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In early Talbot County are found several Combs -- except that for the earliest four we have only three records total so far:

1659 (Liber AA, Folio 10) Jacob BRINNINGTON, Carpenter, immigrated with Mary COMBS, servant (AA:10 Film No.: SR 8200; Transcript. 5:352 [SR 7347]; MSA SC 4341-3036, Gibb's A Supplement to Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

1659 (Liber 5, Folio 89) Mary COMBS, a servant, transported. (Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

Even though the references are different, it's probable that these are the same Mary COMBS, and Jacob BREMINGTON [sic] was in Talbot County by 1666, but with one servant dead and one wounded, either of whom could have been Mary:

2 Apr 1666 Maryland Assembly Proceedings, 1966. Was read the Pete of Jacob BREMINGTON Touching the killing of one servt by the Cinigo Jndians, & another servt wounded. It appearing tht neither of those seruants was pressd, but only uppon their Masters Employmt The Vote of the howse is. That the Petr. bee allowed nothing, as to that his demand.
(Archives of Maryland, Vol. 2:73)

Jacob is listed as BRIMINGTON on the Apr-May 1666 Talbot County list of Tobacco payments (MD Archives Vol. 2:230) and in 1667, as Jacob BREMINGTON, he is commissioned a "Capt of the foot in Chester and Wye River…" (ibid., Vol. 5:11) No more is known of Mary nor of the fate of Jacob's other servants.

Next comes Enoch COMBS:

16 Nov 1663 - 21 Mar 1665/66 Talbot County Court Proceedings. Liber BB, p. 397. Att A Court held for Talbott County the 21th of March 1665/6… Francis ARMESTRONG recorded the bills foll: vizt

This Bill bindeth mee William JOHNSON of Virginia in the County of Rapahanacke gent mee my heirs Excetors Adminestors to pay or Cause to bee paid unto Francis ARMESTRONG in the County of Talbott in Maryland to him his heirs Excetors Adminestors or assignes the full and Just summ of Two Thousand pounds of good and merchantable Tobacco & Cask to be paid in the River of Rapahank if I doe make soe much there, if nott I do oblidge my selfe to pay it in Rapahanacke river att my now dwelling house att or before the tenth day of November 1665 as wittnes my hand this 17th of 9ber 1663 Willm JOHNSON Testis Jos: HAMBRIDGE Mathew HARDEN

This Bill Bindeth mee William JOHNSON mee my heirs Excetors Adminestrators or Assignes to pay or Cause to bee paid unto mr Francis ARMESTRONG his heirs Excetors Adminestors or Assignes the full and Just summ of Fower Thousand pounds of good sound mrchantable Tobacco & Cask to bee paid att Choptanke River, if hee makes so much there, if nott, to bee paid att my oune Dwelling house in Rapahanacke River att or before the tenth day of October next insueing the date hereof as wittnes my hand this 16th of 9ber 1663 Wm JOHNSON
Testis Henry SEWELL
(Archives of Maryland, Talbot County Court Proceedings, 1662-1674, Vol. 54:397 (and 390 for date)

This is apparently Enoch COMBS, Sr., husband of Barbary (Barbara) and father of Enoch, Jr., and the first record of him located in Maryland. It does not indicate whether it was executed in Talbot County, Maryland or Rappahannock County, Virginia, but the witness Henry SEWELL implies Talbot County. One Enoch COMBS, presumably, the same, is recorded in 1662 in Lancaster County, Virginia (parent and neighboring county of Old Rappahannock), but other than this single record, Enoch is not found of record in Talbot again. Instead, by 31 Mar 1663/64, he is next found in Calvert County.

Our next "single record Combs" is Walter, a carpenter, and Fennecky, his wife, of New York:

1664-1666 Walter COMES, carpenter, immigrated to Talbot County with wife, Fennecky, from New York (Liber 10, Folio 307, Maryland Immigrants, with comments by Gust Skordas, Asst. Archivist, State of MD… Film No.: SR 8204, Transcript. 10:307 [SR 7352], and MSA SC 4341-4916; Gibb's Supplement to Early Settlers of Maryland, Maryland Immigrations, and Early Colonial Settlers of Maryland)

No other record has ever been found for either Walter or his wife in the colonies, and the next Walter COMBS of Maryland was not born until the mid-1700s in Charles County, a grandson of Richard COOMBS, Sr. of that county (immigrated to Maryland in 1676). Presumably, the original record exists due to an application for land, which should be checked in order to determine where it was, what happened to it and when. See also Francis LOVELACE of New York and Baltimore County with John COMBEST [sic]. Francis was the uncle of Richard GORSUCH (s/o John and Ann LOVELACE Gorsuch), to whose children Edward ROE of Talbot County bequeathed tobacco in 1676 (see below). Both of Edward's daughters married COMBS (William and John) and both the ROE and GORSURCH families were also earlier in Lancaster County, Virginia where record of one Enoch COMBS is also found.

In Feb 1665/6, Enoch COMBS (of Calvert by implication) is subpoenaed as a witness to a suit between Timothy GOODRIDGE and Thomas MARTIN:

26 Feb 1665/6 MD Provincial Court Proceedings, 166566. Timothy GOODDRIDGE demds writt agst Tho: MARTIN in an accon of the Case to the uallue of flue thowsand pounds of tob Warrt to sherr Talbott County to arrest &c Ret. 3d Apr next prouinall Court

Ditto GOODDRIDGE dds writt of summons for Enoch COMBES Roger WILLIAMS & Sarah servt to Arthur LUDFORD to testifie in ditto Causo. warrt to Caluert County (Archives of Maryland, 57:5)

On 25 Mar 1666/67, Enoch COMBES aged 28 yeares or thereabouts testified that one Thomas MARTIN had sold to Timothy GOODRIDGE one man servant by the name of Roger WILLIAMS. It is not yet known when and where this sale took place (other than that Enoch was apparently present, and if in Maryland, then Enoch may have been in Maryland, possibly Talbot County, as early as 1661). See Calvert County for a more complete record of this suit.

Edward ROE (a.k.a. ROWE, WROE) was still in Lancaster Co, VA as late as Jan 1662/3 when he sold land in Lancaster Co VA on the Rappa. River to Col. Robert SMITH, witnessed by John CURTYS [CURTIS] and Cuthbert POTTER, with a release of dower by his wife, Mary, which was witnessed by Christopher WITHNELL and Robt: CARMICHELL. (Lancaster Co Deeds, Wills, Settlements of Estates, 1661-1702, pp. 251-252) By 1665/6 Edward ROE had removed to Talbot:

24 Mar 1665/6 Talbot County, Maryland DBA-1:169. Acknowledgement. Thomas POWELL to Richard GORSUCH that 800 acres at the head of the north west branch of the Great Coptank ("Old Town") had been surveyed for Thomas POWELL and Richard GORSUCH, but as the patent had been issued to POWELL, he acknowledges that half this land belongs to GORSUCH. Attached is a letter from Edward ROE certifying that he witnessed the acknowledgement.

According to Gibb's Supplement…, Edward ROE immigrated by 1666 with "Mary ROE, Elizabeth ROE, et al" (EE:319 Film No.: SR 8203, Transcript. 9:333 [SR 7351]; MSA SC 4341-4683). Like Edward ROE, Thomas POWELL also came from Lancaster Co, Virginia. In his 1679 Talbot County will, Thomas HOWELL'S' bequests included one to noted Quaker activist Wenlock CHRISTENSON, indicating that POWELL, too, was probably a Quaker - as were Lovelace and Richard GORSUCH. Gibbs states that Thomas POWELL had immigrated by 1661 with Howell POWELL, Elizabeth POWELL, Ann POWELL, Edward GRAINGER, Ann POWELL, Phillip JONES, Jeremiah CLARKE, William WILLIAMS, John BRITTAIN, Richard GORSUCH, & Elizabeth GORSUCH (4:551-2 Film No.: SR 7346). Also, one William POWELL of Talbot County immigrated from Virginia by 1665 with Bridgett, Ann, & Charles POWELL & John WILLKINSON (EE:299 Film No.: SR 8203, Transcript. 9:313 [SR 7351] MSA SC 4341-4657)

2nd Dec., 1674; 12th Mch., 1674-5. (Maryland Wills 2:348) Will of Seth FOSTER of Great Choptank Island, Talbot Co. To wife Eliza:, execx., 1/3 of estate, real and personal. To son-in-law John HAWKINS and hrs., 1,000 A., "Tully's Delight," on Chester R. To young. dau. Sarah --, 1,000 A., "Standish Woods," on Chester R., and "Green's Plantation" on Kent Island. To eld. dau. Eliza: LOWE, "Great Choptanke Island." To 2 daus. afsd. residue of estate. Overseers: Wm. HAMILTON, Talbot Co., and son-in-law Vincent LOWE. Test: Vincent LOWE, Robt. WHITE, Richd. BISSY. 2. 348. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

