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Cumberland County was incorporated in 1760 from Franklin and parts of Oxford, Kennebec and Somerset. Contains 23 towns and three cities.

1790 Cumberland Co ME Census

The USGenWeb Census Project ®

Bakerstown Plantation

p.4 l.29
Coombs, Benj'n,1m >16, 4m to 19; 4f

12 Jun 1842 COOMBS, Peter of Freeport, Maine and Sarah Jane Hill of North Yarmouth, Maine. Intentions filed 12 June 1842 NYVR 2:77

Source: Vital Records of North Yarmouth, Maine to the year 1850 Second Edition, Picton Press, Camden, Maine 1993; p. 146: Marriage Intentions

10 Jan 1846 LANCY, Leland, of Springfield, MA. and COOMBS, Deborah of North Yarmouth, Maine. Intentions filed 10 Jan. 1846 NYVR 2:83

ibid; p. 168

14 May 1748 WEBBER/WEEBER, Jonathan, North Yarmouth and Margaret COOMBS of Brunswick , Maine. Intentions filed 14 May 1748 NYVR 1:4

ibid; p. 208

1850 Cumberland Co, ME

Extracted from FTM's Genealogy Library online by Debi Kendrick

Town of Freeport

pg 12; 26 July 1850 by Elem Wells

171/173 Dorcas DOUGHTY 51 m 75 ME cannot read or write
Sally COOMBS 73 f ME cannot read or write
Andrew RANKIN 26 m shipbuilder N. Scotia
Sarah Ann 23 f N. Brunswick
Eliza J. 1 f N. Brunswick
Charles CURTIS 24 m joiner ME
Benj. CHADSEY 23 m joiner ME

pg 13; 30 July 1850

188/210 Eben COOMBS 78 m shoemaker 150 ME
Darcus 63 f N. Scotia
Susanna 28 f N. Scotia md within census year
Joshua 22 m ship carpenter N. Scotia


pg 35; 22 August 1850 by Benj. VERRILL

14/15 Johnathan PRINCE 79 m farmer ME
Rhoda 75 f ME

- -/16 Jabes PRINCE 47 m farmer ME
Marcia 42 f ME
Henry R. 17 m farmer ME sch
Elisabeth 9 f ME sch
Charles A. COOMBS 9 m ME sch

1st Ward City of Portland

pg 47; 14 August 1850 by James Merrill

548/797 Edward SHIELDS 53 m marina 1000 England
Mary 51 f ME
Mary K. 16 f ME
Charles F. 10 m ME
Woodward 7 m ME
John H. COOMBS 23 m ship carpenter Scotland
Elizabeth F. COOMBS 22 f ME

New Gloucester

pg 67; 10 August 1850 by Thomas Johnson

128/135 Joseph CROSS 45 m merchant 1200 ME md within census year
Merry P. 25 f ME md within census year
George 16 m student ME
Joseph L. COMBS 27 m clerk ME

pg 72; 19 August 1850

200/211 Joseph COMBS 64 m shoemaker 400 ME
?Theea 59 f ME
Joseph 29 m none ME
Thomas G. 22 m shoemaker ME


pg 125; 23 August 1850 by Lemuel Hicks

308/336 George JOHNSON 61 m farmer 300 ME
Margaret 55 f Mass.
Margaret M. 13 f ME
Benjamin 24 m laborer ME
William COOMBS 27 m mariner Scotland
Martha A. COOMBS 26 f ME
Martha E. 2 f ME


pg 174; 31 July 1850 by James C. Merrill

83/92 Abijah COLLINS 70 m farmer 1500 ME
Dorothy 55 f ME
Almon 25 m farmer ME
Paul 19 m farmer ME sch
Harriet 17 f ME sch
Sarah F. 4 f ME sch
John COOMBS 21 m shoemaker ME

Town of Brunswick

pg 204; 2 September 1850 by David Shaw

116/123 John A. COOMBS 45 m farmer
Olive 46 f
Sarah 19 f sch
Abagail 17 f sch
Cousida 15 m farmer sch
Adalene 13 f sch
William 11 m sch
Mary E. 9 f sch
John E. 6 m sch
Susan T. 3 f
Mary 87 f

Note: no birthplaces were listed next to these names or the names in the above HH's except for the 1st person on the page, and that was Maine

pg 206; 2 September 1850

126/134 Lucy COOMBS 55 f ME
Samuel 22 m ME
William C. GIVEN 21 m ship carpenter 100 ME
Lincoln GIVEN 20 m ship carpenter ME
Joseph COOMBS 18 m ship carpenter ME

