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Hunterdon County was established in 1714 from Burlington. In 1739, Morris was created from Hunterdon, and in 1838, Mercer was established from Burlington, Hunterdon, Middlesex and Somerset.

The earliest Combs located in Hunterdon thus far is one Robert COMBS of Amwell Township who resided in that county by at least 1736, and who apparently owned at least two tracts of land, at least one of which was adjacent to that of the “Society” (presumably Quaker Society of Friends). Although records are incomplete, it appears that this same Robert COMBS (or possibly a son?) had removed to Philadelphia Co, PA by 1762. No Quaker records have been located for Robert thus far.

The Combs of Hunterdon Co, NJ were primarily located in:

10 Aug 1736 - 13 Mar 1737/8 West Jersey Deeds K180. Samuel JOB et uxon to John AKERS

To all people to whom these presents shall com Samuel JOB of Frehold in the County of Monmouth and province of East Jersey yeom. And Rachel his wife sendth greting whereas Samuel HOOFMIER of Middletown In and by a Certain Deed of bargain & Sale bearing date January the Twenty ninth ano 1707/8 Conveyed and Confirmed unto peter WILLSON of freehold aforesaid Deceased a Certain trat of land situate in Amwell [Hunterdon Co] in west Jersey Containing abt. 500 acres as by the said Deed Recorded in burlington In Lib. J fol 161 & 162 Relation thereunto being had more fully may appear and whereas the above named Peter WILLSON by his late will and testament Recorded in Amboy [Middlesex Co, NJ] and bearing date March 18th 1723 did give and bequeath the sd tract of land unto his three dauters Rachel Mary & Martha WILLSON unto each one Equal third part and whereas Andrew CRAWFORD & the sd Mary his wife and Abel TILTON and the sd Martha his wife Did by a Certain Release bearing Day may the third ano 1735 Remis and Release the Southernmost sd part of the sd. tract under cartin limmits and bound unto the said Samuel JOB & Rachel his wife dauter of peter WILSON as by athe sd Releas Relations being thereunto had may appear Know Know Ye that the sd. Samuel JOB and Rachel his wife for an in consideration of the Sum of forty pounds Current lawfull money of America to them In hand paid before the Ensealing and Delivery of these presents by John AKERS of Amwell afrsd yeom. the reseipt whearof they acknowledg and themselves therewith fully satisfied and contented and thereof and Every part and parsel thereof Do Exonerat acquit and discharge the sad John AKERS his heirs Executors & amdinistrators forever by these presents have given gratned bargained sold alined Conveyed & Confirmed unto him the sad John Akers his heirs and assigns forever a part of the above sd oe Equel third part gegining at at white oak by the side of peter WILLLSONS land thence running north seventy five Degrees East by land of Peter WILLSONS sixteen chains and Sixty links to a stake thence north and by west along the thirty thousand line thirty three chains and a halfe to a stake thence south Eighty Degrees west by land of - -- borrows Sixteen chains and sixty links to a corner white oak then south and by land of Robert COOMBS thirty four Chains to white oak whear it began Containing fifty three acres be the same more or les To have and to hold the sd granted and bargained premises wth. all and Singular the appurtenances priviledges & Cominodities to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining to him the said John AKERS his heirs and assigns forever to his ond therre only proper use benefit and behoof for ever and they the said Samuel JOB and Rachel his wife for themselves there heirs Executors & administrators Do Covenant promas & grant to and with the said John AKERS his heirs and assigns that before the ensealing herof they are the true Sole and Lawfull ownders of the above barhained premmisess and are Lawfully seized & possessed of the same in their one proper Right as --- good perfect & absolute Estate of Inherritance In fee simple & have in themselves good Right full power and Lawfull authority to Grant Bargain Sell Convey and Confirm the sd bargained premmises In maner as aforesaid and that the sd John ECKERS his hiers & assigns may shall and may from time to time and all all times forever hearafter by force and virtue of these presents lawfully peacably and Quietly injoy have haold use occupy & Injoy poses the sd demified & bargained premmises with the apurtenances free and clear & freely & clearly acquited exonarated & discharged of & from alol and all manner form or & other gifts grants bargains sails leases morgages wills Intailments --- Dowries Judgement Executions Incomberances & Extents furthermore they the said Samuel JOB and Rachel his wife for themselves their heirs Exeuctors & administerators Do Covenant and Engage the above demised premmeses to him the sd John AKERS his heirs and assigns against the lawfull Claims or Demands of any person or persons whatsoever hearafter to wa--- grant & forever Defend In witness whearof the said parties as above named have hereunto affixed their hands & seals this Tenth day of august In the ninth year of the reign of our Sovern Lord George the Second King of Grate Britan and in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven hundred and Thirty Six Samuel JOB (seal) Rachel JOB (mark, seal) Seled and Delivered in presents of Robert COMBS, George JOB Junr. George JOB (mark) Endorsed - Be it Remembered that on the thirteenth day of March --- 1737 Personally came and appeared before me John READING one of his majs Coucl for the Province of New Jersey Robert COMBS one of the Evidences to the within written Instrument of conveyance and upon his Solemn oath which he took Did Depose that he saw Saml. Job and Rachel JOB sign seal & as their act and Delivered the same to --- therein named and that he signed his name as an Evidence thereto Taken before me Jno. Reading