In 1669, the tract "Dover" on Winslows Creek of the Choptank, was surveyed for Edward ROE. In 1674, he was in Chancery Court for trespass re land near or on John NORWOOD and Jerome WHITE, and in 1675, he witnessed the will of John CLEMENTS of Talbot:

05 Oct 1675 - 03 Aug 1676 (Talbot Co MD 5.63) Will of John CLEMENTS, Talbot County, MD; 5th Oct., 1675, 3rd Aug 1676. to Wife Mary, 1/2 of Estate. to Eldest son Thomas and other sons and daughters(unnamed) residue of estate equally at age; sons of age at 21 years. and Daughters at 18 yrs. in event of death of any child or children, under aged, deceased's portion to be devided among male survivors. Exs: William FORD, Dorchester County, Edward ROE, Thomas TAYLOR, and William STEVENS, Jr., of Talbot County. Test: Edward MAN, John GORDON, William CROSSE. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Cotton)

William FORD m Sarah PRESTON, d/o Quaker Richard PRESTON of Calvert Co MD whose will was witnessed by Enoch COMBS on 16 Sep 1669. Richard PRESTON'S daughter, Rebecca, m Lovelace GORSUCH (s/o John & Anne LOVELACE Gorsuch), brother of the Richard GORSUCH named in the will of Edward ROE below. William STEPHENS m Mary SHARPE, sister of William SHARP, both also Quakers, and the latter a close associate of William & Elizabeth ROE Combs (Lowe). See Also Account of the estate of John CLEMENTS in 1679 below.

Also note that there may be a connection between the Combs of Talbot County, Maryland and those of Isle of Wight and Gloucester Counties, VA; i.e.:

27th May, 1675 1st July, 1675 (Maryland Wills) Robert HARWOOD of Talbot County. To son Peter, 200 A. on Tuckahoe. To Samuel and John HARWOOD, personalty. To wife (unnamed) and all child. (unnamed), certain personalty. Exs.: Thos. TAYLOR, Wm. STEVENS, Jno. SUMNER. Test: Wm. WOOD, Geo. SHATTERWHITE. ( 2. 354. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

Robert HARWOOD m Elizabeth SHARPE, sister of Mary SHARPE ( w/o Wm. STEPHENS) and William SHARPE. In Gloucester County, Virginia are found a William COMBS with a Mary HARWOOD in 1667. Following the death of Robert HARWOOD, Elizabeth SHARPE m next Quaker activist, Wenlock CHRISTENSON, the same mentioned in the will of the above Thomas POWELL (see below).

In a letter from Thomas NOTLEY "of Wiccomonico" to Lord Baltimore dated 22 Jan 1676 (1777 NS), he notes the promotion from Capt. to Col. of Jacob BREMINGTON (whose indentured servant Mary COMBS is either freed or dead by now) along with a reference to the Bacon Rebellion:

"…God be thanked wee now enjoy peace, and have greater reason to hope for its continuance, then wee have had this 12. month past. for about 25 or 20 days since there hath occurred the greatest Revolution in the Virginia affaires, that can possibly be imagined, for as the beginning of their Rebellion was grounded upon madnesse and folly, and so continued in its whole progresse, so the wheele hath turned againe as wonderfully and swiftly, in the submission of all the chief Rebells to Sir William BERKELEY, so say, INGRAM the Titular Generall, who succeeded BACON, and his Lieut: Gen wallett, and our noble captaine alias Coll: BRENINGTON, and all their men, and but 3 Rebells of note stand out, and they but with few men, but they have been dureing the whole Rebellion the Bell weathers of the rest, so say, LAURENCE, DRUMMOND, and ARNOLD, and they suddainely expected to be taken either dead or alive, so that now Sir W. Berkeley is once more established in his Governmt, but how long will keep it, I know not… The Indians in Virginia are as bold and rampant as ever they were, by advice from Coll: SPENCER last weeke I am informed, that they have within these 14 days killed 35 persons of the English…" (MD Archives 5:153-154 (excerpted)

27 Feb 1678 - 20 May 1679 (Talbot Co MD Wills) Will of Wenlock CRISTISON of Miles River. To wife Eliza, Execx., home plantation for maintenance of child during minority of dau. Mary. To unborn child, if male, sd plantation. To dau. Mary, sd plantation at 19 years of age, should unborn child not be male. To dau Elizabeth, 100 acres "Middle Ground". To sons-in-law Samuel, Peter, and John HARWOOD and daughter-in-law Eliza HARWOOD, personality. To John STACEY and wife, personality. Overseers: Brother-in-law William SHARPE, Thomas TAYLOR of King's Creek. Test: Robert HILTON, William ALLEN. (Extracted by Combs-Stacy Researcher Barbara Stacy Mathews)

In 1685 in Calvert, County, Maryland, John STACEY witnessed the will of George ACHESON which included bequests to John BEALL and named his mother "Susanna CLARK." John BEALL was the h/o Joan (who had married (1) Capt. George READ and (2) Robert TYLER (or TAYLOR)) whose own will named as goddaughter, one Elizabeth COMBS. (See also more Combs-Stacey Family Connections)

04 Mar 1675/6 (MD Wills 5:59) Will of Edward ROE. In the name of God Amen this forth day of March 1675 Edward ROE of Talbot County in the province of Maryland Gent. Being sick &weak in body but of sound mind & perfect memory praise be God for the same and knowing the uncertainty of this life on earth & being desirous to settle things in order do make this my last will & Testament in manner & form following revocking & annulling by the presents all and every Testament & Testaments will & wills heretofore by me made & declared wither by word or writing and this is to be taken only for my last will & Testament & none other first & principally I commend my soul to almighty God my creator _surdly believing that I shall receive ___ pardon & remission of all my sins by the precious blood & meritts of my Saviour & redeemer Christ Jesus & my body to the earth from wence it was taken to be buried in such decent & Christian manner as my Executors hereafter named shall be though meet & convenient. As touching such wordly Estate as the Lord in mercy hath lent me my will & _____ is the same shall be disposed of _______is hereafter by this my will is expressed _____ I will that all those debts by bills bonds or accounts that I owe in right or conscience to any manner of person or persons whatsoever be well & truly consigned & payed within som convenient time after my decease by my Executors hereafter named
Item I give & bequeath of all my real & personall Estate unto my wifes son Thomas DUNCANE that plantation which I purchased of Thomas PHILLIPS in Iland Creek called the Batchellsues plantation to him & his heirs for ever also I do give unto him two man servants during their time of service in the country and all my wearing aparrell linen & woollen except which I give Richard GORSUCH as hereafter named
Item I do give unto Ann GORSUCH daughter of Richar GORSUCH ten thousand pounds of tobacco in ____ to be payed at her day of marriage by my executers
Item I do give amongst the rest of the said Richard Gorsuch his children ten thousand pound tobacco to be equally devided by them & payed three years after my decease. Take care that the said Ten thousand pounds of tobacco be laid out to best advantage for said children
Item I do give & bequeath to the said Richard GORSUCH one fine broad cloth suit & coat one hair comblet cloak lined one grey beaver hat & one plush saddle with ___ furni____
Item I do give unto my beloved wife Mary ROE the one half of my personal Estate & to my beloved daughter Elizabeth ROE the other half of my personall Estate & that an equal division therof be made by my Executors immediately after my decease or upon demand made by my sd daughter Elizabeth ROE or her mother Mary ROE my a forsaid wife may or can agree the above debts & legacies first to be satisfied and paid out of the whole sd personall Estate
Item I give & bequeath unto my aforesaid wife Mary ROE the one half of my real Estate during her widowhood or natural life which of them shall first happen & other half of my said daughter Elizabeth ROE & her heirs forever & after my said wife Mary ROE her decease or upon her marriage which of the two shall first happen I do bequeath and leave to my said daughter Elizabeth ROE the other half of my real Estate to be possed with the other aforesaid half of my real Estate by her & her heirs forever. And in _____ my said daughter Elizabeth ROE may be without heirs and that my said wife Mary ROE may out live my said daughter Eliz. & her heirs being & remaining a widow then & in such as do I leave all my real estate to my sd. Wife Mary and in case my said daughters & her heirs may dye & my said wife Mary then do I in such case bequeath & leave my whole & real Estate unto Thomas DUNCAN aforesaid & his heirs ____ my true intent & meaning relating to my personal Estate that it be thus managed & disposed except the aforesaid Plantation given in legacy as above unto Thomas DUNCAN aforesaid.
Item I do ordain and appoynt that my aforesaid daughter Elizabeth ROE be put immediately in possession of my real as well as personall Estate according to my aforesaid will after my decease & in case of her absence here or stay in England that the Executers of this will & Testament take care that a true & faithful acct of my personall & real Estate with the profitts & advantages therof be kept & under____to her or her heirs upon demand & that her part therein together with her parts in my Personall & real Estate be reserved & employed to best advantage for her by said Executors from after the time of my decease.
Item I do ordain thayt my said wife Mary ROE with my daughter Elizabeth aforesaid if in the County before my decease to administer upon my whole Estate & in case of her absence I do appoynt & desire that my well and truly beloved friend Capt. Philemon LOYD of ___ in Talbot County aforesaid with my aforesaid wife Mary ROE administer on my Estate.
Item I do desire that my Executors hereafter named may _____ that such debts as are good & solvent due unto me may be paid unto such of my Creditors as may be willing to receive them for the satisfaction in part or whole of such debts as I am due them that therby my Estate may be the more clear & peaceable to my wife & child as aforesaid and this I do honestly desire
Item I do appoynt & ordain my truly & well beloved friends Capt. Philemon LOYD Capt. Peter SAWER [SAYER], and Rich GIRSUCH all of Talbot County aforesaid in Maryland with my aforesaid wife & Daughter Mary & Elizabeth ROE to be Executors of this my will & Testament & what any three of them shall act or do think fitt to be acted or done the other two are to approve thereof
sign & seal in the presence of us. s/Edward ROE seal. Wits: Thomas ALEXANDER, Will PHELPS, Thomas MORRIS, Joseph HICKS. Registerd 7th of Decem. 1676.

