1/1900

Note: Obituary of Laura COMBS Noble who died 27 April 1996, she was the daughter of Solly [sic] and Armina CAMPBELL Combs.

8 Sept 1900 Breathitt Co. Marriages: William COMBS, age 22, single, laborer, born in Perry Co. Ky, resides in Jackson,Ky, son of [father not listed] Leurana COMBS; married to Margaret BUSH, age 24, single, born in Perry Co. Ky, resides in Jackson, Ky, daughter of Daw BUSH, Perry Co. Ky & [mother not listed]. Married at Jackson, Ky. [can't make out the rest] (Transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson from microfilm.)
23 Jan 1901 Breathitt Co. Marriage Book 9, pg 131: Wilson Noble, age 36, second marriage, son of William NOBLE and Cinda COMBS; married 23 Jan 1901 to Mary SOUTHWOOD, age 22, single, daughter of Nelson SOUTHWOOD. Married at John H COMBS' in Breathitt Co., KY. by John H COMBS. Witnesses C KILBURN and N. SOUTHWOOD. (Provided by Anita Boyd and transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson)
26 Jan 1901 Breathitt Co Marriages: Wiliam COMBS, age 21, single, farmer, born in Crockettsville Ky, birthplace of father Breathitt Co., KY (No parents names listed); married 26 Jan1901 to Betty GROSS, age 26 second marriage, born in Breathitt Co Ky, daughter of Clint COMBS, Breathitt Co., KY & America HERALD, Breathitt Co Ky. Married at Oak Dale, Ky. (Transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson from Microfilm.)

Note: William COMBS was the son of William Breck COMBS & Sarah HERALD.
28 Nov 1901 Breathitt Co. Marriages: GeorgeCOMBS, age 21, single, white, farmer, born in Breathitt Co. Ky, son of S.N. COMBS & Lucinda DAY; married to Paulina RUSSELL, age 21, single, white, born in Breathitt Co. Ky, daughter of A. C. RUSSELL & Marium MILLER. Married at A C RUSSELLS in Breathitt Co. Ky. (Transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson from microfilm.)
25 Dec 1901 Breathitt Co. Marriages: S.G. COMBS, age 24, second marriage, farmer, born in Breathitt Co. Ky. resides at Jackson, Ky, son of Breck COMBS & Susan STRONG; married to Meley Ann SNOWDEN, age 19, first marriage, born in Breathitt Co. Ky, resides at Jackson, KY, daughter of J. M. SNOWDEN & Liddy THOMPSON. Married by M W HINES? at Jackson, Ky. in the presence of Minerva BACK and Frank Mc CURRY. (Transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson from microfilm.)

Note: S. G. COMBS is Samuel Goodlow COMBS.
3 May 1902 Breathitt Co. Marriage Book 9, pg 515: Isaac Combs, age 19, single, son of Diancy COMBS; married 3 May 1902 to Tabitha MILLER, age 16, single, daughter of James MILLER and June MILLER. Married at Jerdon COMBS res in Breathitt Co., KY by James B NOBLE Min. witnesses S. M. ALLEN and Jerdon COMBS. (Provided by Anita Boyd and transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson).
26 Nov 1902 Breathitt Co. Marriage Book 10, pg 79: Arch COMBS, age 27, single. son of Woodson COMBS and Rachel COMBS; married 26 Nov 1902 to Dicey Griffith, age 24, single, daughter of James GRIFFITH and Elizabeth GRIFFITH. Married at James GRIFFITH'S by G H HOUNSHELL MG. Witnesses J. ANDERSON and T. LEWIS. (Provided by Anita Boyd and transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson)
31 Mar 1904 Breathitt Co. Marriage Book 10, pg 581: Floyd THARP, age 19, single, son of Jane THARP; married 31 March 1904 to Eliza COMBS, age 22, single, daughter of SamCOMBS and Jane COMBS. Married in Breathitt Co by W. J. ARROWOOD, Min., witnesses, John STRONG and E. CLAY. (Provided by Anita Boyd and transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson)
20 Apr 1904 Breathitt Co. Marriage CD: Sherman COMBS, 24, 1st marriage, son of Samuel COMBS and Jane COPE; married 20 Apr 1904 to Eliza CLAY, 28 2nd marriage, daughter of William CLAY and Lottie CLAY, by: W. J. ARROWOOD, Min. at James NEW’S. Witnesses: Robt. STRONG & S. COPE. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Louise Gaskill)

Note: Combs Researcher also transcribed this marriage with the same information from Breathitt Co. Marriage Book 10, pg. 615.
Oct. 27, 1904 The LaRue County (Ky.) Herald (extracted by Carolyn Wimp): Six Men Indicted at Jackson for the Murder of Tom Jones Jackson, Ky. Oct. 22-Indictments have returned by the Breathitt County grand jury against Bradley Martin and Wm. Martin of Knott Co. and G.B. Combs, Shade Combs, Neley Collins and Wm. Combs of this county, charging them all with the murder of Tom Jones, whose charred remains were found on May 2 amid the dying embers of a campfire by the roadside on Troublesome Creek. On the evening before his death, Jones left Jackson in company with Wm. Combs and Shade Combs. The latter stated that the party stopped when night overtook them and built a fire, with the intention of waiting by it until the moon arose and gave them light by which they would be enabled to resume their journey. They declared that when the moon arose they were unable to arouse Jones, who was asleep by the fire, and that they went on their journey, leaving him there.
January 20, 1905 Breathitt County news (Jackson, Ky.) 190?-19??, January 20, 1905, Image 1 (Source: Newspaper obituary from Breathitt County news. (Jackson, Ky.) 190?-19??, January 20, 1905, Image 1; digital image from Chroniclingamerica website. Transcribed by Sue Elfving for Combs-Coombs)

Aged Knott County Woman Dies
Aunt Margaret Combs, aged 86, died at the home of her son-in-law, Squire Whittaker, on Rock House creek, Knott County, last week, death resulting from old age and injury in a fall suffered some time ago. She was married three times and survived all her husbands. She was the mother of fourteen children and had probably more than 200 descendants living at the time of her death. She was the mother of state senator John Combs and G. P. Combs, ex-county superintendent of Perry County.

21 Feb 1905 Breathitt Co. Marriage Book 11, pg 217: Tilden COMBS, age 23, single, son of Luther COMBS and Jennie COMBS; married 21 Feb 1917 Phoeba SPENCER, age 17, single, daughter of James SPENCER and Polly SPENCER. Married at James SPENCER'S res in Breathitt Co. Ky. by R B LANDRUM, witnesses David GROSS and Reed THOMAS. (Provided by Anita Boyd and transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson)
January 20, 1906 The Breathitt News Gus COMBS and Miss Cora BACK were married January 19th at the home of the bride, Mrs. Barna BACK, in Jackson, Rev. W. W. POWELL officiating.

N. B. COMBS is putting up a new saw and planing mill on the old site formerly occupied by Little & Lynch. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Louise Gaskill from "The 1998 Record", a Quarterly Publication of the Breathitt County Genealogical & Historical Society, Winter, 1998 edition)

DH: James B. Wilgus "Gus" Combs was the son of William H. Breckinridge & Susan STRONG Combs.
21 Oct 1907 Breathitt Co. Marriage Book 13, pg 189: Benjamin VIRES, age 25, second marriage, married 21 Oct 1907 to Cinda COMBS, age 23, second marriage. Married at R. B. LANDRUM'S res. in Breathitt Co, by R. B. LANDRUM, witnesses, S.H.HURST and J. T. STEELE. (Provided by Anita Boyd and transcribed by Lynda Combs Gipson)
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