(Akers-Job Deed Transcribed by Combs Researcher Donna Evans and contributed to Hunterdon co, NJ GenWeb Archives)

Notes: See also 14 Oct 1715 Monmouth Co, NJ estate record of Peter WILSON Jr., of Middleton [Monmouth Co] whose debtors included a Thomas COMBS

[no date perhaps 1737] NJ Wills 2:72 Estate of William JONS of Amwell [Hunterdon Co, NJ]; Debtors included Robert COMBS [sp.?].

(George D.A. Combes' 1925 Manuscript, hereinafter GDAC, 1925)

1741 Hunterdon Co NJ [Tax List?]

Hopewell Twp


Maidenhead Twp


(Extracted by Combs Researcher Birdie McNutt from Colonial Census Index 1607-1789, Family Tree Maker, © Broderbund Software, Inc. Banner Blue Division)

Notes: Maidenhead Township became part of Mercer Co, NJ in 1838. The town of Maidenhead was later renamed Lawrenceville.

23 Sep 1748. NJ Wills 2:424) Estate Inventory of Thomas STEVENSON of Amwell [Hunterdon Co, NJ] by Robert COMBS [sp.?] 2:424)

----- 1749 Estate Inventory of Thomas STERLING of Bethlehem [Hunterdon Co, NJ?] by Robert COMBS [sp.?]

(GDAC, 1925, Ref: NJ Wills, 2:401)

Notes: The editor included this record with Hunterdon Co, NJ. See Kingwood Twp., Hunterdon Co, NJ where in 1749 Susannah PETTIT, d/o Jonathan PETTIT and later wife of Thomas COMBS, was “baptized and received into the Kingwood Baptist Church aka the Church of Christ at Bethlehem.” Also note Sterling COMBS as a name found among the COMBS of early Wilkes Co, GA and East Tennessee

(See Carlton Combs Letter)

23 Apr 1759 - 18 Nov 1762 West Jersey Conveyances S77 Robert COMBS to John AKERS

This Indenture made this twenty third Day of April in the Thirty Second Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain Frand and Ireland King Defender of the Faith &c. In the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and Fifty nine Between Robert COMBS late of Amwell in the County of Hunterdon and provices of West New Jersey But now of the Township of A-on in the County of Philadelphia and Province of Pennsylvania Yeoman of the one part and John AKER sof the Township of Amwell and county abovesaid Yeaman of the other part Witnesseth that the said Robert COMBS for and in Coniseration of the Sum of three hundred Six six pounds proclamation money of New Jersey to him in hand paid by the said John AKERS the Receipt whereof do hereby acknowledge and --- --- fully satisfied Contented and paid are of Every part parcell Do hereby Acquitt Exonerate and sicharge the said John AKERS his heirs Executors Administrators and every of them by these presents Hath Granted Bargained and Sold Alines Enseassed Released conveyed and Confirmed and by these presents Do --- freely Clearly and Absolutely Grant Bargain and Sell unto the said John AKERS his heirs and Assigns One Hundred acres of Land with --- Allowance for highway, being part of a tract of Land which said Robert COMBS purchased of Samuel JOB and Rachel his wife be a Certain Deed of Conveyance Dated May the fifth 1735 and recorded in Burlington in the Secretaries Office in Book GG pages four hundred twenty five and 426. Sittuate in the Township of Amwel and is butted and bounded as followeth Viz. Beginning at a stone at the Northwest Corner of said AKERS Old Tract thence Turing South Seventy Eight Degrees West by Land of Samuel --- and then Land of Said COMBS forty three Chains and fifty links to stone in John BULLS line thence turnning South --- Degrees thirty minutes East Twenty three Chains to a Stone in said Line Thence North Seventy Eight Degres East by a line of --- --- --- to a Stone for a corner, thence South Seventy four Degrees East Six Chains and --- links --- Stone South fourteen Degrees thirty minutes East one Chain and ninety links to a bush for a Corner then North Seventy Eight Degrees One Chain and fourteen links to a Beach then North four Degrees West One Chain and Sixty --- Links to a Dogwood Bush thensce North Seventy Degrees East twenty three Chains and ninety Eight links to a Stone in the aforesaid AKERS'S Old Line thence along said Line North --- Degrees thirty minutes West Twenty Two Chains and forty links to the place of beginning Containing One hundred and --- Allowances for highways as abovesaid the Same more or Less. To have and to hold the said granted and bargained premiseses with all and Singular hereby the appurtenances previlieges and Commodities to the Same Belonging or in any or in any ways Appertaining Together with the Houses Outhouses Barns Stables Orchards to possess with all --- or priviledges thereto belonging to him the said John AKERS his heirs and Assigns forever To his and their only proper Use Benefit and Behoof forever and he the said Robert COMBS for himself his heirs Executors and Admintr. Doth Covenant promise and Grant to and wish the said John AKERS his heirs and Assigns that before the Executing and Delivery hereof he was the Sole and lawfull owner of the above bargained premisses and was lawfully Seized and posessed of the Same in his own proper right as good perfect and absolute Estate of Inheritance in fee simple and had in himself good right full power and Lawfull Authority to Grant Bargain Sell convey and Confirm the said Bargained premisses in Manner as aforesaid and that he said John AKERS his heirs and Assigns shall and may from time to time and at all times forever hereafter by force and Virtue of these presents Lawfully peacably and quietly Enjoy have hold Use Occupy and possess the said Demised and Bargained premisses with the Appurtenances free and Clear and freely and clearly acquitted Exonerated and Discharged of and from all and all manners of --- Other Gifts Grants Bargains and sales Liens Mortgages will Intailments --- Dowreys Judgments Executions & Incombrances and Extants and further the said Robert COMBS for my self my heirs Executors & adm: Do Covenant and Engage the above Demised premisses to him the said John AKERS his heirs and assigns against the Lawful Claim and Demands of an person or Persons Whatsoever and hereafter to warrant and defend the same In Witness Whereof the said Robert COMBS have hereunto set my hand and Seal the Day and year above Written. Robert COMBS (seal) Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Robert AKERS, Peter WILSON, Jacob KNOWLES Be it Remembered that on the Tenth day of March in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Sixty one personally Came and appeared before me John GARRISON one of the Judges of his Majisties court for the county of Hunterdon Peter WILSON one of the Evidences to the above written Instrument of Conveyance who upon his --- Oath which he took Did Depose that he saw Robert COMBS sign & seal and as his act and Deed Deliver the Same for the Uses herein mentioned and that he together with the other Witness subscribed therein --- as Evidances thereunto Taken before me John GARRISON