It is not known why Edward ROE made bequests to the GORSUCH Family, also formerly of Lancaster County, Virginia, nor why he appointed five executors with a "majority rules" clause. Could religion have been a factor? Richard GORSUCH was Quaker, Peter SAYER Catholic, and Phillemon LLOYD a Protestant married to a Catholic. Whatever the reason, it is known that both of Edward's daughters were married to COMBSES very shortly thereafter:

28 Apr 1677 Maryland Provincial Court Proceedings. John CREYCROFT, Lessee of John ROUSBY and Barbara his wife against John BURDETT, Casual Ejector, and John COMBES & Mary his wife daughter & heire to Edward ROE deceased being named defendants instead of the casuall Ejector to try the title to a parcell of land in tenure of the said John COMBS or Wm WINTERS at Wintersell or thier assignes called Plymhimmon containing six hundred acres lyeing in Tredavon Creeke… (Archives of Maryland, Provincial Court Proceedings, 1676 [sic], Vol.

See Combs &c. Land of Talbot County and Combs &c. and the Maryland Protestant Revolution of 1689. Plymhimmon was a tract bequeathed by Henry and Frances MORGAN of Kent Isle to their daughters, Frances and Barbara (the estates of Henry and Frances were appraised in 1675 by Richard WOLLMAN and Philemon LLOYD (MD PCR 1.592)). Frances MORGAN married Col. Peter SAYER (co-executor of the will of Edward ROE and later close associate of William and Elizabeth ROE Combes); and Barbara MORGAN married (1) John ROUSBY (brother of Christopher) of Calvert County, Maryland and (2) Richard SMITH, Jr. of Calvert and St. Mary's Counties, Maryland. In 1689, Enoch COMBES of Calvert County signed a Protestant Petition protesting the treatment of the "Associators" (Protestant supporters of William of Orange) against the "Jacobites" (Protestant supporters of King James), Richard SMITH, Jr., second husband of Barbara MORGAN Rousby, being one of the latter. According to Skordas, Henry MORGAN of the Isle of Kent immigrated in 1637 (AB&H:131 Film No.: SR 7344). This is the last Talbot record found for John and Mary ROE Combs, although he may be the same who is named in the early (undated, but apparently pre-1707) Rent Rolls of St. Mary's County in reference to the land of Enoch COMBS (Another, less likely, possibility is that he was the John COMBY [sic] who d in 1679 in Middlesex County, Virginia).

By the following year, Thomas DUNCOMBS, step-son of Edward ROE, was also dead, and William COMBES a witness to his will:

23 Nov 1676 - 14 Apr 1677 Wills. Liber EM 1 page ? 1668-1717. In the name of God Amen I Thomas DUNCOMBE of the County of Talbot in the province of Maryland being very sick & weak in body do make this my last will & testament in manner & form following. Vizt first I commit my sole to god __ gave it _____ my body to the grave to be buried in a decent manner . _oly all my Estate real & Personall to my mother Mary ROE only my now riding horse which I give & bequeath unto my sister in law Elizabeth ROWE I do make my mother Mary ROE my sole Executrix of this my last will & Testament as Witness my hand & seal this twenty third day of November one Thousand six hundred seventy & six. Thomas his Mark DunCombe seal. Signed and delivered in the presence of Frances BRIDGE, John HEYWOOD, Wm COMBES.

April 14, 1677. the within written will was provd by the oaths of Mr. Frances BRIDGE and William COMBES two of the _ witnesses there unto before me. Edward C. MAN seal.

The within mention Mrs. ROW was sworn Executrix before me of this will the 14 day of April 1677. Edwd MAN seal (Talbot County, Maryland Wills Liber EM 1 page ? 1668-1717, film US/CAN Film # 0014454 . Salt Lake Family History Library. Transcribed by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark) Search Words: BRIDGES DUNCOMB DUNCAN HAYWOOD MANN

Apr 1677 (Talbot Co MD 3:147, #5035) Inventory. Alexander PULLARD. Appraisers: William COMBES, Samual HATTON. (Abstracts of the Inventories & Accounts of Maryland 1674-1678, 1699-1703, Volume 1, V. L. Skinner)

By 23 Sep 1678, Samuel HATTON had married Elizabeth, widow of Richard GORSUCH (Talbot Deeds 3: 245) whose relationship, if any, to Thomas HATTON & the Combs-Hatton Families of St. Mary's Co MD, remains unknown.

23 Jun 1677 - 28 Sep 1677. Wm COMBES agt George ROBINS. George ROBINS late of Talbott County was to answer unto Wm COMBES in a plea that he render unto him the summe of six thousand six hundred Sixty Six pounds of tobacco which to him he oweth & unjustly deteineth Afterwards to wit the three & twentith day of June Anno Dom 1677 Came the said Wm by Robert RIDGELY his Attorny & (the defendt being then present in Court) prayed Speciall bayle to the action aforesaid, whereupon the Said George ROBINS was cofflitted into the Custody of the Sheriff of st Maries County untill he hath performed the same, afterwards to wit the same 23th day of June Came the said George ROBINS with Major James RINGOLD his suerty before the Honble the Secretary & the Said James RINGOLD did acknowledge to Owe unto the said Wm COMBES the summe of thirteen thousand three hundred thirty two pounds of tobacco in case the said George ROBINS did not pay the condemnation of the said suite (if any) or that the said George ROBINS did not thereupon render his body to Prison.
Sr pray be pleased to proceed no farther in the buisnesse
depending between Mr ROBINS & me & therein will Oblige

Sept 28th 1677. yr Servant
William COMBES
(Archives of Maryland, Vol. 67:43)

8 Oct 1677 William COMBES agt. George ROBINS… "This case is agreed [settled?] (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 67:133)

21 Feb 1677/8 "Comand was given to the Seriffe of St. Maryes County, that whereas John ROUSBY & Barbara his wife in An action of Ejectment against William COMBES Elizabeth his wife & Mary ROE Ex of Edward ROE deceased recovered their possesion of one Messuage & six hundred acres of land in Tredaven Creek called Plymhimmon lying in Talbot County And for as much as itt is not known what damages the said John ROUSBY & Barbara his wife have sustained by occasion thereof Itt was comanded the same Sheriffe that he cause to come here the one & twentieth day of ffebruary 1677. twelve good & lawfull men of his bailywick well & truely to enquire of the damages aforesaid Att which said one & twentieth day of ffebruary came said John ROUSBY & the Jurors impannelled being called likewise came to witt Thomas COSDEN, Tho: DOXEY, Richard ROYSTON, Henry PHIPPES, John ASKIN, Tho: PATTISON, Richard FFENWICK, Philip LYNES, Thomas KEYTING, William THOMAS & Joseph EDLOE who being Elected tryed & sworne to say the truth in the promisses doe say We find for the plaintiffes seven thousand punds of tobacco damages Whereupon itt is granted by the Court here, that said John ROUSBY & Barbara his wife recover against the said Defendents as well the sume of Seven thousand punds of tobacco damages by the said Jury in form aforesaid assessed As also the sume of six thousand & fifteen pounds of tobacco costs of suite"

Since the direction of the court was to the Sheriff of St. Mary's County rather than to the Sheriff of Talbot county it would appear that William & Elizabeth ROE COMBS and her mother, Mary ROE, were residing in St. Mary's County after their ejection from the Talbot County plantation and land. How long or where they lived in St. Mary's Co MD is unknown. William COMBS is not found in Talbot prior to his marriage to Elizabeth ROE. William and Elizabeth were still in Talbot as late as Apr 1677; however, later that same month, Robert CARVILLE (of St. Mary's Co MD) acted as their attorney in regard to the above action. Robert CARVILLE also acted as attorney for Abraham COMBS in St. Mary's.

