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Lawrence County was established in 1817 from Hickman and Maury. In 1843, Lewis County, Tennessee was established from Hickman, Maury, Wayne and Lawrence, and in 1855, Lewis gained from Lawrence and Wayne (In 1866, Lewis was abolished, but by 1867(?) was back in business).

20 Mar 1829 John S. Combs to Elizabeth Archer - A. B. Bailey B. M. (Tennessee Early Marriages LAWRENCE COUNTY - 1818-1854 extracted by Phyllis Combs)

23 Jan 1830 Mary Comer to L. Samuel Allison P.01 (Tennessee Early Marriages LAWRENCE COUNTY - 1818-1854 extracted by Phyllis Combs)

1830 Census: Lawrence TN

Page 297 (all)

01 ROGERS, Wilson 0010000001-00000000001
02 ROBINSON, Richard 1000100001-1001101
03 BAILY, Moses 222001-110101
04 SMITH, John (Shoalcreek?) 202001-110001
05 EASWOOD, Milly
06 SETTON, Mardy
07 SESSUM, Alen
08 ARCHER, Danl. (Spike)
09 ROBINSON, William
10 SMITH, William
11 COMBS, John J 00001-00001
12 ARCHER, George 00001-0001
13 GRIFFITH, H. 11000101-10011
14 McCRACKIN, John 10010001-10011
15 BELL, Robert M. 000001-000001
16 HALL, Wm. B. 1000111-10001
17 MONTGOMERY, Thos. 222001-101001
18 ANDERSON, Wm. 0000001-0012001
19 HALFUD, Bradley
20 NULL, Iaac?a
21 BISHOP, Wiley
22 WRIGHT, Purcen
23 HARDIN, Wm. H.
24 KENDRICK, Jesse 10001-00001
25 RIVERS, Thomas
26 HANKINS, John
27 KILBURN, Allen

P. 298 (selected)

01 ASHMAN, John C.
02 KENDRICK, Austen 00200001-00010001

P. 299

18 SPRINGER, Aren 00022001-00200001
19 SPRINGER, Solomon 10001-001
20 BELEW, William
21 GILBERT, Thomas 200001-02001
22 JOHNSON, James B. 00101001-0000201
23 MURPHRIES, Absalom 200021-022101
24 JOHNSON, Robt. 31101-000001
25 SPRINGER, Ezekiel 111001-111002
26 SMITH, George W. 100001-020001
27 SPRINGER, Aron 10001-10001

P. 300 (selected)

02 JOHNSON, Jesse 310001-020001
06 SPRINGER, Thos. 211001-20001
07 POWELL, Benjamin 1020001-011101
08 JOHNSON, John C. 22001-100001
10 SPRINGER, Wm. 00100000001-000120001
11 BARNETT, Wm. 2102001-002001
13 WILLIAMS, Lawson 00001-0001
14 WILLIAMS, John 00001-30001
15 SPRINGER, Ephraim W. 00011-0001
16 JOHNSON, Wm. 10001-01001
17 ELLISON, Saml. 01101-000301
19 JOHNSON, John 00011001-01000001
20 HORN, Thos. 00101-30001
21 HORN, John 100001-200001
22 SPRINGER, John W. 000001-0

P. 301

02 SPRINGER, Jonathan
05 BRASHEN, Robt. 0020001-221001
11 BRASHEN, Jesse (Baywash?) 111001-11001
12 MOODY, Wm. 10001-00001

(1830 West Tennessee Census, Sistler and Associates, Nashville, TN)

Notes: About some of the above individuals:

297-11 John C. COMBS - Not Clue One; however, see next:

297-13 Hugh GRIFFITH/GRIFFERY and Dorothy "Dolly" JOHNSON, d/o Martin & Sarah COMBS Johnson of Hawkins & Warren Cos, Tennessee and Madison Co, Arkansas. She was on the 1860 Madison Co, AR census as "Dolly SHIPMAN" in the houshehold of her brother, Martin JOHNSON, Jr. They also had a brother named John Clark JOHNSON, but not known if relationship to the following JOHNSONS.

300-08 John Clark JOHNSON (m Syble SPRINGER), 1850 Madison Co AR Census, Kingston Twp. near Jeremiah & Charity RHODES Combs of Hawkins & Warren Counties, Tennessee. Their son, Uriah, m Elizabeth CLARK, d/o Thomas and Nancy COMBS Clark, gd/o Jeremiah COMBS and ggd/o Mason & Dorothy COMBS of Hawkins County, Tennessee.

300-19 John JOHNSON, 1850 Madison Co, Arkansas Census, Kingston Twp. near Jeremiah COMBS in HH of son, William King JOHNSON.

Also Note: In Warren County, Tennessee, on the 1830 Census, is an "extra" John COMBS, still not identified. Ditto for a John COMBS in 1840 and 1850 Madison Co, Arkansas.

23 Dec 1832 Sarah Comer to John Springer P. 28 (Tennessee Early Marriages LAWRENCE COUNTY - 1818-1854 extracted by Phyllis Combs)

2 Sep 1835 Rosannah Comer to B. Thomas Howard P. 15 - Jesse Belew B. M (Tennessee Early Marriages LAWRENCE COUNTY - 1818-1854 extracted by Phyllis Combs)

1 Sep 1841 Aaron Comer to Ethamalinda Brashears P. 40 (Tennessee Early Marriages LAWRENCE COUNTY - 1818-1854 extracted by Phyllis Combs)

5 Feb 1850 Elizabeth Comer to Jame F. Rogers P. 62 (Tennessee Early Marriages LAWRENCE COUNTY - 1818-1854 extracted by Phyllis Combs)

25 Dec 1851 Martha Comer to Lennuel A. Ezell P. 68 (Tennessee Early Marriages LAWRENCE COUNTY - 1818-1854 extracted by Phyllis Combs)

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