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Letcher Co., KY was established in 1842 from Harlan & Perry Counties. Letcher County is on the Virginia State Line. Adjacent KY counties are Floyd, Harlan, Perry, and Pike. In 1884, Knott was established from Breathitt, Floyd, Letcher and Perry in 1884.
Index to Letcher Co., KY Combs Records

Letcher Co., KY Cemetery Enumerations

(Extracted from Rootsweb by Combs Researcher Debi Houser who adds: The parenthetical annotations are not mine (unless otherwise noted) and research is needed to confirm these!) unless otherwise indicated.
WESLEY COMBS CEMETERY, Van, KY (up near head of Smoot Creek on right of mouth of hollow)

Combs, Charelotte F., 1895, 1918
Combs, Charlie, 1888, 1911, (son of Wes. & Mary)
Combs, Everett, 1916, 1919
Combs, Harlan, 1882, 1952, (son of Wes. & Mary)
Combs, Ira, 1913, 1914
Combs, James, 1876, 1939, (son of Wes. & Polly)
Combs, Kinney, 1906, 1910
Combs, Martha, 1918, 1918
Combs, Nora, 1904, 1920
Combs, Polly, 1853, 1909, (w/o Wesley)
Combs, Stephana Florence, 1918, 1918
Combs, Susan, 1885, 1928
Combs, Wesley, 1850, 1924, (son of Shadrick & Mary)

Notes: Of the above highlighted names, Charles Combs, son of Westley (Wesley) and Polly BREEDING Combs, per his 1911 (Jefferson) Letcher Co., KY DC. See Wesley, age 7/12 in 1850 Letcher Co., KY Census HH of Wesley and Mary HOGG Combs.
ISOM CEMETERY, Isom, KY (behind the Presbyterian Church at Isom)

COMBGS [Combs?], Lincoln E., 4/4/1908, 3/29/1972
Combs, Alpha, no date, 1914
Combs, Basie, 1890, no date
Combs, Betty, 1885, 1965
Combs, Cinda, 3/29/1879, 8/20/1915, (w/o Shadrick)
Combs, Della Mae, 10/11/1905, 8/30/1962
Combs, Denby, 3/4/1910, 9/10/1910
Combs, Elizabeth, 4/28/1922, 1/17/1923
Combs, Fulton, 8/29/1925, 12/1/1969
Combs, G. A., 3/3/1842, 8/10/1926, (George - son of Shadrick & Sarah)
Combs, George, 3/28/1887, 4/8/1936
Combs, George Denna, 12/28/1897, 11/5/1938, (son of Stephen & Martha)
Combs, Henry, 12/4/1875, 1/12/1945, (son of George A. & Millie) (DH: husband of Polly ROARK)
Combs, Henry M., 5/20/1901, 9/20/1923
Combs, Herman C., 6/11/1899, 7/6/1953
Combs, Hobart H., 2/17/1897, 3/27/1927
Combs, Infants, no dates, (2 infants of Herman)
Combs, John, 12/23/1917, 2/27/1918
Combs, John, no dates
Combs, John A., 9/15/1945, 9/4/1964
Combs, John W., 9/23/1865, 6/15/1940, (son of Geo. & Millie)
Combs, Judge Forster, 12/31/1914, 1/1/1969
Combs, Loren, 9/29/1913, 3/28/1924
Combs, Lula, 12/28/1889, 8/10/1937
Combs, Madge, , not dead
Combs, Martha A., 10/16/1876, 3/16/1963, (w/o Stephen)
Combs, Marvin, 11/6/1893, 9/25/1943
Combs, Matilda E., 8/29/1878, 12/3/1943
Combs, Mattie, 3/13/1905, 12/23/1905
Combs, Millie (MAGGARD), 8/27/1843, 10/4/1914, (daughter of Henry & Polly - w/o George)
Combs, Patricia Ann, 10/12/1955, 10/13/1955
Combs, Pollie (ROARK), 3/26/1883, 4/30/1966, (DH: w/o Henry)
Combs, Roosevelt, 3/9/1923, 5/11/1941
Combs, Ruth, 2/21/1901, not dead
Combs, Shade, 12/23/1877, 5/19/1954, (son of G. A. & Millie MAGGARD Combs)
Combs, Stephen P., 11/28/1871, 12/14/1943, (son of George & Millie)
Combs, W. R., 1844, no date, (William R.)
Combs, William, no dates