From Combs Researcher Loran D. Archer: By no later than April 1677, Edward ROE'S daughter, Elizabeth, had married William COMBS. The court proceedings pages 101-105 and pg. 231 in Archives of Maryland LXVII Proceedings of the Provincial Court of Maryland 1677-1678, Court Series 12, Elizabeth Merritt (ed),1956, Maryland Historical Society indicate that William COMBES, his Wife Elizabeth and Mary ROE widow of Edward ROE were residing at the plantation and six hundred acres of land in Tredaven Creek called Plymhimmon in Talbot County in 1677.

26 Apr 1677 William COMBES and Elizabeth his wife and Mary ROE were named as defendents in an action to eject them from the plantation. Their attorney was Robert CARVILE (also attorney for, and close associate of, Abraham COMBS in St. Mary's Co MD records).. The court proceedings, five pages in length, are too long to transcribe but the court judgement on 5 October 1677 was as follows:

"Came the said John ROUSBY in his proper person but said William COMBES and Elizabeth his wife and Mary ROE came not but made default whereupon it is granted by the Court here That said John ROUSBY his possession of the Said Messuage Six hundred acres of Land in Tredavon Creeke called Plymhimmon in Talbot County aforesaid Ought to have Whereupon the said John ROUSBY prayed his Lopps writ of Habere facias possessionem to the Sheriff of Talbott County to be directed, and also a writ of enquiry of damages and they are granted him"

The final action, the award of damages, is on page 231:

21 Feb 1677/8 "Comand was given to the Sheriffe of St. Maryes County, that whereas John ROUSBY & Barbara his wife in An action of Ejectment against William COMBES Elizabeth his wife & Mary ROE Ex of Edward ROE deceased recovered their possesion of one Messuage & six hundred acres of land in Tredaven Creek called Plymhimmon lying in Talbot County And for as much as itt is not known what damages the said John ROUSBY & Barbara his wife have sustained by occasion thereof Itt was comanded the same Sheriffe that he cause to come here the one & twentieth day of ffebruary 1677. twelve good & lawfull men of his bailywick well & truely to enquire of the damages aforesaid Att which said one & twentieth day of ffebruary came said John ROUSBY & the Jurors impannelled being called likewise came to witt Thomas COSDEN, Tho: DOXEY, Richard ROYSTON, Henry PHIPPES, John ASKIN, Tho: PATTISON, Richard FFENWICK, Philip LYNES, Thomas KEYTING, William THOMAS & Joseph EDLOE who being Elected tryed & sworne to say the truth in the promisses doe say We find for the plaintiffes seven thousand punds of tobacco damages Whereupon itt is granted by the Court here, that said John ROUSBY & Barbara his wife recover against the said Defendents as well the sume of Seven thousand punds of tobacco damages by the said Jury in form aforesaid assessed As also the sume of six thousand & fifteen pounds of tobacco costs of suite"

LAD Note: Since the direction of the court was to the Sheriff of St. Mary's County rather than to the Sheriff of Talbot county it would appear that William COMBES & Elizabeth his wife and Mary ROE had moved to St. Mary's County after their ejection from the Talbot County plantation and land. How long or where they lived in St. Mary's Co MD is unknown.

20 Feb 1677/78 Provincial Court Proceedings. Mary CLEMENTS Exx of John CLEMENTS agt. Wm. ORCHARD & George LEWEN. The plaintiffe by Robert CARVILE her Attorney demading from the defendts a plea to the declaracon or that Judgemt might passe against them, for default thereof. The defendts by Robert RIDGELY their Attorney craved tyme till December Court next, by reason itt was the concernes of Merchants in England, that Wm COMBES ffactor of the Defendts might have tyme to write to his Imployers the Defendts about the said suite And that they the defendts were willing to giue good security to abide the Judgemt of this Court att the tryall of the cause. Whereupon itt is ordered by the Court here this day to witt the twentieth day of ffebruary Anno Doni 1677, that the said Defendts doe give good & sufficient security within fourteen dayes after the end of this Court before Colonell Henry COURSEY such as the said Henry COURSEY shall approve of, of the penalty of five hundred pounds sterl (of which suerties he the said Wm COMBES is accepted of by the Court to be one) that the said Defendts shall stand to & abide the Judgemt of this Court att the hearing of the said causes, & pay the Condemnacon of this Court & damages if the said defendts shall be cast In the said suite And that upon such security so given as aforesaid this Court further Ordered, that the said cause stand [156] continued upon the Docquet till December Court next And in default of such security Judgemt is awarded agt the said Defents Security given according to the abovesaid order whereupon this action is continued till December Court next. (Archives of Maryland, 67:155)

This record does not include the count of residence of William COMBES, but Mary CLEMENTS was widow of John of Talbot whose will was witnessed by Edward ROE. If William resided in St. Mary's, however, it could not have been for long, based on the next few records:

8 May - 13 Jun 1678 Provincial Court Proceedings. At a court held on 13 Jun 1678 was recorded: "Know all men that by these prsents that I Marke CORDEA doe acknowledge to have received the full ballance in satisfaction of a Judgemt of seven thousand six hundred eighty foure pds of tobacco recovered in the Provinciall Court agt the Estate of Mr Edward ROE lately deceased att the suite of John CODORE ffactor to Gabriel MINIVILE Mrchants, of & from Mr Wm COMBES of Talbot County Mrchant interested in the said Estate And therefore as Attorney to & for & on the behalfe of the said Creditors I promise & engage hereby att the next Provinciall Court to acknowledge satisfaccon on Record of & on the said Judgemt & in the mean tyme & aliwayes doe acquitt & discharge the said Estate of the said Edward ROE & all other persons that are or shall be interested therein of & from the said debt of the said Imployers or Creditorrs & all other demands touching the same Wittnes my hand & seale this 8th day of May Anno Doni 1678.
Marke CORDEA (sealed)
Sealed & deld in the prsence of
Wm CROSSE John DUNCOMBE (Archives of Maryland, 67:419-20)

Oct - Nov 1678 1678 Maryland Levy & Payments Lists (Provincial Assembly approves payments (for goods or services to the Provincial Government) to Leivtenant William COMBES, Mrs. Mary ROE, Col. Peter SAYER, Mrs. Mary CLEMENTS and numerous other Talbot County residents)

June 7th 1679 Proceedings of the Council of Maryland. Comission for the Peace & Comission for tryall of causes in Talbot County then issued to Col Vincent LOWE Col. Hen: COURSEY Richd WOOLMAN Major Wm COURSEY Col Philemon LOYD Edwd MAN Gentl of the Quorum. Capt Peter SAYER Wm BISHOPP Capt Geo: COWLEY Antho MAGLE James MURPHY Walter DICKISON Tho: ROBINS Wm COMBES Gentl Justices.

Dedimus potestatem then issued to Col. Vincent LOWE and Col Henry COURSEY.
(Archives of Maryland, Vol. XV, p. 254)

23 Feb 1679/80 Maryland Chancery Court Proceedings (Maryland Archives Vol. 51:314) Charles &c To Nicholas HACKETT Greeting We Command you that Imediately upon the Receipt of this writt you pay or Cause to be paid to Mary ROE widdow admr of the Goods & Chattells of Edwd ROE deced or the bearer hereof the Surh of Eleven hundred Eighty four pounds of Tobacco adjudged ag.t you by the Justices of our Court of Chancery for not prosecuteing of your Bill of ag.t the Said mary defendt and this you may in no wise omitt under the pain Ensueing Wittness our Self at our City of S.t marys the three and twentieth day of ffeb.ry in the fifth year of our Dominion &c Anncxp Domini 1679

23 Feb 1679/80 Maryland Chancery Court Proceedings (ibid.) Charles &c To Walter DICKENSON Wm DICKERSON Edwd MAN Wm COMBES & John PINER Greeting we Comand you that all Excuses Ceasing & all Causes Set aside you be and psonally appear before us in our Court of Chancery the Eleventh day of may next wheresoever it Shall then be to Answer unto Such things as Shall then he objected against you by Richard ROYSTON adm.r of the Goods and Chattells of Wm CROSSE decd plt agt you defendts in a Cause of Equity there depending that 0ur Justices of our Said Court hearing the Cause may do therein what to Justice Shall apper tain and this you may in no wise Omitt under the pain of 100l Sterling and have you there this Writt Wittness &c dat ut Supra [SW: DICKINSON]

20 Mar 1679/80 (MD Liber 7A:2. 127084) Estate Account of John CLEMENTS. (folio 2 is missing. folios 3 & 4 are torn. Portion of this entry is determined from the Library Index). Payments to: Thomas-------, Robert------, James COURSEY, Edward----, Thomas SKILLINGTON, giles BLIZZARD, John HOLT, William SHARPE, Dr. SMITH, John PAWSON, Mr. Christopher ROUSBY, Mr. Robert RIDGLEY, Mr. Robert CARVILE, John BAKER, Mr. Thomas VAUGHN, Frances WHITENHILL, Peter BLIZARD (carpenter), William------, -------, --------, William FORD, ------, -----, John ASHMAN, John INGRAM, John HENRICK. William TROTH, William COMBS, John DIRRELL, ------, Robert JENKINS & Thomas LONG, Timothy GOODRIDGE, John PITT, mentions: children (unnamed) of the deceased. Administratrix: Mary DERUMPLE. (Abstracts of the Inventories and accounts of the prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7A, 7B,8, V. K.Spillers)

Edward ROE, deceased in 1676, had witnessed the 1675 will of John CLEMENTS. Wm. COMBS above was probably the same who was Edward's son-in-law. See Also William COMBS & Wm. SHARP below. See Also Timothy GOODRIDGE in ref. the 1666 deposition of Enoch COMBES/COOMBES See Also John PITT and John COMBS in the records of Isle of Wight Co VA.