Recorded this 18th Day of November 1762

(Combs-Akers Deed Transcribed by Researcher Donna Evans and Contributed to Hunterdon Co, NJ GenWeb Archives - See copyright restrictions)

Hunterdon County Misc. Records M.R. 4054. [excerpted]

Hunterdon Inferior Court of Common Pleas…
Thomas AKERS v. James WILSON…

In pursuance of an affidavit of Thomas AKERS made before me on the 8th Day of May inst. [1807] And Notice given to James WILSON for taking the Deposition of William AKERS at witness in the above cause which Affidavit and a Copy of which Notice is hereunto annexed The Said William Akers appeared before me Elnathan Stevenson one of the Judges of the Court of common Pleas in and for the County of Hunterdon this 8th Day of May A.D. 1807 at the Clerks office in the said county of Hunterdon and being sworn and Examined in the presence of the above mentioned parties Deposeth and saith That he now resides in the County of Northampton in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that he has now come to see his Mother and is about to Depart home again that five years ago last fall he came down to his brothers Thomas AKERS that he this Deponent went with his brother Thomas AKERS to the house of James WILSON at this brothers request to tell Mr. WILSON what he knew respecting a certain bond given by Peter WILSON and John AKERS to Ann ROBERSON and a Certain other bond given by Peter WILSON and John AKERS to Aschah LAMBERT and the payment of monies on Said bonds that he and Mr. WILSON had a Conversation Respecting the same that James WILSON Acknowledged that he had Detained a sum of Money from Thomas AKERS on account of the bond to Aschah LAMBERT that Thomas AKERS took a Certain Receipt now produced to the witness marked A. out of his pocket and shewed it and read it to Mr. James WILSON and Mr. WILSON said the writing which he had gave him for the money which he had Detained and sd bond was about fifty pounds, that the witness understood from James WILSON that this money was Detained out of the purchase money of a piece of land which Thomas AKERS had sold James WILSON.

