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Transcribed from TSLA Roll No. 9 by C. Hammett.

Transcriber Notes: (1) Due to fading and style, vowels were sometimes impossible to determine. When the transcriber could not determine specific letters in a name, a question mark was inserted for each indecipherable letter in the name. (2) Numbers on original are to right of name, not left as listed below. (3) Either these lists were not filmed in original page order, or were inserted in book out of order. They are listed below in original page number order.

For Annotated Records, see Notes below names entered in bold

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Given by James Cooper Esqr.
(Page 4 continued)

  1. James Tate
  2. John Woodly
  3. Levy Rodgers
  4. Joseph Gramer
  5. David Thompson
  6. Peter Blanchet
  7. John Tate
  8. Alexander Tate
  9. Tavener Rodgers
  10. Jno. Wigenton
  11. Nathen Farress
  12. James Farress
  13. Valentine Hoover
  14. Davis Eaves
  15. Aaron Tate
  16. Wm. Tenney
  17. Oliver Charles
  18. Curtiss Lord
  19. John Lenear
  20. Thos. McGuire
  21. Jno. Gasten
  22. James Clendenen
  23. Valentine Cagle
  24. Jno. Bobbet
  25. Curtis Grizle(?)
  26. Charles Cagle
  27. Henry Stoner
  28. William Bond

Page 5 (70)

  1. Thos. Nunly
  2. Nathen Bond
  3. Jessee Salvadg
  4. William Hays
  5. Jessee Heard
  6. William Phillips
  7. Jeremiah Foster
  8. John Speere
  9. Robert Tate
  10. Thomas Langford
  11. David Brown
  12. David Miller
  13. Thomas Johnston
  14. Thomas Brown
  15. Jonathan Parress
  16. George Hughs
  17. John Bird
  18. John H. Gee
  19. Jacob Cagle
  20. Isaac Smith
  21. Fredrick Stepp
  22. Archabald Thompson
  23. Jno. Cuningham
  24. Meredy Price
  25. Jno.(?) Hutten
  26. Isaac Campbell
  27. Pattrick Hays
  28. Reubin Price
  29. James Hays
  30. John Rodgers
  31. Absolom Brow
  32. Jno. Choat
  33. Joseph Cooper
  34. Martin Dykes
  35. Robt. Orear
  36. Soloman Cross
  37. Jno. Orear
  38. Wm. Martindale
  39. Samuel G?ssell
  40. Wm. Crossland
  41. Jno. Bond
  42. Washanton D. Reed
  43. Joshua Cartright
  44. Saml. Cooper
  45. Saml. Green
  46. Wm. Parkinson
  47. Kinchen Price
  48. Isaac McGuir
  49. Benj. Levan
  50. Peter B. M. Y. Hutton
  51. Armsteat Blevins
  52. Jeremiah Walker
  53. James Walker
  54. Jno. Walker
  55. Abednego Green
  56. Champ Farress
  57. Jessee Williams
  58. John Potts
  59. Fredrick Green
  60. David Johnston

Page 6 (71)

  1. Jessee McColester
  2. Jno. McColester
  3. Jno. Armstrong
  4. Hugh Armstrong
  5. Jessee Bond
  6. Shedrech Green, Senior
  7. Andrew Lockheart
  8. Benj. Choat
  9. Stephen Cheat
  10. John Nixon(?)
  11. Wm. Nunly
  12. John Nunly
  13. Reuben Smartt
  14. Isaac Lacy
  15. Stephen Tipton
  16. Wm. Willis
  17. Lewis Williams
  18. John McMillin
  19. Arch Nunly
  20. Moses Nunly
  21. Jno. Hughs
  22. Wm. Taylor
  23. Thos. Nunly
  24. James Coope(r?)
  25. Jacob Woodly
  26. William Armstrong
  27. James Breson
  28. Jessee Saifly(?)