129/137 Emma COOMBS 80 f ME

132/140 Charles C. SNOW 37 m farmer ME
Martha 36 f ME
John 1 m ME
Lucy 65 f ME
George COOMBS 19 m farmer ME

Ward No. 7 City of Portland

pg 220; 17 July 1850 by Theo. Paine

7/8 Ann COOMBS 29 f ME pauper
Frances COOMBS 1 f ME pauper

(Alme House - {poor house?})


pg 221; 21 September 1850 by David Shaw

348/379 Charles C. COOMBS 49 m farmer ME
Mary 47 f ME
Mary A. 24 f ME
Carolin 22 f ME
Narrcis J. 20 f ME sch
Deborah 18 f ME sch
?Edwin C. 17 m ME sch
Sarah D. 15 f ME sch
Catherine 13 f ME sch
Maria 9 f ME sch
Corrodon _. 3 m ME

353/384 Samuel COOMBS 65 m carpenter 250 ME
Jemima 43 f ME
?David 15 m laborer ME
Thomas 12 m ME
Freeman 9 m ME

pg 222

357/388 Augustus F. COX 26 m carpenter 500 ME
?Fijphina? 29 f ME
Henry P. 1 m ME
John COOMBS 21 m shoemaker ME
William N. SALLY 22 m shoemaker ME

358/389 Thomas COOMBS 51 m farmer ME
Rhoda 50 f ME
Judith _. 27 f ME
Ellen 20 f ME sch
Benjamin F. 18 m farmer ME sch
Rhoda E. 16 f ME sch
Harriett 14 f ME sch
Elvira 12 f ME sch
Mary 10 f ME sch
Martha 8 f ME sch
Thomas A. 6 m ME sch
James COFFEE 11 m ME sch

pg 223; 21 September 1850

371/403 ?Saml? COOMBS 42 m laborer 450 ME
Sarah 38 f ME
?George H. 13 m ME sch
Thomas S. 10? m ME sch
David 8 m ME sch

Town of Brunswick

pg 251; 10 August 1850 by David Shaw

104/109 John E. COOMBS 67 m farmer ME
Ruth 61 f ME
Ruth A. 23 f ME
Rachel 19 f ME sch

Town of Yarmouth

pg 251; 16 August 1850 by John Young

308/399 Elias HIMBAL 45 m cabinet maker MASS
Sarah 26 f MASS
Abigail 17 f MASS
Sarah J. 12 f MASS
George H. 5 m MASS
Phillip H. 3 m ME
Caleb A. 21 m MASS

- -400 Benjamin DAVIS 42 m veneir millman ME
Eunice _. 43 f ME
Joseph J. 18 m mason ME
Charles L. 12 m ME
Ellen E. 9 f ME
Lucy 77 f NH
Maria JORDAN 20 f ME
Heneretta TOWNSEND 20 f ME
Susan SHEEDY 25 f Ireland
Maria SOULE 20 f ME
Sarah J. SOULE 18 f ME
Penelope COOMBS 24 f ME

Town of Harpsville

pg 267; 13 August 1850 by David Shaw

157/159 Samuel COOMBS 40 m laborer 200 ME
Priscilla 34 f ME
Joseph 18 m ship carpenter ME sch
Adaline 16 f ME sch
Eliza 16 f ME sch
Martha 15 f ME sch
James 13? m ME sch
William 1_ ? m ME sch
Elizabeth 9 f ME sch
Isaac 7 m ME sch
Kindsman 4 m ME
Susan 9/12 f ME

pg 270; 15 August 1850

196/199 Mary COOMBS 51 f ME
Isaac 24 m farming ME
Albert 22 m fisherman ME
Mary E. 21 f ME
James A. 20 m carpenter ME sch
Lydia R. 18 f ME sch
Matilda 15 f ME sch
John N. 13 m ME sch
Abagail W. 11 f ME sch

pg 274; 23 August 1850

246/250 Samuel TOOTHAKER 61 m farmer ME
Elizabeth P. 59 MASS
Samuel S. 19 m farmer ME
Daniel DYER 29 m sailor ME
Amelia DYER 23 f ME
Jackson COOMBS 21 fisherman ME
Phebe COOMBS 29 f ME
Eliza E. 7 f ME sch

pg 275; 24 August 1850

258/263 William COOMBS 63 m farmer ME
Abagail 67 f ME
John FRYE 13 m ME sch
Betsy CRITES 13 f ME sch

259/264 Joseph COOMBS 38 m farmer ME
Lucy 30 f ME
Joseph AUBINS? 84 m farmer ME pauper
Dolly COOMBS 64 f ME pauper

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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