This part of the Evidence objected to
The Witness says about forty years ago [ca 1767] Mr. Peter WILSON came to his father viz John AKERS and Requested him to join him in buying a piece of land of Robert COMBS which his father consented to do if they could take up the money Peter WILSON went to look for the money and Came and told his father he knew where they could get it viz of Ann ROBERTSON then they closed the bargain with Mr. COMBS he seen them for the money and seen them have it when they came back he heard Peter WILSON tell his father before they went that they must give their bond together and he understood from them both when they came back that they had given their bond together for two hundred pounds says his father and Peter WILSON some years after went together off towards Trenton and he saw them come back together and saw his father have the bond: in the evening when he came home this witness made a calculation that his father had paid his half he made the calculation of the money paid by his father from Endorsements on the bond he believes the bond now shewn him marked B. to be the same bond he made the Calculation on

N.B. Cross Examined Says he does not kow whose writing the said Receeipt marked (A.) is but it is not his Brother Thomas hand writing. Says he is a a son of John AKERS and his father by his Will left him a legacy of ten pounds or thereabouts and that he is not entitled to any more out of the Residue of the Estate Says that when his father brought the afored. Bond from trenton he saw his father have some receipts --- --- Peter Wilsons for the payment of money of said bond.
Examined again by plaintiff says that he took none of said receipts in the Calculation which he made on said bond.

s/William AKERS

Sworn and subscribed before me
the day and year above said


(Thomas Akers v. James Wilson, Hunterdon Co, NJ, NJGenWeb Archives by Akers Researcher Donna Evans)

19 Nov 1761 New Jersey Marriage Bond #103; Ezekiel ANDERSON of Maidenhead in Hunterdon County, and John LOTT of Middlesex County… [bound to]… Josiah HARDY, Governor… 500 pounds… 19 Nov 1761 … Ezekiel ANDERSON… obtained license of marriage for himself and Mary COMBS of Middlesex County, spinster… [witness:] John SMYTH Maidenhead, 10 Nov 1761; Consent of John ANDERSON for son Ezekel ANDERSON… Affidavit of John LOTT that Thomas COMBS, father of Mary COMBS, gave consent

  1. Early New Jersey Marriages - Extracts by Particia M. Bergener, 1999, NJGenWeb, and
  2. Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey: Vol. XXII, Marriage Records 1665-1800, William Nelson, Patterson, NJ: Press Printing and Publishing, 1900)

Notes: There were two New Jersey Rev. War soldiers named Ezekiel ANDERSON, but the other was born b. 20 December, 1734, d. 16th April 1800, thus not this Ezekiel ANDERSON who was underage. See Middlesex for additional data.

6 Jun 1766 Hunterdon Co. Mortgages Vol. 1, p. 2. Peter WILLSON and Wife to William HUMPHRIES.

This Indenture made the Sixth Day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty six - Between Pter [Peter?] WILLSON and Hannah his wife of the Township of Amwell in the County of Hunterdon and Western Division of the Province of New Jersey of the one part, And William HUMPHRIES of the city of Philadelphia and Province of Pennsylvania of the other part, Witnesseth that the said Peter WILSON and Hannah his wife, for an in consideration of the sum of Two Hundred pounds to them in hand paid - Have granted Bargained Sold &c. Unto the said William HUMPHRIES his Heirs and assigns - one moiety or equall divided half part of that Tract of Land Situate lying and being in the Township of Amwell and Province of New Jersey aforesaid, which said Tract was Devised unto the said Peter WILLSON and his brother John WILLSON, in and by the Last Will and Testament of James Willson Deceased of which --- --- hath been made &c. Butted and bounded in Manner and form following (towitt) On the west by the Partition Line, Begining at a post in Rober COMBS line, and turning south and by east along a line of marked --- to one of the Societyís lines on the South by said Societys line runing East to a great white oak tree for a Corner on the East by another of the Societys lines - turning North by west o the north by John AKERS and Robert COMBíS line, Runing West by South Twenty Six Chains to the first beginning by Estimation one hundred and eighty three acres Together with &c. To have and to hold the above bargained Premisses &c. To the siad William HUMPHRIES his heirs and assigns forever provided Never the less that if the said Peter WILLSON and Hannah his heirs Executors Administrators or any of them shall all and Truly pay or Cause to be paid the money due or be come due for a certain Bond or obligation bearing Date with these presents Where in the said Peter Willson stands Bound unto the said William HUMPHRIES in the sum of four hundred Pounds Conditioned for the payment of Two Hundred pounds, Then and thence settle This Indenture and Every Article matter and --- herein Contained shall cause determine and utterly void and of no Effect &c. In Witness whereof the said Peter WILLSON and Hannah his wife have & hereunto sett their hands seals this Day and year first above Written. s/Peter WILSON, Hannah WILSON. Sealed & Delivered in the presence of Aaron CARMAN, Andrew WILSON

The above Deed of Mortgage was Acknowledged --- ---By Peter WILSON the above Grantor, that ---Hannah his wife did Sign and Seal the same &c. For he uses therein Mentioned, Before William MORRIS one of his Majestyís Judges of the Superior Court of Common pleas for the County of Hunterdon

(Peter WILLSON to William HUMPHRIES, Hunterdon Co, NJ, NJGenWeb Archives by Akers Researcher Donna Evans)

15-Aug-1767 - 1 Oct 1768 Will of Jonathan (X) PETTIT of Kingwood, Hunterdon Co., NJ, yeoman, named wife Mary, children: John, Susanna COMBS, Jonas, Mary GREENSWORTH, Hannah FOUKS, and Aaron, Nathaniel, Sarah and Rachel PETTIT. Executors: wife and son-in-law, Thomas COMBS of same place. Witnessed by James WARFORD, George WARNE, James RUCKMAN and Jacob IRBUL. Proved 1-Oct-1768.

