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 of Nelson Co., KY 1870-

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Index To Nelson Co KY Combs Records
1784-1799 1850-1869
1800-1820 1870-
1821-1849 Cemetery Records
Biographies and Reports .....

1870 Nelson Co., KY Census (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from Nelson Co, Ky. 1870 Census, by Robert D. McManaway, McDowell Pub., 1985)

#61 Laura Combs 36 keeps house Ky
Fanny 76 Ky

Notes: Fanny HARRISON, widow of John Combs. Was Laura their daughter? Other Issue?

#8 Bowman COOMES 43 farmer Ky
Malissa 34 Ky
Thos 8 Ky
Henry 7 Ky
Stephen 5 Ky
Jno 3 Ky
Jas 1 Ky
Sarah COOPER 37 seamstress Ky
Austin 18 farm lab. Ky

Notes: Bowman married Matilda Melissa COOPER 27 Aug 1860 (Nelson Co?) per Combs Researcher Jack Tidwell.

#9 Francis COOMES 46 farmer Ky
Kitty 60 keeps house Ky
Marien BOWMAN 35 dom. ser. Ky
Fanny 7 Ky
Ike 4 Ky

#51 Toney COOMES 23 Ky
Eliza 27 Ky
Kitty 4 Ky
Eliza 2 Ky
Eliza WILSON 19 housegirl Ky
(f) 10/12 Ky
Bettie WILSON 11 nurse Ky

#57 Ignatious COOMES 81 farmer Ky
Cordie HOWARD 31 keeps house Ky
Mary 11 Ky
George 9 Ky
Alice 7 Ky
Tiler MILLER 46 works on farm Ky
Mary 41 Ky
Tom 10 Ky
Belle 9 Ky

Notes: Ignatius S. COOMES was the son of of Enoch & Teresa STUART Coombes who m 1788 Nelson

#64 Wm COOMES 16 lab Ky [in with several other laborers working on Bardstown-Bloomfield Turnpike]

#229 Chas COOMES 23 blacksmith Ky (with Jno MERIMEE family)

#3 J. A. COOMES 23 overseer Ky
Ruth 23 Ky

#16 Thos COOMES 82 Ky
Mary 38 Ky
Jas 36 Ky
Emma 25 Ky
Eugene 9/12 Sept Ky
Serena 9/12 Sept Ky
Jas DARNS 14 works on farm Ky
Louis HUNTER 35 farm lab. Ky
Harriet HARRIS 22 house ser. Ky
Mary B. 6 Ky

Notes: Thomas, widower of Elizabeth, Mary Ellen, his daughter? Emma, wife of James Walter per 1880 Nelson Census and St. Joseph Cemetery records.

#74 Felix L. COOMES 29 farmer Ky
Rosa 22 Ky
Joseph 1 Ky

Notes: Felix, son of Thomas & Elizabeth?

#124 Jas A. COOMES 48 farmer Ky
Fanny 49 Ky
Nancy 14 Ky
Mary 12 Ky
Louisa 10 Ky
Annie 8 Ky
Jas L. 4 Ky
Mary J. COACHMAN 31 Ky

Notes: James A. COOMES married 23 May 1846, Nelson, Fanny DRAGOO

#5 Geo BROWN 47 shoemaker Ky
Margt 31 Ky
Rebecca 14 Ky
Catharine 12 Ky
Felix 8 Ky
Emily 5 Ky
Jno ROBINSON 26 barber Ky
Virginia 30 Ky
Sarah COOMS 18 at home Ky
Eddie ROBINSON (f) 17 at home Ky

#9 Gregory MOORE 52 farmer Ky
Tennessee J. 30 Ky
Alex 12 Ky
Burr COOMES 27 lab Ky
Norah 20 Ky

Notes: Burr, b ca 1843, not found on 1850 or 1860 Nelson. Nora was the d/o Gregory MOORE and a widow in her father's Nelson HH in 1880. Burr E. COOMES, b 7 Feb 1845, d 25 Aug 1873, and Nora COOMES, b 1849, d 1910, are bur. in St. Joseph Cem., Nelson.

