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Waldo County was established in 1827 from Hancock, Lincoln and Kennebec. In 1860, Knox was established from Lincoln and Waldo. Incorporated Towns within the boundaries of Waldo include: Belfast

Belfast: The shire town of Belfast was first settled in 1770 by persons from Londonderry, Rockingham Co, NH, and was incorporated June 22, 1773. The settlement was broken up by the British in 1779, and was re-established in 1784. In 1845, a portion of the town, with a part of Prospect, was incorporated as Searsport. In 1853, the city charter was adopted.


Agnes L. [----], w. Charles W., -----, 1865

Arphaxard, Capt. [h. Harriet Lavina], Feb. 12, 1826, in Isleboro

Caroline F., d. Robert and Jane P. (Gilkey), June 10, 1844

Charles H., July 25, 1872

Charles Henry, ch. Robert and w.[Jane P. (Gilkey)], Apr. 5, 1833

Charles R., s. Robert H. and Harriet E. (Pendleton), Mar. 20 1862

Charles W., h. Agnes L., -----, 1862

Cora J., d. Robert H. and Harriet E. (Pendleton), Sept. 18, 1852

Emma F., w. charles W. Hayes, d. Robert and Jane P. (Gilkey), July 6, 1849

Frank B., s. Robert H. and Jane P. Gilkey, Dec. 12, 1858

Franklin S., h. Sara Z. Burgess, s. Robert and Jane P. (Gilkey), Jan. 5, 1839

Geneva A., d. Jordan W. and Julia L. (Riggs), Oct. 7, 1872

Grace L., d. Jordan W. and Julia L. (Riggs), July 1, 1875

Grenville A., s. J. B. and Maud M., Aug. 6, 1891

Harriet Lavina [-----] [w. Capt. Arphaxard], Nov. 14, 1827, in Islesboro

Hollis, s. Robert and Jane P. (GILKEY), Mar 27, 1837

Jacob Westly, ch. Luther and Dianah, Aug. 18, 1832

Jordan W. (see Welcome Jordan COOMBS)

Lauriette Estelle, d. Lorenzo, bp. July 4, 1875

Lorenzo, ch. Robert and w., Nov. 30, 1831. [Lorenzo G., h. Emma (Sleeper), s. Robert and Jane P. (GILKEY)]

Lucretia Mary, ch. Robert and w., June 7, 1830 [w. A. J. Macomber, d. Robert

and Jane P. (GILKEY), June 9]

Lucy Jane, d. Robert and Jane P. (GILKEY), Sept 5, 1824

Luther Augustine, ch. Luther and Dianah, May 7, 1829

Lydia Jane, ch. Robert and w., Mar. 16, 1835. [w. Francis G. Barnes, d. Robert and Jane P. (GILKEY)]

Mary S., [? m.], Aug. 20, 1838

Philip G., H. Marie Fernald, s. Robert and Jane P. (GILKEY), May 26, 1841

Preston W., s. Arphaxard and Harriet L., July 14, 1863

Ralph R., s. Jordan W. and Julia L. (RIGGS), Jan 19, 1886

Robert, h. Jane P. (GILKEY), June 25, 1799

Robert Harison, [sic, Hudson], ch. Robert and w., July 5, 1828 [h. Harriet E. (Pendleton), July 3; s. Robert and Jane P. (GILKEY), July 3

Rosella A., d. Ja[me]s and Mary S., Nov. 24, 1859

Royal C., July 28, 1883 [Royal G., s. Jordan W. and Julia L. (RIGGS)]

Royal N., s. Robert and Jane P. (GILKEY), Sept 16, 1842

Statira, ch. Robert and w., Apr. 13, 1826 [Statira P., w. Abram JORDAN, d. Robert and Jane P. (GILKEY)]

Walter Hudson, s. Robert H. and Harriet E. (PENDLETON), Mar. 20, 1851

Welcome Jordan, h. Julia C. (Riggs), s. Robert and Jane P. (GILKEY), Mar 21, 1848

William C., h. Mary A. (Merchant), -----, 1834

Winifred, d. Lorenzo, bp. July 4, 1875

------, s. Robert, Mar 21, 1847

------, d. Capt. Robert, July 6, 1848

------, inf. Lorenzo, bp. -----, 1876

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