(Combs Researcher Daryl Combs, possibly from same source which follows?)

15 Aug 1767-1 Oct 1768 Will of Jonathan PETTIT of Kingwood, Hunterdon Co, NJ, yeoman, named wife Mary, children: John, Susanna COMBS, Jonas, Mary GREENSWORTH, Hannah FOUKS, and Aaron, Nathaniel, Sarah and Rachel PETTIT; executors: wife and son-in-law,Thomas COMBS of same place; witnessed by James WARFORD, George WARNE, James RUCKMAN and Jacob IRBUL; proved 1 Oct 1768, Mary Sworn ????; 28 Jun 1785, Thomas COMBS sworn as executor; Account, 6 May 1791, of Aaron PETTIT “Acting Executor” of Mary who was the executirix [sic] of Jonathan PETTIT; cash paid to Rachel PETTIT, widow of Joans [Jonas] PETTIT, etc. Will of Mary PETTIT of Kingwood, said co., gives to dau. Susannah COMBS children £24; son-in-law Thomas COMBS, of same, one of the two executors, dated 15 Jan 1789 and proved 25 Feb 1790.

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: NJ Wills 326-327; 7:177)

DC Notes: Susannah PETTIT (w/o Thomas COMBS), was baptized and received into the Kingwood Baptist Church aka the Church of Christ at Bethlehem in 1749 (REF: D'Autrechy, Phyllis B., Hunterdon Co. [NJ] Records 1701-1838, 1979). See also below.

10 Feb 1770 New Jersey Marriage Bond #491. Coleman (Colman) COMES and Andrew PEIRCE (PEARS) of the County of Hunterdon… [bound to]… William FRANKLIN, Esq'r… 500 pounds… 10 Feb 1770. … Coleman COMES… obtained license of marriage for himself and for Mary PEIRCE… [w] William FRAZER

(Extracted from 1. Early New Jersey Marriages by Patricia Bergener, 1999, NJGenWeb,; and 2. Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey: Vol. XXII, Marriage Records 1665-1800, William Nelson, Patterson, NJ: Press Printing and Publishing, 1900, p. 72)

Notes: Coleman COMBS is believed to be the same as Coleman COMBS (II), baptised 18 Aug 1747, St. George's Church, Hempstead, Queens Co, NY, s/o Coleman COMBS I. Coalman COMB [sic] appears on 1790 Baltimore Co, MD Census and the 1800 Washington Co, MD Census. He d in the latter county 12 Oct 1807.

25 Mar 1772 New Jersey Marriage Bond #525 Robert COMBES of Woodbridge and County of Middlesex, and Robert (Robart) COMBES of Pennington and County of Hunterdon… [bound to]…William FRANKLIN, Governor… 500 pounds… 25 March 1772. … Robert COMBES… obtained license of marriage for himself and for Hulda COMBES of above Pennington… [w] Foster WALTERS and William FRAZER

(Extracted from Early New Jersey Marriages by Patricia Bergener, 1999, NJGenWeb, Author's Note: this bond does not clearly indicate which Robert COMBES was named in the marriage license! [*Pennington became part of Mercer Co, NJ in 1838]

Note: The source, “Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey: Vol. XXII, Marriage Records 1665-1800,” William Nelson, Patterson, NJ: Press Printing and Publishing, 1900, p. 72, lists only Robert COMBES of Woodbridge with no mention of the second Robert. Generally, the first bondsman named is the groom, but not mandatory. Might Robert of Pennington have been Hulda's father or brother?

13 Jan 1773 Estate Accounts of Henry WOOLSEY of Pennington [Hunterdon Co, NJ], who died intestate, by Robert COMBS and Martha COMBS (late Martha WOOLSEY, who was administratrix of said WOOLEY'S estate, 5 Sep 1769 when Jeremiah WOOLSEY and Azariah HUNT were her sureties. Another account by Robert and Martha COMBS was dated 7 Apr 1788, with exceptions filed 4 Feb 1789, by Philip VANCLEVE and Martha, his wife, the daughter of Henry WOOLSEY; but May 1790, the account allowed.

(GDAC, 1925. Ref: NJ Wills, 4:11, 489.)

1775 Thomas and Susannah [PETTIT] Combs of Kingwood, Hunterdon County, mortgaged 249 acres of land in NJ to William ALLEN of Amwell [Hunterdon Co], NJ.