№ 1 James Tate - Capt., 1814 Warren County, Tennessee Militia Company - orig. from Russell Co, Virginia; m (1) Ruth DAVIDSON (d/o James DAVIDSON of Scott Co, VA) whom he div.; m (2) Elizabeth SMITH

№ 1 James Tate, № 7 John Tate, № 8 Alexander Tate, № 15 Aaron Tate and № 37 Robert Tate are all sons of Robert Hood TATE, Jr. and wife, Mary of Augusta, VA. Robert died 24 July, 1796 in Moccasin Creek, Russell County, VA. His will executed 29, Jul 1796 to wife, Mary. “The still, the land I now live on, except the land on the S. W. side of Mill to the line where it crosses Ovelton's road, then to be given to my sons Joseph Tate, Alexander Tate, Aaron Tate and my daughter Polly. To my sons, John Tate, James Tate, land S. W. of Mill, only they to pay my son Robert Tate”, wit. Robert Tate, Jr., Isaac Tate and John Tate.
Submitted by Angela Mayfield

№ 3 Levy Rogers, № 9 Tavener Rogers, № 58 John Rogers were sons of Josiah Hill Rogers and his wife, Frances, of Chatham County, NC.
Submitted by Angela Mayfield

№ 3 Levy Rogers, b. circa 1775 in Chatham County, NC, and his wife Sarah Cope emigrated to Warren County about 1803 and settled northeast of Irving College on the Collins River in an area that came to be known as “Rogers Hollow”. Levi died in June 1850 in Warren County. Levi's will, dated Dec. 18, 1849, is as follows:

I, Levi Rogers, do make and publish--this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me made--first,I direct that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any money that I may die possessed of or may first come to the hand of my executor. Second, I give and bequeth to my daughter Cyrena Stubblefield, all my old tract of the land where I now live, except about eighteen acres adjoining the land of my son Jacob Rogers. Also I give to her one hundred acres of a tract of land I purchased of Josiah Rogers, to be taken off the east end of said tract--also I give to her my negro women Dice, for the purpose of taking care of my sister Polly Rogers. Third,I give and bequeath to my son Jacob Rogers, the above named eighteen acres of land or that portion under fence adjoining his land as above stated. Fourth I give and bequeath to my daughter Jane Rogers, one hundred dollars. Fifth I give and bequeth to my son Elijah Rogers, four hundred dollars out of the price of five negros which I have sold him and one hundred and fifty dollars which he has received heretofore, making in all five hundred and fifty dollars--also I give to him the balance of the tract of land bought of Josiah Rogers, not willed to my daughter, Cyrena Stubblefield. Sixth, my wish and desire is that the balance of my property that I die possessed of be sold and out of the proceeds, I give to my children, Polly Woodlee, Enoch Rogers, John Rogers. Reece Rogers, Levi Rogers and Cece Dodson, each five hundred fifty dollars, including what I have already given them. (An account of which will be kept) so as to make them share equal to what I have given to my son Elijah. Seventh,I do hereby nominate and appoint Elijah Rogers my exector.
Submitted by Angela Mayfield

№ 5 David Thompson - Private, above-noted 1814 Warren County, Tennessee Militia Company - m 1785, Montgomery Co, VA, Nancy CODY (d/o William and Sinai STACY Cody), 1787 Montgomery Co, VA tax list; 1789 (and later) in Russell Co, VA. № 50 Archibald Thompson also found in Montgomery and Russell Co, VA. How kin to David?

№ 8 Alexander P. Tate was born circa 1776 in Russell County, VA. His was married to Delilah HENDERSON.
Submitted by Angela Mayfield

№ 12 James Farress and № 84 Champ Farress earlier from Russell Co, VA, neighbors to above-noted James TATE, William & Sinai STACY Cody, David and Nancy CODY Thompson; James & Margaret DAVIDSON (parents of Ruth DAVIDSON Tate), William and Seth STACY Combs, Sr. and others. See also Levi and Davison FARIS of James TATE'S 1814 Warren County, Tennessee Militia Company.

№ 15 Aaron Tate was born circa 1788 in Russell County, VA. His wife was Elizabeth CONNELLY, born circa 1791 in North Carolina.
Submitted by Angela Mayfield

№ 23 Valentine Cagle was born on the upper Deep River, in or near the present county of Guilford, NC. He migrated with his father and brothers to what is now Moore Co., NC where he grew up during the 1760s and 1770s.

As a young man he accompanied his father and brothers to what is now the Cabarrus/Stanly Co, region of NC; there Valentine acquired land in the 1780s on Island Creek, in the SW part of present Stanly as did his brother № 47 Jacob 1755-1845; however, Jacob returned to Cumberland Co in 1781, and lived in Cumberland/Moore until 1800, when he again moved westward, eventually entering land in old Buncombe (present Transylvania) County in 1807.

In 1794, Valentine was still on Island Creek, and is noted as being an adjacent landowner and chain carrier, at the land entry of Charles Cagle Sr 1740s-1801, who was moving to Montgomery (present Stanly) County from adjoining Cabarrus County.

