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St. Lawrence County

1870 St. Lawrence Co, NY Census

USGenWeb Census Project

REEL NO: M593-1097


p. 224A

7/7 McCombs, James T. 39 M W Grocer Ret NY married in Sept
Mary 23 F W Keep House NY

p. 229B

87/94 LEWIS Chas 71 M W Farmer 900 MA
Asenath 64 F W Keep House VT
Chas F. 23 M W NY blind
Combs Candis W. 4 M W NY

REEL NO: M593-1098

Lisbon, 2nd Dist.

p. 443B

211/214 MADILL, Benjamin 44 M W Farmer 3,340 1,040 NY
Aolesta 47 F W Keeping House CT
Combs, Laura 74 F W NY

Town of Macomb

p. 488A

125/131 Combs, Hiram 27 M W Day Laborer 200 Canada
Pamelia A. 56 F W Keeping House Canada


p. 562B

13/14 Combs, Albert 33 M W Laboring Man-Farm Laborer NY
Margaret 34 F W House Keeper NY
Henry 15 M W At Home NY
James 14 M W At Home NY
Lewis 4 M W NY

p. 573B/24

191/200 JOHNSON, Charles 48 M W Farmer 7,528 2,286 NY
Eliza 35 F W House Keeper NY
Mary J. 17 F W Teacher NY
Roselthia C. 11 F W At Home NY
Charles S. 9 M W NY
Eugene 7 M W NY
Combs, James 16 M W Farm Laborer NY

p. 578A

262/272 DORN, John 35 M W Farmer 10,000 2,423 NY
Elizabeth 38 F W House Keeper NY
Hannah E. 8 F W NY
Mary Catherine 7 F W NY
Harriet 6 F W NY
Maggie 3 F W NY
James Elmer 2 M W NY
Franklin 1/12 M W NY May
Jacob I. 77 M W NY X Occupation 'With Son' crossed out
CARLIN, Mary 15 F W Domestic Servant NY
Combs, Henry 15 M W Farm Laborer NY


p. 649B

982/1012 Combs, Lewis J. 62 M W Carpenter 3,000 1,000 Vermont
Lucinda 43 F W Keeping House NY
William 15 M W At Home NY
Warren 9 M W At Home NY
Lizzie 5 F W At Home NY
Reuben 3 M W At Home NY
KELLY Anna 22 F W At Home Scotland
Ethibain 25 M W Sailor Vermont X Name could also be Elhibain, Ethlbam, etc.
Catherine 9/12 F W At Home NY X Oct
Combs, Lewis 20 M W At Home NY

1920 St. Lawrence Co, NY Census

USGenWeb Census Project

MICROFILM#: T625-1259

Canton - Canton Village

p. 291

24 Mechanic Street

596/641 Combs, Albert N. Head M W 47 NY MA MA Yes Clerk Grocery Store W
Eliza N. Wife F W 36 NY NY NY Yes None
Lucy Daughter F W 15 NY NY NY Yes None
Marion Daughter F W * NY NY NY Yes None Canton


p. 16 - 14A

*/56 Combs, Hiram Head R M W 52 M Yes Yes NY NY NY Yes Millwright Saw Mill W
Ada Wife F W 49 M Yes Yes NY NY NY

*/57 Combs, Edwin Head R M W 28 M Yes Yes Vermont NY NY Yes Enginere R. R. Co. W
Mary J. Wife F W 26 M Yes Yes MI PA PA
Hilda Daughter F W 1 S NY VT MI
Edgar Son M W 25 S Yes Yes NY NY NY Yes Fireman R. R. Co.
Victor Son M W 22 S Yes Yes NY NY NY Yes Laborer
Yomita Daughter F W 17 S Yes Yes NY NY NY
Freda Daughter F W 14 S Yes Yes Yes NY NY NY

MICROFILM#: T625-1260

Fine Town

p. 93A

130/131 Combs, Vilas Head O M M W 36 M NY Canada NY Farmer General
Sadie F W 21 M Yes Yes NY NY NY
Hiram Father M W 88 M Canada Canada Canada

Note: Hiram Combs; immigrated to US in 1838, naturalized in 1861; cannot read or write.

134/135 SHORT, James J. Head O F M W 66 Wd Eng Eng Ire Tinsmith OA
Combs, Nora Housekeeper F W 53 M Yes Yes NY NY NY Weaver Carpets

Note: Aso in same household, Robert HUBBARD & family

p. 93B

148/150 TOWNE Daniel Head M W 57 M Yes Yes NY NY NY Yes Woodsman
Emma Wife F W 52 M Yes Yes NY NY NY
PARVESE Sam Son-in-law M W 22 M Yes Yes NY Corsica NY Yes Papermaker Mill
Flora Daughter F W 18 M Yes Yes NY NY NY
TOWNE Richard Son M W 16 S No NY NY NY Yes Woodsman
Come, Beulah Granddaughter F W 6 S Yes NY NY NY


p. 138B

13 Gordon St.

67/76 MARKWICK Agnes Head O F F W 78 Wd NY Scot Scot
Helen A. Dau. F W 39 S Yes Yes NY NY NY Yes Teacher Piano OA
Commbs, William R. roomer M W 46 S 1898 Pa Canada Canada Ire Doctor Dentistry

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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