#112 Henry COOMES 18 Ky (with Martin COYLE family)

#156 Pricella COOMES 57 farm hand Ky (with Tecumseh ROGERS family)

#14 Rebecca COOMES 22 dom ser Ky
Ham 23 blacksmith Ky
Rachel 12 nurse Ky (this family was with Jas W. TYLER family)

#24 Benj COOMES 55 works on farm Ky
Maria 54 Ky
Sallie 15 Ky (this family was with Benj A. WILSON family)

Notes: Not found in 1850 or 1860 Nelson Census

#37 Louisa A. COOMES 50 keeps house Ky
Wm Metcalfe 34 Ky
Jas 23 work on farm Ky
Bettie 29 at home Ky
Lewis 22 works on farm Ky
Benedict 19 Ky
Hillary 16 Ky

Notes: Not found in 1860 Nelson KY Census?

#38 Geo W. COOMES 40 farmer Ky
Barbara 27 Ky
Miny 9 Ky
Cordie 3 Ky
Josie 1 Ky
Lizzie ROBEY 21 at home Ky

Notes: Is this George, age 30, in the 1860 Nelson HH of J. COOMES?

#23 Jno COOMS 54 farmer Ky
Sallie 58 Ky
Allice 19 at home Ky
Nancy BROWN 15 at school Ky
Allice VITTITOE 77 at home Va
Artexia 7 Ky
Jno 2 Ky

Notes: John married in 1843, Sally VITTATOE (Alice her mother?)
7 Apr 1875 Ignatious S. COOMES, aged 86, a widower died.  He was born in Bardstown, son of Enoch and Teresa COOMES. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Thom Montgomery from Nelson Co., KY Deaths, Kentucky Vital Records, Series 3,Vol. 90; F.T. Ingmir, Ingmire Pub. St. Louis, MO, 1983)

Notes: Enoch & Teresia (Treacy) STUART Coombes m 10 Apr 1788, Nelson.
1880 Nelson Co, KY Census (Extracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from Nelson Co.,Ky. 1880 Federal Census, Nelson Co. Genealogical Soc. by Hattie Clements, Marie Greenwell, Lucy Geoghegan, Lillian Ockerman, Margaret Schroeder. (Microfilm no./book no.))

Samuels District

3/152 Jno COOMS 63 farmer Ky Ky Ky
Nancy BROWN 25 (niece) Ky Ky Ky

5/154 James A. COOMS 58 farmer Ky Ky Md
Fannie 59 Ky Pa Pa
Mary 22 Ky Ky Ky
Louisa 20 Ky Ky Ky
Georganna 17 Ky Ky Ky
James 15 Ky Ky Ky

Notes: James A. married 23 May 1846, Nelson, Fanny DRAGOO.

9/158 Felix COOMES 40 farmer Ky Ky Ky
Rosie A. 33 Ky Ky Ky
Joseph W. 11 Ky Ky Ky
Edgar 9 Ky Ky Ky
Mary 6 Ky Ky Ky

Notes: Felix, son of Thomas and Elizabeth?

10/159 James COOMS 46 Ky Ky Ky
Emma 32 Mo Md Ky
Mary 10 Ky Ky Md
Thomas 9 Ky Ky Md
Joseph H. 8 Ky Ky Md
Matilda 6 Ky Ky Md
Leona 4 Ky Ky Md
James F. 3 Ky Ky Md
(This family was with H.L. O'BRIAN family, no relationship stated)

Notes: James Walter, son of Thomas and Elizabeth, and wife, Emma, were in 1870 HH of Thomas COOMES, and James may still be there in 1880 (See below and see St. Joseph Cem. records)

New Hope District

10/230 Mildred Combs 40 Ky Ky Ky
William 19 farm work Ky Ky Ky
John I. 17 Ky Ky Ky
Henry 14 Ky Ky Ky
Mary B. 10 Ky Ky Ky
Annie B. 9 Ky Ky Ky
Cicely 6 Ky Ky Ky
Euphrasia 3 Ky Ky Ky

Notes: Mildred, wife of John in 1860 Nelson Census? (Except no IN births and not in 1870?)