13 Dec 1680. Proceedings of the Council of Maryland (Archives of Maryland, 15:326). William COMBS is appointed a justice of the Quorum of Talbot County:

"…Eod Die. The like Commission then also issued for Talbott County to Richard Woolman, William COURSEY, Coll Philemon LLOYD, Edward MANN, Quoru; Anthony MAYLE, Wm BISHOP, Capt George COWLEY, Wm COOMBES and James MURPHY, gentl Justices; and to Richard WOOLMAN and Major Wm. COURSEY, Dedimus Potestatem…"

03 May 1681 Proceedings of the Council of Maryland, 1678-1679 Pages 346-347
May 3d 1681:
New Commision for tryall of causes verbatim mutatis mutandis ut in fo: 150 & D. Then issued by ordr of this board to
Major William COURSEY William BISHOP
Coll Philemon LLOYD James MURPHY
Edward MANN Quoru William COMBES gentl
Capt. Peter SAYER George ROBOTHAM Justices
Capt. William HENSLEY
As also Commission for the peace as follows viz
(Commission to Justices.)
Charles Absolute Lord and Propry of the Provinces of Maryland and Avalon Lord Baron of Baltimore &ca to Major William COURSEY, Coll Philemon LLOYD, Edward MANN, Capt. Peter SAYER, and Capt. William HENSLEY, William BISHOP, James MURPHY, William COMBES, and George ROBOTHAM gentl Greeteing. Know yee that we for the greate trust and confidence we have in your ffidelityes circumspections prudences and wisdoms have constituted ordeined & appointed and doe by these prnts constitute ordeine and appoint you the said William COURSEY, Philemon LLOYD, Edward MANN, Peter SAYER, and William HENSLEY, William BISHOP, James MURPHY, William COMBES, and George ROBOTHAM gentl Commisioners jointly and severally to keepe the peace in Talbot County and to keepe and cause to be kept all lawes and orders made for the good and conservation of the peace, and for the Quiet rule and Governmt of the people in all and every the Articles of the same and to chastise and punish all persons Offending against the forme of any the Lawes and orders of our sd Province or of any of them in Talbot County aforesaid as according to the forme of those lawes and orders shall be fitt to be done, we have also constituted and ordeined you & every four or more of you of wch you the said William COURSEY, Philemon LLOYD, Edward MANN, Peter SAYER, and William HENSLEY (unless some one of our Councill be present) are also to be Commissionrs to enquire by the oathes of good and lawfull men of your County aforesaid of all manner of ffelonyes, witchcrafts, Inchantmts Sorcerys, Magick Arts, Trespasses, fforestallings Ingrosseings and extortions whatsoever and all and singular other misdeeds and Offences of which Justices of the peace in England may or ought lawfully to Enquire by whomsoever or whensoever done or perpetrated in the County aforesaid against the Lawes and orders of our sd Province provided you proceed not in any of the cases aforesaid to take life or member, but that in every such Case you send the prisoners with their Indictment and the whole matter depending before you to the next Provll Court to be holden for said Province when soever or whatsoever to be holden there to be tryed…" (Partial transcription of Combs Researcher Jerry Clark)

Re Peter SAYER, also note Ady and Sarah ARCHDALE Sare [a.k.a. SAYER], and John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs, daughters of Thomas ARCHDALE, Draper (Merchant) of London).

17 Apr 1682 (Talbot Co MD 24/406; 29/344) William COMBES, Tract: "Security." 200 A. (Settlers of Maryland 1679-1700 by Peter Wilson Colham, 1995)

Notes: Tract not found in MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 1-5. 6+ still to be checked.

27 Jul 1682 Maryland Inventories 8:257. No County. William KELLEY . £8.14.6. Appraisers: William COMBES, Samuel ABBOT. List of Debts: Mr. James CLAYLAND, Peter LANDAY, Edward POND. (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, provided by Combs-Clark Researcher Jerry Clark)

Although not county is listed, this was presumably Talbot County where the inventory of one George READ was taken by Samuel ABBOT and Thomas MARTIN in Mar 1682/3 (see below)

25 Nov 1682 - 27th May 1685 (Prerogative Court of the Province of MD, 4. 134) Will of Timothy GOODRIDGE. To Phoebe LOFTUS, spinster, and hrs., execx., entire estate, real and personal. Test: Oliver MILLINGTON, Joane SANGOE, T. DELAHAY. (Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

1 Dec 1682 - 23 Mar 1683/84 (Prerogative Court of the Province of MD, 4.10) Will of George READE of Talbot County. To wife Mary, execx., 1/3 estate during life. To dau. Eliza: at age, 100 A. (unnamed). To son Thomas at 18 yrs. of age, residue of plantation. Overseer: Wm. BELFORD. Test: Thos. CAMM, Jacob FRANCIS, Henry NEWMAN. (Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1)

On 23 Mar 1682/3 [sic], Samuel ABBOT and Thomas MARTIN appraised the estate of one George READE. See George REID of Calvert County, son of Capt. George READ and Joan (who was also married to unknown MOUNTEN (MONTAINE?), Robert TYLER and John BEALL,, Sr., who named a goddaughter, Elizabeth COMBS, in her will. George READE, Jr. had removed to Talbot by 1680, old enough to "choose" a guardian (14-20), whereupon he chose Hugh JOHNSON of Talbot (Could Thomas CAMM have been COMM instead?). George READ'S former guardians were John and Joan MACKALL Waughop of St. Mary's County, where William COMBS, Sr. (thought to have been son of Enoch I) married Elizabeth HATTON, granddaughter of John and Joan MACKALL Waughop.

01 Jan 1682/3 (Prerogative Court of Maryland, Liber 8.5, #67000) Account. Thomas ALEXANDER. Payments to: Gilbert LIVESAY, George SULLIVANT, Richard WILLOD paid to John STANDLEY, John GEORGE, John RICHARDSON, Thomas ANDERSON, Thomas VAUGHN, William COMBES, Elizabeth HAMSTEAD (Admistratrix of William HAMSTEAD), George MATHEWS. Executrix: Mrs. Hannah HOLLAND (relict) wife of Richard HOLLAND (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, V. L. Skinner, Jr.)

12 Mar 1682/3 (Annap. Test. Proc. 13:13) Petition filed by Samuel HATTON of Talbot County and his wife Elizabeth, relict of Richard GOSRUCH, that Edward ROE had left a legacy of 10,000 pounds of tobacco to Ann, daughter of Richard GORSUCH … and had died unmarried and that Richard GORSUCH at time of the death of Edward ROE had four children then living, viz. Mary, Richard, Elizabeth, and Sarah, one of whom, Mary, had since married Richard KEENE. Court ordered the two executors, William COMBS … (Virginia Families, The Gorsuch-Lovelace Family)

See Calvert County and Dorchester County re Combs-Keene.

