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McIntosh County was established on 1907 from Indian Land (Creek Lands). The County seat is located in Eufaula, Oklahoma.

McIntosh County OK - marriage records Book 1 18 Nov 1907 - 12 Feb 1910

COMBS, May 20 Williams, L T 24 13 Feb 1909
COMBS, May 20 Williams, Tazier 24 26 Oct 1908
Williams, L T 24 COMBS, May 20 13 Feb 1909
Williams, Tazier 24 COMBS, May 20 26 Oct 1908

McIntosh County OK - Index to marriage records Book 2

COMBS, Laura Giles, J. E. 501
COMBS, Maggie Strickland, A. P. 137

Marriage Records Index Book 4 1913-1916 sorted by brides - McIntosh County OK

COMBS, Edith M. Jennings, Willie 108
COMBS, Mary E. Morrow, Jno. U. 371
COMBS, Rena Dobson, Lloyd 510
Holloway, Cecil COMBS, Ralph 69
McMillen, Minnie COMBS, Andrew J. 269
COMBS, Andrew J. McMillen, Minnie 269
Holloway, Cecil 69

1919 Obituaries - McIntosh County OK Thursday October 9, 1919


J. J. Combs, of Onapa, was found not guilty for the murder of Willie Collins, who was killed at Onapa the 3rd day of October of last year. The evidence showing that he was compelled to shoot Collins in self-defense, who was making for the accused man with a butcher’s knife, when the killing took place. Collins and Combs were neighbors and when Collins returned home drunk late one night last fall and threatened to run his own family away from home, the evidence showed that Combs invited the Collins family to come over to his house and spend the night with his family. This is said to have angered Collins, who began cursing, abusing and threatening Combs and family, coming on him with a butcher knife, when Combs fired upon Collins with a shot gun, killing him instantly.

Notes: Need Name of Newspaper in McIntosh County.

1920 McIntosh Co, OK Census

ED 40

Burton Township

p. 46

-/226 COMBS, Walter E. Head m w 33 m AL AL AL
Edna B. Wife f w 25 m AR TN TN
William G. son m w 7 s AL AL AR
George A. son m w 3:5 s AR AL AR
Henry bro m w 21 s AL AL AL

ED 42

Checotah City

p. 81

19 419/437 COMBS, Charles Head m w 39 m MO IL US
Minnie Wife f w 31 m TX TX KY
Allis R. dau f w 15 s OK MO TX
Floyd son m w 13 s OK MO TX
Coy son m w 9 s OK MO TX
Elbert son m w 7 s OK MO TX

ED 49

Hanna Town

p. 176

73/77 COMBS James J Head m w 64 m IN US US
Mairium E Wife f w 66 m TN TN TN
176 68 73:77 COMBS Joseph L son m w 32 w MO IN TN

ED 51

Ryal Twp

p. 205

9/10 COMBS Robert W. Head m w 29 m MO KY AR
Lena F. Wife f w 23 m AR LA AR
Alfrella dau f w 1:1 s OK MO AR

ED 52

Simpson Township

p. 222

134/146 COMBS Andrew Head m w 30 m MO KY KY
Minnie Wife f w 26 m MO MO MO
John B son m w 2:3 s OK MO MO
Loy son m w 0:3 s OK MO MO

Lenna Cemetery


COMBS, William H 01-20-1879 11-23-1954
COMBS, Laura Amanda 12-07-1878 06-05-1958

Greenlawn Cemetery

Section A - H

Row 1
COMBS, Thomas C., 14 Mar 1886, 10 Dec 1960, s/w Katie
COMBS, Katie L., 17 Aug 1895, 22 Mar 1952, s/w Thomas

Row 2
COMBS, Deloris F., 7 Jan 1944, - - - - - -, s/w Thomas Jr m. 19 Apr 1965
COMBS, Thomas C. Jr., 2 Nov 1929, 15 Dec 1988, s/w Deloris

Row 3
Between row 3 & 4
COMBS, Curtis Ray, Jul 11 1933, Jan 10 1952, OK Pvt 34 Mdm Tnk BN Korea

Row 16
COMBS, Judge Herbert, 1 Jan 1892, 12 Feb 1971

Row 21
COMBS, William Brittain *Billy*, 18 Apr 1968, 13 Feb 1969,

Row 5
COMBS, Mary E., 3 Feb 1905, 13 Oct 1998, s/w Bob
COMBS, Bob, 9 Feb 1889, 15 Dec 1961, s/w Mary

Section I - P

Row 1
COMBS, Cleo, 24 Aug 1902, 22 Jun 1982, s/w Tessie
COMBS, Tessie, 17 Apr 1910, - - - - - -, s/w Cleo

Row 3
WOODS, Norma June, 1 Oct 1933, 12 Feb 1961, w/o Fred Woods d/o Mr & Mrs Cleo Combs

Row 5
COMBS, Dewey, 21 Mar 1907, 4 Aug 1990, s/w Mattie
COMBS, Mattie Lue, 1 Sep 1912, - - - - - -, s/w Dewey

Row 6
COMBS, Richard *Lon*, 1 Jun 1883, 5 Oct 1961,

Row 9
COMBS, family marker

Row 10
COMBS, Woodrow A., 1913, 1983,
COMBS, W. Albert, 23 Jan 1872, 9 Mar 1961,
MCFALL, Daisy Combs, 13 Dec 1877, 18 May 1967,
COMBS, Turner, 16 Jan 1915, 1 Dec 1960,

Row 11
COMBS, Eula E., 24 Jan 1911, 10 Jul 1971

Row 14
COMBS Rocky Lee, 14 Nov 1951, 8 Aug 1977,
COMBS, Benny, 26 Oct 1931, 4 May 1977, 1955 World Champion Bulldogger
COMBS, Jessie L., 27 Oct 1896, 10 Aug 1974, s/w Ben
COMBS, Ben H., 6 Oct 1888, 26 Dec 1970, s/w Jessie

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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