(Abstract from Combs Researcher Hannah Combs Friedlander)

3 Mar 1777 Pennington, (now-Mercer) Hunterdon Co, NJ. George Washington Letter refers to “Robert COMBS, a tavern keeper in Pennington…”

1778-1780 Kingwood, Hunterdon Co, NJ Tax Lists

Thomas COMBS

Notes: Thomas COMBS, h/o of Susannah PETTIT, and most of hisfamily, were residing in Hampshire Co, VA by 1784 (see also below). See also Combs List Archives, /archives/1998/797.htm, re possible connection to Fox and/or Warford Families.

bef 1781 Married: Phoebe COMBS, d/o John COMBS of Upper Freehold, Monmouth, and George ELY (d 1818, Hunterdon Co, NJ)

28 Oct - Dec 1783 Hunterdon County Wills, Lib. 26, p. 47. Will of John AKERS

In the name of God Amen the 28th day of October in the year of our Lord one Thousand & Seven Hundred and Eighty three. I John AKERS of Amwell in the County of Hunterdon Province of New Jersey Yeoman being very sick but of Perfect mind and memory thanks be to God for the same but calling to mind the Mortality of my Body and Knowing that is is one appointed for all men to die do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament and as touching such Worldly Estate as it hath been Pleased God to bless me with in this Life I Give and Depose of in the following manner and form Imprimus I Give and Bequeath unto my dearly beloved Wife Martha AKERS her choice from my Bed and Bedding also one Chest and all the Pewter and Iron Ware belonging to the House without Exception and to have her Choice of the Rooms in the House and to be supported and found the Necessaries of Life during her Life time which is to be done by my Two sons Thomas and Jonathan Item I give and Bequeath unto my Eldest son William AKERS Ten Pounds to be paid in Two years after my Decease by my Exector Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Ninety Acres of Land to be taken off the west end of my Land that I Bought of Robert COMBS and Joining to Augustin STEVENSON Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Susanna ROBERTS and Amos her son Seven Acres of Land to be taken of the East side of my Land and of the East side of the Road and to bind on Jonathan SMITHS Line and by the Road untill it makes Seven Acres as aforesaid but not to be --- my part of the Road and they are both to Equal Interest of the Seven acres during Susannaís Life and at her decease it shall be wholly Amosís and free possession given to Amos Item And all the remainder of my land I Give and Bequeath unto my Son Jonathan AKERS with all the Buildings and Appurtenances thereunto Belonging Exceptig the Privileges for my Wife as aforesaid Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Else ABOT [aka ABBOT?] the sum of Five Pounds to be Paid by my Executors one year after my Decease out of my movable Estate and I appoint my Son Thomas AKERS and Jonathan AKERS to be my Executors of this my Last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly Disallow Revoke and disanul all and every other former Testatments Wills or Legacies Whatsoever by me in any wise before this time Named Willed or Bequeathed Ratifying and Confirming this an no other to be my Last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the date above Written. s/John AKERS. Signed & Sealed in the Presence of us - John WILSON & James MOORE & John HARBOURT. James MOORE & John HARBORT two of the Witnesses to the within Will being duly sworn according to Law did severally depose and say that they saw John Akers the Testator therein named sign and Seal the Same and heard him Publish Pronounce and declare the within Writing to be his Last Will and Testament and that at the doing thereof the said Testator was of Sound and disposing mind and memory as far as these deponents know and as the verily believe and that John WILSON the other subscribing Evidence was Present at the same time and Signed his Name as a Witness to the said will together with these deponents in Presence of the said Testator - James MOORE John HARBOURT --- at Amwell the --- Day of December, 1783. James SEXTON Surrogate.

The Foregoing Will being Proved Probated and Granted by his Excellency William Livingston, Esq. unto Thomas AKERS and Jonathan AKERS Executors in the within will named they being first duly sworn well and truly tothe same Exhibit a True and Perfect Inventory and render a Just and true Account when thereunto Lawfully required Given under the Purogative Seal the day and Year above said Bowes REED Reg.

(Hunterdon Co, NJ, NJGenWeb Archives by Akers Researcher Donna Evans)

Notes: See also 23 Sep 1748 wherein RobertCOMBS inventoried estate of Thomas STEVENSON of Amwell. Also note that Robert COMBS of Sep 1748 was a resident of Philadelphia Co, PA by Apr 1759.

15-Jan-1789-25 Feb 1790 Will of Mary PETTIT, dated Jan. 15, 1789. Inventory made March, 1790 by John SNYDER and John JOHNSON; presented for probate Feb. 25, 1790; recorded in Book no. 30 of wills, page 201.