18/238 J.M. COOMES 40 farmer Ky Ky Ky
Margarette A. 35 Ky Md Ky
Malisa 14 Ky Ky Ky
James 12 Ky Ky Ky
Palmer 10 Ky Ky Ky
Maggie B. 7 Ky Ky Ky
Ella 4 Ky Ky Ky

Notes: Not found on 1870 Nelson Census

Bardstown District

6/268 Henry COOMS (Black) 31 laborer Ky Ky Ky
June (Black) 27 Ky Ky Ky

15/15 Gregory MOORE 61 carpenter Ky Md Md
Jane(wife) 40 Ky Ky Ky
James M. 25 shoemaker Ky Ky Ky
Nora COOMES (dau.) 30 seamstress Ky Ky Ky
Lena " 9 Ky Ky Ky
Eddie(male) 6 Ky Ky Ky

Notes: Nora, w/o Burr COOMES in 1870 Nelson Census

18/18 Harriet COOMES (Black) 58 Ky Ky Ky
Austin Tyler (Black) 30 laborer Ky Ky Ky

21/21 Mary H. COOMES 44 Ky Ky Ky
Carroll 25 blacksmith Ky Ky Ky
Eva 23 Ky Ky Ky
John 20 Ky Ky Ky
Willie 15 Ky Ky Ky
Annie 10 Ky Ky Ky
George COOMES 50 farmer Ky Ky Md
Barbara 37 Ky Ky Ky
Mary E. 18 Ky Ky Ky
Cordelia F. 13 Ky Ky Ky
Anna J. 11 Ky Ky Ky
Thomas H. 8 Ky Ky Ky
Margaret E. 5 Ky Ky Ky
Caroline 3 Ky Ky Ky

Notes: George and Barbara in 1870 Nelson KY Census. Mary H. and family not found in 1870. Carroll, b ca 1855, appears to be the same as G. Carroll Coomes, b 16 Jul 1854, d 15 Jan 1920, bur. St. Joseph Cem.

24/24 L.G. ROBEY 25 farmer Ky Ky Ky
Thomas H. 3 mos Ky Ky Ky
Sarah A. 50 (mother) Ky Ky Ky
Lettie COOMES 9 (Cousin) Ky Ky Ky
Bowman COOMES 54 farmer Ky Ky Md
Malissa 44 Ky Md Ky
Jeff D. 18 Ky Ky Ky [not on 1870]
Henry C. 17 Ky Ky Ky
Francis A. (son) 15 Ky Ky Ky [not on 1870]
John W. 13 Ky Ky Ky
Jas. B. 10 Ky Ky Ky
Mary Lizzie 8 Ky Ky Ky
Sara Florence 7 Ky Ky Ky
Alice 4 Ky Ky Ky
Francis O. (dau.) 3 mos. Ky Ky Ky
Lizzie COOPER 55 Ky Md Ky
Sallie " 50 Ky Md Ky
Bernird COOMES 54 farmer Ky Ky Md

Notes: Bowman A. COOMES married 27 Aug 1860, Malissa Matilda COOPER. Both are buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Nelson, as is Jefferson D. (1861-1910). Who were Lettie and Bernard?

25/287 Thomas COOMES 82 farmer Ky NC Md
Mary E. (dau.) 49 Ky Ky Ky
James W. (son) 40 works Ky Ky Ky
Henry BERRY (Black) 44 laborer Ky Ky Ky

Notes: This appears to be Thomas (G.?) COOMES, h/o Elizabeth(d between 1860 and 1870?), and his daughter (never married?) Mary Ellen, and son, James Walter (who also "looks like" the James and Emma above).