By 1799, he had moved again this time to old Buncombe, now Henderson, County, NC, where he was listed in the 1800 Federal Census with four sons in his household. Although, the names of the sons are not listed, they are believed to be Valentine Jr., born about 1786, Charles, b. about 1780s or 1790s, Henry b. abt 1793, and John, 1798-1863. There also, may have been a fifth son, George born abt 1789. Of these sons, only John is documented from North Carolina records, with the account of his baptism being preserved in St John's Lutheran Church, in Cabarrus Co., NC, just across the county line from Stanly County. The account as translated from the German record book of the minister, records the baptism of John and his sister Anna Mary, as follows:

Jan 28, 1798 Baptism of Anna Mary Kagle, born 1794. Daughter of Velti Kagle and wife Catherine. Performed at the house of John Kreebs.

Jan 28, 1798 Baptism of John Kegel, born Jan 17, 1979. Son of Velti Kegel and Catherine.
Sponsors: Andrew Stauch and wife Elizabeth.

It is known that “Velti” is a diminutive from of the name Valentine. The birth date of John Cagle, as given in his baptismal records, differs somewhat from that given in his family Bible of 13 Jul 1798, but it is obvious the same person is intended.

Valentine remained on Island Creek until 1798 when he moved his family to old Buncombe Co, present Henderson Co, NC, where he entered land on the South side of Hooper's Creek on 2 Aug 1798 per #689; 200 acres granted #741, issued 6 Dec 1799 which represented entry Nr. 7486, Book 103, pg 243 of Land Grants for Buncombe/Henderson Co., NC.

His household in the 1800 census of Buncombe Co showed 4 sons and three daughters at home. All of these sons eventually made their way into northern Alabama in the 1830, settling in Winston, Marion, DeKalb, and Jackson Counties.

1800 Buncombe Co; NC:
Cagle, Valentine 1211-1021
Cagle, Charles 0001-3001
Cagle, Jacob 0010-1010

In 1804, Valentine sold 100 acres of land on Hooper's Creek to Charles Cagle (recorded Jul 8, 1806 in Buncombe Co., Deed Book 7, p. 440). This probably marks the time when Valentine moved to Tennessee, as he is not known to appear in NC records after this date. Charles Cagle sold his land in Buncombe Co. in 1810, and seems to have moved to Davidson Co., TN that year, perhaps in the company of Jacob. Neither, Charles nor Jacob is in the 1810 census of Buncombe Co, NC though both are on the 1811 Tax List of Davidson Co, TN. Charles seems to have returned to Buncombe Co in 1816, where he bought land on Mills River, and remained until 1819; by 1820, was back in Davidson Co., TN. Valentine, upon leaving NC, is said by family tradition to have moved to Davidson Co., TN, though he has not been located in the records there. By 1810, a Valentine Cagle was in the Cherokee lands in NE Alabama (probably in the Paint Rock River valley, present Jackson Co), and by 1812, a Valentine Cagle was present on the Tax List of Warren Co., TN, an area which had been opened up to white settlement in 1807. However, it is unclear whether one or both of these references were to Valentine himself, or to his son Valentine Jr., born c. 1786, who was a young adult by this time. There is also reason to believe that Valentine may have lived for a period in Haversham Co., GA during the 1810s, and that his daughter Anna Mary Cagle, b. 1794, lived there during this period. A Valentine Cagle was in the Cherokee lands in NE Alabama again in 1820, though it is unknown if this was Sr or Jr; Valentine Sr seems to have been dead by 1830, and by the mid-1830s, his sons Valentine Jr., Henry, and John 1798-1863, had settled in what is now Winston Co., AL.

With the opening of Indian Lands to white settlement in south-central Tennessee in 1807, Valentine soon left old Buncombe Co., NC and migrated to that section of Tennessee. His absence from the 1810 census of Buncombe might suggest that he moved to TN sometime during the 1807-1810 era. Joining him in Warren Co., TN where he settled, was his brother Jacob, b. 1755 and both men were present on the Warren Co. Tax List of 1812.

Valentine Sr did not appear in the 1820 census. His sons split up in different areas, Valentine Jr and Henry in White Co., IL, George and John in Marion Co., TN, and Charles in Warren Co., TN - before regrouping in Walker, present Winston, Co., AL in the mid-1830s. Henry Cagle, a son of Valentine was in Franklin Co., IL as early as 1820. In that year, the Fed Census of Franklin Co., IL lists an older man in Henry's household in the 45+ category, i.e., before 1775. This might be a clue as to the final residence of Valentine Cagle Sr, who disappears from records of Tennessee after the 1815 Tax List of Warren County. If the elder male in Henry's household was his father, he would have been 63 yrs of age. At first glance, the connection between Tennessee and Southern Illinois might seem unusual; however, a study of travel patterns in that era will explain the connection. The settlers moved back and forth between Alabama, Tennessee and Illinois by way of the Tennessee River; a number of moves, by various Cagle families, were made by river travel well into the 1850s and perhaps beyond, until the river boats were replaced by railroads.