Notes: Of the above highlighted names: George A. (a.k.a. George W.) Combs, b 3 Mar 1842, Letcher Co., KY, d 3 Aug 1926, Isom, Letcher, son of Shade & Sally ADAMS Combs, per his Letcher KY DC. He m Millie MAGGARD per the 1943 Nelson Co., KY DC of their son, Stephen P. John W. Combs, son of George & Millie MAGGARD Combs, and wife of Matilda per his Letcher Co., KY Death Cert. Stephen P. Combs, son of George & Millie MAGGARD Combs, buried Isom per his 1943 Nelson Co., KY DC
AKEMON AND COMBS CEMETERY, Uz, KY (on Troy Stamper farm up on the point behind Troys home)

AKEMON, Robert, 1889, 1907, (son of Martin & Lucinda)
AKMON, Lucinda, 1852, 1934, (second wife of Martin)
AKMON, Martin, 1861, 1936, (mar. Lucinda Combs)
Combs, Armilda, 1888, 1966
Combs, Cabl, 1906, 1907
Combs, Dicy, 1889, 1907
Combs, E. H., 1875, 1939
Combs, Ira, 1912, 1919
Combs, J., no date, 1880
Combs, James E., 1948, 1948
Combs, Silas, 1861, 1922
Combs, Silva, 1869, 1937
Combs, Wesley, 1871, 1901, (son of Lucinda - ss of Martin AKEMON)

Notes: Of the above highlighted names, Silas Combs, age 65 (b ca 1857?), d 16 Aug 1922, Knott Co., KY; buried 17 Aug, 1922, Letcher Co, son of Wes and Polly HOGG Combs per Knott Co., KY DC. According to The Combs Genealogy, he m Silva "Sip" "Ox" ISON.
MOUTH SANDLICK CEMETERY, Whitesburg, KY (at housing project at mouth of Sandlick Creek)

Combs, Charlie, 1910, 1960
Combs, Dicy, 1861, 1945
Combs, Elizabeth, 1875, 1953
Combs, Evaline, 1916, 1966
Combs, Fielden, 1869, 1918
Combs, George W. (Eld.), 1865, 1948
Combs, Gladys W., 1905, 1952
Combs, Henry, 1912, 1930
Combs, Jasper, 1883, 1942
Combs, Sarah, 1883, 1970
Combs, W. Hobart, 1901, 1938

Notes: Although the birth year is different, this may be Disa Combs, b 1 Jul 1865, d 17 Sep 1945, Letcher KY, daughter of Finley and Nancy GIBSON Collins per her DC
BANKS CEMETERY, Isom, KY (behind Watson Sexton home)

Combs, Cooley, no dates
Combs, Denver, 1/28/1940, 1/29/1940
Combs, Harrison, no dates
Combs, May, no dates
Combs, Morgan B., 3/11/1917, 6/28/1953
Combs, Oma, no dates
Combs, Vernon, no dates

GIBSON AND Combs CEMETERY, Colson, KY (no location given)

Combs, Curtis, 3/1/1915, 6/9/1973
Combs, Dicie, 1893, no date
Combs, Mabel, 9/9/1919, not dead
Combs, Maxine, 1934, 1960
Combs, Milton, 5/20/1950, 11/19/1950
Combs, Van B., 1892, 1960


Dave/David A. Combs b.17 Mar. 1847; d. 6 July 1923 at Colson, Ky; Nancy Neace b.2 Sept. 1865; d. 18 June 1926 Letcher Co. Ky. (d/o Jacob NEACE/NIECE and Margaret SEXTON) both are buried at the Charley Logan Cemetery (Source: Letcher Co History Vol. 1 Published by Letcher Co. Historical Soc.).

