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Warning! This is a new report and we've just "tumbled" some records in here, mostly re early ownership of Christian Temple Manor, and much more than just Combs, but see most land records still filed in the 1600s, 1700s and 1800s for more... Sorry! We got carried away! See also Coombs' Purchase and Green's Inheritance

Christian Temple Manor
Christian Temple Manor was originally granted to Thomas ALLANSON (a.k.a. ALLISON) in 1659. See applicable Combs &c. of Charles County reports for more complete records and citations.
16 Jan 1693 Will of Edward FORD of Charles County includes tract, "Dog's point" and an unnamed tract, which was apparently part of Christian Temple Manor, and which he he bequeathed to an unborn child who was apparently Posthuma FORD, who later married John SMOOT (see 1721 below).

1696 Richard COOMBS was living in Charles County on land called "Christian Temple Manor" on the Mattawomen Creek. (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Ray from Sr. Donnally's "Imprints." Source not known).

9 Feb 1708 The Will of Richard NELLSON of Chas. County includes bequests of 117 acres each, constituting in the whole the 234 acre tract, "Cole," to daughters Alice and Margaret, the latter's portion described as "adjoining "Christian Temple Manor."

04 Nov 1719 Richard COMBES (COOMBES), age 63, deposes re part of a tract called Christian Temple Manor, on south side of Mattawoman (petition John SANDERS) that Joseph MANNING being appointed at request of Thomas WICHERLY to run out a tract of land called Christian Temple Mannour afsd. and that Thomas WICHERLY who married the relict of Edward FORD which FORD had some pretention to the Manor.

29 Aug 1720 - 30 Apr 1722 The will of John SANDERS of Mattawoman, Charles Co, Maryland includes a bequest to "eldest son Mathew and hrs., 100 A. in "Christian Temple Mannor," sold by Thos. ALLINSON to Gerard BROWN and bou. of sd. BROWN..."

7 Aug 1721 "John SMOOT and Posthuma his wife conveyed to John SANDERS for 7,500 pounds of tobacco a portion of "Christian Temple Manor" which had been willed Posthuma by her father, Edward FORD, "whereon Richard COOMBS lately dwelt..." (Posthuma the daughter of Edward and Elizabeth ALLANSON Ford (Wicherly) according to Smoot's of Maryland...)

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