Chaplin District

28/70 Laura COMBS 46 (single)Post Mistress Ky Ky Ky
Fanny 86 (mother) Ky Ky Ky

Notes: Laura, d/o Fanny HARRISON and John Combs, B 1780s, Virginia [sic], d 1861, Nelson.

Bloomfield District

29/119 Ben COOMES (Black) 70 farm worker Ky Ky Ky
Mirrah (Black) 70 family cook Ky Ky Ky
(This family was with the B.A. WILSON family)

33/33 E.L. COOMES (male) 54 farmer Ky Ky Md
Minerva 55 Ky Pa Ky
Catherine 28 Ky Ky Ky
Martha 22 Ky Ky Ky
Malinda 20 Ky Ky Ky
John 18 Ky Ky Ky
Jane 15 Ky Ky Ky
Edward CASHON 18 farm work Ky Ky Ky

Notes: Enoch Leo COOMES married 1849, Bullitt Co, KY Minerva SHEPLER (SHIPLER).

High Grove District

24/173 W. M. COOMS 51 Ky Ky Ky
A. E. 46 Ky Pa Oh
A. H.(son) 24 Ky Ky Oh
Mary F. 17 Ky Ky Oh
W. L. (son) 15 laborer Ky Ky Oh
C. O. (son) 12 farm work Ky Ky Oh

35/36 184/185 Mary COOMS 36 Ky Ky Ky
Elizabeth 17 Ky Ky Ky
Jno. 15 Ky Ky Ky
L.N. (dau.) 13 Ky Ky Ky
Emma 9 Ky Ky Ky
Joseph 7 Ky Ky Ky
Alice 2 Ky Ky Ky

Notes: Not found in 1870 Nelson Census
8 Apr 1886 (Thursday) The LaRue Co. Herald. (KY) newspaper: J. W. COOMESof Hunters Depot in Nelson Co. died of pneumonia. (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp)

Notes: James W. [Walter] COOMES, b 7 Mar 1833, was buried St. Joseph's Cemetery, Nelson Co., KY.
14 Apr 1892 (Thursday) The LaRue Co. Herald. Belle COMBS of Samuel's Depot in Nelson Co., died last week at Lee Summit [Lees Summitt, Jackson Co], Mo. Leaves 2 small children. (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp )
20 Sept 1894 (Thursday) The LaRue Co. Herald. Cooney COOMBS,a barber from New Haven [Nelson Co., KY], died Sun., Sept 16. (Abstracted by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from The LaRue Co. Herald (LaRue Co., KY) newspaper's obituaries)
26 March 1897 (Friday) Nelson County Record (extracted by Carolyn Wimp) Has Relatives in This County: Miss Lizzie Coomes accompained by her father, Mr. H. F. Coomes, passed through the city (Bardstown) yesterday, enroute to Mt. St. Joseph's Academy, at St. Josephs, this county (Nelson), where she will enter at once upon a novitiate in preparation for taking the veil as a sister, says the Owensboro Press. The Coomes family have for years been known as the most esteemed people at Knottsville and Miss Lizzie has been generally loved and esteemed. For some years she has been anxious to devote her life exclusively to religious work, but not until the present died her parents consent, even with reluctance, to her leaving home. The order which Miss Coomes joins is the English speaking branch of the Ursulines, there having been a nominal and amical division recently between those speaking German and those speaking the English language, and the mother house of the latter is now Mt. St. Joseph's mentioned above.
20 Dec 1898(Tuesday) The Nelson Record (Nelson Co. Ky. Newspaper extracted by Carolyn Wimp):
Felix Coomes Dead
Was a Native of Nelson County but Left Here Eighty Years Ago.The last issue of the Owensboro Messenger contains the following:
Mr. Felix Coomes, one of the oldest inhabitants of Daviess County, died December 10, at his home near Knottsville, where he has lived for the past fifty-three years. Mr. Coomes was the son of William Coomes, a pioneer of Kentucky, and was born in Nelson County in 1808. He removed to this county about eighty years ago, where Owensboro now stands, and lived there until he married Miss Margaret A. Head, daughter of William Head, nearly seventy years ago. This worthy couple had born to them and reared nine children, seven boys and two girls, viz: Charles W., James E., Eliza J., Ignatius, Felix A., Thomas M., Mary D., Henry R. and Francis F., all of whom still live to mourn his loss. All followed him in his last of many journeys to old St. Lawrence Church, where they were all baptised and received the faith that still holds them all members of that church. Mr. Coomes was a Catholic and a Democrat, an affectionate husband, a kind father, an honest, upright and charitable neighbor, winning a circle of friends as wide as he was known. He was confined to his bed only a short time, and passed away gently when the frosts of ninety winters extinguished the fires of life. Of his nine children all are married except one son and two daughters, who remained faithful to him to the end and knew only the one home where they were born. In the old Catholic prayer book, belonging to Mr. Coomes and printed in Philadelphia by James Carey in 1800, this interesting record is carefully inscribed on the fly leaf: "Register of ages-William Coomes was born March the 13th, 1769. Rachael Coomes was born October 9, 1775. Their children and their ages: Teresa Coomes was born September 7, 1797, Charles Coomes was born January 20, 1799, Elizabeth Coomes born October 1, 1800, William Coomes August 20, 1801, Mary Margaret Coomes, August 19, 1803, Enoch Ignatius Coomes born March 9, 1805, Charity Barbara born January 24, 1807, Felix Coomes born November 21, 1808, Benita Coomes was born October 10, 1810, Charity Coomes was born February 8, 1813, Stephen Coomes was born October 25, 1815. This is the register of the family of Mr. Coomes' parents.