6 Nov 1683. Proceedings of the Assembly. An act for Advancement of trade. Bee itt enacted by the Right Honoble the Lord Porpy of this Province by & with the advice & Consent of the vpper & Lower houses of this prsent Genll Assembly & the authority of the same that from & after the Last day of August one Thou- sand six hundred Eighty & ffive the Townes Ports & places hereafter menconed in the severall & Respective Countys within this Province shall bee the Ports & places where all Shipps & vesselis tradeing into this Province shall vnlade & putt on shoare & sell barter & Trafficke away all goods wares & Comoditys that shall bee imported into tilis Province & Likewise that all Tobaccos goods wares & Merchandizes of the growth Produccon or manufacture of this Province inserted to bee sold here or transported out of this Province shall bee for that end & intent brought to the said Ports & places. That is to say … in Talbott County neere Tredaven Creeke att the Towne Land, & in Kingscreeke neere the old Towne & in Wye River Towne Land there, & att the Towne Land att the forke in Chester River…

And bee itt further enacted by the Authority aforesaid that from & after the proclaiming this act all & every the psons hereafter named shall bee Comissrs of & for theire aforesaid severall & Respective Countys & they & every of them shall execute the powers & Authoritys hereby given according to the Rules & direccons hereafter in this act menconed & prscribed as well for the buying & purchaseing of the aforesaid Towne Lands Ports and places of the now owners & possessors of the same, as for the surveying & Laying out of the said Ports Townes & places aforesaid, & makeing & stakeing out the severall Lotts to bee laid out in the said Townes to the end the Length breadth & extent of every Towne & the severall Lotts in every Towne port & place may bee the better knowne & observed. That is to say for … the Covnty of Talbott, Coll Henry COVRSEY [COURSEY] Coll Vincent LOW, Coll Phyleemon LLOYED [LLOYD], Mr John ROUSBY, Major Wm COVRSEY, Mr Edwd MANN, Major Peter SAYER, Capt Wm HELMSLEY, Mr Wm BISHOPP Mr Wm COMBES, Mr Geo ROBOTHAM, Mr John OFFLEY Mr Jno KENNIMAN Mr Symon STEPHENS, Mr John DAVIS, Mr Thomas TAYLOR, Mr Edwd STEPHENS, Mr Tristram THOMAS, Mr Richd JONES Senior Mr Henry WESLOCKS, Mr Bryan OMEALY, Mr John NEWMAN, Mr John HAWKINS Mr James MURFEY. (Archives of Maryland, Acts of Assembly, 2 Oct - 6 Nov 1683 Vol. VII, Pages 609- 611)

27 May 1684 Maryland Prerogative Court Records. 8.4.24. Talbot County. Inventory. Timothy GOODRIDGE. L235.4.2. Appraisers: Samuel HATTON, Thomas DELAHAY. (MD Calendar of Wills)

15 Oct 1684 Talbot county land records. William RICH Planter and Alice his wife to Thomas DELAHAY Planter Wedding gift to their daughter Eve 100 acres, part of Taylors Ridge at the head of St micheals creek Alice RICH examined before Edward MAN and William COMBS (Combs Researcher Ray Mont who adds that Alice was nee PATTISON). See also below re Delahay and Pattison.

12 Feb 1684/5 (Talbot MD Inventories & Accts, Liber 8.293) Inventory. George ALLUMBY. £98.7.6 Feb 12, 1684. Appraisers: William COOMBES, Richard GIRLING. List of Debts: Richard STEEVENS, Edward BONNY, John BURGESS. (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1679-1686 Libers 6, 7a, 7b, 8, VK. Spillers) SW: STEVENS

George ALLUMBY of Talbot d test. in 1684, naming minor daughter, Dorothy, personalty to Thomas ANDERSON and Henry PARROTT. Wits: Walter QUINTON, Richard STEEVENS, Thos. DELLAHAY. (4.102, MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 1.) See 1681 and 1682 Elizabeth City/County, Virginia where land of one Thomas ALLAMBY was adjacent to that of a Robert COMBES (also PAYNE, BROOK, MORGAN).

17 Feb 1684/85 - 9 May 1685 Will of William BISHOP, Talbot Co., To brother Gregory SALTER and sister Joan SALTER, and her hrs., "Kent Plantation" on Kent Island. To brother Richard BISHOP, Sr., in trust for his sons, Richard and William, "Wood's Plantation;" also to sd. brother absolutely, land on Back Ck. To Richard, Jr., afsd. "Kent Plantation" should sister Joan not come into the province or die without issue. To Griffith THOMAS, land (unnamed). To Thomas MALVE, 200 A. (unnamed). To Walter JONES, 50 A. (unnamed). To Eliza: SALTER, land (unnamed). To Abraham HALLS, land (unnamed). To Thomas SEAWARD, Sr., "Tippings's Plantation." To Nicholas CLOUDS, "Bishopstone." To godson Richard CHAFFE and hrs., 200 A. on Hambleton Branch. To Michael and Thomas, sons of Thomas SEAWARD, and hrs., "Bishopsfield" and "Dangerfield." To brother John, the poor of the parish, Alice and Mary JONES, daus. of Walter JONES, Samuel CUMBAR, when of age, Frances WOOD, widow of William WOOD, and Joan his dau., personalty. Exs.: Cous. Thos. SEAWARD, Nich. CLOUDS. Test: Thos. BROFF, Jno. JACKSON, Thos. BAYLEY. (4. 106. Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 1) Search Words: COMBS SEWARD

Unidentified. Original record not yet viewed. Probably not Combs or var. sp., but Cumber or Comber.

3 May 1685 Provincial Council Proceedings. At a Councill held at St Maries City the day of May Anno Dmi. 1685. Ordered that new Commissions of the Peace and for tryall of causes issue to the following counties, vizt… for Talbot…

Edward MANN
Henry COURSEY junr
William SHARPE

Majr Peter SAYER Sheriffe (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 17:380)

26 Nov 1685 - 20 Jul 1686 (Prerogative Court of the Province of MD Liber 04, Folio 220) Will of Francis CATTERSON of Talbot Co., MD. To son-in-law John GARNISH, 500 A. at the Whorekill. To dau.-in-law Elizabeth GARNISH and hrs., 200 A. on Gt. Choptank R. -- Dorchester Co. Either of afsd. dying, survivor to inherit deceased's portion. To wife Katharine, extx., residue of estate, including lot in Oxford. Overseers: William COMBES, John HANLEY, John WOODWARD. Test: Jos. ATKINS, Wm. WINTERSELL, Wm. BELL, Wm. WATTS. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2, Jane Baldwin Cotton, Baltimore, MD)

undated, but probably ca Aug-Nov 1688 MD Prerogative Court Records. No county stated. Accounting of estate of Francis CATTERTON [sic]. Payments [long list] include to Thomas DELAHAY, Henry WAARTON [sic], John POORE, John HATTON, Francis HARRISON, Ambrose FORD… Payments to [second list]: William COMBES, Maj. SAYER, Mr. Edward MAN, Maj. Nicholas SEWELL, Morgan and Charles THOMAS, Maj. SAYER for Thomas SIMPSON. Mentions Katherine CATTERTON. Administratrix: Elizabeth BAKER (administratrix of John BAKER who was administrator of deceased [sic]). (Skinner…)

The widow Catherine was apparently first married to John GARNISH who was apparnetly of St. Mary's County: An inventory in liber 6.562 (MD Prerogative accounts) lists a Katherine GARNISH as "administratrix/executrix" (the latter indicating there was a will), and is dated 3 Jan 1679, but does not include any other information, including the appraisers, the amount or even the name of the deceased! The accounting for the estate, also dated 3 Jan 1679, liber 6.598, lists the appraisers as G. SWERINGEN and John BAKER, the county as St. Mary's and Inventory #2604, "administratrix/exeuctrix" Katherine GARNISH, "her husband's estate." (Seriously!). Is Elizabeth BAKER, the widow of John BAKER, deceased, the same as Elizabeth GARNISH, daughter in law of Francis CATTERSON? Also note witness William WINTERSELL and see WINTERS vs. WINTERSELL re 1670s land disputes. Also note that the "Whorekill" was later in Delaware.

11 Sep 1686 MD Prerogative Court Records. 9.86. Talbot county. Account of Hugh JOHNSON. Payments to: John MILTON, Francis SHEPHERD, Nicholas CLOUDS, Mary BROWN, Cornelius COMEGYS, Henegy ROBINSON, Charles HOLINSWORTH [HOLLINGSWORTH?], Mr. BISHOP, Mr. KESAR, William TAYLARD. Administrators: Nicholas CLOUD, Thomas SEWARD (executors of William BISHOP, who was the administrator) (Skinner…)

See 1684 will of William BISHOP naming both the administrators and Samuel CUMBAR, a minor, and see 1682 when Hugh JOHNSON was appointed guardian of George READ (s/o Joan BEALE, godparent of Elizabeth COMBES, of Calvert County. One Hugh JOHNSON was transported to Maryland by 1658 with Thomas SPRIGG (see Calvert County).

3 Feb 1686/87 MD Prerogative Court Records acct of William JOYCE, Merchant, [probably a Talbot Co, MD record], includes Mr. William COMBS, William SHARP, Griff. JONES, Samuel HATTON [married GORSUCH widow], John PRESTON [Quaker], William STEEVENS [Quaker] (Skinner). The 1700 will of a Griffith JONES of Kent Co, MD names son-in-law, Thomas SEAWELL, to be paid all that is due him, son Griffith, 380 acres, "Kemp" on Muddy Creek. Son Griffith, 197 acres, "Griffith's Delight" on Lavelly's Neck. Wife Lucy exec. Dau. Mary and unborn child, personalty. Overseers: William HARRIS, William SMITH, Thos. SMITH, Thos. COURSEY, Thos. HILL. (11.113, MD Calendar of Wills) See also the Griff JONES found in early Philadelphia Monthly Meeting records (James ATKINSON of Cork County, Ireland stayed at his home - See also Atkinson Families).