By the 1840s, Valentine Jr, and George had settled in the Jackson/DeKalb area of AL.
Submitted by Ashley Cagle

№ 26 Charles Cagle - born 11 Feb 1780 in Montgomery County , North Carolina, United States of America; died 04 Nov 1843 in Warren County, Tennessee, United States of America. He was the son of 2. Jacob Cagle and 3. Lucy Unknown. He married (1) Susannah C Cagle Abt. 1804 in Moore Co., NC. She was born 11 Feb 1781 in Montgomery County , North Carolina, United States of America, and died Aft. 1850 in Warren County, Tennessee, United States of America. She was the daughter of George Sr Cagle and Rebecca Unknown.

Charles moved with his father to Cumberland, Mecklenburg, and Buncombe Cos., NC, and eventually to Warren Co., TN by 1812. It is believed, although not fully documented, that Charles, while in Mecklenburg Co., NC in the early 1800s, married a cousin, Susanna Cagle, daughter of George Cagle, 1740s-1825, of nearby Montgomery (present Stanly) Co., NC. Charles, after migrating to Tennessee, appeared near his father on the 1812 Tax List of Warren Co., and in the 1820 Census of Warren Co., TN.

Charles Kagle Warren Co., 200010-10100 (2 male under 10, 1 male 26-45, 1 female under 10, 1 female 16-26)

During the 1830s, Charles moved to nearby Bledsoe Co, TN, where he owned multiple tracts of land, near the town of Cagle in present Sequatchie County, later formed from old Bledsoe.

Notes for Charles Cagle:
1830 Bledsoe County, Tennessee
Cagle, Charles 1001001 - 110001P281 (1840 Warren County, TN.)
Charles Cagle, 202001-120001, 2 male under 5, 2 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, 2 female 5-10, 1 female 30-40
This means 2 male b. 1826-1830, 2 male b. 1815-1820, 1 male b. 1790-1800, 1 female b. 1826-1830, 2 female b. 1820-1825, 1 female b. 1790-1800

Charles appeared on the Tax Lists of Civil District 8, Bledsoe Co., TN for the years 1836 - 1839.

By 1840, Charles had returned to Warren Co., where he died in 1843.
Charles Cagle, 202001-120001, 2 male under 5, 2 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, 2 female 5-10, 1 female 30-40
This means 2 male b. 1826-1830, 2 male b. 1815-1820, 1 male b. 1790-1800, 1 female b. 1826-1830, 2 female b. 1820-1825, 1 female b. 1790-1800

“Warren County, Tennessee-Will Books (1827-1858) pg 511, 25 Sep 1842. Will of Charles Cagle. I Charles Cagle, considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory, blessed by Almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament. First, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Susannah Cagle, the home plantation, stock, furniture, tools, bee hives, lands and property during her natural life to manage as she think proper and to destroy nothing, and then to belong to my heirs; William Moffitt, Lewis Carmack, David Cagle, Henry Cagle, Littleton Cagle, A.J.Hill. I also bequeath to my daughter Margaret an equal portion of my estate with the rest of my heirs. I appoint A. J. Hill and David Cagle my sole executors. Witnesses Lewis Carmack, David Cagle and A. J. Hill.”

Abstracted and compiled by Betty Moore Majors. Copied from Coffee County, Lannom Memorial Library.

Charles Cagle - Inventory of his estate, 06 November 1843, $793.09, John D Cagle mentioned, also, note on Henry Cagle for $4.00 which had been made 26 July 1836.