In the Name of God Amen. the fifteenth day of January in the year ofour Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine I Mary PETTIT of the Town of Kingwood in the County of Hunterdon and Devision of the State of New Jersey relict and widow of Jonathan PETTIT Late of Kingwood aforesaid Deceased being in Health of Body and of a perfect sound and disposed mind and __messon thanks be Given to God therefore Calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is apointed for all once to Die, Do make and ordain this my last will and testament that is to say, Principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and as for my body I recommend it to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the Descretion of my Ex.ers hearafter mentioned nothing Doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the almighty power of God, and as touching such wordly estates wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me in the life, I give and bequeath Dispose of the same in the following manner and form____? my will is that all my lawfull debts and funeral charges shall be fully paid by my ex.ers with the money which shall arise out of my estate and whereas my said Husband Jonathan PETTIT late of Kingwood aforesaid Deceased in his lifetime made his last will and Testament in writing which was duly proved according to the law wherein he gave and bequeathed unto me the som of one hundred pounds proclamation Money to Dispose of at my Death which Hundred pounds I give and Bequeath and Dispose of as follows (Viz)\

I give and bequeath unto my Beloved son John PETTIT the sum of five shillings proclamation money over and above what he has had of his saidfathers Estate for his Birth rite,

Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Susannah COMBES children the sum of twenty four pounds sixteen shillings and three pence proclamation to be Equally Divided among all her Said Children.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Mary GREENSWAY the sum of five shillings procl. money.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved daughter Hannah FUNK (FUNCK)(FOUKS)(?) the sum of twenty four pounds sixteen shillings and three pence procl. Money.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Aaron PETTIT the sum of twenty four pounds sixteen shillings and three pence procl. money.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved Grand son Jonathan PETTIT the sum of five shillings procl. money.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my beloved Daughter Sarah FOUKER (FONKER)(?) the sum of twenty four pounds sixteen shilling and three pence procl. money, the last dividend of the above recited Hundred pounds so bequeathed to me by said Husband as above said.

Item, further that in Case my Grand Daughter late Elisabeth MARSHAL now SLAGHT (?) shall and doth sign a full discharge of dues and demands which the said Elisabeth hath or ever had against the estate of my said Husband Jonathan PETTIT Late of Kingwood afoursd. deceased then and in such case I give and bequeath unto her my sd grand Daughter the sum of forty pounds procl. money to be paid unto her the sd equal out of each legasy above mentioned (Except John PETTITS, Mary GREENWAYS and my grand son Jonathan PETTITS ) in eighteen months after my decease.

Item, If the sd Elisabeth refuses to sign a discharge as above sd in that case she shall have nothing at all of the sd Estate.

Item, and all the overplush(sic. overplus?) of my Estate my will is that it shall be equally devided between my above named children and my Daughter Susannahs children my sd Daughter Susannahs children to have one shear Equally devided among all of them (the sd John Mary and Jonathan PETTIT to draw no shareout of sd overplush as above.

Item, and in Case any of my above named Children should die before they receive their respected legasy then that sd legacy shall be equally devided between their surviving Children and in case any one or more of my sd Susannahs Children should die before they receive their legacy their part shall be equally divided among the survivers of them and

Lastly I do constitute ordain and appoint my beloved son in law Thomas COMBS Late of Kingwood and my Beloved son Aaron PETTIT of the County and State aforesd yes Exers of this my last will and testament and I do utterly disallow revoke and disanul all and every other and former wills and Testaments Legacies and Exers by me before this time ___ and bequeathed rattifying and confirming this one and no other to be my lat will and testament. In withnes where of I have hear unto set my hand and seal the day and year first above written signed published pronounced and declared by the sd Mary PETTIT as her last will and testament; in the preasents of us the subscribing witnesses. In witness where of I have hereunto set my hand and seal. Mary PETTIT (X her mark). Signed, ___and ___ in the preasents of us Witnesses__ John JOHNSON, Elisabeth JOHNSON

(Transcribed by Hannah Combs Friedlander from a photocopy made by Dale Combs of Connecticut from New Jersey Archives, 1st series, Vol. 36 (1786-1790) p. 177)


