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Penobscot County was established in 1816 from Hancock. In 1838, Piscataquis was established from Penobscot and Somerset. Note that the town of Penobscot is not in Penobscot County

Unless otherwise stated records submitted by Judy Sutton from CD: Bradford, Maine, Original Records of Maine Towns and Cities, Picton Press:

Note: Blakesburg Plantation became part of Bradford in 1831
… = not legible

1830 Penobscot Co, ME Census


Madawaska Settlement, St. John River

p. 387

Coombs Saml.
1 m<5; 1 m5-10; 2 m10-15; 1 m30-40
1 f<5 2 f5-10; 1 f10-15; 2 f15-20; 1 f20-30
2 total; 2 foreign; [total written as 2]

USGenWeb Census Project

Penobscot Co, ME Special 1837 Census

West half of Township #6 in the Second Range north of the Bingham Purchase East of Penobscot River:

Samuel Coombs, head, 6 persons under 21, 2 persons over 21 for a total of 8 persons.

Source: Penobscot Co, MEGenWeb

Submitted by Lauraine Syrnick


Town Records Section

About p. 45 (also IGI record available from George Coombs…Our child which we call Elmira Mohoney Coombs was born in Blakesburg November 6th 1827.

p. 35

This is to certify that Mr. George Coombs & Miss Lavina BITHER both of Blakesburg Plantation in the county of Penobscot state of Maine were joined together in marriage at Blakesburg…on the third day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred twenty seven. By…James …Justice of the peace.

About p. 10

Mr. Ebenezer MOHONEY & Miss Mary Coombs both of Blakesburg Plantation intend marriage November 15th 1821.

About p. 11, Record of Marriages

1821 December 20th Ebenezer MOHONEY with Mary Coombs

Record of births

about p. 17 & 18:

Thomas Flaven … Coombs was born … 1821
Mary Wilson Coombs was born …1822…William Coombs
Benjamin Coombs, Jr. born Feb. 29 1780 in Brunswick
Bitney Coombs born June 13 1787 New (probably Gloucester)
Mary Coombs born March 20th 1802 Poland
Bethulon (?) Coombs born August 17th 1804 Minot
George Coombs born July 20th 1805 Minot
Nigel Coombs born August 19 1808 Poland
Sally Coombs born March 28th 1812
Lyndon Coombs born August 18th 1816
Elizabeth Coombs born June 25th 1819
Deborah Coombs born May 3rd 1823 Blakesburg

Mattawamkeag Cemetery
Old Route 157 Hathaway Road
Mattawamkeag, Maine

Penobscot County MEGenWeb

COOMBS, Hannibal H, 1845 - 1884 Co E 1ME Vet Vol Inf CIVIL WAR

COOMBS, Lucy (FORBES), 1845 - 1883 Wife of Hannibal Coombs

COOMBS, Blanche V, 1904 - 1979

COOMBS, G Raymond, May 9 1928 - Dec 3 2002 US ARMY Korea

COOMBS, George R, Apr 19 1925 - May 22 1994 P1 USMC WWII

COOMBS, Gloria L, Apr 18 1932 -

COOMBS, Woodrow W. Dec 21 1918 - Nov 23 1997

COOMBS, Margaret E, June 11 1920 - Nov. 20 1995 Wife of Woodrow W Coombs

COOMBS, Warren S, 1914 - 1976

COOMBS, Grace Ethel (TUCKER), Oct 6 1918 - Dec 14 2001 Wife of Warren S Coombs

COOMBS, Samuel Warren, 1873 - 1944

COOMBS, Charlotte May, 1882 - 1951 Wife of Samuel Warren Coombs

COOMBS, Claude V, 1902 - 1902 Son of Samuel & Charlotte Coombs

COOMBS, Hildred Arline, 1912 - 1913 Dau of Samuel & Charlotte Coombs

COOMBS, Frederick S, Nov 16 1922 - Apr 1 1994 TEC 5 US ARMY WWII

COOMBS, S Warren, 1808 - Aug 9 1895 Age 86 yr 11 mo 21 da

COOMBS, Maria P, 1817 - Mar 20 1888 da Age 71 yr 3 mo 8, Wife of S Warren Coombs

COOMBS, Maria L, 1842 - Dec 27 1893 Age 51 yr

COOMBS, George W, 1848 - Feb 1 1868 Age 20 yr 24 da

COOMBS, Matilda W, 1858 - Mar. 24, 1861 Age 3yr 5 mo 9 da, Dau of S W & Maria Coombs

COOMBS, Ida G, 1858 - Mar 26 1861 Age 3 yr. 3 mo, Dau of Alonzo & Corilla Coombs

Submitted by Lauraine Syrnick; Location and additional note about the annotations provided by Patience Northern

Note: This list was compiled by Carole Foss of Mattawamkeag, ME and edited by Donald & Evelyn Wright. Additional sources and death records were consulted.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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