Notes for Susannah C Cagle:
1850 Warren Co., TN, 588-87
Cagle, Susan C. 69 NC No Occupation listed /$600 Illit. p.044
(widow of Charles Cagle of 1830 Bledsoe County, Tennessee and who died in Warren County, Tennessee 1843,

Susan was the daughter of George Cagle and Rebecca Cagle. George was the son of old David b-1728. His younger brother Jacob b-1755, was the father of Charles Cagle. They were first cousins. Susan moved to Bledsoe Co., TN

After death of Charles, Susannah lived with her son Henry Edward Cagle and wife Martha and children. Susannah died after 1850. There is a will for Charles Cagle dated September 25, 1842, Warren County, TN. All of their children are listed; also, the daughters husbands are listed. Other date for the will is November 04, 1843, so he probably died a little earlier than this date.
Submitted by Ashley Cagle

№ 28 William Bond - Warren TN RW Soldier from Lunenburg/Charlotte VA> Wilkes NC> Greene Co GA> Greene Co, Kentucky

№ 32 William Hayes, a son of Patrick Hayes № 55, was born 26 September 1780, probably in Greene County, Georgia. He married Polly Heard on 26 Oct 1801, in Greene County, Georgia. № 33, Jessee Heard, living next door is probably his brother-in-law. Polly Heard probably died and is buried in Warren County. William Hayes is buried in the Hayes Cemetery, Warren County, Tennessee. William and Mary Polly Hayes's daughter, Mary Polly Hayes, was born 6 January 1806 in Greene County, Georgia. Their other children included Greenberry Hayes, and a daughter who married Thomas Cunningham. Submitted by Doylene Evans

№ 37 Robert Tate was born 1780 on Big Moccasin Creek, near the Holston River. It is thought that his full name was Robert Hood Tate III, but no documentary proof has been found. He and his wife, Susannah, had been living in Warren County, TN before 1806, since he signed, with his brother, a petition requesting that there be a new County formed. He and his wife, Susannah were named in the deed on October 14, 1816 when the heirs of Robert Hood Tate, II dec'd sold the home plantation in Russell County, VA.

They settled in Warren County, TN near his brother № 1 Major James Tate on Taylor's Creek out of McMinnville, Warren County, TN. A descendant stated he was the most active of all the brothers in Civil affairs and had four land grants totalling some 5,190 acres of land. On January 12, 1819 Robert H. Tate sold 150 acres adj. № 15 Aaron Tate, where he then lived, to John Gross, no wife signed dower. The Federal Census of 1820, Warren County, TN lists this family with 3 sons and 5 daughters. In 1830 there were still 3 sons, however, one under 10 years of age. He married Cynthia, born 1805, in Georgia. She was living with son Aaron in 1880.

Robert Hood Tate died testate in 1864. His will was dated April 8, 1864 in Grundy County, TN. References: Russell County, VA Deed Book 5, page 537; Warren County, TN Deed Book L, page 125; Federal Census Warren County 1820, 39, 40, 50; Grundy County, TN page 361, 48; 1860 page 432, 128; 1880 page 14-44; Will Book 2, page 102; J. S. Tate Family Record. From the book, Tate Families of the Southern States, Volume 2, by Laura W. Mentzel and Ethel S. Updike, 1984.

Robert had a large family. Children from his first marriage to Susannah include Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Porter, Susie, Hood. Aaron V. Tate was from his second marriage to Cynthia.

His daughter, Jane, married Robert Mitchell. Robert and Jane Mitchell were the parents of Greenberry Mitchell who married Cynthia Brewer.
Submitted by Angela Mayfield

№ 39 David Brown, № 41 Thomas Johnston and № 42 Thomas Brown. Are № 39 and № 42, David & Thomas BROWN respectively, kin to the Revolutionary War brothers, Alexander, Robert, Thomas & William BROWN? Is Thomas JOHNSTON kin to Martin JOHNSON of Benjn. Lockhart's List? See Robert BROWN on Graham's List, including an analysis by Researcher Jim Brown.

№ 47 Jacob Cagle - Revolutionary Soldier of Warren Co, TN, enlisted in both Mecklenburg and Cumberland Cos, TN. Also See notes for № 23 Valentine Cagle.

№ 56 Reubin Price - From Russell Co, Virginia, m Dolly CODY, d/o Wm. & Sinai STACY Cody (See above). Not same as Reuben, s/o Warren TN RW Soldier Anger & Jane PRICE Price who were also formerly of Russell Co, Virginia, but close kin?

№ 112 James Coope(r?) - This is probably James B Cope, born in NC in 1776 and died in 1776 in Warren County and was buried along Northcutts Cove Road in a cemetery that is now overgrown, just north of Rogers Hollow Road. He was married twice, having seven children. Submitted by Michael Fromholt

№ 116 Jessee Saifly(?) - Probably Jesse Safley who is listed in Goodspeed's History of Tennessee as having moved to the Collins Creek area with a land grant from North Carolina in the early 1800's. A relative estimated around 1807. Researcher Charles D. Safley,

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