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Catholic King James II fled England in December 1688, and was succeeded to the throne by the Protestants William of Orange and wife Mary on 13 Feb 1688/89. Protestant Rebels, in the name of the new king and queen, began "taking charge" in ways objectionable to not only Catholics, but some Protestants, as related by the Protestant signers of this petition, although not "our own" William COMBES of Talbot County who is found "on the other side" (See the Talbot County "Associators" Petition). For more information about the signers on both sides and their respective causes, see Combs &c. and the Maryland Protestant Revolution.

Address of Talbot County to King William and Queen Mary

Talbot County in the Province of Maryland
their Address to His Majesty.

To the King and Queen's most excellt Majty Wee your Majesties most loyall and dutiful Subjects the ancient Protestant Inhabitants of Talbot County in your Majesty's Province of Maryland (who have here enjoyed many halcyon daies under the imediate Government of Charles Lord Baron of Baltemore and his honble father absolute Lords [8:133] Proprietaries of the said Province by Charter of your royall Progenitors, wherein our Rights and Freedoms are so interwoven with his Lordships Prorogative that we have alwaies had the same liberties and priviledges secured to us as other your Majesties Subjects in the Kingdom of England And we again by virtue of the said Charter (as it enjoined us) have alwaies paid our obedience to the Lord Baltemore and his honble father by whom equally and indifferently werejustice, favour, authority and preferment administered, bestowed conferred, and given to and upon your Majestys Subjects of all persuasions.) Doe in prostrate and humble manner testifie to your Majestys that we abhorr and detest the falsehood and unfaithfulness of John Coade, and other his Associates and Agents, who first by dispersing untrue Reports of prodigious Armies of Indians and French Papists invading us did stir up unjust jealousies and dismal apprehensions in the less cautious sort of people of this Province and then having thereby created in them unnecessary fears, and disposed the people to mutiny and tumult, made a furthur insurrection, and extorted the lawfull Government from the Lord Propry who was alwaies as ready to redress our aggrievances as we to complain. And now the said Coade and his accomplices having assumed the Government upon them selves, and procured a convention to be tumultously assembled, did tyrannically imprison restrain and turn out of civil and military Comissions several of your Majesties good Subjects of unquestionable loyalty and affection to the Church of England, who approv'd not his Actions and who might justly by virtue of your Majestys Proclamation have continued in authority, and done your Majty good service. And those delegates in that manner convened being part, or most of them, factious persons of no commendable life and conversation have arbitarily decreed and ordained many things to the inconvenience of your Majesties People, placed the Militia of several Counties in the hands of unworthy and infamous persons and (the better to make their decrees be observed) many of the said Delegates have procured themselves to be put in judicial places, to the horror of your Majesties more peacable Subjects. From the dangers and apprehensions whereof, wee your Majties loyall and dutiful Protestant Subjects in these our Addresses humbly crave by your Majties care and prudence to be freed and enlarged, & that the Government together with your Majesties favour, and a lasting Settlement may be again restored to the Rt Honble the Lord Baltemore, which will make him and us happy, and give us a new occasion to bless God & pray for yr Majties long life & happy Reign.
Tho: Smithson. Tho. Hopkins.
Ro. Gouldsbrough.
[8:134 Two other copies in the same words, but addressed to the King alone, are signed by the following persons:]

John Hawkins
Will. Coursey
Ricd Macklin
Rich. Jones
Daniel Glover
Robert Macklin
Robert Kent
William Tonge
Rich. Tilghman
John Chaiers
John Johnson
Nathaniel Pucker
John Nabb
John Lamb
Joseph Lambert.
William Conners
Hugh Sherwood
John Newman
Ralph Darson Singr
W. Hambleton
John Yonn
Richard Seddeman
Henry Frith
Henry Odcocke
Henry Price
Richard Parnes
George Bowell
James Smith
Samuel Taylur
William Hackit
Thomas Wetherby
John Whittington
Francis Shephard
John Hambleton
Michael Harbet
Robert Norest
Charles Hollinworth
Andrew Hamilton
Jno Swaine
James Murphy
Charles Cartwright
Robert Harrison
George Corson
Thomas Evans
Michl Turbutt
Charles Robinson
Ralph Dawson junr
Zerubable Wells
Joseph Green.

Edited and proofed by Combs Researchers from Archives of Maryland, Vol. VIII, Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1687/8-1692, William Hand Browne, Editor, Maryland Historical Society, 1890, pp. 133-134

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