SERGENT & BLAIR CEMETERY, Whitesburg, KY (behind Gulf Oil Plant at Junction above Whitesburg)

Combs, Harlan, 1891, 1924
Combs, Susanna HART, 1864, 1926
HALL AND POLLY CEMETERY, Ermine, KY (above the R. C. Cola plant above Ermine on the right)

Combs, Chester A., 1858, 1921
Combs, Francis Matilda, 1892, no date
Combs, Henry Harrison, 1889, no date, (son of Wes. & Maggie)
Combs, Sallie, 1879, 1951
Combs, Smith, 1915, 1956
LAWRENCE Combs CEMETERY, Isom, KY (up in the hollow across from the Race Track)

Combs, Jordon, 1885, 1969
Combs, Myrl, 10/10/1948, 8/11/1967
Combs, Sarah K. (GIBSON), 3/13/1886, 1/24/1961
JENT CEMETERY, Carcassonne, KY (on top of Gent Mountain )

Combs, Billie, no dates
Combs, Carrie, 1919, 1962
Combs, Cecil, no dates
Combs, Cinda, no dates, (daughter of Wm.)
Combs, Denver, 4/27/1910, 5/15/1955
Combs, Goldie, 1901, 1958
Combs, Granville, no dates
Combs, Huel, no dates
Combs, Louie, no dates
Combs, Maudie, 5/16/1920, 5/18/1966
Combs, Oakley A., 1943, 1963
Combs, Sally JENT, 6/1/1875, 1/31/1972, (daughter of Wm. & Nancy)
JENT, Sally, no dates, (daughter of Wm. Combs)
MORTON, Rosiene, no dates, (daughter of Wm. Combs)
GIBSON CEMETERY, Isom, KY (in front of store, on right side of road above Isom, towards Deane)

Combs, Rosanna, 12/9/1887, 3/20/1977
MAGGARD CEMETERY, Oven Fork, KY (on Cumberland River)

Combs, Mudie CAUDILL, 1899, 1974
COLSON CEMETERY, Colson, KY (located on top of point on west side of Rock House Creek at mouth of Camp Branch)

Combs, Benton, 10/5/1872, 5/9/1876, (son of Mattie & Robert - sis. America COLLINS)
Combs, Dora, 2/10/1874, 5/23/1876
Combs, Eva, 12/1/1893, 6/27/1894
Combs, Hattie, 6/3/1911, 11/18/1932
Combs, Minnie Bell, 1/7/1876, 4/11/1878
WHITAKER CEMETERY, Letcher, KY (between the two bridges at Arnold Caudill Home)

Combs, Kelly, 9/22/1882, 4/12/1954
NANCY BACK CEMETERY, Jeremiah, KY (behind Dixon Memorial Church)

Combs, Dudley, 10/4/1888, 10/29/1958
Combs, Julia B., 10/27/1890, 9/11/1971

Combs CEMETERY, Isom, KY (below Cow Branch School on left going down Little Colley Creek)

Combs, Adeline, 6/28/1893, 4/28/1967
Combs, Clova, 3/17/1923, 4/18/1958
Combs, Jim, 7/11/1895, 9/15/1951
EVER GREEN AND WILLIAM CEMETERY, Whitesburg, KY (behind the Whitesburg Vocational School, above Whitesburg)

Combs, Dicy, 1894, no date
THORNTON CEMETERY, Thornton, KY (no location given)

Combs, Alvin, 9/16/1909, 11/6/1968
Combs, Arminta, 10/18/1892, 6/4/????
Combs, Chester, 2/17/1910, 3/10/1951
Combs, David Monroe, 6/3/1951, 8/9/1969
BLAINE Combs CEMETERY, Skyline, KY (behind Blaine Combs home on right fork of Big Branch)

Combs, Blaine, no date, 10/17/1977 (In good condition)

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