NOTE: see 3 Sep 1796 Nelson Co., KY for record of marriage of William Coomes to Rachel Coomes.
1910 Nelson Co., KY Soundex (extracted by Lynda Gibson)

Sid COMBS H W 36 Ky
Alice wife 34 Ky
Gertrude dau 9 Ky
Etta dau 7 Ky
Green son 5 Ky
Hal son 2 Ky
13 Nov 1912 Kentucky Death Certificate Benedick J. Combs. white male. farmer. age 70 yrs 2 mos 24 ds. born 19 Aug 1842 Ky. died 13 Nov 1912 Breckinridge County, Ky. died of paralipis agit-ans. son of Joseph Combs born Nelson Co. and Delia RABY born Nelson Co. buried Raymond, Ky 14 Nov 1912. undertaker: G.T. ?MARSHALL? informant Henry CASHMAN of Raymond, Ky (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick from microfilm copy)

DK and CW Notes: Delilah ROBY [sic] married (1) 13 Nov 1823, Nelson Co., KY, Enoch COOMES, and (2) 23 Apr 1832, Nelson Co., KY, Joseph COOMES (blacksmith, tanner and farmer) who was brother of Enoch COOMES, both sons of Enoch and Teresia (Treacy) STEWART Coomes who married 10 Apr 1788, Nelson Co., KY. Combs Researcher Joseph Lewis adds that Enoch COOMES the younger died in 1826 (Sources to be added). Note that Raymond cemetery inscription shows 1917 death.
18 Mar 1913 (KY Birth Certificate Vol 33 Certif #16117) : Julia Marie Combs, mother: Sarah Rucker

24 May 1914 (KY Birth Certificate Vol 52 Certif #25655): Martha Combs, mother Mary Dolly Rapier
14 Dec 1943 Stephen P. COMBS, Kentucky Death Certificate #2730 (vol. 44); white female married resides: Nelson Co., Ky age: 72 yrs; occupation: farmer; Spouse: Martha COMBS age 66; born: 28 Nov1871 Ison, Ky; died: 14 Dec 1943 Nelson Co., Ky of coronary thrombosis; buried: Ison Cem Letcher Co., Ky 17 Dec 1943 son of George COMBS born Letcher Co. & Millie MAGGARD born Letcher Co. informant: Linville Combs of Raneyville?, Ky (Combs Researcher Debi Kendrick)
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