20 Jul 1687 (Talbot Co MD Inventories, Liber 9.391) Henry PARKER. £21.6.2. Appraisers Thomas MOUNTFORT, Peter DODD. Approvers: Charles MACCAHAM, Samuel MILSON list of debts: Richard AUSTEN, Sollomon WRIGHT, William WARRINER, John DOYNE, Richard FIDEMON, William SNELLING, Francis SHEPPARD, Mr. William COMBS, Hugh PAXTON, Andrew SKINNER (Abstracts Of the Inventories And Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1685-1701, Libers 9, 10, 101c, 11a, 11b, V. L. Skinner)

Was Peter DODD kin to the DODDS of St. Mary's Co MD and Richmond Co VA?

7 Jan 1688/9 Proceedings of the Council of Maryland (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 8:54)
At a Council held at the City of St Maries the seaventh day of January Anno 1688
The honble
William JOSEPH Esqr
Coll Henry DARNALL
Coll William DIGGES
Majr Nicholas SEWALL

Then was produced (as directed to the Government) a writing under the hands and seales of William SHARPE and William COMBES which follows.

Sirs. Our freind John KNIGHT Comander of the Ship Encrease of Yowhall bound for our River is arrived in Virga but detained there by Capt ROWE who for want of Certificate designes to Carry her into Rapahanock and there make prize of her. her cheife manufacture is servants and noe prohibited goods on board of her. Our Requests to your honors is that you would be pleased to write to the Lord Effingham on her behalfe and this shall oblige us the subscribers To Enter into bonds or bonds of navigacons That the said ship shall unlade her ladeing of Tobaccoes either in England Wales or towne of Berwick upon Tweed and there bona fide pay his Maties Customes.
Sealed and delivered in the presence of

Which Letter being read and considered of by this board It is ordered that a Letter be writt to his Excy the Lord Howard of Effingham in favour of the aforesd ship and of the Complainants aforesaid soe farr forth as the Lawes will permit which Letter follows.

Rt Honble After our most hearty salutes presume to acquaint your Lordship that Applicacon hath been made to us by one Wm SHARPE and others living by the bay in Choptanck river desireing the favour of our Letter to your Lordship in behalfe of one John KNIGHT Comander of the ship Encrease of Youghall bound for Maryland who (as we are informed) has noe prohibited goods on board. But to the great prejudice of the people concernd said ship is stopped by Capt ROWE for want of certificate of haveing Entered into bond in England; If this be the case and that the said ship have onely servants and provisions on board Wee humbly conceave there can be noe lawfull cause of seizure For that such shipps who doe not bring certificate of haveing Entered into bond in England or Ireland have always Entered into bonds with sufficient suretyes here or others parts of America where they arrive before they are or can be permitted to trade or otherwise. But if said ship have done any thing contrary to Law, Wee as Earnestly desire she may suffer as wee doe (if she have not) That your Lordsp. would Graciously please to order the discharge of sd ship to the end she may proceed to her intended port where all due care shall be taken by the Goverment and his Majties Officers here that said ship performe whatever the Law and his Majties service require And herein your Lordsp will oblig
St Maries 8th Janry 1688
Rt Honble
Your Lordsp most humble and assured servants

To his Excy the Lord
Howard of Effingham
Governor of his Majties
Colony of Virga

This letter, except for the date (09 Jan 1688/9) is also available in the Virginia State Archives, reference: Minutes of Council of Maryland, pp. 196-7. "Letter from William SHARPE and William COMBES complaining that a ship bound for Maryland has been illegally detained in Virginia by Capt. ROWE. Board write letter to Governor of Virginia asking that ship might be freed." [Full text of letter included]. (VSLA Survey Report No. 01942, pp. 1-3)

See also William COMBS & William SHARP above. Is it coincidence that the Virginia Capt. was a ROWE? Also note that William SHARPE was a Quaker (History of Talbot County, Maryland, Volume 2)

08 Feb 1688/9 Talbot County, MD Land Recors. George COWLEY and Ann his wife to John PRESTON. Ann COWLEY examined before Edward MAN and William COMBES (Extracted by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery from "Combs Land Records in Talbot Co MD")

Five days later, the Protestant William of Orange and his wife, Mary, were crowned King and Queen of England. Talbot had always been a quiet, religiously-tolerant county, but that was not to last, and undoubtedly resulted in the rupture of the long-time friendship between Col. Peter SAYER and Major William COMBES:

4 Sep 1689 Proceedings of the "Associators Assembly" ("the Assembly sitting at the State House in the City of St Maryes the 4th day of Septr 1689 in the first year of their Majesties' reign.") An Ordinance for regulating of Officers Military and Civill and other necessary affairs for the present settlement of this Province.

"Whereas this present Generall Assembly having taken into their most serious and deliberate consideration the great necessity of the settlement of all affairs military and civill within this Province finding themselves obliged by their allegiance and duty to our soveraigne Lord and Lady the King and Queens most excellent Majesty King William and Queen Mary and out of the great care they have for the religion, lives, libertyes and propertyes of their Majestie's Protestant Subjects of this Province Have ordained constituted and enacted and doe hereby ordain constitute and enact for the present settlemt of affairs in the said Province till their Majesties' further pleasure bc made knowne, these following respective reguiations together with the powers and authorityes hereby given and granted to the Officers and persons hereafter by this present Ordinance appointed…

"That for regulating the affairs of the Militia in Talbott County, Mr William COMBES, Major of the horse, Mr Thomas HARMAN Capt: of a troope of horse, Mr John STANLEY Capt: of a troope of horse, Mr John DAVIS Capt: of a foot Company in the roome of Mr James MURPHY, Mr Wm BECKSLEY Capt: of a foote Company in the roome of Capt: George COWLEY, Mr Henry ALEXANDER Capt: of a foot Company continued as formerly, Mr Wm CRUMP Capt: of a foot Company continued as formerly and Mr Richard SWEATNAM Capt. of a foote Company in the roome of Capt: KENNIMON.

That for regulating the Affairs Civill in Talbott County. Mr Edward MANN, Mr William COMBES, Mr George ROBOTHAM, Mr Thomas SMITHSON Justices of the Quorum, Mr James SMITH, Mr Henry COURSEY junior, Mr George ROBINS, Mr William HINNEY, Mr Michaell TURBUTE, Mr Thomas FISHER, Mr James SEDGEWICK Justices, Mr George ROBINS and Nicholas LOWE Coroners Mr Samuel WITHERS Sheriffe and Mr Nicholas LOWE Clarke.
(Archives of Maryland, Vol. 13:243-4)

Only a few days before this assembly was held, Col. Peter SAYER was at the home of Major COMBES, greeted with a cry of relief by Eliza ROWE Combes, but Peter was a Catholic and William a Protestant, and not one of those who chose against the Associators. (See the Maryland Protestant Revolution of 1689 for much more). At some time between this date and early 1690, William COMBES had signed the Talbot County Associators Petition. By 1692 he was deceased (see below).

14th Dec., 1691; 20th Oct., 1692. Will of Vincent LOWE of Great Choptanke Island, Talbot Co., MD. To Lawrence KNOWLES and Ralph DAWSON, Sr., personalty. To wife Eliza:, "Great Choptanke Island" and all pertaining thereto, which was left sd. wife by her father, Seth FOSTER, as his eld. dau., requesting her if she die without hrs. to bequeath sd. Island to Foster TURBUTT and hrs. To Foster TURBUTT, 580 A. on Tred Haven Ck. To Mary TURBUTT, dau. of Michael TURBUTT, part of 1,000 A., "Four Square." Residue of testator's lands, viz., "Winfield," "Oceitorpe," at Tuckahoe, "Lady's Delight" and. "Timber Ridge" in Cecil Co., "Lowe's Deaire" and "Chesterfield" on Chester R., "Thurston Neighbor," Balto. Co., "Lowe's Purchase," Dorchester Co., and residue of "Four Square" afsd. to be sold by exs. To brother Nicholas, land in Parish of Denly, Eng., left testator by his mother, Ann LOWE. Exs.: Jas. MURPHIE, Michael TURBUTT. Test: Jno. LOWE, Thos. ROBERDS, Grase HENEKS. (6. 7. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2) ROBARDS, ROBERTS

Was Vincent brother to Nicholas LOWE of Talbot and/or Henry LOWE of St. Mary's?