  1. Implied in Mary's will is that her daughter, Susannah PETTIT Combs is deceased (which is confirmed by the 1791 Hampshire Co, VA will of Susannah's husband Thomas COMBS below).
  2. By use of the expression “late of Kingwood”, Mary also confirms that Thomas COMBS is no longer residing in the Township of Kingwood, although it is not clear why she would name him a co-executor if he was no longer residing in the State of New Jersey.
  3. Note that her daughter, Mary, has been listed as a GREENSWORTH in the 1767 will of Jonathan PETTIT, yet is a GREENWAYS above (which is correct?).
  4. Daughter, Hannah's married name was spelled FOUKS in Jonathan's 1767 will.
  5. Daughter, Sarah, has married between 1767 and 1789 a FOUKER, FONKER, etc.
  6. Mary makes no bequests to her sons, Jonas and Nathaniel, nor to her daughter, Rachel.
  7. Of the 100 pds. Proclamation Money received from her late husband, Mary bequeaths only a token 5 shillings each to
    1. her eldest son, John PETTIT (recognition of his birthright as eldest son),
    2. her daughter, Mary PETTIT Greensway, and
    3. her grandson, Jonathan PETTIT, splitting the remainder equally between
    4. the children of her daughter, Susannah PETTIT Combs,
    5. her daughter, Hannah PETTIT Fouk (sp.),
    6. her son, Aaron PETTIT and
    7. her daughter, Sarah PETTIT Fouker. If granddaughter, Elizabeth MARSHAL Spaght agrees to discharge any monies possibly owed her from the estate of Jonathan PETTIT deceased, she will receive a 40 pd. share of the Proclamation monies, with the 1/4 shares being reduced commensurately.
  8. It appears likely that Mary's children, Jonas, Nathaniel and Rachel are deceased. Grandson, Jonathan PETTIT was likely a son of either Jonas or Nathaniel, and granddaughter, Elizabeth MARSHAL Slaght may have been either (a) a daughter of Rachel, or (b) a daughter of one of Mary's other daughters who perhaps had had an earlier marriage to a MARSHALL. It is not clear the basis by which Mary determined which of her children should receive token proclamation money and which should receive 1/4 shares, nor why Elizabeth MARSHALL Slaght should receive a larger share (excepting that it appears Mary may have believed or known that Elizabeth had never received her full share).

Question: Are there extant estate administration records that might identify the children of Susannah PETTIT Combs by name?

17 Sep - 13 Oct 1791 The will of Thomas COMBS of Hampshire Co VA names (among others) wife, Martha, and daughter, Mary WHITE, and “Joseph WHITE, my son-in-law, of West New Gersies [sic.], Hunterton County…”

(Combs Researcher Daryl Combs)

Notes: Thomas COMBS was the h/o the above Susannah PETTIT who died 1781-1789.

1830 US Census Index

City of Trenton, Hunterdon Co NJ

no page no.
Esaac COMBS, Jr. [also found in other transcriptions as Isaac COMBS w/no Jr.]

Page 454
Thomas COMBS

01 Jul 1860 Samuel G. COMBS and Mary S. EARLY, July 1, 1860, at bride's mother's, near Pemberton.

(Extracted from Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, January 1998, Volume 73, Number 1, Whole Number 253. Article title: SOUTH JERSEY CHURCH RECORDS, Marriages by Joseph J. SLEEPER, Justice of the Peace and Clergyman 1824-1872, pages 21-28. The information is a marriage performed by Rev. Joseph J. SLEEPER, an elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church, location “Quakertown and Everettstown” (apparently combined into one circuit), p. 26)

1870 Hudson Co, NJ Census

Harrison City


p. 67; 15 July by E. P. Hand

(291)/438 Combs John 33 MW Trunk Maker - 200 NY
____ Ida 21 FW wife NJ
____ Thomson 3 MW NJ
____ Julio 412 FW NJ Jan.

Note: Multi-family dwelling (291).



p. 86; 23 Jun 1870 by William Cadmimus

533/618 Combs John 42 MW Milkman - 500 NJ
Mary 38 FW Keeping House NJ
Richard 18 MW going to school NJ
Theodore 15 MW NJ (sch)
Margaret 13 FW NJ (sch)
George 6 MW NJ (sch)
James 4 MW NJ
Carry 1 FW NJ

Jersey City - 5th Ward

Jersey City

p. 49; 18 Aug 1870 by Jct Worrter

(252)/392 Edwards Edward 43 MW Music Teacher - 100 England **
Mary 32 FW NJ
Combs Valentine 33 MW Cooper NY

Note: Multi-family Dwelling (252)

Jersey City - 1st Ward

Jersey City

p. 91; 22 Jun 1870 by Charles A. Fischuer

479/731 Combs, Valentine 34 MW NY
“ , Maria Ch(?) 32 FW NJ

13th Ward Jersey City

Bergen N.J.

p. 76; 24 Aug 1870 by Geo. A. Langworthy

447/185 Combs Richard J. 46 MW Brush Maker - 1000 NJ
Margaret E. 40 FW Keeps House NY
Ella 18 FW Pub School Teacher NY
Fanny 13 FW NJ
Dewitt 7 MW NJ
Mary A. 40 FW NJ

14th Ward Jersey City

p. 27; 18 Jul 1870

181/202 Combs Henry 41 MW Grain Dealer 8000 10000 NY
____ Hester L. 40 FW Keeps House NY
RICHARDS Elizabeth 17 FW House Servant NJ
LLOTE Hester 65 FW NY



p. 12; 21 Jun 1870 by Harrison Sutphin

(91)/92 Combs Fredk 28 MW Moulder - 100 England ** r
“ Mary 30 FW Keephouse do ** rw
“ Nicolas 7 MW Home do ** (sch)
“ Ellen 6 FW do do ** (sch)
“ John 4 MW do do **
“ Elizabeth 2 FW do NJ **
“ Thomas 512 MW do do ** Jan

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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