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Tioga County, Pennsylvania was established from Lycoming in 1804 (unorganized) and attached to Lycoming, organized in 1812.

1820 Tioga Co, PA Census Index

Elkland Twp

p. 025 (161)

1830 Tioga Co, PA Census Index

Jackson Twp

Page 016

Joshua Combs
1 m<5; 1 m5-10; 1 m15-20; 1 m40-50
1 f<5; 1 f5-10; 2 f10-15 1 f30-40

Middleburg Twp

Page 049

Peter Combs
1 m<5; 1 m 5-10; 2 m10-15; 1 m20-30; 1 m40-50
f10-15; 1 f40-50

1840 Tioga Co, PA Census Index

Jackson Twp

p. 165
Joshua COMBS

Farmington Twp

p. 207

1850 Tioga Co, PA Census

(Transcribed by Combs Researcher Deb Coombs)

Roll 830

Jackson Twp

p. 112B

155/158 MORELL George, 27 M Laborer 600 NY
Susan 19 F NY
Combs, David 22 M Laborer NY

USGenWeb PA Census Data

p. 116

207/214 John Combs, 36 M Laborer $50 NJ
Pamelia A., 34 F NJ
E. J., 11 F PA
Ellen, 8 F PA
Martha A., 4 F PA
Alvah 8 M PA

Chatham Twp

p. 140a

64/65 Alexander Combs, 30 M laborer PA
Addaline, 19 F NY
Massid, 1/12 M PA

Middlebury Twp

p. 165

26/28 Peter Combs, 26 M laborer PA cannot read or write
Anna, 17 F PA
Emily HANUM, 18 F PA
Elvilla COMBS 1/12, F PA [Silvia in 1860]

p. 166

35/38 Harrison Combs, 23 M farmer $300 PA
Rebecca, 64 F NY

Delmar Twp

p. 211b

27/29 Rodney Combs, 22 M farmer PA
Mary, 20 F NY

1860 Tioga Co, PA Census

MICROFILM#: M653-1187


Cherry Flats

p. 348 ENUMERATOR: N. A. Elliott

1847/1847 Combs John 44 M Farmer 700 300 NJ
Pamelia 42 F NY
Eliza Jane 18 F Housekeeper PA
Ellen L. 16 F PA
Martha 12 F PA
Alvah 8 M PA

USGenWeb Census Project



p. 478 ENUMERATOR: C. G. Williams

634/634 SHAFT Stephen 51 M Farmer 2000 500 NY
Cynthia 54 F NY
Mary 28 F NY
Henry 25 M Laborer NY
Porter 24 M Laborer NY
Matilda 15 F PA
Alonzo 9 M PA
Combs Horatio 9 M PA
Delorus 7 F PA
Estus 5 M PA
Orvill 6/12 M PA

638/638 Combs Peter T. 36 M Farmer 700 200 PA
Anna 27 F PA
Sylvia 9 F PA
Malinda 7 F PA
Cassius 4 M PA
Mary 2/12 F PA

Note: 1850 census, Middlebury Twp., page 165B

USGenWeb PA Census Data

1860 Tioga Co, PA Census

The USGenWeb Census Project ®

Reel no: M593-1457

Jackson Township


p. 25, Sheet 237B; August 19, 1870, David Cameron

192/195 Combs John 45 M W Farmer 1000/500 NY
Anne 44 F W Keeping House NJ
Alvah 17 M W Laborer NJ

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives

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