30 Apr 1692 John PATTISON of Talbot and Thomas BENNETT of Oxford ajoining the lot of William COMBS Lately Deceased (Extracted by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery from "Combs Land Records in Talbot Co MD")

15th May, 1692; 15th Nov., 1692. Will of Alice RICHE, widow,Talbot Co., MD. To son-in-law Thomas DELAHAY and dau. H-- DELAHAY, and their child., viz., Sarah, Mary, and Thomas, to dau. Sarah RICHE, dau. Ann WATTS and son-in-law Peter WATTS and their child., to grandchild. Francis, Jr., William and John HARRISON, sons of Francis HARRISON, Sr., to son John PADDISON, Sr., and to grandchild., viz., John, Jr., Eliza:, Jr., and Ann PADDISON, personalty. To son William RICHE, ex., and hrs., "Taylor's Ridge" left testatrix by her dec'd husband, William RICHE. Son William and dau. Sarah afsd., residuary legatees. Test: Jos. ATKINS, Dennis CARROLL, Wm. CAREY. (6. 9. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. 2)

No estate records have been located for William COMBS thus far (perhaps because he was outside of Maryland when he died?) His widow, Elizabeth ROE, married Col. Nicholas LOWE, also a Protestant, and the brother of Col. Henry LOWE, very shortly thereafter (see below). Note that Sarah, d/o Elizabeth ROE by either William COMBS (most likely) or Nicholas LOWE, m (1) John LONG and (2) John PATTISON.

9 Nov 1692 Inventory 10.156 Talbot County. Col. Vincent LOW Esq. L263.14.6. List of debts includes "Mr. COMBES." (Skinner…)

20 May - 11 Jun 1694 Will of George ROBINS of Talbot Co., 20th May, 1694; 11th June, 1694. To son Thomas and hrs., plantation, part of "Job's Content," formerly belonging to wife Margaret, who was the relict of Nicholas GOLDSBROUGH. To son George, at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., 250 A., "Buckingham." To son William at 21 yrs. of age and hrs., 300 A., "Robin's Range." To son Lambert at 21 yrs, of age and hrs., "Robin's Grange" and "Gravelings" in Dorchester Co. To wife Margaret and son Thomas, joint exs., of personalty; residue to be divided among child., viz., George, William, and Mary. To son John in Eng., certain house in Well St., Buckingham, conditionally. To dau. Jane, wife of Edmond CHIBSEY, and hrs., house in Castle St., Buckingham. To son John and dau. Jane afsd. any estate, real or personal, coming to testator at death of mother (unnamed). Test: Thos. SMITHSON, Nich. LOWE, Thos. ROBINS, Jno. CAPE, Jno. ROBINS. 7.90. (MD Calendar of Wills, Vol. 2)

6th Apr., 1697; 2nd June, 1697. Will of Henrietta Maria LOYD OF Talbot Co., MD. To mother, Ann NEAL, estate given testatrix by will of her father, and personalty during life; sd. personalty to pass to brother Anthony NEALE and sister Jane BOREMAN. To son Richard BENNETT, 400 A., "The Folly," 400 A., "Buckinghan," on Sassafras R., and 2 town lots ont of tract of land. To son Edward and hrs., 250 A., "Bettys Branch," bought of Rich'd WOOLEMAN. To son Philemon, all land bought of Chas. HELMSLEY on the Great Island in Wye R., and 216 A., "The Outlet." To 2 sons, Philemon and James, house and lot at the town on Wye. R. To son James and hrs., 400 A., "Timber Land," on Tuckahoe bought of Jas. SCOTT. To dau. Henrietta Maria, 450 A., "The Adventure," on St. Michael's R., and "Upper Range" purchased of Geo. HILLOCK. To dau. Ann and hrs., 500 A., "Loyd's Coftyne," bought of Henry COFTYNE. To dau. Alice and hrs., residue of "Buckingham." [p.118] To dau. Margaret, "Groscoate" bought of Wm. GROSS, "Lambert," bought of Henry COSTIN; "Court Road" bought of Jacob GIBSON, all lying on Gross Ck. in Wye R. To the priests of the Chapel at Wye R., 100 A., "Town Road," bought of Rich'd HAZELTINE, and 200 A., part of "Henrietta Maria's Discovery," and also land bequeathed testatrix by Jno. LONDY of Chester R. To Sarah GRASON [GRAYSON], 16 A., part of "Henrietta Maria's Discovery." To William HUNTER, Mr. GULICK, and Mr. HUBBARD, all priests, personalty. To brother William BOREMAN and sister Jane BOREMAN, cousins Dorothy BROOKES, Mary and Henrietta NEALE, and to Joseph HUNNIWELL, personalty. To daus. Alice, Ann and Margaret jointly, the great wrought silver dish. To 8 child. afsd., residue of personal estate; 2 shares bequeathed to dau. Margaret in lieu of one having been given to dau. Susanna LOWE, desiring dau. Margaret to remember Henrietta Maria LOWE, dau. of Susanna LOWE afsd. Mother Ann NEAL, brothers James and Anthony NEAL, sons Richard BENNETT and Philemon LOYD, joint exs. and to have charge of child. until they attain majority. Test: Philip HELMSLEY, Jno. BURKE, Wm. PURITE, Wm. FITZGERALD. 7. 252. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2, Jane Baldwin Cotton, Baltimore, MD, 1904)

Henrietta Maria NEAL,d/o James NEAL and Ann GILL (d/o Benjamin), married (1) Richard BENNETT, Jr.; and (2) Col. Philemon LLOYD.

Undated? Rent Roll (Annapolis MD Land Office (Rent Rolls), Liber 11:180) County: Talbot. Tract: Dover. Acres: 800. Yly. Rent: 16s. Survey Date: Tues 9th Oct 1669. "for Edward ROE at a mark'd red Oak by Choptank river Side and by the Mouth of Winslows Creek. This said to be the Same with Dover for Colo. Nicho. LOW who Maryed the Daughter of Edward ROE the Taker up will further Inquire into this." (Maryland State Archives No. S18, 1-24-1-5, transcribed by C. Hammett, 1998)

[undated] Maryland Prerogative Court Records. 16.182. Talbot County. Acct of Clement HOPKINS includes a payment "to Robert WEBB bill due William COMBS." Administrator: Thomas HOPKINS, Sr. [Probably the same whose Talbot inventory was dated 5 Mar 1693] (Skinner)

02 Jul 1697 Ann GODARD of Talbot spinster relict and executor of Thomas GODARD late of Talbot Chirurgion deceased to Thomas BENNETT 10 acres "covehall" and 50 acres Forteventure of the north side of Tredhaven Creek witness, James BENSON and Edward COMBS (Extracted by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery from "Combs Land Records in Talbot Co MD") SW: GODDARD

The above Edward COMBS was the s/o William & Elizabeth ROE Combs (see 1719 Talbot will of his mother)

28 Jul 1697 St. Peter's Parish Register, Talbot Co, MD Edward COMBS m Judith GOLDSBOURGH (extracted by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery from "Innkeepers of Talbot Co MD")

11 Jul 1699 0 MD prerogative Accounts, 19.156. Acct. of Thomas BAGG. Payments to Edward COMBES. Distribution to widow, 1 orphan (unnamed). Administratrix: Mary BAGG. (Skinner)

19 Jul 1699 - 18 Jun 1700 (11:38) Will of Isaac RICHARDSON of Talbot County.19th July, 1699; 18th June, 1700. To John LONG and sister Mary NUNN, personalty; the latter made joint ex. with Jno. COMBS. Test: Wm. ALLEN, Michael BAKER, Moses SHEFFIELD. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, Vol. II, Baldwin, p. 210)

Identity of the above John COMBS? Of Isaac RICHARDSON? One John LONG who d 1712-1718 in Talbot married Sarah, d/o Elizabeth ROE by either Nicholas LOWE or (more likely) William COMBS. If this is John COMBS who m Mary ROE, we have a twenty year records-gap; ergo, no assumptions can be made. Could John COMBS, Sr. have died and Mary ROE m 2nd a NUNN with the above her son? Or might this be the widow Mary ROE? See also John NUNN of New Town Hundred, St. Mary's County.

28 Jul 1697 St. Peter's Parish Register, Talbot Co, MD. Edward COMBS m Judith GOLDSBOURGH (extracted by Combs Researcher Ray Montgomery from "Innkeepers of Talbot Co MD")

12 Nov 1699 Talbot Co, MD Prerogative Court Records, 20.144. Inv. of Dominick KIRWAN appraised by Edward COMBES and Jon OULDHAM, list of debts: Thomas EVANS, Richard BOOKER and Thomas EVANS, Thomas COX and Andrew KENNARD. . Acct. of Domonick KIRWAN. L54.16.5. Appraisers: Edward COMBES, John CHILDHAM. List of debts: Thomas EVANS, Thomas COX, Thomas BOWLES. (Skinner…)

Dominick [sic] KIRWAN of Talbot died testate between Sep and Nov 1699 bequeathing personalty to Mr. PLUNKETT, and naming Thomas DONNELLY and Jeremiah SIMPSON, his execs and residuary legatees. An accounting dated 25 Sep 1701 was made by Sarah RIDGAWAY, wife of William RIDGAWAY and administratrix of Jeremiah SIMPSON, admr. of the will of Dominick KIRWAN (gent).

Continued in the 1700s…

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